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This is a list of manufacturers of flash memory controllers for various flash memory devices like SSDs, USB flash drives, SD cards, and CompactFlash cards.


Name Based in Status Manufactures
SSD Controllers
CF & SD Card Controllers
Acquired by SanDisk then Western Digital
United States Captive Yes No
Greenliant Systems[2] United States Independent Yes Yes
Hyperstone[3] Germany Independent Yes Yes
Acquired by Toshiba
South Korea Captive Yes No
Intel[5] United States Captive Yes No
IntelliProp[6] United States Independent Yes No
JMicron[7] Taiwan Independent Yes Yes
Marvell[8] United States Independent Yes No
Phison[9] Taiwan Independent Yes Yes
Realtek[10][11][12] Taiwan Independent Yes N/A
Samsung[13] South Korea Captive Yes No
SandForce[14] United States Independent Yes No
Silicon Motion[15] Taiwan Independent Yes Yes
Acquired by HGST, a Western Digital company
United States Captive Yes No
Toshiba[17] Japan Captive Yes Yes
VIA Technologies[18] Taiwan Captive Yes No

Note: Independent=sells to any 3rd party; Captive=only used for their own products

Largest manufacturers

The following are the largest NAND flash memory manufacturers, as of the first quarter of 2019.[19]

  1. Samsung – 29.9%
  2. Toshiba – 20.2%
  3. Micron Technology – 16.5%
  4. Western Digital (SanDisk) – 14.9%
  5. SK Hynix – 9.5%
  6. Intel – 8.5%

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