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The following list is of characters that appear in Young Justice.

Main characters

"The Team"

The original 6 members of "The Team". From left to right: Artemis, Robin, Kid Flash, Superboy, Miss Martian, and Aqualad.

Founding Members

The initial six main characters were chosen by the producers, from a list of potential candidates of 50 to 60 DC Comics teenage superheroes.[1] The criteria consisted of age, powers, personality, cultural icon status, and dynamics.[2] An additional regular, Zatanna, was introduced partway through the first season, and Rocket was added at the end of the first season.[1]

  • Aqualad / Aquaman / Kaldur'ahm[3] (voiced by Khary Payton) – In Season 1, Kaldur'ahm (or "Kaldur" for short) was the sixteen-year-old leader of the team. His powers, channeled through the tattoos on his arms, are a mixture of Atlantean sorcery and science.[citation needed] He displays super strength, durability, as well as the ability to breathe and speak underwater, typical of Atlanteans. He also possesses the ability to form hard water constructs through the use of his Atlantean water bearers and to generate electricity.[4] He was selected as the initial leader for the Team, but stated that he did not want to remain leader and wished to turn over leadership to Robin when he was ready, saying that it was his destiny to lead this team.[5] In Season 2 (set five years in the future), Aqualad is Nightwing's mole in his father Black Manta's organization in order to infiltrate the Light and discover who their partner is. His "defection" is based upon his being the son of Black Manta (which Aquaman covered up) as well as the death of Tula in an earlier Team mission. When Miss Martian fights Aqualad later, her psychic abilities caused her to learn about Aqualad and Tigress' true mission with the psychic attack leaving Aqualad in an apparently-catatonic state. His body was carried away by Tigress. But soon in order to cure his son (thanks to Tigress' suggestion), Deathstroke and Tigress capture Miss Martian and manage to restore him. During the summit, he and Tigress were revealed to be the spies and after their mission is complete, Aqualad returns to his post as leader once again. By 2018, Kaldur has become Aquaman II and is co-leader of the Justice League with Wonder Woman. Designation: B02; later 26.
  • Robin / Nightwing / Dick Grayson (voiced by Jesse McCartney) - Known as Robin throughout Season 1; Grayson was, though only thirteen,[3] the most experienced member of the team.[6] He does not possess any superpowers, however, he is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, tactician, and a technological genius. He has a flippant personality, and can be heard laughing in combat or when sneaking up on villains in order to unnerve and startle them. He repeatedly plays with the English language, particularly with words which cease to function without prefixes, such as "disaster" ("aster"), "overwhelmed" ("whelmed"), and "distraught" ("traught"). Batman had forbidden Robin from revealing his secret identity to the team[7], though Kid Flash was aware of it. Robin acts as team leader when Aqualad is unable to. Aqualad sees Robin as reluctant to lead the team, feeling that he doesn't know enough. "Eventually he shows that he is a natural born leader. And that's just part of what you'll see from Dick Grayson".[citation needed] In Season 2 (set five years later in the future), Dick has assumed the identity of Nightwing while Tim Drake has assumed the mantle of Robin. Nightwing remains on the team as their leader and trainer, assigning and participating in missions. Dick encourages Tim to have confidence in his leadership skills, but the latter is apprehensive about doing so. After "Endgame", Dick decides to take a leave of absence after Wally's sacrifice and leaves Barbara in charge if they need any help. Between Seasons 2 and 3, he's become leader of the Outsiders alongside Oracle; later recruiting Tigress, Superboy, and Black Lightning. Designation: B01.
  • Kid Flash / Wally West[8] (voiced by Jason Spisak) – During Season 1, Kid Flash is the team's fifteen-year-old speedster. He has enhanced speed,[7] although he has not fully mastered his abilities, often falling down while running at high speeds due to a misstep. Kid Flash cannot vibrate his molecules through solid objects like the Flash and gets a bloody nose if he attempts to.[7] He is a flirt, beginning with M'gann and extending to any woman he comes into contact with. Kid Flash and Robin know each other outside the team, even knowing each other's secret identities. Wally likes to collect souvenirs from the team's missions, such as T. O. Morrow's robotic eye and Cheshire's mask.[7][9] Ava Dordi, of the Palo Alto Voice notes that Jason Spisak "captures the Lighthearted essence of Kid Flash well".[10] In Season 2 (set five years in the future), Kid Flash has given up the superhero life and is in a relationship with Artemis with the two living and attending college together. Wally does however, assume the guise of Kid Flash once again during the crisis involving Neutron wherein he assists Impulse and the two Flashes (Jay Garrick and Barry Allen) with containing a major explosion. It is revealed that Wally was aware of Nightwing's plan to fake Artemis's death so she could be placed in deep cover alongside Aqualad. He return to the mission during "Bloodlines" to stop Neutron and resume back into the team during "Summit". During "Endgame", he with Flash and Impulse manage to control the Magnetic Field Disruptor but due to his slower speed, the chrysalis' energy attacks him, causing him to disappear. Designation: B03.
  • Superboy / Kon-El / Conner Kent (voiced by Nolan North) – Superboy is introduced as a sixteen-week-old clone of Superman (later revealed to be a hybrid clone of Superman and Lex Luthor) created by Project Cadmus. Although he does not have all of Superman's abilities, he has super strength, invulnerability, enhanced hearing,[11] and later: infrared vision.[5] Lex Luthor later gave Superboy a set of patches which suppresses Superboy's human DNA, giving him his full Kryptonian abilities, similar to those of Superman's; however they only last for typically an hour, and his aggression increases as well. Superboy is typically sullen, ill-tempered, grumpy, and hates being told what to do. His nonexistent relationship with Superman only adds to this anger. He and Miss Martian also begin to develop strong and mutual romantic feelings for each other. They become couple when they go under cover in Belle Reve together and attempt to keep their romance a secret until everyone eventually finds out. Five years after the events of Season 1, Superboy has remained on with the Team and his formerly apprehensive relationship with Superman has greatly improved, with Superman now referring to him as a brother. Conner is more in control of his anger, resourceful and more familiar with alien technology. Superboy has also recently ended his and Miss Martian's relationship due to M'gann using her telepathic powers to violently extract information from enemies; even more so, she tried to tamper with his mind to try and make him forget that he was upset with her. Despite their break up, they still remain very much in love with each other and while they attempt to ignore and hide their feelings, they finally work on restoring their relationship by the end of the season. In Season 3, set two years later, Conner and M'gann have fully mended their relationship and they now live together in Happy Harbor. Conner proposes to M'gann in the premiere and they become engaged. Superboy joins the Outsiders and works on training the new young heroes alongside Nightwing, Tigress and Black Lightening, but still retains his place on the Team and serves as Miss Martian's second-in-command. Greg Weisman notes that Nolan North provides "good separation" between the dual roles he portrays as Superman and Superboy. Designation: B04.[citation needed]
  • Miss Martian / Megan Morse / M'gann M'orzz[12] (voiced by Danica McKellar) – Miss Martian is Martian Manhunter's teenage (by Martian standards, though she is in her 40's in earth years) niece,[13] as well as being an inexperienced superhero.[8] As a Martian, she has telekinesis, telepathy, and flight. Additionally, she can shape-shift to a limited extent. She has stated that she cannot become intangible as her uncle can, implying that this is an advanced skill; but by Season 2, she had learned this power.[7] In later episodes, Martian Manhunter discovers that her raw abilities, particularly in terms of telepathy and mind control, are potentially greater than his own. She pilots her own bio-ship, which transports the team and can become camouflaged with the surrounding area. She is kind and optimistic, but has a naive streak born of having learned about life on Earth through television shows. In line with this, she makes regular use of the catchphrase "Hello, Megan!" when suddenly realizing something. She becomes romantically involved with Superboy while working undercover with him in Belle Reve. While it is revealed to the viewer in the episode "Image" that she is concealing her identity as a non-humanoid White Martian, she finally reveals her true form to the team in the episode "Usual Suspects", though Superboy had known since they had mind-bonded in the past. Danica McKellar thinks her character is "Awesome. Like most of the characters on the show, she's dealing with two very different but coexisting aspects of her life: she's a superhero and also an insecure teenager, all at the same time."[14] In Season 2, five years later, she has become more confident in her abilities and lost her naive streak. Garfield Logan (the current Beast Boy) from the episode "Image" has become her adopted brother after the death of his mother. Miss Martian and Superboy are also revealed to have ended their relationship and following their break up, she has started dating Lagoon Boy. It’s later revealed Superboy ended their romantic relationship because he disapproved how M'gann was abusing her powers to get information from her enemies, rendering the victim in a comatose state, to the point where she's "no better than Psimon", but the final straw was when she attempted to make him forget he was upset with her. However, she eventually comes to realize the error of her ways on how she has been abusing her powers and later breaks up with Lagoon Boy when she admits he was only her rebound boyfriend during "Intervention". By the end of the season, she begins to repair her relationship with Superboy. In Season 3, M'gann has become the leader of the Team and has adopted a new appearance that more closely resembles her White Martian heritage while her relationship with Superboy has been fully restored as they now live together and have recently gotten engaged. Designation: B05.
  • Artemis / Tigress / Artemis Crock[15] (voiced by Stephanie Lemelin) – Artemis was the team's fifteen-year-old archer.[8][16] Like Robin, she has no superpowers, but is very skilled with a bow and arrow. She is introduced as Green Arrow's "niece" but it is later revealed that this is not the case. Red Arrow, who knows she isn't, believes that there was good reason behind Batman and Green Arrow's decision to add her to the team, as well as their concealment of her real identity, and therefore agrees not reveal his suspicions about her to the rest of the group—but warns Artemis to not harm his friends. She is the daughter of the villain Sportsmaster and the now paraplegic ex-villain Huntress, as well as the sister of Cheshire.[17][18] In Season 2 (set five years in the future), she and Wally West (Kid Flash) left the superhero life, and are in a relationship, with the two living and attending college together. She returns to duty, only to subsequently fake her death so she can go undercover with Aqualad within Black Manta's organization, adopting the identity Tigress, and apparently help him complete his long term mission. Nightwing supplies her with a charmed necklace crafted by Zatanna to conceal her true appearance. As part of her cover, she fakes a discreet love affair with Aqualad when questioned. After Wally's sacrifice during "Endgame", she returns to the team using her Tigress identity with her blonde hair. During the time skip between season 2 and 3, Artemis retired again and moved in with her sister's family before helping Nightwing with the Outsiders. Designation: B07.

