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The following is a list of banks in India:

Cooperative banks.

State Cooperative Banks (SCBs)

List of State Cooperative Banks in India:

  • Andaman and Nicobar State Co-operative Bank
  • AP State Co-operative Bank
  • Arunachal Pradesh State Co-operative Apex Ban
  • Assam Co-operative Apex Bank
  • Bihar State Co-operative Bank
  • Chandigarh State Co-operative Bank
  • Chhattisgarh Rajya Sahakari Bank Maryadit
  • Delhi State Co-operative Bank
  • Goa State Co-operative Bank ltd
  • Gujarat State Cooperative Agriculture and Rural Development Bank Lt.
  • Gujarat State Co-operative Bank
  • Haryana State Co-operative Apex Bank
  • Himachal Pradesh State Co-operative Bank
  • Jammu and Kashmir State Co-operativ Bank
  • Jharkhand State Co-operative Bank
  • Karnataka State Co-operative Apex Bank Bangalore
  • Kerala State Co-operative Bank
  • Madhya Pradesh Rajya Sahakari Bank Maryadit
  • Maharashtra State Co-operative Bank
  • Manipur State Co-operative Bank
  • Meghalaya Co-operative Apex Bank
  • Mizoram Co-operative Apex Bank
  • Nagaland State Co-operative Bank
  • Odisha State Co-Operative Bank
  • Pondichery State Co-operative Bank
  • Punjab State Co-operative Bank
  • Rajasthan State Co-operative Bank
  • Sikkim State Co-operative Bank
  • The Tamil Nadu State Apex Co-operative Bank
  • Telangana State Co-Operative Apex Bank Limited
  • Tripura State Co-operative Bank
  • Uttar Pradesh Co-operative Bank
  • Uttarakhand State Co-operative Bank
  • West Bengal State Co-operative Bank

Urban Cooperative Banks (UCBs)

List of Scheduled Urban Cooperative Banks in India:

  • Abhyudaya Co-operative Bank
  • Adhyapaka Urban Co-operative Bank
  • Akhand Anand Co-Op Bank
  • Akola Janata Commercial Co-operative Bank
  • Akola Urban Co-operative Bank
  • Ahmedabad Mercantile Co-Op Bank
  • Andhra Pradesh Mahesh Co-Op Urban Bank
  • Apna Sahakari Co-Op Bank Ltd
  • Bassein Catholic Co-operative Bank
  • Bharat Co-operative Bank (Mumbai)
  • Bharati Sahakari Bank
  • Bombay Mercantile Co-operative Bank
  • Citizencredit Co-operative Bank
  • Dombivli Nagari Sahakari Bank Ltd
  • Eenadu Urban Co operative Bank
  • Goa Urban Co-operative Bank
  • Gopinath Patil Parsik Janata Sahakari Bank
  • Greater Bombay Co-operative Bank
  • Indian Mercantile Co-operative Bank
  • Kalupur Commercial Coop. Bank
  • Jalgaon Janata Sahakari Bank
  • Janakalyan Sahakari Bank
  • Janalaxmi Co-operative Bank
  • Janata Sahakari Bank
  • Janaseva Sahakari Bank Ltd.,Pune
  • Junagadh Commercial Co-operative Bank
  • Kallappanna Awade Ichalkaranji Janata Sahakari Bank
  • Kalyan Janata Sahakari Bank
  • Karad Urban Co-operative Bank
  • Khamgaon Urban Co-operative Bank
  • Mahanagar Co-operative Bank
  • Mattancherry Sarvajanik Co-operative Bank
  • Mapusa Urban Co-operative Bank of Goa
  • Mehsana Urban Co-Op Bank
  • Muneshwra swamy BANK
  • Nagar Urban Co-operative Bank
  • Nagpur Nagrik Sahakari Bank
  • Nasik Merchant’s Co-operative Bank
  • North 24 Parganas Co-Operative(Bank) Society Private Limited;
  • New India Co-operative Bank
  • Nutan Nagarik Sahakari Bank
  • NKGSB Co-operative Bank
  • Rajdhani Nagar Sahkari Bank
  • Rupee Co-operative Bank
  • Pravara Sahakari Bank
  • Punjab & Maharashtra Co-operative Bank
  • Rajkot Nagrik Sahakari Bank
  • Rajkot District Co-Op Bank
  • Sangli Urban Co-operative Bank
  • Saraswat Co-operative Bank
  • Sardar Bhiladwala Pardi Peoples Coop Bank
  • Shamrao Vithal Co-operative Bank
  • Shikshak Sahakari Bank
  • Solapur Janata Sahakari Bank
  • Surat Peoples Coop Bank
  • Thane Bharat Sahakari Bank
  • The Bangalore City Co-Op Bank Ltd
  • THE Jaynagar Mozilpur People's Co-operative Bank Ltd.
  • The Kapole Co-operative Bank
  • The Surat District Co-Op Bank Ltd
  • TJSB Sahakari Bank
  • The Varachha Co-op Bank Ltd., Surat
  • Zoroastrian Co-operative Bank
  • Rohit Kataria Co-operative Bank
  • Sangli District Primary Teachers Bank Ltd, Sangli
  • Chartered Mercantile M.B. Ltd, Lucknow, U.P.
  • Lic of india staff co operative bank. H.O Pattom Thiruvananthapuram
  • The Bardoli Nagarik Sahakari Bank Ltd

Malad sahkari Bank Ltd

Foreign Banks

Foreign Banks with branches in India

List of banks which are incorporated outside India and are operating branches in India:

Foreign Banks with representative offices in India

List of Foreign Banks with representative offices in India (as of 31 January 2015):

Local Area Banks


Payments Banks

* Aditya Birla Idea Payments Bank

Private-Sector Banks

Public-Sector Bank

Regional Rural Banks (RRBs)

List of Regional Rural Banks in India:

Andhra Pradesh


Arunachal Pradesh

  • Arunachal Pradesh Rural Bank



  • Chhattisgarh Rajya Gramin Bank


  • Dena Gujarat Gramin Bank
  • Baroda Gujarat Gramin Bank
  • Saurashtra Gramin Bank


  • Sarva Haryana Gramin Bank

Himachal Pradesh

  • Himachal Pradesh Gramin Bank


Jammu & Kashmir

  • Jammu And Kashmir Grameen Bank
  • Ellaquai Dehati Bank



Madhya Pradesh


  • Maharashtra Gramin Bank
  • Vidarbha Kokan Gramin Bank


  • Manipur Rural Bank


  • Meghalaya Rural Bank


  • Mizoram Rural Bank


  • Nagaland Rural Bank



  • Punjab Gramin Bank
  • Malwa Gramin Bank
  • Sutlej Gramin Bank



  • Baroda Rajasthan Kshetriya Gramin Bank
  • Marudhara Rajasthan Gramin Bank

Tamil Nadu



Uttar Pradesh


West Bengal

Small Finance Banks

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