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Map of the church deaneries in Hordaland county:
  Bergen domprosti
  Arna og Åsane prosti
  Fana prosti
  Hardanger og Voss prosti
  Nordhordland prosti
  Sunnhordland prosti
  Vesthordland prosti

This list of churches in Hordaland is a list of the Church of Norway churches in Hordaland county, Norway. The churches are all part of the Diocese of Bjørgvin along with the churches in Sogn og Fjordane county. The diocese is based at the Bergen Cathedral in the city of Bergen.

The list is divided into seven sections, one for each deanery (prosti) in the county. One deanery (Nordhordland) overlaps into Sogn og Fjordane county to the north. Administratively within each deanery, the churches are divided by municipalities which have their own church councils (fellesråd). Each municipal church council may be made up of more than one parish (sokn), each of which may have its own council (sokneråd). Each parish may have one or more congregations in it. The city-municipality of Bergen is a special case. It has a large population, so the central part of the city is its own deanery. The northeastern part of the city is part of the Arna og Åsane deanery, and the southwestern part of the city is part of the Fana deanery.[1]

Historically, Hordaland has had up to 9 deaneries, but the number of deaneries has been reduced in recent years. In 2013, the old Laksevåg deanery in Bergen was dissolved and its churches were divided between the Bergen deanery and the Fana deanery. In 2014, the Midhordland deanery was dissolved and its churches were divided between the deaneries of Fana, Hardanger og Voss.[2][3] Also in 2014, the parishes in nearby Osterøy Municipality were transferred from Nordhordland to the Arna and Åsane deanery.[4] Its name could have been changed to "Arna, Åsane and Osterøy deanery" but that was considered to be too long a name. In 2015, the Norwegian Department of Culture changed the name to Åsane deanery.[5]

Bergen domprosti

This arch-deanery covers the central part of the city of Bergen in Hordaland county. The deanery is headquartered in the city of Bergen in Bergen municipality. Parts of the old Laksevåg deanery (which was dissolved in 2013) were moved into this deanery.[2]

Municipality Parish (sokn) Church Location Year built Photo
Bergen Bergen domkirke Bergen Cathedral Bergen begun ca. 1250
Church of the Cross Bergen late 12th century Korskirken, Bergen.....jpg
St. Jacob's Church Nygård 1921 St. Jakob kirke.jpg
St. George's Hospital Church Bergen 1702 St Jørgens kirke Bergen.jpg
St. John's Church Sydnes 1894 Bergen johanneskirken.jpg
St. Maria's Church Bergenhus after 1140 Bergen mariakirken2 edit.jpg
New Church Nordnes 1763 Nykirken in Bergen detail.jpg
Fridalen Fridalen Church Minde 1985 Fridalen kirke.JPG
Laksevåg Laksevåg Church Laksevåg 1875 Laksevåg kirke.jpg
Landås Landås Church Landås 1966 Landås kirke.jpg
Loddefjord Loddefjord Church Loddefjord 1926 Loddefjord kirke - 2 - 20060521.jpg
Løvstakksiden St. Marcus Church Løvstakksiden 1939 St. Markus kirke DSC 0512.jpg
Solheim Church Solheimsviken 1956 Solheim kirke Bergen DSC 0684.jpg
Nygård Nygård Church Gravdal 1972
Olsvik Olsvik Church Olsvik 1990
Sandviken Sandvik Church Sandviken 1881 Sandvikskirken Bergen 2009 1.JPG
Årstad Årstad Church Årstad 1890 Årstad kyrkje i Bergen.jpg

Åsane prosti

This deanery covers the northern/eastern part of the city of Bergen and the neighboring municipality of Osterøy in the central part of Hordaland county. The deanery is headquartered in the borough of Åsane in the city of Bergen. The municipality of Osterøy was moved to this deanery from Nordhordland deanery in 2014.[2][3]