Expanded Members

The following members were added to the team after the series premiere at different times:

  • Zatanna Zatara (voiced by Lacey Chabert) – The daughter of Justice League member Zatara. She first appears in "Humanity" and sporadically through the later episodes. She permanently moves into Mount Justice in the episode "Misplaced" after her father becomes the new Doctor Fate, and is an official member of the team. Her powers, like her father's, are magical, and like her father's, her spells are spoken in reverse order. Sometime during the five-year lapse between Season 1 and Season 2, she has joined the Justice League. Designation: B08, later 25.
  • Speedy / Red Arrow / Roy Harper / Will Harper (voiced by Crispin Freeman) – Red Arrow is the team's male archer. Like Robin and Artemis, he has no superpowers, but is very skilled with a bow and arrow. He is also the adopted son of Green Arrow. Originally Speedy, he left Green Arrow's side in "Independence Day", as a result of feeling patronized by the League, who continued to treat him and the others as sidekicks dependent on their mentors, and adopted the alias Red Arrow. He refused to join the group in "Welcome to Happy Harbor". However, he still assisted the team such as in "Targets" and is convinced by Green Arrow to join the team in "Insecurity". In the episode "Usual Suspects", he becomes the first member of the Team to join the Justice League as a full member. However, in "Auld Acquaintance", Harper is told by Vandal Savage that he is a Cadmus clone much like Superboy and was the "mole" implanted by the Light, while the original Roy Harper is in custody of the enemy. In Season 2, Roy is shown on the edge of a breakdown, still searching for his original counterpart. In the episode "Salvage", it is revealed that Roy married Cheshire and unknowingly fathered a daughter with her. Cheshire is willing to help him find his original counterpart so as to help Roy find some peace. Shortly after Roy and Cheshire flew to Tibet to find the original Roy they recover and bring him back to America, where the real Roy Harper recovers in the Star City hospital with the clone and Green Arrow watching over him. He later teams up with Cheshire to deactivate one of the Reach bombs in "Endgame" and later retires to be with his daughter. In Season 3, Roy has changed his name to Will and has started his own private security company. He resides in Star City and lives with Artemis, who helps him to take care of his daughter, Lian. Designation: B06, later 21.
  • Rocket / Raquel Ervin (voiced by Kittie in season 2, Denise Boutte in "Intervention" and season 3) – Straightforward and bold, if inexperienced, Rocket is the apprentice of the superhero Icon. She uses a piece of alien technology called an inertia belt, allowing her to store and manipulate kinetic energy. She generally uses this to fly and grant herself some super-strength and a personal force field. She joins the team in the episode "Usual Suspects", the same episode her mentor joins the Justice League. In the five years between Seasons 1 and 2, she has joined the Justice League and is engaged. As of Season 3, she has had a son, Amistad. Designation: B09, later 26.
  • Aquagirl / Tula (voiced by Cree Summer) - A student at Atlantis's Conservatory of Sorcery and Kaldur'ahm's former girlfriend. When Kaldur began spending more time on the surface world, Tula entered into a relationship with Garth. She joined the Team during the five years in between Seasons 1 and 2, but died on an unidentified mission which left Aqualad devastated. This event was used as a ruse for him to serve as the Team's mole to uncover the secrets of The Light's unidentified partner (who turned out to be Black Beetle of the Reach). Designation: B11.
  • Batgirl / Oracle / Barbara Gordon (voiced by Alyson Stoner) – Originally a classmate of Dick's at the Gotham Academy. In the time between Seasons 1 and 2, she assumed the identity of Batgirl and became a member of the Team. Between Seasons 2 and 3, she's become paralyzed, taken on the Oracle identity, and become a member of Nightwing's Outsiders. Designation: B16.
  • Beast Boy / Garfield Logan (voiced by Logan Grove in seasons 1 and 2, Greg Cipes in season 3) - In the Season 1 episode "Image", Garfield lives with his mother Marie who runs the Logan Reserve around the borders of Bialya and Qurac. In this episode, it is revealed that Marie Logan once starred in a television show called Hello Megan! that inspired Miss Martian's human guise and her catchphrase. Garfield is hurt when Queen Bee's jets attack and needs a blood transfusion to survive following him freeing the sick oryx and an injured wildebeest from the barn. Miss Martian changes her blood type to O negative in order to save Garfield's life. He is saved, but his blue eyes at the time turned green. Sometime before the events of Season 2, Garfield's skin turned green and he developed the ability to shape-shift into animals (ergo, the name Beast Boy) with his hero disguise having monkey-like features. In "Earthlings", it is revealed that Queen Bee caused the car accident that killed Garfield's mother. In the same episode, he is shown to be somewhat careless about blood loss, wondering if he'll get a new power from another transfusion of M'gann's blood. In between Seasons 2 and 3, he's left the Team to become a television star after his godmother's husband took custody of him. Despite this, he used his celebrity status to speak out against metahuman trafficking. In "Nightmare Monkeys", it's revealed that he was a member of the Doom Patrol before he joined the Team, and he was chosen to be the avatar of a monkey god (which explains why he can only shape-shift into animals). After realizing his boss has sinister intentions, he rejoins the Team. Designation: B19.
  • Blue Beetle / Jaime Reyes (voiced by Eric Lopez) – Sometime during the five-year lapse between Seasons 1 and 2, he joined the Team. A device called the Scarab is permanently attached to his spine, providing him a battle suit and advises him on what it feels is the best course of action in many situations. However, Jaime frequently ignores this advice as it is often aimed at violent solutions to problems and is seen at these times to be talking to himself. Superboy is currently the only person that knows that Jaime is talking to the scarab; Jaime compares it to Jiminy Cricket. The scarab is believed to be the last invention made by Ted Kord before the Light killed him, but it is revealed in the episode 'Before the Dawn' that its origins lie with the alien organization known as the Reach, who seek to retrieve the scarab, which will kill Jaime. In the future, a Blue Beetle under control of the Reach is shown to have enslaved the human race which Impulse traveled back in time to prevent from happening. Though the Reach do get control of Jaime's body thanks to the Green Beetle, he, the scarab, and Green Beetle are freed from the Reach thanks to an intervention from the rest of the Team and magic from Zatanna. The scarab decides to work with Jaime as equals, preferring it over enslavement to the Reach. Designation: B22.
  • Bumblebee / Karen Beecher (voiced by Masasa Moyo) – A young scientist and girlfriend of Mal Duncan. She and Mal were classmates of Superboy and Miss Martian at Happy Harbor High School. Her suit acts as armor and imbues her with bee-themed powers including shrinking, and flight. Karen often works with Professor Palmer a.k.a. the Atom; at one point, they attempted to remove the scarab from Jaime, but its defenses nearly killed them. As of Season 3, she has left the Team and became pregnant. Designation: B17.
  • Guardian / Mal Duncan (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) – The boyfriend of Karen Beecher and classmate of Superboy and Miss Martian at Happy Harbor High School. Sometime between Season 1 and Season 2, he was brought on as mission coordinator for the team. Like Nightwing, Robin, Red Arrow, and Arsenal, Mal Duncan lacks super powers. During an encounter with Despero in "Cornered," he assumed the Guardian superhero armor which had previously belonged to Jim Harper. By the time of "War", he operates as a full member of the team as the Guardian. Designation: B24.[19]
  • Lagoon Boy / La'gaan (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal) – A student at Atlantis' Conservatory of Sorcery. Sometime during the five-year lapse between Seasons 1 and 2, he joined the Team. He and Miss Martian also became romantically involved, but Miss Martian ended the relationship in "Intervention" when she realized he was only her rebound boyfriend and that she still loved Superboy. He was temporarily a prisoner of The Reach, captured by Aqualad as a way to spare his life. Lagoon Boy was later rescued during the raid on the Reach's ship. Designation: B18.
  • Robin / Tim Drake (voiced by Cameron Bowen) – The third person to adopt the Robin identity, after Dick Grayson (who has since become Nightwing), and Jason Todd (who is now deceased).[20] Nightwing acts as something of a mentor to Tim, though Tim is far more hesitant and cautious than Dick was when he was Robin. By the events of the season finale, he is in a relationship with Wonder Girl. Two years later Tim and Cassie are still dating, though he leaves the team with Spoiler and Arrowette in a pre-planned resignation to join Batman’s vigilante movement, Batman Inc. Designation: B20.
  • Wonder Girl / Cassie Sandsmark (voiced by Mae Whitman) – Wonder Woman's sidekick. She joined the team sometime between the events of Season 1 and Season 2. She is energetic and often impulsive, but a talented fighter. According to Miss Martian, after Wally's death, Cassie kissed Tim Drake and the two of them began a relationship, though apparently only Miss Martian and Superboy are aware of this. The realization of how precious and fragile life is brought about her decision. Designation: B21.
  • Impulse / Kid Flash / Bart Allen[21] (voiced by Jason Marsden) - A speedster from the future who is the grandson of the current Flash (Barry Allen). Bart is stern and determined to alter history to prevent the post-apocalyptic future from which he comes, but puts on a front as a cheerful and talkative youth to the heroes of 2016. He recites lingo from the future ("feeling the mode"). He came to their time to avert a disaster by a future Neutron. Although Bart was able to cure Neutron, he pretended that he was unable to return to his own time which was still devastated from an as-yet-unknown event. It is revealed in "Before the Dawn" that a Blue Beetle has enslaved the human race, an event that Bart is trying to change by keeping him out of the clutches of the Reach. During "Endgame", he play a huge role into stopping the Endgame weapons but with the cost of Wally. He now takes the name Kid Flash in honor of Wally. Designation: B23.
  • Speedy / Arsenal / Roy Harper (voiced by Crispin Freeman) – The original Roy Harper. Eight years before Season 2, it was revealed that Lex Luthor captured Speedy and amputated part of his right arm to create a clone that would serve as The Light's mole. Having fulfilled his purpose as a mole, The Light no longer had a use for him, prompting the clone to join The Team and find the original Roy. However, during the five-year transition between Seasons 1 and 2, everyone except his clone counterpart assumed The Light killed off Harper. The original Roy was found in Tibet by his clone counterpart and Cheshire. After recovery in "Satisfaction", Roy learns the whole truth behind the events of the first two Seasons and recalls of dealing with Luthor in his last mission, prompting him to take vengeance. Although Roy almost succeeds, Lex anticipated this and outnumbers him. In exchange for his life, Lex gives Roy a mechanical arm filled with high-tech weapons. Roy accepts Luthor's offer minutes later upon Green Arrow and Red Arrow's arrival and adopts the persona Arsenal. After his paranoia caused the Team to be captured by the Reach, Arsenal is booted from the Team. This causes him to take up the offer to ally with the meta-humans Luthor had previously employed. After Arsenal gets the truth out of Lex Luthor during his web chat with the group about Deathstroke's secret mission, Arsenal and those with him cut off all ties with Lex Luthor and go on their own path. Designation: B25.
  • Tempest / Garth[22] (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal) – Aqualad's best friend and a student at Atlantis's Conservatory of Sorcery. Garth assisted Kaldur and Aquaman against Ocean Master and was offered the chance to become Aqualad, but declined, while Kaldur accepted. Garth continued his studies in the Conservatory and later became a lover of Tula. He joined and left the Team during the time between Seasons 1 and 2. In Season 3, he serves as an ambassador for Atlantis at the United Nations. Designation: B10.
  • Troia / Donna Troy (voiced by Grey DeLisle) - A former protege of Wonder Woman who joined then left the Team between the events of the first two seasons. In Season 3, she became an ambassador for Themyscira at the United Nations. Designation: B13.
  • Static / Virgil Hawkins (voiced by Bryton James) - Virgil Hawkins is a teenage boy who was waiting at the train station to meet up with his sister until he was captured by agents of the Light and handed over to the Reach. He was rescued by the Team, after which he was transferred to S.T.A.R. Labs in Taos, New Mexico. While in therapy with Black Canary, Virgil unknowingly displays his manifested electrical powers when a bunch of paper clips ended up stuck together by his electrostatic abilities. After he, along with the other S.T.A.R. Labs runaways, rescues members of the Team from the Warworld, and subsequently participates in a final battle against the Reach, Static joins the Team in the episode "Endgame". Designation: B26.
  • Arrowette / Cissie King-Jones (voiced by Kelly Stables) - She appears as a member of the team in Season 3 before leaving with Spoiler and Robin to join Batman’s vigilante movement, Batman Inc. Designation: B27.
  • Spoiler / Stephanie Brown (voiced by Mae Whitman) - She appears as a member of the team in Season 3 before leaving with Arrowette and Robin to join Batman’s vigilante movement, Batman Inc. Designation: B28.

