List of ambassadors of the United Kingdom to Luxembourg

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The Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Luxembourg is the United Kingdom's foremost diplomatic representative in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and in charge of the UK's diplomatic mission in Luxembourg. The official title is Her Britannic Majesty's Ambassador to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

From 1815 to 1890 the King of the Netherlands was also Grand Duke of Luxembourg in personal union, so the British envoy at The Hague was also envoy to Luxembourg. After the personal union was broken in 1890 the British envoy at The Hague continued to be concurrently accredited to Luxembourg until 1922. The Ambassador to Belgium was responsible for Luxembourg from 1922 until 1940, when Luxembourg was overrun by Nazi Germany. Upon liberation of Luxembourg in 1944 a chargé d'affaires was briefly resident in Luxembourg, followed by a resident military mission with diplomatic responsibility reverting to Brussels; but a resident head of mission was soon restored, in 1949. Geoffrey Alchin held the title of Minister until he was upgraded to Ambassador in 1955; since then the heads of mission have been Ambassadors.

List of heads of mission

Name Tenure Begin Tenure End British Monarch Luxembourgish Monarch
Nigel Watson (chargé d'affaires) 1944 1945 King George VI Grand Duchess Charlotte
Sir Hughe Knatchbull-Hugessen[1] 1944 1947
Geoffrey Alchin 1949 1955
Malcolm Henderson[2] 1955 1957 Queen Elizabeth II
Harold Freese-Pennefather 1957 1961
Geoffrey Aldington 1961 1966
Dugald Malcolm 1966 1970 Grand Duke Jean
John Roper 1970 1975
Sir Antony Acland 1975 1977
Lord Wright of Richmond 1977 1979
Jeremy Thomas 1979 1982
Sir Humphrey Maud 1982 1985
Oliver Miles 1985 1988
Juliet Campbell 1988 1991
Sir Michael Pakenham 1991 1994
Nick Elam 1994 1998
Sir William Ehrman 1998 2000
Gordon Wetherell 2000 2004 Grand Duke Henri
James Clark 2004 2007
Peter Bateman 2007 2011
Alice Walpole 2011 2016
John Marshall[3] 2016


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