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The scope of this list is limited to capital cities of first-level administrative divisions such as provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, and special administrative regions, also including sub-provincial cities which are governed by province but administered independently in many ways from a province.

Province capitals

  • Note: PRC claimed Taiwan and its capital in Taipei as one of its province which it does not control.
Jurisdiction Capital Chinese Capital since Land area
Symbol Seat Most populous
Anhui Hefei 合肥市 1853 11,323 5,702,000 Shushan Yes Administrative Division Hefei.png
Fujian Fuzhou 福州市 1278 12,177 7,115,370 Gulou No Administrative Division Fuzhou.png
Gansu Lanzhou 兰州市 1667 13,300 3,616,163 Chengguan Yes Administrative Division Lanzhou.svg
Guangdong Guangzhou 广州市 1369 7,434 12,700,800 Yuexiu Yes Administrative Division Guangzhou 2.png
Guizhou Guiyang 贵阳市 1413 8,034 4,324,561 Guanshanhu No Administrative Division Guiyang 2.png
Hainan Haikou 海口市 1988 2,237 2,046,189 Xiuying Yes Administrative Division Haikou.png
Hebei Shijiazhuang 石家庄市 1968 15,722 10,163,788 Chang'an No Administrative Division Shijiazhuang.png
Heilongjiang Harbin 哈尔滨市 1949 53,100 10,635,971 Songbei Yes Administrative Division Harbin.png
Henan Zhengzhou 郑州市 1954 7,507 8,626,505 Zhongyuan No Administrative Division Zhengzhou.png
Hubei Wuhan 武汉市 1927 8,494 9,785,392 Jiang'an Yes Administrative Division Wuhan.png
Hunan Changsha 长沙市 1664 11,819 7,044,118 Yuelu No Administrative Division Changsha.png
Jiangsu Nanjing 南京市 1952 6,598 8,004,680 Xuanwu No Subdivisions of Nanjing-China.png
Jiangxi Nanchang 南昌市 1277 7,372 5,042,565 Donghu No Administrative Division Nanchang 2.png
Jilin Changchun 长春市 1954 20,532 7,677,089 Nanguan Yes Administrative Division Changchun 2.png
Liaoning Shenyang 沈阳市 1662 12,942 8,106,171 Hunnan Yes Administrative Division Shenyang.png
Qinghai Xining 西宁市 1928 7,372 2,208,708 Chengzhong Yes Administrative Division Xining.png
Shaanxi Xi'an 西安市 1286 9,983 8,467,837 Weiyang Yes Administrative Division Xi'an.png
Shandong Jinan 济南市 1377 8,177 6,814,000 Lixia No Administrative Division Jinan.png
Shanxi Taiyuan 太原市 1369 6,959 4,201,591 Xinghualing Yes Administrative Division Taiyuan.png
Sichuan Chengdu 成都市 1286 12,132 14,047,625 Wuhou Yes Administrative Division Chengdu 2.png
Yunnan Kunming 昆明市 1275 21,473 6,432,000 Chenggong Yes Administrative Division Kunming.png
Zhejiang Hangzhou 杭州市 1367 16,847 8,700,400 Jianggan No Administrative Division Hangzhou.png
Claimed Province
Jurisdiction Capital Chinese Capital since Land area
Symbol Seat Most populous
Taiwan Taipei 台北市 1887 Blank.png

Autonomous regions capitals

Jurisdiction Capital Chinese Capital since Land area
Symbol Seat Most populous
Guangxi Nanning 南宁市 1912 22,189 6,661,600 Qingxiu Yes Administrative Division Nanning.png
Inner Mongolia Hohhot 呼和浩特市 1952 17,224 2,866,615 Xincheng No Administrative Division Hohhot.png
Ningxia Yinchuan 银川市 1928 4,467 1,993,088 Jinfeng Yes Administrative Division Yinchuan.png
Tibet Lhasa 拉萨市 1642 29,274 559,423 Chengguan No Administrative Division Lhasa.png
Xinjiang Ürümqi 乌鲁木齐市 1884 14,577 3,110,280 Tianshan No Administrative division Urumqi.png

Other cities


Jurisdiction City Chinese Designation Land area (km²) Population (2010) Symbol Seat Map
Beijing Beijing 北京市 1927 16,801 19,612,368 Dongcheng & Tongzhou ColorBeijingMapNew.png
Chongqing Chongqing 重庆市 1927 82,401 28,846,170 Yuzhong ChongqingMap.png
Shanghai Shanghai 上海市 1927 6,340 23,019,148 Huangpu Administrative Division Shanghai.png
Tianjin Tianjin 天津市 1927 11,760 12,938,224 Hexi ColorTianjinMap1.png

Special administrative regions

Jurisdiction City Chinese Designation Land area (km²) Population (2010) Symbol Seat Map
Hong Kong Hong Kong 香港特别行政区 1997 1,104 7,061,200 Central & Western Map of Hong Kong 18 Districts.svg
Macau Macau 澳门特别行政区 1999 29 552,300 São Lourenço MapOfMacauMunicipalities.svg

Sub-provincial cities that are not themselves provincial capital

Sub-provincial cities have status that is below that of municipalities, which are independent and equivalent to provinces, but above other, regular prefecture-level divisions, which are completely ruled by their provinces. However, they are marked as same as other provincial capitals (or prefecture-level city if not provincial capital) in almost all maps.

Also, the provincial capitals of these provinces listed below(Guangzhou, Shenyang, Jinan, Hangzhou) are themselves sub-provincial cities (even before 1997 when Chongqing is a sub-provincial city of Sichuan province, since Chengdu is sub-provincial) except Fuzhou, Fujian.

Jurisdiction City Chinese Designation Land area (km²) Population (2010) Symbol Seat Map
Fujian Xiamen 厦门市 1988 1,699 3,531,347 Siming Administrative Division Xiamen.png
Guangdong Shenzhen 深圳市 1988 2,050 10,357,938 Futian Administrative Division Shenzhen 2.png
Liaoning Dalian 大连市 1984 13,237 6,690,432 Xigang Administrative Division Dalian 2.png
Shandong Qingdao 青岛市 1986 11,026 8,715,100 Shinan Subdivisions of Qingdao, China.svg
Zhejiang Ningbo 宁波市 1987 9,816 7,605,700 Yinzhou Administrative Division Ningbo.svg

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