"The Outsiders"

The Outsiders are a group of superheroes that work with the Team.

  • Geo-Force / Prince Brion Markov (voiced by Troy Baker) - A young prince of Markovia and younger brother to crown Prince Gregor. After losing his parents and learning he tested positive for the meta-gene, he resolves to avenge his family and put an end to metahuman trafficking like they wanted. However, after becoming a geokinetic metahuman, Gregor banished him from Markovia as the process he underwent to activate his metagene is highly illegal and presumably to protect him from those who would seek to harm him simply because he's a meta. Even though he's heartbroken, Brion accepts without trouble and leaves with Superboy to join the Outsiders. His hot-headed, impatient personality can lead to trouble at times, bringing to mind a younger Superboy. Designation: G02.
  • Halo / Gabrielle Daou / Violet Harper (voiced by Zehra Fazal) - A young Quraci metahuman who was nearly buried by Bedlam thugs, believing her to be dead, before she suddenly resurrects herself and is rescued by Tigress; joining the Outsiders as a result. Later on, it is revealed that her real name's "Gabrielle Daou" and that she was a refugee who used to work for Markovia's royal family. Despite this, she says her name is "Violet", after Brion gave her the name after seeing her violet aura. In "Nightmare Monkeys", it's further revealed that "Violet" is actually the spirit of a Mother Box, which inhabited Daou's body after she was killed by Bedlam's experiments. Designation: G03.
  • Forager / Fred Bugg (voiced by Jason Spisak) - A young insect-like alien from New Genesis who called the Team for help in investigating attacks on his people's hives, but was banished for doing so. He was granted asylum on Earth by M'gann, where he later joined the Outsiders. In "Another Freak", he uses a glamour charm to assume the identity of "Fred Bugg" to attend Happy Harbor High.
  • Cyborg / Victor Stone (voiced by Zeno Robinson) - An up-and-coming football star who was caught in an explosion during an argument with his father, Dr. Silas Stone, and was fused with a Father Box to save his life. He joined the Outsiders after Halo brought him to them.

Recurring characters

Justice League

The Justice League is the superhero team that protects the Earth from various threats.

  • Atom / Ray Palmer (voiced by Jason Marsden) - A superhero who can grow and shrink in size. He joined the Justice League on December 30, 2010. Five years later, it is shown that Bumblebee has become his lab assistant. Designation: 18.
  • Aquaman / Orin / Arthur Curry (voiced by Phil LaMarr) – Member and co-founder of the Justice League and King of Atlantis. Aqualad served as his sidekick ever since he and Garth helped him defeat Ocean Master in the past. As of Season 3, he has passed on the mantle of Aquaman to Kaldur presumably so he can focus all of his attention on ruling Atlantis. Designation: 06.
  • Batman / Bruce Wayne (voiced by Bruce Greenwood) – Batman is a member and co-founder of the Justice League and the elected leader of the group. He gives out the missions for the Justice League and the Team. When Vandal Savage infected the Justice League with The Light's Starro-Tech, Batman is one of the six Justice League members to go missing for 16 hours. In an interview at Comic Con, Greenwood differentiates the portrayal of the Caped Crusader in Young Justice: "He's younger, more of a father figure. He's tough, but not as broken (as in Greenwood's previous portrayal of the character in Batman: Under the Red Hood)."[23] On January 27, 2018, he resigns from the Justice League alongside Green Arrow, among others, as a pre-planned response to U.N. secretary general Lex Luthor placing several restrictions on the League to prevent them from intervening in the Light's metahuman trafficking ring. Designation: 02.
  • Batwoman / Kate Kane - Member of the Justice League and an associate of Batman. Though she joined in between seasons 2 and 3, she resigned alongside Batman and Green Arrow, among others, in response to the U.N.'s restrictions on the League on July 27, 2018.
  • Black Canary / Dinah Lance (voiced by Vanessa Marshall) – Trainer of the Team during Season 1. Series co-creator Greg Weisman has said Black Canary's role on the show was in part because she is his favorite character in the DC universe.[24] She serves as counselor and trainer for the Team. At the end of Season 2, Captain Atom passes Chairperson duties to Black Canary. Designation: 13.
  • Black Lightning / Jefferson Pierce (voiced by Khary Payton) - An electric superhero that joined the Justice League. In season 3, he resigns from the League after accidentally killing a little girl on Rann and planned on retiring. However, he's later convinced to join Nightwing's Outsiders. Designation: 23 (later G01).
  • Captain Atom / Nathaniel Adams (voiced by Michael T. Weiss) – Member of the Justice League. In Season 2 after the events of "Alienated," he seems to assume the role as leader of the Justice League while some of its members are away on Rimbor to get a fair trial. At the end of Season 2, Captain Atom passes Chairperson duties to Black Canary. Designation: 12.
  • Captain Marvel / Billy Batson (voiced by Rob Lowe in the first appearance, Chad Lowe in later episodes, Robert Ochoa as Billy Batson) – Member of the Justice League and once served as the substitute den mother when Red Tornado was missing. Considered by IGN to be "the best superhero guest-voicing turn in some time. (Lowe) plays him like your goofy uncle (or little cousin?) who's trying way too hard to fit in with the cool kids. 'I'm really looking forward to hanging with you guys,' he blurts out with unabashed enthusiasm".[25] Weisman notes that the character "will be an important recurring character in the series, so this could ultimately involve multiple episodes for Lowe."[26] The character was voiced by Lowe's brother Chad Lowe, in later episodes.[27][28] Designation: 15 (A05 as Billy Batson).
  • Flash / Barry Allen (voiced by George Eads in the first season and most episodes in the second, James Arnold Taylor in "Endgame" and Season 3) – Member and co-founder of the Justice League. He is the uncle of Kid Flash (Wally West), who served as his sidekick, and grandfather of Impulse (Bart Allen). Designation: 04.
  • Green Arrow / Oliver Queen (voiced by Alan Tudyk) – Member of the Justice League. He had Speedy as a sidekick and later Artemis and Arrowette. On July 27, 2018, he resigns from the Justice League alongside Batman, among others, in a pre-planned response to U.N. secretary general Lex Luthor places several restrictions on the League to prevent them from intervening in the Light's metahuman trafficking rings. Designation: 08.
  • Green Lantern / John Stewart (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) - Member of the Justice League. When Vandal Savage infected the Justice League with The Light's Starro-Tech, John Stewart is one of the six Justice League members to go missing for 16 hours. Designation: 14.
  • Hardware / Curtis Metcalf - Member of the Justice League with a high tech exo-suit. Though he joined between seasons 2 and 3, he resigned alongside Batman and Green Arrow, among others in response to the U.N.'s restrictions on the League on July 27, 2018.
  • Hawkwoman / Shayera Hol - Member of the Justice League and wife of Hawkman. When Vandal Savage infected the Justice League with The Light's Starro-Tech, Hawkwoman is one of the six Justice League members to be missing for 16 hours. Designation: 10.
  • Icon / Arnus (voiced by Tony Todd) – An alien superhero who joined the Justice League on December 30, 2010. Rocket is Icon's sidekick. Superman originally believed Icon was Kryptonian. Designation: 20.
  • Katana / Tatsu Yamashiro - A samurai-themed member of the Justice League who wields the Soultaker, a sword that can trap the spirits of anyone it kills. Though she joined between seasons 2 and 3, she resigns alongside Batman and Green Arrow, among others, in response to the U.N.'s restrictions on the League.
  • Plastic Man / Patrick "Eel" O'Brian - A superhero with elastic powers who joined the Justice League on December 30, 2010. On July 27, 2018, he resigned alongside Batman and Green Arrow, among others, in response to the U.N.'s restrictions on the League. Designation: 19.
  • Red Tornado / John Smith (voiced by Jeff Bennett) – Member of the Justice League who served as the den mother for the Team in Season 1. He was originally created by T.O. Morrow to infiltrate the Justice League only for Red Tornado to defect to them. He serves as the Team's "den mother", since he doesn't need sleep to function. Red Tornado has an android body he can transfer his mind into to take on the John Smith persona. As of Season 3, he has adopted Traya Sutton as a daughter. Designation: 16.
  • Steel / John Henry Irons (voiced by Zeno Robinson) - Member of the Justice League and an associate of Superman. Designation: 36.
  • Superman / Kal-El / Clark Kent (voiced by Nolan North) – Member and co-founder of the Justice League. His DNA was used with Lex Luthor's by Project Cadmus to help make Superboy. He was originally apprehensive to Superboy but in the five years since Season 1, Superman now considers Superboy to be his little brother and gave him a Kryptonian name, Kon-El. When Vandal Savage infected the Justice League with The Light's Starro-Tech, Superman is one of the six Justice League members to be missing for 16 hours. Designation: 01.
  • Wonder Woman / Princess Diana (voiced by Maggie Q) – Member and co-founder of the Justice League, and princess of the Amazons. When Vandal Savage infected the Justice League with The Light's Starro-Tech, Wonder Woman is one of the six Justice League members to be missing for 16 hours. Designation: 03.
  • Zatara / Doctor Fate (voiced by Nolan North) – Member of the Justice League and father of Zatanna. He was the second substitute den mother while Red Tornado was missing. Due to Nabu (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) stating that the world would always need Doctor Fate, Zatara offers himself to become the new Doctor Fate in lieu of his daughter. His Doctor Fate persona was officially inducted into the Justice League on December 30, 2010. In the five years since Season One, Zatara is presumably still possessed by Nabu. In Season Three, it is revealed that Zatara struck a deal with Nabu years before the season's events. Once every year, the latter releases the former so he can be with Zatanna for one hour before promptly putting the helmet back on until the next year. Designation: 11 (as Zatara) and 17 (as Doctor Fate).