Municipality Parish (sokn) Church Location Year built Photo
Bergen Arna Arna Church Indre Arna 1865 Arna kirke.JPG
Takvam Chapel Takvam 1912 Takvam kapell.JPG
Biskopshavn Biskopshavn Church Biskopshavn 1966 Biskopshavn kirke.JPG
Eidsvåg Eidsvåg Church Eidsvåg 1982 Eidsvåg kirke.JPG
Salhus Salhus Church Salhus 1924 Salhus kirke.jpg
Ytre Arna Ytre Arna Church Ytre Arna 1899 Ytre Arna kirke.JPG
Åsane Åsane Church Åsane 1993 Åsane nye kirke.JPG
Old Åsane Church Åsane 1795 Åsane gamle kirke.jpg
Osterøy Bruvik Bruvik Church Bruvik 1867 Bruvik kirkested mot Hananipa.jpg
Gjerstad Gjerstad Church Gjerstad 1870 Gjerstad kirke Osterøy.jpg
Hamre Hamre Church Hamre 1622 Hamre kirke.jpg
Haus Haus Church Hausvik 1874 Haus kirke.jpg
Hosanger Hosanger Church Hosanger 1796 Hosanger kirke.jpg

Fana prosti

This deanery covers the southern part of the city of Bergen and the neighboring municipalities of Os and Austevoll in the west-central part of Hordaland county. The deanery is headquartered in the borough of Fana in the city of Bergen. Parts of the old Laksevåg deanery were moved to Fana deanery in 2013.[2] The municipalities of Os and Austevoll were moved to this deanery from the old Midhordland deanery when it was dissolved in 2014.[3]

Municipality Parish (sokn) Church Location Year built Photo
Austevoll Austevoll Austevoll Church Storebø 1890
Bekkjarvik Church Bekkjarvik 1895 Bekkjarvik kapell.JPG
Hundvåkøy Chapel Austevollhella 1990 Hundvakoy kapell.jpg
Møkster Church Kvalvåg on Stolmen 1892
Store-Kalsøy Chapel Bakkasund 1975
Bergen Birkeland Birkeland Church Nesttun 1878 Birkeland kirke Bergen.jpg
Bønes Bønes Church Bønestoppen 2009 Bønes kirke.JPG
Fana Fana Church Fanahammeren 1150 Fana kyrkje.jpg
Ytrebygda Church Blomsterdalen 2011 Ytrebygda kirke.jpg
Fyllingsdalen Fyllingsdalen Church Fyllingsdalen 1976 Fyllingsdalen kirke inngang.JPG
Skjold Skjold Church Skjold 1998 Skjold kirke, Bergen.jpg
Slettebakken Slettebakken Church Slettebakken 1970 Slettebakken Kirke Bergen Norway 2009 3.JPG
Storetveit Storetveit Church Fjøsanger 1930 Storetveit kirke.jpg
Sælen Sælen Church Sælen 2001
Søreide Søreide Church Søreidegrenda 1973 Søreide church.jpg
Os Os Os Church Osøyro 1870 Church Os Hordaland Norway 2009 5.JPG
Nore Neset Church Hagavik 2000 Nore Neset kyrkje.jpg

Hardanger og Voss prosti

This deanery covers eleven municipalities in the eastern part of Hordaland county, making it the largest deanery by area in the county. The deanery is headquartered in the village of Vossevangen in Voss municipality. The municipalities of Fusa and Samnanger were moved to this deanery when the old Midhordland deanery was dissolved in 2014.[3]

