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The Dealers Den at Anthrocon 2006; the fursuit parade is visible along the top. The artist of the works to the right is Susan Van Camp.
Samuel Conway talks to KDKA-TV reporters outside Anthrocon 2006.

Furry conventions are organized gatherings of furries. Furry conventions are distinct from other fandom conventions including comic book conventions, anime conventions, science fiction conventions, gaming conventions, horror conventions and multigenre conventions.

Below is an incomplete list of current and discontinued furry conventions.

Active events

Active events are annual conventions that have been held over the last 12 months, and those scheduled for the next 12 months, where at least one outside source has discussed the convention as a whole.

Attendee at Anthrocon 2008
Next/Last held Name Place Theme
21–24 February 2019 Anthro New England Boston, Massachusetts, US Attack of the Were-con
21–24 February 2019 Anthro New England`
Founded in 2015 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, originally at the Hyatt Regency Cambridge, it currently takes place at the Boston Park Plaza. Anthro New England became the 9th largest furry convention in 2018, with 2,050 attendees.[1]
26-28 October 2018 Arizona Fur Con Phoenix Metropolitan Area, Arizona, US The Forbidden Temple
26-28 October 2018 Arizona Fur Con`
Founded in 2013 in Phoenix and moved to Scottsdale in 2015.[2]
4–7 July 2019 Anthrocon Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US Surf Pacific
4–7 July 2019 Anthrocon`
Founded in 1997 in Albany, New York and moved to Philadelphia two years later. It currently takes place at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, where it has been every year since 2006, and is the second-largest furry convention to-date behind Midwest Furfest, with over 7,000 attendees annually since 2016.[3]
16-19 May 2018 Biggest Little Fur Con Reno, Nevada, United States Fantasy Tabletop
16-19 May 2018 Biggest Little Fur Con`
Founded in 2013, hosted at the Grand Sierra Resort. Currently the 3rd most attended furry convention behind Anthrocon and Midwest Furfest, drawing over 5,000 attendees in 2017.[4]
TBA 2019 Califur Pomona, California, United States The Year of the Phoenix
TBA 2019 Califur`
Founded in 2004, Califur is the furry convention successor to the first furry convention Confurence held in 1989. With 1,393 attendees in 2017, Califur is the largest furry convention in Southern California. Located on the same grounds in Los Angeles as the Los Angeles County Fairplex, Califur has had many musical attendees at the convention from Los Angeles radio station KROQ's lineup for Weenie Roast which happens at the same time of year.[5][6]
23–25 February 2018 Confurgence Melbourne, Australia Heroes of Furtropolis
23–25 February 2018 Confurgence`
Formed in 1999 as MiDFur, Confurgence is a furry convention which takes place in Melbourne. At over 600 attendees in 2016, it is currently the largest furry convention in Australia.[7]
22–26 August 2018 Eurofurence Berlin, Germany Aviators – Conquer the Sky!
22–26 August 2018 Eurofurence`
Founded in 1995, this European convention has been held in Germany for seventeen of its twenty years, the latter of which making the furry convention the longest-running active convention. Other hosted countries are Sweden, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic. Managed by Eurofurence e.V., Eurofurence 23 drew over 2,500 attendees.[8][9]
28–31 March 2019 Furry Fiesta Dallas, Texas, US Roll Fur Initiative
28–31 March 2019 Furry Fiesta`
The only furry convention in Texas area. In its inaugural year, the convention sponsored the Center for Animal Research and Education (CARE). 2017's event drew over 3,000 attendees and raised over $25,000 for CARE.[10][11]
9-13 May 2019 Furry Weekend Atlanta Atlanta, Georgia, US Pirates
9-13 May 2019 Furry Weekend Atlanta`
Furry Weekend Atlanta has united furries from around the world for nine years. It is currently the fourth largest furry convention, drawing over 4,000 attendees in 2017.[12]
15–17 March 2019 Fur the 'More Tysons Corner, Virginia, US 007: Furry Never Dies
15–17 March 2019 Fur the 'More`
Fur the ‘More is an annual 3-day furry convention. Inaugurated in 2013, it was the first of its kind in the Maryland & Virginia Area. The 2017 event hosted 1,050 attendees and raised over $10,000 for their charity.[13]
17–21 January 2019 Further Confusion San Jose, California, US Further Confusion goes to the fair!
17–21 January 2019 Further Confusion`
Further Confusion is an annual 5-day furry convention. Started in 1999, it was built to be the bay area's flagship furry event. The 2018 event hosted 3,414 attendees and raised over $17,000 for Silicon Valley Pet Project.[14]
9–11 August 2019 Megaplex Orlando, Florida, US The Great Escape
9–11 August 2019 Megaplex`
Megaplex is an annual 3-day furry convention regularly held at the Caribe Royale in Orlando, Florida since 2019. Inaugurated in 2002 as "Pawpet Megaplex", it is the only furry convention held in the Sunshine State, drawing over 2,000 attendees and raising over $12,000 for charity in 2017.[15]
1-3 September 2017 Mephit Furmeet Olive Branch, Mississippi, US True Colors
1-3 September 2017 Mephit Furmeet`
One of the few furry conventions in the South. Occurring on Labor Day weekend in the greater Memphis area, this convention sponsors Tiger Haven as its convention charity. 2010 marked the first year that Mephit Furmeet was held in Olive Branch, Mississippi, a suburb of Memphis.[16]
29 November - 2 December 2018 Midwest FurFest Rosemont, Illinois, US Fly the Furry Skies
29 November - 2 December 2018 Midwest FurFest`
A yearly convention in the Chicago metro area which started in 2000 as a spinoff of Duckon, a Chicago-based science fiction convention. In 2017, Midwest Furfest had over 8,000 attendees, making it the largest furry convention. In 2014, a chlorine bomb was set-off at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare Hotel where the convention was being held. This attack led to 19 people being hospitalized and the evacuation of the facility.[17][18]
7–10 March 2019 VancouFur Vancouver, BC, Canada A Midsummer Night's Dream
7–10 March 2019 VancouFur`
VancouFur has been Vancouver's furry convention since 2012. It had its sixth furry convention on Canada's west coast in 2017, having raised over $3,000 for the local charity Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society. The 2016 event was known for sharing the Executive Hotel with Syrian refugees.[19][20][21]