Batman Inc.

Batman Inc. are a group of superheroes under Batman's leadership who resign from the Justice League in season 3, as a pre-planned response to U.N. secretary general Lex Luthor placing several restrictions on the League to prevent them from intervening in the Light's metahuman trafficking ring.


The Light

The Light are the characters in Season 1 who directed the course of events throughout the series. The group was conceived by Vandal Savage who views himself as a first among equals.[29] The leaders act as a board of directors, their identities known only to a select few individuals that work with them.[30] The end goal is improve humanity and set it as a dominant race in the universe: they view the superheroes as interfering with the natural order of things, and that Earth must employ survival of the fittest if it intends to exist.

Among its members are:

  • Ra's al Ghul (voiced by Oded Fehr) – Member of The Light and leader of the League of Shadows who is an enemy of Batman. In Season 3, the Team and the Outsiders encounter Ra's al Ghul on Infinity Island, who tells them he is no longer part of the Light or leading the League of Shadows; though he secretly remains in contact with Vandal Savage.
  • Lex Luthor (voiced by Mark Rolston) – Member of The Light, CEO of LexCorp, and archenemy of Superman. He played a part in the creation of Superboy by donating his DNA (to stabilize the uncontrollable Kryptonian half). Lex Luthor was also responsible for the real Roy Harper missing half of his right arm in order to further the cloning projects. At the end of the second season, he is named Secretary General of the United Nations after helping the Team and the Justice League stop the Reach's plot. In Season 3, Lex Luthor put up restrictions that prevent the Justice League from interfering in the Light's metahuman trafficking rings.
    • Mercy Graves - Lex Luthor's cybernetic and silent bodyguard.
  • Queen Bee (voiced by Marina Sirtis) – Member of the Light and dictator of Bialya. In this show, Queen Bee possesses the ability of persuasion over most men and some women. She is the first to discover Miss Martian's true form and uses this to blackmail her through the first season. It was her military's attack that led to Beast Boy's origin leading Queen Bee to later murder his mother in retaliation.
    • Psimon (voiced by Alan Tudyk) - The right-hand man of Queen Bee who has telepathic powers. He often enjoys making the pun "Psimon says", based on the children's game, right before forcing someone to do his bidding. His function for The Light includes extending the range of Queen Bee's influence and being the most useful combatant against telepaths. To that end, he often faces Miss Martian in telepathic battle.
  • Ocean Master / Orm Marius (voiced by Roger Craig Smith) – Board member of the Light and Aquaman's half-brother. Sometime after the events of Season 1, he was disgraced upon his identity being exposed to the authorities, incarcerated in Atlantis, and replaced with Black Manta. He returns in Season 3 operating on his own to eliminate the Justice League's families only to be eliminated himself by Lady Shiva to keep him from interfering in the Light's plans.
  • Brain (voiced by Nolan North in his first unofficial appearance, Corey Burton in the first official appearance) – Member of the Light. He was originally a man whose brain was put in a special mobile container. Brain and Klarion the Witch Boy worked with Professor Ivo to weaponize a fragment of Starro in order to create Starro-Tech. At the end of Season 2, he was captured by the Team and replaced by Ultra-Humanite as of Season 3.
  • Klarion the Witch Boy (voiced by Thom Adcox-Hernandez) – Member of the Light and an associate of the Lords of Chaos. He and Brain worked with Professor Ivo to weaponize a fragment of Starro in order to create Starro-Tech. According to Greg Weisman, Klarion joined the Light mostly because it seemed like fun.[31]
    • Teekl (vocal effects provided by Dee Bradley Baker) - Klarion the Witch Boy's familiar spirit, who took the form of a cat. If Teekl is destroyed, Klarion will have nothing to anchor him to the mortal realm.
  • Black Manta (voiced by Khary Payton) – Aquaman's nemesis and an associate of the Light and Aqualad's father. In Season 2, Black Manta replaced Ocean Master on the Light and was later captured by the Team.
  • Deathstroke / Slade Wilson (voiced by Wentworth Miller in his first appearance; Fred Tatasciore in later appearances) - An assassin who was hired by The Light to replace Sportsmaster when he goes rogue in his quest to get revenge on Black Manta and his son for "killing" Artemis. Deathstroke helped Tigress capture Miss Martian so that Black Manta can have her restore Aqualad back to normal. In a flashback, it was revealed that he and Sportsmaster were responsible for the death of Ted Kord. In Season 3, he has joined the Light's council with Lady Shiva replacing him as enforcer and took Ra's al Ghul's place as leader of the League of Shadows.
  • Ultra-Humanite (vocal effects provided by Dee Bradley Baker in Season 1; voiced by Greg Weisman in Outsiders) – An albino gorilla supervillain with super-human strength and intellect and enemy of Superman. A former member of the Injustice League, Ultra-Humanite replaced Brain on the Light's council in season 3. In the tie-in comics, Ultra-Humanite was an old lady who transferred her brain into the body of an albino gorilla.
  • Granny Goodness / Gretchen Goode (voiced by Deborah Strang) - A New God from Apokolips who joins the Light in Season 3. Under the alias "Gretchen Goode", Granny Goodness works as the founder of Goode World Studios.


