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Turkey A cape (headland) (Turkish: burun) is a point of land extending into the sea. Turkey, being a country of two big peninsulas (Anatolia and Thrace) is surrounded by four seas and has many capes. The surrounding seas (counter-clockwise from the north) are Black Sea, Sea of Marmara, Aegean Sea and Mediterranean Sea.)

The list

The following list gives the names of capes of Turkey. The names are sometimes used with the suffix burun which means cape.[1][2]

Cape [3] Main peninsula Sea Province
Fener Anatolia Black Sea Trabzon
Kale Anatolia Black Sea Giresun
Çam Anatolia Black Sea Ordu
Yasun Anatolia Black Sea Ordu
Civa Anatolia Black Sea Samsun
Bafra Anatolia Black Sea Samsun
Sinop Anatolia Black Sea Sinop
İnce Anatolia Black Sea Sinop
Usta Anatolia Black Sea Sinop
Kerempe Anatolia Black Sea Kastamonu
Köpekkayası Anatolia Black Sea Kastamonu
Baba Anatolia Black Sea Zonguldak
Pazarbaşı Anatolia Black Sea Kocaeli
Servi Thrace Black Sea Kırklareli
İğneada Thrace Black Sea Kırklareli
Liman Thrace Marmara Sea Tekirdağ
Boz Anatolia Marmara Sea Yalova
Kabsul Anatolia Marmara Sea Balıkesir
İnce Anatolia Marmara Sea Çanakkale
Nara Thrace Marmara Sea Çanakkale
Bakla Thrace Aegean Sea Çanakkale
Büyükkemikli Thrace Aegean Sea Çanakkale
İlyasbaba Thrace Aegean Sea Çanakkale
Mehmetçik Thrace Aegean Sea Çanakkale
Kum Anatolia Aegean Sea Çanakkale
Baba[4] Anatolia Aegean Sea Çanakkale
Kum Anatolia Aegean Sea Balıkesir
Aslan Anatolia Aegean Sea İzmir
Kömür Anatolia Aegean Sea İzmir
Top Anatolia Aegean Sea İzmir
Teke Anatolia Aegean Sea İzmir
Doğanbey Anatolia Aegean Sea İzmir
Dil Anatolia Aegean Sea Aydın
Tekağaç Anatolia Aegean Sea Aydın
Fener Anatolia Aegean Sea Muğla
İnce Anatolia Aegean Sea Muğla
İskandil Anatolia Aegean Sea Muğla
Deveboynu Anatolia Aegean Sea Muğla
Kara Anatolia Mediterranean Sea Muğla
Kadırga Anatolia Mediterranean Sea Muğla
Kurtoğlu Anatolia Mediterranean Sea Muğla
İlbiz Anatolia Mediterranean Sea Muğla
Yedi Anatolia Mediterranean Sea Muğla
Yalı Anatolia Mediterranean Sea Antalya
Ulu Anatolia Mediterranean Sea Antalya
Kırlangıç Anatolia Mediterranean Sea Antalya
Çavuş Anatolia Mediterranean Sea Antalya
Dildarde Anatolia Mediterranean Sea Antalya
Anamur Anatolia Mediterranean Sea Mersin
Sulusalma Anatolia Mediterranean Sea Mersin
Tisan Anatolia Mediterranean Sea Mersin
İncekum Anatolia Mediterranean Sea Mersin
Deli Anatolia Mediterranean Sea Mersin
Karataş Anatolia Mediterranean Sea Adana
Portakal Anatolia Mediterranean Sea Adana
Akıncı Anatolia Mediterranean Sea Hatay

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