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This is a partial list of fictional countries in Europe



  • Bacteria: thinly disguised version of Fascist Italy from the film The Great Dictator. Bears the same name as the microorganism.
  • Balinderry: strategically placed quasi-Irish nation that is crucial to a defence radar system, but has an IRA-type insurgency, in an episode of The Six Million Dollar Man.
  • Balkistan: appeared in Allen Upward's The Prince of Balkistan (1895).
  • Baltish, a fictional country from a Lithuanian TV show of the same name.
  • Baltonia: probably a Baltic country in the film Esupai.
  • Bandrika (sometimes spelled Vandreka): Eastern European Alpine country, the setting of the first part of the film The Lady Vanishes. The language spoken in this country is an amalgamation of several European languages.
  • Barataria, fictional island nation, presumably in the Mediterranean; setting for part of Gilbert and Sullivan's The Gondoliers. Becomes a Republican Monarchy during the course of the operetta.
  • Baronia: the country from which Prince Paul comes in The Secret Series by Enid Blyton
  • Barscheit: a principality in The Princess Elopes (1905), a "Ruritanian" romance by Harold MacGrath.
  • Bechnya: a play by Romanian-born playwright Saviana Stanescu ( - The play also features an invented Bechnyan language
  • Belsornia: a country created by Elinor Brent-Dyer and home to a number of characters who appear in the Chalet School series
  • Bessonia: a "small Latin state" bordering Switzerland in Tiny Carteret (1930) by Sapper.
  • Betonia: European kingdom in the film His Royal Highness (1932).
  • Blitva: state in northeastern Europe, ruled by a dictator; in a novel "Banket u Blitvi" (Banquet in Blitva, 1939) by Croatian novelist Miroslav Krleža. Blitva is the Croatian word for chard.
  • Borduria: totalitarian state from the comics series The Adventures of Tintin, located in the Balkans. Its first appearance is in King Ottokar's Sceptre (1938).
  • Borginia: Northern-European country feature in the Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney and Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth video games.
  • Borostyria: kingdom in the 1933 Arsène Lupin novel The Woman with Two Smiles.
  • Borovia: Central-European country from The Big Knights TV programme (1999).
  • Borovia (2): a communist Eastern European country in the G.I. Joe comics by Marvel Comics, starting from issue #61 (1987).
  • Borsovia: a kingdom in Eastern Europe that featured in Gordon Murray's BBC Television children's puppet series A Rubovian Legend, 1955–63.
  • Bothalia: a kingdom in the Balkan Mountains from the film The Vagabond Prince (1916).
  • Braskerria: a fictional nazi Germanic country in Despicable Me franchise. It is the home country of Mr. Plague.
  • Braslavia: Slavic dictatorial country in Patrouille des Castors comics; it features in the issue Le chaudron du diable (1966).
  • Bratislavia: a fictional country mentioned in Count Duckula.
  • Brazillia: A fictional Balkan republic after Albania joined Yugoslavia to make the Brazilian Republic in 2011 in the Death Enrising Novels.
  • Bretzelburg: central European dictatorship from Spirou et Fantasio comics.
  • Brogavia: A Nazi-occupied Balkan nation featured in Commando Comics.
  • Buiron: appeared in A Thoroughly Modern Princess by Wendy Corsi Staub.



  • Dalmatia: a tiny Germanic nation whose royal family were exiled to Great Britain after a communist revolution there. Seen in the TV series You Rang, M'Lord?.
  • Darklonia: Country ruled by Destro's cousin, Darklon, in G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero.
  • Dawsbergen: neighbor of Graustark.
  • Doppelkinn: neighboring principality to Barscheit (Harold MacGrath, The Princess Elopes, 1905).
  • Drackenberg: a European country from Lloyd Alexander's The Drackenberg Adventure.
  • Drasselstein: a fictional English and Germanic country in the upcoming animated film, The Overlord Movie, rival neighbouring Spranga.
  • Drasuvania (ドラスベニア Dorasubenia) is a fictional Eastern Europe country in the world of 11eyes. It is the home country of Verard and Yukiko Hirohara. It lies at the border between Europe and Asia.
  • Drecq: appeared in Adele Ferguson Knight's The Right to Reign: A Romance of the Kingdom of Drecq (1912). Note phonetic similarity to the German noun "Dreck", which means manure.
  • Dreisenburg: A tiny Germanic nation featured in the pilot of The Secret Service.
  • Drusselstein: a fictional Germanic country in Phineas and Ferb. It is the home country of Doofenshmirtz.
  • Ducklovia: a country bordering Serbia in Count Duckula.
  • Druznia: A country based from Russia that are against the Americans seen in the TV Series Regular Show