  • Mr. Freeze / Victor Fries (voiced by Keith Szarabajka) - A Batman villain with cryokinetic powers, being capable of blasting ice with his bare hands. His powers are also used to charge his freeze cannon, but he must wear a cryogenic suit in order to survive in temperatures that are above -50 degrees. He attacked a park in Gotham City, but was quickly defeated by Batman and Robin. He was sent to Arkham Asylum, but was later transferred to Belle Reve upon pleading sanity where he participated in a supervillain breakout, but was defeated by Superboy, who broke Mr. Freeze's helmet, forcing him to turn his powers on himself to survive.
  • Icicle Jr. / Cameron Mahkent (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal) - A criminal with cryokinetic powers and the son of Icicle Sr. He attacked a bridge in Star City only to be defeated by Green Arrow and Speedy. He was sent to Belle Reve where he participated in his father's failed breakout plan. During that time he developed romantic feelings for Miss Martian and befriended Superboy when they were disguised as Tuppence and Tommy Terror respectively. When he learns their true identities he has held a grudge against them ever since. In 2016, Icicle Jr. was working for Queen Bee in Bialya preparing abducted runaways to be sent to the Reach. He was also chosen by the Light for a strike team led by Kaldur to capture Blue Beetle. In 2018, he is seen as part of a group of villains collectively called "Onslaught" who work security at a metahuman auction. He encounters and battles against Superboy, showing they’ve developed a frenemy relationship; to the point where he congratulated him upon learning of his engagement to Miss Martian mid-battle.
  • Killer Frost / Crystal Frost (voiced by Sarah Shahi) - She is a cryokinetic super-villain. Killer Frost attacked Pearl Harbor, but was defeated by Aquaman and Aqualad. She was then sent to Belle Reve prison where she participated in a super villain breakout. After discovering that Miss Martian was disguised as Tuppence Terror, she froze her. Superboy subdued Frost quickly after seeing Miss Martian's state.
  • Captain Cold / Leonard Snart (voiced by Alan Tudyk) - A thief who uses cryo-technology. He attempted to rob a jewelry store in Central City only to be stopped by Flash and Kid Flash. He was sent to Belle Reve prison where he took part in a failed breakout attempt.
  • Blockbuster / Mark Desmond (voiced by René Auberjonois) - Mark Desmond is a scientist who worked at Project Cadmus and works for the Light. He created the Blockbuster formula and helped Lex Luthor to create Superboy. When Superboy was about to escape the Cadmus, Desmond ingested the Blockbuster formula becoming Blockbuster. He was defeated and sent to Belle Reve where he took part in Icicle Sr.'s failed plan to escape from the prison.
  • T.O. Morrow (voiced by Jeff Bennett) - The scientist responsible for creating Red Tornado and an operative of the Light. He also created Red Torpedo and Red Inferno to infiltrate the Justice Society of America, both of which failed. He worked with Bromwell Stikk to test out the Mister Twister armor. It is later revealed that the real T.O. Morrow was in a coma at an old age and that he built an android in his place until the android duplicate was destroyed by Red Volcano.
    • Mister Twister / Bromwell Stikk (voiced by John de Lancie) - A scientist that is the lab partner of T.O. Morrow. He and T.O. Morrow created the Mister Twister armor and used an android double of Bromwell Stikk to operate it.
    • Red Inferno (voiced by Vanessa Marshall) - A robot that resembles Red Tornado, but has fire-based abilities. She had originally been the 1940s heroine Firebrand, but was "too heroic" and wound up "killed" in the line of duty, negating her usefulness to Morrow at the time.
    • Red Torpedo (voiced by Jeff Bennett) - A robot that resembles Red Tornado, but has water-based abilities.
    • Red Volcano (voiced by Jeff Bennett) - A robot that resembles Red Tornado, but has volcanic-based abilities. He was created by T.O. Morrow to be the sibling of Red Tornado, Red Inferno, and Red Torpedo. Red Volcano destroyed the T.O. Morrow android.
  • Brick / Daniel Brickwell (voiced by Khary Payton) - A super-strong criminal from Star City. His gun smuggling operation was thwarted by Red Arrow and sent to Belle Reve. He was part of the failed breakout plan to escape from the prison.
  • Bane (voiced by Danny Trejo) - A Hispanic supervillain and an enemy of Batman who uses the super-steroid Venom to increase his strength. He was the ruler of the island nation, Santa Prisca in the Caribbean Sea, where he headed a factory that manufactured the Venom. However, the island was taken over by the Cult of the Kobra after Bane was defeated by their super-powered agent, Mammoth. After, the factory was destroyed by the Team, he was able to get back to his island. Bane and his gang later formed an alliance with the Light where he allowed them to use Santa Prisca as their base of operations. In Season 3, it's revealed that he's no longer dependent on Venom as he now sees it as a crutch.
  • Kobra (voiced by Arnold Vosloo) - Leader of the Cult of the Kobra and an ally of The Light. He and his cult once developed the Venom/Blockbuster formula ("Kobra Venom") for The Light.
  • Mammoth / Baran Flinders - Baran Flinders and his twin sister Selinda were members of The Cult of Kobra. After being injected with a hybrid strain of the Venom drug and the Blockbuster formula by his sister, he developed super strength and became very deformed. After Kobra's defeat, Mammoth was sent to Belle Reve where he took part in a failed breakout attempt. In 2016, Baran was working for Queen Bee in Bialya preparing abducted runaways to be sent to the Reach.
  • Shimmer / Selinda Flinders - Selinda Flinders is a martial-artist who was Kobra's right hand woman. She is also the twin sister of Baran. After Kobra's defeat, Shimmer was sent to Belle Reve where she took part in a failed breakout attempt. In 2016, Shimmer was working for Queen Bee in Bialya preparing abducted runaways to be sent to the Reach. However, Miss Martian took her out with a brain blast. Later, she was experimented on by the Reach, which activated her metahuman powers.
  • Sportsmaster / Lawrence Crock (voiced by Nick Chinlund) – A sports-themed agent of the Light. He is the ex-husband of Paula Crock, the father of Artemis and Cheshire, and grandfather to Lian Nguyen Harper. In a flashback, it's revealed that Sportsmaster and Deathstroke were responsible for the death of Ted Kord. When Artemis faked her death, he demanded an "eye for an eye" situation by being allowed to kill Aqualad. Sportsmaster looks younger than his actual age which as of 2018 is 62, thanks to being in peak condition.
  • Professor Ivo (voiced by Peter MacNicol) - A mad scientist and associate of the Light. He was the one who created Amazo and helped Brain and Klarion the Witch Boy weaponize the Starro-Tech.
    • Amazo (voiced by Peter MacNicol) - An android created by Professor Ivo. He has the ability to copy the powers of the Justice League. Superboy defeated it when Artemis' arrow induces Amazo to use Marian Manhunter's density shifting. Before Amazo could fully restore its density, Superboy stuck his fist inside, destroying him.
    • M.O.N.Q.I.s (vocal effects provided by Peter MacNicol) - Short for Mobile Optimal Neural Quotient Infiltrators, the M.O.N.Q.I.s are robotic monkeys that serve as the foot soldiers for Professor Ivo. Professor Ivo mentioned that it took him ages to figure out an acronym for "monkey."
  • Cheshire / Jade Nguyen (voiced by Kelly Hu) – Member of the League of Shadows, the sister of Artemis, and the daughter of Sportsmaster/Lawrence Crock and the Huntress/Paula Nguyen. Despite the family feud, Cheshire is shown to have a soft spot for Artemis and admits that she doesn't "actually want her dead." In Season 2, Cheshire is shown to be married to Red Arrow with whom they have a child and has left the services of the League of Shadows. She informs Red Arrow on where the real Roy Harper is located, and together they rescue him. Cheshire later teams up with Red Arrow to deactivate one of the Reach bombs in "Endgame". Due to Lian, Jade may retire from the adventurous life she's had. However, as of Season 3, she has continued to operate as an agent for the Light.
    • Lian Nguyen Harper (vocal effects provided by Kelly Hu) - The daughter of Cheshire and Red Arrow; her actual age is not stated, but one or two is likely. Cheshire has said Lian's enjoyment of watching super violence is genetic from her side, prompting Red Arrow to sarcastically retort "great". Lian is shown to be smart for a toddler, saying "Two dadas" when the original Roy Harper is rescued by her parents.
  • League of Shadows – A group of assassins that are led by Ra's al Ghul and carry out the bidding of the Light. As of Season 3 however, a majority of the League now serve Deathstroke after he became their new leader.
    • Talia al Ghul - Ra's al Ghul's daughter and his second-in-command who has a love-hate relationship with Batman.
    • Sensei (voiced by Keone Young) – A high-ranking member of the League of Shadows.
    • Black Spider / Eric Needham (voiced by Josh Keaton) – A spider-themed assassin.
    • Hook – An assassin with a hook for a hand.
    • Professor Ojo (voiced by Nolan North) – A scientist who wears a special helmet to see.
    • Ubu (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) - A super-strong man and member of the League of Shadows who is loyal to Ra's al Ghul.
    • Lady Shiva / Sandra Wu-San (voiced by Gwendoline Yeo) - The League of Shadows' teacher and the Light's new enforcer. She confronted Ocean Master while he was planning to kill the Justice League's families. In response, she eliminated him to prevent him from interfering in the Light's plans.
    • Cassandra Savage (voiced by Zehra Fazal) - One of Vandal Savage's daughters.
  • Abra Kadabra (voiced by Jeff Bennett) - He is faux magician who once fought against Flash. He later teamed up with Klarion the Witch Boy in order to find the Helmet of Fate so the latter can make him a true magician. Abra Kadabra followed Kent Nelson to Madame Xanadu's parlor and kidnapped him. He was defeated by the Team in the Tower of Fate.
  • Clayface / Matt Hagen (voiced by Nolan North) - A shapeshifting supervillain made of clay. In the tie-in comics, Matt Hagan was a member of the League of Shadows. His appearance is quite hideous and frightening, looking more like a rotting lump of flesh than a being made of clay.
  • Terror Twins / Tommy and Tuppence Terror (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal and Danica McKellar respectively) - The Terror Twins are rash and arrogant fraternal twins who possess super-strength and invulnerability. Their arrest was vital in a plan to infiltrate Belle Reve as Superboy and Miss Martian would go undercover as the twins. In 2016, they were chosen by the Light for a strike team led by Kaldur to capture Blue Beetle and some of the other members of "The Team."
  • Icicle Sr. / Joar Mahkent (voiced by James Remar) - A criminal who uses cryokinetic technology and the father of Icicle Jr. While imprisoned in Belle Reve, Icicle Sr. initiated a mass breakout attempt with smuggled technology with the help of Captain Cold, Icicle Jr., Killer Frost and Mr. Freeze. Despite not escaping, he and Hugo Strange were satisfied with accomplishing multiple objectives in part for the Light.