Discontinued events

Last held Name Place
25–27 April 2003 ConFurence Burbank, California, US
25–27 April 2003 ConFurence`
The first exclusive furry convention since 1989, ConFurence was cancelled after holding its 15th edition in 2003. Chairman Darrel L. Exline said he couldn't continue to organize the event, as it took too much time, money, and energy and resulted in lost friendships.[22][better source needed]
21–23 October 2005 Conifur Northwest SeaTac, Washington, US
21–23 October 2005 Conifur Northwest`
The main furry convention for the Pacific Northwest since 1998, Conifur was cancelled in 2006 after its prior hotel was demolished in preparation for the Link Light Rail station at SeaTac Airport, which itself was a replacement after the Best Western in Fife, Washington took the convention's reservation for 2005, then quietly converted to the Emerald Queen Casino without refunding the convention. The convention had highest attendance in 2005 with 525 attendees. Conifur has been replaced by All Fur Fun in Spokane, and was replaced by RainFurrest in the Seattle area until it discontinued in 2016.[23]
24-27 September 2015 Rainfurrest Seattle, Washington, US
24-27 September 2015 Rainfurrest`
Rainfurrest was the main furry convention in Washington for a decade, preceded by Conifur. It ran from 2005-2015, averaging over 2,000 in attendance before its cancellation in 2016 and eventual closure the following year. Poor security training, unruly attendees, and damaged hotel property prompted Rainfurrest to lose its venue. After being unable to find a new willing venue to house the convention, Rainfurrest was eventually discontinued. The RAIn Board of Directors' note from the official Rainfurrest website reads: "It is with sad hearts that we have to tell you that we are closing RainFurrest as a convention. The RainFurrest Anthropomorphics International (RAIn) board of directors has been working hard to secure a venue, but we have exhausted all of our options. Right now, we can't make it happen. We thank all of you for waiting and standing with us, and we are sorry to let you down."[24]
12-14 August 2016 Rocky Mountain Fur Con Denver, Colorado, US
12-14 August 2016 Rocky Mountain Fur Con`
Once the main furry convention in Colorado, RMFC was finally cancelled in 2017 when clashes between a group called the Furry Raiders, and the rest of the community led the chairman to cancel 2017's scheduled event and all future scheduled dates. This came after years of allegations of unpaid taxes, Neo-Nazism and members of the staff being sex offenders. Sorin, the chairman of the parent company that ran RMFC, state: "I will no longer continue to subject my staff and our community to the lies, hate, violence and slander that was disseminated by a small, vocal minority."[25]

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