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This is a list of named geological features on Miranda.


Mirandan craters are named after characters in Shakespeare's The Tempest.

Crater Coordinate Diameter (km) Named after
Alonso 44°00′S 352°36′E / 44.0°S 352.6°E / -44.0; 352.6 25.0 Alonso, King of Naples
Ferdinand 34°48′S 202°06′E / 34.8°S 202.1°E / -34.8; 202.1 17.0 Ferdinand, Alonso's son
Francisco 73°12′S 236°00′E / 73.2°S 236.0°E / -73.2; 236.0 14.0 Francisco, a lord of Naples
Gonzalo 11°24′S 77°00′E / 11.4°S 77.0°E / -11.4; 77.0 11.0 Gonzalo, A lord of Naples
Prospero 32°54′S 329°54′E / 32.9°S 329.9°E / -32.9; 329.9 21.0 Prospero, the magician
Stephano 41°06′S 234°06′E / 41.1°S 234.1°E / -41.1; 234.1 16.0 Stephano, the drunken butler
Trinculo 63°42′S 163°24′E / 63.7°S 163.4°E / -63.7; 163.4 11.0 Trinculo, the jester

This naming scheme results in many Mirandan craters sharing names with other Uranian moons: Ferdinand, Francisco, Prospero, Stephano, and Trinculo.


Mirandan coronae are named after the locations of plays by Shakespeare.

Corona Named after
Arden Corona Forest of Arden (As You Like It)
Elsinore Corona Elsinore (Hamlet)
Inverness Corona Inverness (Macbeth)


Mirandan geological regions are called regiones. They are named after the locations of plays by Shakespeare.

Regio Coordinate Diameter (km) Named after
Dunsinane Regio 31°30′S 11°54′E / 31.5°S 11.9°E / -31.5; 11.9 244.0 Dunsinane Hill (Macbeth)
Ephesus Regio 15°00′S 250°00′E / 15.0°S 250.0°E / -15.0; 250.0 225.0 Ephesus (The Comedy of Errors)
Mantua Regio 39°36′S 180°12′E / 39.6°S 180.2°E / -39.6; 180.2 399.0 Mantua (The Two Gentlemen of Verona and Romeo and Juliet)
Sicilia Regio 30°00′S 317°12′E / 30.0°S 317.2°E / -30.0; 317.2 170.0 Sicily (The Winter's Tale)


Mirandan scarps are called rupes. They are named after the locations of plays by Shakespeare.

Rupes Named after
Argier Rupes Algiers (The Tempest)
Verona Rupes Verona (Romeo and Juliet)


Mirandan sulci are named after the locations of plays by Shakespeare.

Sulcus Named after
Naples Sulcus Naples (The Tempest)
Syracusa Sulcus Syracuse (The Comedy of Errors)

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