  • Hugo Strange (voiced by Adrian Pasdar) – A prison psychiatrist of the supervillain prison Belle Reve who is also an operative of the Light. Following Icicle Sr.'s failed breakout plot, Hugo Strange became the new prison warden and was revealed to be Icicle Sr.'s silent partner in the plot in order to further the goals of the Light. He is responsible for Professor Ivo's temporary breakout on behalf of the Light so that Professor Ivo can weaponize the Light's Starro-Tech.
  • Riddler / Edward Nigma (voiced by Dave Franco) - An enemy of Batman who specializes in riddles. He was an inmate at Belle Reve and the only one to escape during Icicle Sr.'s failed breakout attempt. Riddler is also shown to be an agent of the Light as he was seen helping Sportsmaster secure a part of Starro from S.T.A.R. Labs. During the Season 1 finale, he sets up an ambush, asking a riddle about a plant that is not a flower or a tree. After being captured, Zatanna gags him out of annoyance because he kept trying to say riddles.
  • Devastation (voiced by Diane Delano) - A heavyset super-strong Caucasian woman who is an adversary of Wonder Woman. During the failed breakout attempt at Belle Reve, she was frozen by Killer Frost (who was trying to hit Superboy). In 2016, Devastation was seen working for Queen Bee in Bialya, preparing abducted runaways to be sent to the Reach.
  • The Injustice League – A small group of villains who used plant-like creatures to attack the Earth in "Revelation." They seemed to be the masterminds behind Season 1's events, but in reality they were scapegoats to distract the Justice League from uncovering the true masterminds: the Light.
    • Atomic Skull / Albert Michaels – A S.T.A.R. Labs scientist turned supervillain and enemy of Superman.
    • Black Adam – An adversary of Captain Marvel.
    • Count Vertigo (voiced by Steven Blum) – Member of the royal family of Vlatava, enemy of Green Arrow, and leader of the Injustice League. He is obsessed with seizing power from his niece, Queen Perdita. Unlike the others, he was not arrested due to his diplomatic immunity, which was revoked later that season by his niece when he was accidentally tricked into revealing his pact with Vandal Savage to ensure the failure of her heart transplant. In season 3, Count Vertigo takes advantage of the metahuman trafficking when he collaborates with Baron Bedlam.
    • Joker (voiced by Brent Spiner) – Batman's archenemy. Unlike other versions, this one hints towards having multiple personalities. He shows knowledge of the fourth wall; most likely his insanity letting him see the truth of his reality.
    • Poison Ivy / Pamela Isley (voiced by Alyssa Milano) – A eco-terrorist and plant manipulator who is an enemy of Batman.
    • Wotan (voiced by Bruce Greenwood) – An immortal viking sorcerer and an adversary of Doctor Fate. He was one of the magicians summoned by Klarion the Witch Boy to perform a spell that could split the world in two dimensions.
  • Intergang - A crime syndicate that uses technology from Apokolips.
    • Bruno "Ugly" Mannheim (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) - Leader of Intergang. He is later lobotomized by Sportsmaster and Black Beetle to serve as a warning to anyone who goes against the Light.
    • Whisper A'Daire (voiced by Grey DeLisle) - Member of Intergang. She is later lobotomized by Sportsmaster and Black Beetle to serve as a warning to anyone who goes against the Light.
  • Desaad (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) - He is a New God from Apokolips and a servant of Darkseid. He came to Earth to supply Intergang with Apokoliptan weaponry. He was defeated by the Forever People and Superboy, but got away.
  • Harm / Billy Hayes (voiced by Benjamin Diskin) - He is a sociopathic villain who killed his younger sister Greta. She was the only thing Harm loved, but in order to wield the Sword of Beowulf, he had to cut her out of his heart by killing her as it requires someone who's pure of heart. He also refers to himself in third-person and uses the impersonal pronoun to refer to others, objectifying them. The guilt of killing Greta eventually overcomes him when her ghost appears, causing the sword to reject him. Whether this left Harm completely mentally broken from guilt is left unknown.
  • Blackbriar Thorn (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) - A High Priest of the ancient Druids of Cymru who is recruited by Klarion the Witch Boy alongside other magicians in order to cast a powerful spell that would separate the adults and children of Earth onto two separate worlds.
  • Match (voiced by Nolan North) - He is a genomorph created by Project Cadmus and the first attempt at cloning Superman which didn't go well since Kryptonian DNA is tricky to clone compared to that of earth's lifeforms. His name was derived from Luthor's desire to "have Superman meet his match." Match was freed by Superboy per his "father" Luthor's wishes. However, Match attacked Superboy after seeing his Superman-insignia. He had been programmed to respond to this, in order to attack Superman. Match then burned a backwards "S" onto his chest with heat-vision, mirroring Bizarro. By using the shields given to him by Luthor, Superboy was able to defeat Match. The pod containing Match was later stolen from Project Cadmus during the Light's raid.
  • Parasite / Raymond Jensen (voiced by Adam Baldwin) - A supervillain who can temporary borrow the abilities of anyone by simply touching them. He was approached by Intergang to steal components for a black hole device. To gain access to the European cities from which he had to steal the parts, Parasite joined Haly's Circus as "Ray the Roustabout." He was defeated by the Team, who also infiltrated the circus to stop him, and arrested by King Faraday's group.
  • Kroloteans – An alien race that are recurring enemies in Season Two. One Krolotean used a special suit to masquerade as U.N. Secretary-General Tseng only to be exposed and taken away by Lobo. Another one tried to masquerade as Bibbo Bibbowski only to be stopped by Blue Beetle, Bumblebee, and the real Bibbo. There were also some Kroloteans positioned on Malina Island until a bomb planted by Aqualad blew up Malina Island.
  • Neutron / Nathaniel Tryon (voiced by James Arnold Taylor) - Neutron was a nuclear-powered supervillain who was created after being experimented on by the Reach. He is cured thanks to Impulse and his future self-creating an antidote for his condition as well as prevent a Reach Apocalypse. Though he was cured, his future self was left horrified that the latter event still came to pass.
  • The Reach - An imperial race of aliens that are also known as "the Partner" to the Light and "the Competitor" to the Kroloteans. They have sinister plans for Earth and are abducting teens with latent meta-genes to study their powers so they can more effectively fight the planet's superheroes. Following their encounter with The Team, the Reach went to the United Nations and claimed that they are here to assist humanity. In Impulse's future, the Reach (with the help of Jaime Reyes under the Reach's control) have enslaved the human race in what is called "the Reach Apocalypse." They are eventually defeated in the Season 2 finale.
    • Reach Ambassador (voiced by Phil LaMarr) - The ambassador of the Reach. He is a skilled actor, but he's also overconfident in his plans; believing them to be infallible. This ultimately led to Black Beetle abandoning him during the three-way battle with the Light and the Team, in favor of saving the Reach Scientist.
    • Reach Scientist (voiced by Masasa Moyo) - The head scientist of the Reach. She experimented on young metahumans that were brought to them. Unlike the Ambassador, she is level-headed and sees when things aren't and won't go in their favor. She only grew aggravated while pointing out the Ambassador should have listened to her. Though she was rescued by Black Beetle, she was eventually defeated by the Team.
    • Black Beetle (voiced by Kevin Grevioux) - A powerful Reach warrior. Black Beetle was first seen in silhouette. When the Team first confronted the Reach, he wasn't referred to by name (simply called "Warrior" by the Ambassador) and was nicknamed "Black Beetle" by Wonder Girl. His scarab was destroyed by Blue Beetle.
    • Green Beetle / B'arzz O'oomm (voiced by Phil LaMarr) - A Green Martian who became a servant of the Reach after being bonded to a scarab on Mars, similar to Jaime Reyes. He was assigned to gain the Team's trust by helping them defeat Black Beetle so that the Reach could get Blue Beetle's scarab back under their control. Like Blue Beetle, Green Beetle was freed from the Reach's influence by Zatanna using a spell that Doctor Fate prepared her to cast. The Green Beetle scarab was later destroyed by Black Beetle.
  • Despero - An intergalactic gladiator with telepathic powers.
  • Mongul (voiced by Keith David) - The ruler of Warworld. He came to Earth on Vandal Savage's advice in order to further the Reach's plans. After being confronted by the Team and the runaways, he was trapped in one of the artificial planet's stasis pods while the Warworld itself eventually fell into the Light's possession.
  • Darkseid (voiced by Michael-Leon Wooley) - The ruler of Apokolips, the Justice League's greatest enemy, and Vandal Savage's master who encountered Vandal during his early days. At the end of "Endgame," Vandal Savage meets with Darkseid on Apokolips. While Desaad and G. Gordon Godfrey look on, Vandal Savage shakes hands with Darkseid stating "business as usual."
  • Baron Bedlam / Baron Frederick DeLamb (voiced by Nolan North) - Brother of Queen Ilona Markov, ringleader of the metahuman trafficking syndicate "Bedlam", and a metahuman with a stone-like body capable of withstanding lava and Superboy's punches. He was exposed by the Team and arrested by the Markovian authorities.
  • Dr. Simon Ecks (voiced by Troy Baker) - A metahuman geneticist working under DeLamb and alongside Count Vertigo with the ability to make clones of himself.
  • Jaculi - A Quraci member of Onslaught with super-speed who assassinated the King and Queen of Markovia.
  • Plasmus / Otto Von Furth (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal) - Ana's brother who was similarly transformed into a lava-like monster and placed under Count Vertigo's control against his will. He was killed by a civilian who witnessed a fight between him and the Outsiders after Black Lightning fried his control chip.
  • Ma'alefa'ak / M'Comm M'orzz (voiced by Ben Diskin) - A villainous White Martian and the younger brother of M'gann. He calls himself "Ma'alefa'ak" in reference to a feared Martian creature. Ma'alefa'ak posed as Orion to attack the Bugs of New Genesis until he was exposed by Miss Martian.
  • Kalibak (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) - Darkseid's eldest son.
  • Olympia Savage (voiced by Jenifer Lewis) - One of Vandal Savage's daughters. When she started to become senile, Vandal had to put Olympia out of her misery.
  • Shade / Richard Swift (voiced by Joel Swetow) - A supervillain who can manipulate shadows. He is used in a plot by the Light involving Jervis Tetch's mind control technology.
  • Mad Hatter / Jervis Tetch (voiced by Dwight Schultz) - A scientist who specializes in mind control devices and an enemy of Batman. He worked with Cheshire to implant his mind control tech into Shade.
  • Holocaust (voiced by Zeno Robinson) - A pyrokinetic metahuman who was part of an underground metahuman fight club secretly sponsored by Queen Bee.

