List of craters on the Moon

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Crater Tycho taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.[1]

This is a list of named lunar craters. The large majority of these features are impact craters. The crater nomenclature is governed by the International Astronomical Union, and this listing only includes features that are officially recognized by that scientific society.

List of craters on the Moon
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The lunar craters are listed in the following subsections. Where a formation has associated satellite craters, these are detailed on the main crater description pages.


Lunar craters are listed alphabetically on the following partial lists:

Prominent craters

Locations and diameters of some prominent craters on the near side of the Moon:

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External links

The following reference sites were also used during the assembly of the crater information.

  • Astronomica Langrenus — Italian Lunar Web Site
  • Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature
  • Lunar Atlases at the Lunar & Planetary Institute
    • Digital Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Moon
  • Lunar Nomenclature
  • Lunar Photo of the Day by Charles A. Wood et al.
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