  • East European Republic: an anti-American power from the Mission: Impossible TV episode "Submarine". Possibly the same as the East European Peoples Republic (EEPR) from "The Party" and the European People's Republic from "Invasion".
  • Edwal: Wales, in Leslie Reid's Cauldron Bubble (1934).
  • Ehrenstein, of which the capital is Dreiberg: principality of Princess Hildegarde in Harold MacGrath, The Goose Girl (1909, #8 US best seller).
  • Eisneria: a republic in the Balkans from the Road Rovers TV series.
  • Elbonia: a fourth-world post-communist Eastern European country in the comic strip Dilbert.
  • Enchancia: The main kingdom in Sofia the First.[6]
  • England England: The Isle of Wight becomes its own country and an England-themed Theme Park in the book "England England".
  • Eroslavia: The main subject of the adult story blog of the same name.
  • Essenheim: appeared in John Rowe Townsend's A Foreign Affair (1982).
  • Estrovia: European kingdom in the film A King in New York.
  • Esturia: Slavic country in Patrouille des Castors comics.
  • Euphrania: tiny kingdom in the film The Slipper and the Rose.
  • Eurolania : kingdom in ROSE OF THE DANUBE an operetta by Arthur A. Penn and Geoffrey F.Morgan written in 1934 and published by Carl Fischer, Inc. LL C, NYC. The king is Montemorency, his Queen is Florinda, his oldest daughter is Rose, his younger daughter is daisy. and his son is Crown Prince Karl.
  • Eurasia: the fictional superstate in George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four referring to Europe and the former Soviet Union.
  • Euroslavia: Eastern European country that comprises most of Europe; home to a super villain the cartoon "The Ripping Friends".
  • Evallonia: Central European country in the novels of John Buchan.
  • Evarchia: Eastern European country from Brigid Brophy's Palace Without Chairs.






  • Jorassia: appears in Dr. Edgar Cyriax's musical/operetta The Prince of Jorassia, 1938 (English ambassador is Lord Brayneweake).
  • Jugendheit: kingdom of King Frederick in Harold MacGrath's The Goose Girl (1909, #8 US best seller) Note that the name is a kind of pig-German literally meaning "youthness".







  • Pannonia: appeared in Guy Boothby's Long Live the King (1900).
  • Panquita: European monarchy mentioned in second season of Yakitate!! Japan anime. A member of that nation's royal family, Princess Anne, was a guest judge at the baking exhibition.
  • Papilloma: Small European Kingdom, later Republic, from film Kath & Kimderella. Papilloma is a tiny and poor Spanish outpost on the heel of Italy. Last ruler was King Javier.
  • Peaceland: European country featured in the anime Nadesico, which was once a theme park, but formed its own nation. It is neutral in all conflicts, on earth and beyond, has no taxes, and has a great banking system similar to that of Switzerland. Ruri "Ruri Ruri" Hoshino, a famous character of the series, is originally a princess from there.
  • Penguin Island (L'île des Pingouins): in the 1908 novel by Anatole France, an island in the North Sea where penguins were miraculously transformed into humans (and which is in fact a satirical view on France).
  • Pepeslavia: from the film Su Excelencia starring Mario Moreno (better known as Cantinflas). Probably referring to Yugoslavia.
  • Perusalem is a satire of Germany (Preussen, i.e. Prussia) in The Inca of Perusalem by George Bernard Shaw.
  • Petrovakia: a fictional union republic in the game Heavy Weapon, usually referring to Czechoslovakia.
  • Pfennig Halbpfennig: presumably German/Eastern European Grand Duchy and setting for the operetta The Grand Duke, by Gilbert and Sullivan. Notable for an unusual law regarding "Statutory Duels", in which duelists compete by drawing playing cards – the loser then dies and becomes a "legal ghost".
  • Poictesme: a country situated roughly in the south of France in the books of James Branch Cabell.
  • Poldévie: Eastern European country in a famous petition in the 1930s and in many novels by Jacques Roubaud.
  • Poldavia: a small country presumably in Eastern Europe in The Blue Lotus from The Adventures of Tintin.
  • Pontevedro: a poverty-stricken Grand Duchy situated deep in the Balkans from the comedy play L'Attache d'ambassade by Henri Meilhac and the subsequent operetta and film The Merry Widow. Pontevedro is a veiled reference to the Balkan country of Montenegro.
  • Pottibakia: Balkan country from the short story "What Does it Matter? A Morality" by E. M. Forster. Capital city: Ekarest.
  • Pottsylvania: from Jay Ward's cartoon series The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.
  • Povia: a small monarchy in the Balkans in the Mission: Impossible TV episode "The Heir Apparent".
  • Pulsovia: an Eastern European country where Jarek comes from in the Spanish humour sketch program "La hora de José Mota".
  • (Kalbsbraten-)Pumpernickel: German duchy, a caricature of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach in Vanity Fair, The Fitz-Boodle Papers, and other works by William Makepeace Thackeray
  • Pushno: appeared in Ernest Corbyn Smart's Alex (1959).