Guest characters

Introduced in season one

  • Dubbilex (voiced by Phil LaMarr) - A genomorph bred to possess telekinesis but also has telepathic powers that were kept secret from Cadmus officials. Dubbilex felt that Superboy could lead the genomorphs to their freedom. After Blockbuster's defeat, Dubbilex continued working under Guardian; the treatment of the genomorphs was better (since they were given names and treated equally), but they still could not leave Cadmus. However, he continued his plans to obtain freedom by secreting them away to a secret city deep under Cadmus called Genomorph City. The Light discovered it and raided the Cadmus facility.
  • Guardian / Jim Harper (voiced by Crispin Freeman) - A superhero who worked as the head of security at Project Cadmus. He is the genomorph clone of Roy Harper, accelerated a couple extra years in age. After Superboy was freed, Dubbilex lifted the telepathic control on Guardian. When the head-scientist Mark Desmond was defeated, Guardian was appointed as the new head of Cadmus by the Light. Guardian was under a mind spell when the Light raided the Cadmus building. Five years later, Jim had abandoned the Guardian alias and took part in Green Arrow's intervention on Roy Harper's clone. Jim even mentioned that he doesn't know who Jim Harper was.
  • Amanda Spence (voiced by Vanessa Marshall) - A scientist employed by Project Cadmus. She was an assistant to Mark Desmond in his genomorph research. After Superboy was freed and Desmond defeated, Guardian was put in charge of Cadmus and Spence was made acting chief scientist. She and Guardian were later confronted by Superboy, who accused them of making another super-clone. Though they denied that Project Match wasn't theirs. Amanda was knocked unconscious when the Light raided the Cadmus building.
  • Serling Roquette (voiced by Tara Strong) - A brilliant young scientist working at Royal University in Star City and creator of the "Fog," a dangerous nanotechnology weapon which could destroy anything in its path. The League of Shadows captured her to make the Fog for them. Though Red Arrow rescued her, the Fog was already in use by the League of Shadows. She then helped the Team to create a virus that could stop the Fog. Later, Serling also helped create the Cure-Tech that could negate the effects of Starro-Tech used on the Justice League.
  • Kent Nelson (voiced by Ed Asner) - A retired superhero who by using the Helmet of Fate, could allow his body to be used by the Lord of Order known as Nabu, thus becoming Doctor Fate. In this guise, he was also a member of the Justice Society of America. He retired after his late wife, Inza, convinced him that there was more to life than being a hero. Kent continued protecting the Helmet in the Tower of Fate in Salem. During Wally's fight with Klarion, Kent died and his spirit went into the Helm of Fate. After Wally as Doctor Fate defeated Klarion, Nabu declared that he would keep Wally's body permanently. Kent's spirit convinced Nabu that Wally was not a suitable host, and offered to stay with Nabu until a replacement could be found, foregoing his chance to ascend and be reunited with Inza. This lasted until Nabu forcibly passed Kent into the next life before possessing Zatara.
  • Alfred Pennyworth (voiced by Jeff Bennett) - Bruce Wayne's loyal butler who assists his employer in his duties both as Bruce Wayne and as the Batman.
  • Mary West and Rudy West (voiced by Cree Summer and Steven Blum, respectively) - Wally West's parents who are supportive of their son's dual life as a super-hero. Rudy West is also the brother of Iris West Allen.
  • Iris West (voiced by Nicole Dubuc) - Wife of Flash, sister of Rudy West, and aunt of Wally West. She is also the grandmother of Bart Allen in the future. Iris is aware of her husband's superhero activities. She works as a reporter for GBS and even congratulated her nephew on his birthday live on-screen. She later discovers from Bart that she's pregnant with his father and aunt, Don and Dawn Allen.
  • Flash / Jay Garrick (voiced by Geoff Pierson) - Now retired, he was the original Flash and member of the Justice Society of America. He is the husband of Joan Garrick and close friends with the West and Allen families. He also assisted Barry, Wally, and Bart in defeating Neutron.
  • Joan Garrick (voiced by Kath Soucie) - She is the wife of Jay Garrick and close friends with the West and Allen families. She and Jay also attended Kent Nelson's funeral.
  • Cat Grant (voiced by Masasa Moyo) – A female reporter who frequently reports on the various matters concerning the Justice League and their enemies.
  • Mera (voiced by Kath Soucie) - Wife of Aquaman and Queen of Atlantis. She is also the headmistress of the Conservatory of Sorcery where she trained Aqualad, Tempest, Aquagirl, and Lagoon Boy. Queen Mera helped create Cure-Tech that could negate the effects of Starro-Tech (which brought the entire Justice League under the control of the Light).
  • Nuidis Vulko (voiced by Jeff Bennett) - The chief scientific advisor of Atlantis and head of the Atlantean Science Center, where he also examined Starro. Later, he helped Mera create the Cure-Tech that would counter the Starro-Tech.
  • Paula Nguyen (voiced by Kelly Hu) - She was the ex-villain, Huntress, and the ex-wife of Sportsmaster. Paula is also the mother of Cheshire and Artemis. She left her life of crime after her imprisonment ended. At some point in her life, Paula ended up in a wheelchair. Since her reform, Paula wanted Artemis to be a vigilante rather than a criminal.
  • Uncle Dudley (voiced by Corey Burton) - Billy Batson's uncle. Dudley lives in an apartment in Fawcett City and appears in the episodes "Alpha Male" and "Misplaced".
  • Wolf (vocal effects provided by Dee Bradley Baker) – A genetically-altered albino Indian wolf that Superboy adopted following the Team's fight with Brain in India.
  • Sphere – A machine from New Genesis picked up from one of the Team's missions to Bialya after it was transferred there by the Light's as-yet-unidentified intergalactic partner. Ever since it was rescued from the Bialyans, Sphere became a loyal companion to Superboy. She can transform into assorted machinery, including a motorcycle-like vehicle which Wally has dubbed "the Super Cycle".
  • Marvin White (voiced by Nolan North) - A student at Happy Harbor High School who is friends with Wendy Harris, Conner Kent, Megan Morse, Karen Beecher, and Mal Duncan. In the second season, he began a romantic relationship with Wendy.
  • Wendy Harris (voiced by Masasa Moyo) - A student at Happy Harbor High School who is friends with Marvin White, Karen Beecher, Megan Morse, Conner Kent, and Mal Duncan. In the second season, she and Conner began to grow closer as friends and towards the end of the season, it’s hinted she and Conner may have started dating; upsetting M'gann as she wished to renew her and Conner's relationship. However, it’s later revealed she began dating Marvin White and was getting help from Conner, being the medium to their new relationship; relieving M'gann.
  • Snapper Carr (voiced by Greg Weisman) - A teacher at Happy Harbor High School and a former associate of the Justice League when he was a teenager. Five years later, he is shown helping out in "The Team's" cave; he appears to be Beast Boy's tutor. Two years after that, he helped house Geo-Force and Halo of the Outsiders.
  • Amanda Waller (voiced by Sheryl Lee Ralph) - A tough prison warden of Belle Reve. When Icicle Sr. lead a prison breakout, she and the prison's psychiatrist Hugo Strange are put in a cell. After the breakout is foiled, she is replaced by Strange as the warden.
  • Bette Kane (voiced by Alyson Stoner) - A friend of Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon, and Artemis' who was a student at Gotham Academy.
  • Guy Gardner - A Green Lantern who occasionally helps the Justice League. He is greatly disliked by Hal Jordan and John Stewart (since they refused to have him join the Justice League with a unanimous "NO") due to his obnoxious personality.
  • Blue Devil - A demon-like superhero who occasionally helps the Justice League.
  • Marie Logan (voiced by Danica McKellar) - She was the mother of Garfield Logan and a wildlife preservationist who ran the Logan Reserve around the borders of Bialya and Qurac. She once starred in a television show called "Hello Megan!" that inspired Miss Martian's human guise and her catchphrase. Later on however, Marie is killed in a car accident caused by Queen Bee with the events traumatizing Garfield.
  • Forever People - A group of extraterrestrial superheroes from New Genesis. They arrived on Earth in order to reclaim the "New Genisphere" when they run into Superboy and help him fight Intergang. They can use their Mother Boxes to combine into the Infinity-Man. The Forever People later helps the Team when fighting Ma'alefa'ak.
    • Vykin (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) - The leader of the Forever People with magnetic powers.
    • Big Bear (voiced by Bill Fagerbakke) - A member of the Forever People with super-strength.
    • Beautiful Dreamer (voiced by Grey DeLisle) - A member of the Forever People with psionic powers.
    • Serifan (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) - A member of the Forever People.
    • Mark Moonrider - A member of the Forever People who can shoot bolts of energy from his hands.
  • Secret / Greta Hayes (voiced by Masasa Moyo) - She was Harm's younger sister. She was the only thing he loved, but since he required his heart to be pure in order to hold the Sword of Beowulf, he had to cut her out of his heart by killing her. Somehow upon her death, she became a ghost until her brother was defeated; thus avenging her and putting her to rest. Artemis speculated that the last thing Greta saw was the broken neon sign of Abel's House of Secrets across the street (specifically the word "secret").
  • Queen Perdita (voiced by Ariel Winter in season 1, Hynden Walch in season 3) - Young member of the royal family and crowned Queen of Vlatava. Perdita was taken ill and hospitalized at Seattle Medical Center and required a heart transplant from a donor at Boston General Hospital. Her uncle, Count Vertigo, arranged for five flying ice fortresses to blanket the whole of North America in snow, in exchange for Vlatava's allegiance to the Light. Kid Flash was given the task of carrying the heart across the country. Vertigo hoped that Perdita would die and he would be made King of Vlatava. However, his plans were foiled by Kid Flash and Perdita was saved. In Season 3, it's revealed that she entered a relationship with Beast Boy after attending Kid Flash's funeral.
  • Rumaan Harjavti (voiced by Bruce Greenwood) - The elected president of Qurac. Queen Bee of the neighboring Bialya used Psimon to control him; forcing him to step down and invite Bialyan military into the country to enforce martial law. The plan was foiled after Psimon was defeated by Miss Martian. Five years later, Rumaan was mentioned to have been assassinated and replaced by his brother Sumaan.
  • Noor Harjavti (voiced by Vanessa Marshall) - She is the daughter of Rumaan Harjavti, the late president of Qurac. Noor stood by her father after the Team defeated Psimon, and helped him recover from his psychic enslavement.
  • King Faraday (voiced by Clancy Brown) - An Interpol agent. Faraday was in charge of the investigation of high-end equipment thefts took place all over Europe. After heists in Italy, Madrid and Paris, he made a connection to Haly's Circus. All of the crimes coincided with the traveling circus' schedule. When Parasite was defeated, King Faraday's group arrived where he placed an inhibitor collar on him prior to arresting Parasite.