Municipality Parish (sokn) Church Location Year built Photo
Eidfjord Eidfjord Eidfjord Church Eidfjord 1981 Eidfjord, New Church - panoramio.jpg
Old Eidfjord Church Eidfjord 1309 Eidfjord gamle kyrkje ca 1309.jpg
Fusa Fusa Fusa Church Fusa 1961 Fusa kirke, Fusa kommune, Hordaland.jpg
Holdhus Church Holdhus 1726 Holdhus kirke, Fusa kommune, Hordlanad.jpg
Hålandsdal Church Eide 1890
Strandvik Church Strandvik 1857
Sundvor Church Sundvord 1927
Granvin Granvin Granvin Church Granvin 1726 Granvin kyrkje 01.JPG
Jondal Jondal Jondal Church Jondal 1888
Kvam Strandebarm Strandebarm Church Bru 1876
Vikøy Norheimsund Church Norheimsund 1992 Norheimsund Kyrkje.png
Vikøy Church Vikøy 1838 Vikøy kirke.jpg
Øystese Øystese Church Øystese 1868 Øystese kyrkje 01.JPG
Ålvik Ålvik Church Ålvik 1962 Ålvik kyrkje 01.JPG
Odda Odda Odda Church Odda 1870 Odda church.jpg
Røldal Røldal Stave Church Røldal 1250 Røldal Stave Church.jpg
Skare Skare Church Skare 1926 Skare kirke.jpg
Tyssedal Tyssedal Church Tyssedal 1965 Tyssedal kirke vinteren 2009.JPG
Samnanger Samnanger Haga Church Haga 1995 Haga kirke 1.jpg
Samnanger Church Årland 1851 Church Samnanger.jpg
Ullensvang Kinsarvik Kinsarvik Church Kinsarvik 1150 Kinsarvik Church.jpg
Ullensvang Ullensvang Church Lofthus 1250 Ullensvang Church.jpg
Utne Utne Church Utne 1895 Utne kirke.JPG
Ulvik Ulvik Ulvik Church Ulvik 1859 Church of Ulvik, Hardanger, Hordaland, Norway.jpg
Vaksdal Bergsdalen Bergsdalen Church Bergsdalen 1955 Bergsdalen kyrkje.jpg
Dale Dale Church Dale 1956 Dale kirke 2.jpg
Eksingedalen Eksingedal Church Flatkvål 1883
Nesheim Nesheim Church Nesheim 1908
Stamnes Stamnes Church Stamneshella 1861 Stamnes kirke.jpg
Vaksdal Vaksdal Church Vaksdal 1933 Vaksdal kirke.jpg
Voss Evanger Evanger Church Evanger 1851 Evanger kyrkje (cropped).jpg
Oppheim Oppheim Church Oppheim 1871 Oppheim kyrkje01.JPG
Raundalen Raundalen Church Raundalen 1921 Raundalen kyrkje01.jpg
Vinje Vinje Church Vinje 1871 Vinje kyrkje 01.JPG
Voss Voss Church Vossevangen 1277 P1000593Kerk Voss.JPG

Nordhordland prosti

This deanery covers seven municipalities in the northern part of Hordaland county and two municipalities in the southwestern part of Sogn og Fjordane county. The deanery is headquartered in the village of Isdalstø in Lindås municipality. The churches in the municipalities of Gulen and Solund in Sogn og Fjordane county (to the north) were moved into this deanery in 2013 when the old Ytre Sogn deanery in Sogn og Fjordane county was dissolved. See the List of churches in Sogn og Fjordane for a list of the churches in this deanery that are not in Hordaland county.[6]

Municipality Parish (sokn) Church Location Year built Photo
Austrheim Austrheim Austrheim Church Austrheim 1865 Austrheim kirke.jpg
Fedje Fedje Fedje Church Fedje 1941 Fedje kyrkje.JPG
Lindås Alversund Alversund Church Alversund 1879 Alversund kyrkje A.jpg
Knarvik Church Knarvik 2014 Knarvik kyrkje beingrind.JPG
Hundvin Hundvin Church Hundvin 1936 Hundvin kyrkje.JPG
Lindås Lindås Church Lindås 1865 Lindås kyrkje.JPG
Lygra Lygra Church Luro 1892 Lygra kyrkje.jpg
Myking Myking Church Myking 1861 Myking kirke.jpg
Ostereidet Ostereidet Church Ostereidet 1988 Ostereide kyrkje.jpg
Seim Seim Church Seim 1878 Seimkirke.jpg
Vike Vike Church Vike 1891 Vike kirke Vikanes.jpg
Masfjorden Frøyset Frøyset Church Frøyset 1937 Frøyset kyrkje.jpg
Sandnes Sandnes Church Masfjordnes 1845 Sandnes kyrkje.jpg
Solheim Solheim Church Solheim 1881 Solheim kirke.jpg
Meland Meland Meland Church Meland 1866 Meland kirke2.JPG
Modalen Modalen Mo Church Mo 1883 Mo kirke1.jpg
Radøy Radøy Hordabø Church Bøvågen 1875 Hordabø kirke.jpg
Manger Church Manger 1891 Manger kirke.jpg
Sæbø Church Sæbø 1883 Sæbø kirke.jpg
Emigrant Church, Sletta Sletta 1997 Emigrantkirka på Sletta.jpg
See also: The List of churches in Sogn og Fjordane county for other churches in this deanery
that are located in Gulen and Solund municipalities in Sogn og Fjordane county

Sunnhordland prosti

This deanery covers seven municipalities in the southern part of Hordaland county. The deanery is headquartered in the town of Leirvik in Stord municipality.