  • Tauri-Hessia: European country in the book The Circus of Adventure, part of the Adventure Series by Enid Blyton.
  • Terresta: European country in the film His Royal Highness.
  • Tcherkistan: East European country from the film Supercondriaque (2014)
  • Tescara: European island nation located in the Atlantic Ocean. As a free trade zone enrolled into the United Nations in 1991, it is used as place of origin for the suspects of CSI: New York's season 1 episode 19, "Crime and Misdemeanor".
  • Ticktockia: A small country between France and Germany, ruled by King Salazar the Pushy, that invades neighboring Warnerstock in the film Wakko's Wish.
  • Thembria: A frigid land whose pillars are military dictatorship, unbridled incompetence, and constant threat of death from a firing squad. From Disney's cartoon series Tail Spin. Home of Colonel Spigot, Sergeant Dunder, professor Crackpotkin, and others.
  • The Triple Monarchy of Scythia-Pannonia-Transbalkania: from Dr. Engelbert Eszterhazy stories by Avram Davidson.
  • Tomainia: Nazi Germany-like country from the film The Great Dictator, ruled by Adenoid Hynkel.
  • Trans-Carpathia: A country in Eastern Europe, used in G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. Trans-Carpathia is also a real region in the Ukraine.
  • Transia: a small East European nation in Marvel Comics. The location of Mount Wundagore, and the birthplace of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch.
  • Transiola: appeared in Howard C. Rowe's Mr. Whybrew's Princess (1913).
  • Tratvia: A country in Europe that formed the setting for the radio series The Embassy Lark, which dealt with the trials and tribulations of the British Ambassador to Tratvia and the foreign relations between Tratvia and the United Kingdom. It would later feature in several episodes of the related radio series The Navy Lark.
  • Trent, Grand-Duchy of: European Grand-Duchy from the Mission: Impossible TV episode "The Choice".


  • Ulgia: a politically unstable country from the anime Noir.
  • Ulmreich: Southern European state in James Elroy Flecker's King of Alsander (1914).
  • Urdluvia: Borders on Rongovia. Known only from a map of Rongovia in the Rongovian Embassy to the USA In Trumansburg.
  • Urk (also Uruk): The war-torn Mediterranean country the characters on Descendants of the Sun are sent.
  • Urseville-Beylestein: Prince Paul's country in the 1902 book Love and the Soul Hunter by John Oliver Hobbes.




  • Yakastonia: mountainous eastern European nation, where yodeling is prominent in local culture, but so is surfing on its coast. Important landmark is Mount Bubneboba, and its fresh mountain air is celebrated worldwide. A traditional greeting is doing an armpit fart while repeating the word "zwooba!". Home of exchange student Fentruck on the animated series Doug.
  • Yudonia: a central European country mentioned in a single episode on the Nickelodeon show Drake & Josh.
  • Yugaria: small Balkan nation from the Mission: Impossible: Operation Surma video game.
  • Yurugli: Eastern European country in the film Our Lips Are Sealed. Name is a play on 'you're ugly.' Home of the notorious Hachew (sneezing noise) crime family.



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