Introduced in season two

  • Lobo (voiced by David Sobolov) - An intergalactic bounty hunter. He first appeared on Earth where he attacked the United Nations to capture Secretary-General Tseng, only for him to fight Batgirl and Wonder Girl. During the fight, it is discovered that Tseng is secretly a Krolotean in disguise after ripping his disguise in half. Lobo then leaves with the Krolotean in order to give it to the people who hired him to capture the Krolotean. He returned to Earth in season 3 after being secretly hired by the Light to kill Forager and confirm their suspicions regarding Nightwing assembling a new covert team.
  • G. Gordon Godfrey (voiced by Tim Curry in season two, James Arnold Taylor in season three) - A political commentator on GBS who heavily promotes a xenophobic anti-alien agenda blaming the Justice League for helping further the goals of the Krolotean invaders. At the end of the second season, G. Gordon Godfrey was seen with Desaad when Vandal Savage met with Darkseid. This leads some to wonder what his goal is or if he is simply a puppet being used by Darkseid in exchange for something. In season 3, G. Gordon Godfrey interviewed Gretchen Goode about the Goode Goggles.
  • Adam Strange (voiced by Michael Trucco) - A young S.T.A.R. Labs scientist who ended up on Rann following a Zeta Ray experiment and befriended Sardath and his daughter Alanna. He helped Superboy, Miss Martian, and Beast Boy fight the Kroloteans on Rann. He is still learning the Rannian language, but often has to resort to charades to continue a conversation; Miss Martian's telepathic powers help overcome this by allowing him to hear English from Sardath and Alanna, while they hear Rannian.
  • Sardath (voiced by W. Morgan Sheppard) - A Rannian scientist. Sardath was investigating the Kroloteans' theft of his Zeta Ray technology, and accidentally transported Adam to Rann. The two scientists became good friends, despite the language barrier normally present.
    • Alanna (voiced by Jacqueline Obradors) - Sardath's daughter and later Adam Strange's girlfriend.
  • Blue Beetle / Ted Kord - The second Blue Beetle after Dan Garrett but before Jaime Reyes. He was the one who developed the scarab's A.I. component and used technology to become the Blue Beetle after he discovered the scarab was an alien device. He died trying to stop Sportsmaster and Deathstroke from claiming the scarab for the Light which quickly ended up in Reyes' possession. For his sacrifice, he was given a holographic memorial in Mount Justice.
  • Tye Longshadow (voiced by Gregg Rainwater) - A friend of Jaime Reyes who ran away after getting tired of being abused by his mother's boyfriend Maurice Bodaway. Tye was captured by agents of the Light and handed over to the Reach for experimentation. He was rescued by the Team before he was transferred to S.T.A.R. Labs in Taos, New Mexico. Tye eventually developed the ability to project an "astral" version of himself, which can grow several stories tall.
  • Eduardo Dorado, Sr (voiced by Bruce Greenwood) - A scientist who is the father of Eduardo Dorado, Jr.
  • Eduardo "Ed" Dorado Jr. (voiced by Freddy Rodriguez) - Eduardo Dorado Jr. is the son of Eduardo Dorado Sr. He was captured by agents of the Light and handed over the Reach for experimentation while trying to run away to his dad. Eduardo was rescued by the Team before he was transferred to S.T.A.R. Labs in Taos, New Mexico. Eduardo developed the ability to teleport at will.
  • Asami "Sam" Koizumi (voiced by Janice Kawaye) - A Japanese runaway until she was captured by agents of the Light and handed over to the Reach for experimentation. She was rescued by the Team before she was transferred to S.T.A.R. Labs in Taos, New Mexico. Asami developed the ability to focus her chi (which covers her in a glowing aura), which she can project it outward to break through solid rock, leap at superhuman levels, and soften landings; leaving a trail of concentric circles. She only speaks a little bit of English and has different colored eyes.
  • Martha Kent - The adoptive mother of Superman and Superboy.
  • Robin / Jason Todd (voiced by Josh Keaton) - The second person to adopt the Robin identity, after Dick Grayson (who has since become Nightwing). Sometime during the five-year lapse between Season 1 and Season 2, Jason joined the Team. He was killed by the Joker with Tim Drake becoming his successor as Robin. Though he has a holographic memorial in Mount Justice, he doesn't make his first full appearance until Season 3 where it is revealed that (unbeknownst to the Team initially) he is alive, albeit with amnesia and slowly regaining his memory as well as working for Ra's al Ghul as a red-hooded ninja.
  • Blue Beetle / Dan Garrett - The first Blue Beetle and owner of the scarab after he found it on an archaeological dig, believing it to be a magical artifact. He eventually passed it and the mantle of Blue Beetle onto his protege Ted Kord.

Introduced in season three

  • Dr. Helga Jace (voiced by Grey Griffin) - The personal physician to Markovia's royal family. After Prince Brion was banished, the Outsiders allowed her to come with them to America so she can watch over the young prince as well as Halo. She has also entered a relationship with Black Lightning.
  • Gregor Markov (voiced by Crispin Freeman) - The Crown Prince of Markovia, fraternal twin brother of Prince Brion Markov, and older brother to Tara who takes over as the King of Markovia following the death of his parents. When Brion becomes Geo-Force and Baron Bedlam is arrested, Gregor had no choice but to exile his brother to keep Markovia safe. Though he does tell Superboy to take care of him.
  • Terra / Princess Tara Markov (voiced by Tara Strong) - Princess of the Markovian royal family, and sister of Prince Gregor and Brion who disappeared two years before the events of Season 3. During that time, she joined the League of Shadows as a masked assassin and gained geokinetic powers. As part of Deathstroke's plan, she was "rescued" by the Outsiders and subsequently joins them so she can infiltrate them for the Light.
  • King Viktor Markov and Queen Ilona DeLamb-Markov (voiced by Bruce Greenwood and Vanessa Marshall respectively) - The King and Queen of Markovia. After announcing their plans to end metahuman trafficking which took their missing daughter, they're assassinated by a Quraci metahuman working for Queen Ilona's brother Baron Bedlam.
  • Lynn Stewart-Pierce (voiced by Denise Boutte) - The ex-wife of Black Lightning. In this show, she is the sister of John Stewart / Green Lantern.
  • Sumaan Harjavti (voiced by Mark Rolston) - The brother of Rumaan Harjavti who succeeded him as the President of Qurac. After Qurac was annexed by Bialya, Sumaan became the ambassador of Greater Bialya at the United Nations.
  • Dr. Silas Stone (voiced by Khary Payton) - A S.T.A.R. Labs scientist conducting research on a Reach device said to be a "metahuman fail-safe" as well as a Father Box that he merged with his son, Victor, to save his life after he was caught in an explosion.
  • Simon Stagg - A businessman and CEO of Stagg Enterprises who ran a metahuman trafficking ring before he was foiled by the Justice League. While in jail, he was visited by Shade, who presumably kills him.
  • Lois Lane (voiced by Grey Griffin) - A reporter for the Daily Planet, the wife of Superman, and Jon Kent's mother.
  • Don and Dawn Allen - The twin offspring of Barry Allen as well as the father and aunt of Bart Allen, respectively.
  • Amistad Ervin - (voiced by Khary Payton) - The son of Rocket.
  • Traya Sutton - The adopted daughter of Red Tornado.
  • Harper Row (voiced by Zehra Fazal) - A student at Happy Harbor High and a classmate of Violet and Forager's.
  • Doom Patrol - A team of superheroes who adopted Garfield Logan after his mother was killed. It's implied that all except Mento were themselves killed while on a mission, which eventually led Gar to join the Team.
    • Chief / Dr. Niles Caulder (voiced by Scott Menville) - The paraplegic leader of the Doom Patrol with genius-level intellect.
    • Mento / Steve Dayton (voiced by Scott Menville) - A member of the Doom Patrol with psionic abilities and Gar's stepfather. As the only survivor, it's implied that he took custody of Gar and forced him to leave the Team and become a television star in order to make him rich.
    • Elasti-Woman / Rita Farr (voiced by Hynden Walch) - A member of the Doom Patrol with size-changing abilities, Marie's best friend, and Gar's godmother. She adopted him after Marie was killed and helped him join the Doom Patrol.
    • Robotman / Clifford "Cliff" Steele (voiced by Khary Payton) - A member of the Doom Patrol whose brain upon his death was placed inside a robotic body that grants him superhuman abilities.
    • Negative Woman / Valentina Vostok (voiced by Tara Strong) - A member of the Doom Patrol with a radioactive "soul-self".


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