Municipality Parish (sokn) Church Location Year built Photo
Bømlo Bremnes Bremnes Church Svortland 1869
Bømlo Bømlo Church Langevåg 1960
Old Bømlo Church Langevåg 1621 Boemlo old Church 2006.jpg
Lykling Lykling Church Lykling 1912 Two towers (3807454571).jpg
Moster Moster Church Mosterhamn 1874
Old Moster Church Moster 1100 Old moster church II.jpg
Etne Etne Gjerde Church Etnesjøen 1676 Gjerde kirke.jpg
Grindheim Church Etnesjøen 1728 Etne, Grindheim kyrkje (2).JPG
Stødle Church Etnesjøen 1160 Stødle kyrkje.jpg
Skånevik Skånevik Church Skånevik 1900 Skånevik kirke fra RA 20170628-210620-jpg.jpg
Fjæra Chapel Fjæra 1913 Fjæra kapell 16.jpg
Fitjar Fitjar Fitjar Church Fitjar 1867 Fitjar kirke.jpg
Kvinnherad Fjelberg og Eid Eid Church Eidsvik 1824
Fjelberg Church Fjelbergøya 1722 Fjelberg kyrkje.jpg
Hatlestrand Hatlestrand Church Hatlestrand 1885
Husnes og Holmedal Holmedal Church Utåker 1815 Holmedal kirke.jpg
Husnes Church Husnes 1874 90px
Valen Church Valen 1978 90px
Kvinnherad Kvinnherad Church Rosendal 1255 Kvinnherad kirke, Kvinnherad kommune, Hordland.jpg
Uskedalen Uskedalen Church Uskedal 1914 Uskedalen kyrkje.jpg
Varaldsøy Varaldsøy Church Varaldsøy 1885 Varaldsoy kirke 1.JPG
Ænes Ænes Church Ænes 1200 Ænes kirke, Kvinnherad kommune, Hordaland.jpg
Ølve Ølve Church Ølve 1861
Åkra Åkra Church Åkra 1735
Stord Nysæter Nysæter Church Sagvåg 1991
Stord Stord Church Leirvik 1857 Stord kirke.jpg
Sveio Sveio Sveio Church Sveio 1858 Førde kirke.jpg
Valestrand og Førde Førde Church Førde 1938 Sveio Kirke 134.JPG
Valestrand Church Valestrand 1873 Valestrand kirke2.jpg
Valen Chapel Valevåg 1707 Sveio, Valen kapell.JPG
Tysnes Onarheim Onarheim Church Onarheim 1893
Reksteren og Uggdal Reksteren Church Reksteren 1937
Uggdal Church Uggdal 1876
Tysnes Tysnes Church Våge 1868

Vesthordland prosti

This deanery covers the four island municipalities of Askøy, Fjell, Sund, and Øygarden in the western part of Hordaland county. The deanery is headquartered in the village of Straume in Fjell municipality.

Municipality Parish (sokn) Church Location Year built Photo
Askøy Ask Ask Church Ask 1908 Ask church, Askøy 21may2006.jpg
Erdal Erdal Church Erdal 2006 Erdal kirke.JPG
Herdla Herdla Church Herdla 1863 Herdla kirke - 20060521.jpg
Strusshamn Strusshamn Church Strusshamn 1969 Strusshamn kirke.JPG
Tveit Tveit Church Tveitevåg 1957 Tveit kirke.JPG
Fjell Fjell Fjell Church Fjell 1874 Fjell kirke.jpg
Foldnes Church Foldnes 2001
Landro Church Landro 1977 Landrokirke.gif
Sund Sund Kausland Church Kausland 1881
Sund Church Klokkarvik 1997
Øygarden Blomvåg Blomvåg Church Blomvåg 1931 Blomvåg kyrkje.JPG
Hjelme Hjelme Church Seløyna 1971 Hjelme kyrkje.JPG
Old Hjelme Church Seløyna 1875 Hjelme gamle kiyrkje.JPG


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