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This is a list of airports in Portugal (including Azores and Madeira), sorted by location.



  • The location is the municipality (município or concelho) which in a few instances is preceded by the parish (freguesia).
  • The airport name is linked to the English airport name, followed by the Portuguese name and a link to a web page.
Cities with Airports in Mainland Portugal
Portuguese airports in the archipelago of Madeira
Portuguese airports in the archipelago of the Azores
Location Region ICAO IATA Airport name
Portugal: Public airports
Beja Alentejo LPBJ BYJ Beja Airport
Braga Norte LPBR BGZ Braga Airport (Aeródromo Municipal de Braga) (Palmeira, Braga) [1]
Bragança Norte LPBG BGC Bragança Airport (Aeródromo Municipal de Bragança) (Domestic and International) [2]
Cascais Lisboa LPCS LCT Lisbon-Cascais Regional Airport (Aeródromo Municipal de Cascais/Costa do Estoril (Tires), São Domingos de Rana) [3]
Chaves Norte LPCH CHV Chaves Airport (Aeródromo Municipal de Chaves) [4]
Coimbra Centro LPCO CBP Coimbra Airport (Aeródromo Municipal Bissaya Barreto:) [5]
Espinho (Paramos, Espinho/Costa Verde) Norte LPIN Espinho Airport (Aeródromo de Espinho) [6]
Évora Alentejo LPEV Évora Airport (Aeródromo de Évora) [7]
Faro Algarve LPFR FAO Faro Airport (Aeroporto Internacional de Faro) [8]
Maia (Municipal da Maia) Norte LPVL Maia Airport (Aeródromo Municipal da Maia [Vilar da Luz]) [9] PDF[permanent dead link]
Mirandela Norte LPMI Mirandela Airport (Aeródromo Municipal de Mirandela) [10]
Monfortinho, Idanha-a-Nova Centro LPMF Monfortinho Airport (Aeródromo Municipal de Monfortinho) [11]
Montargil, Ponte de Sor Alentejo LPMO Leiria (Gandara) {QLR} Morargil Airport (Aeródromo de Morargil) [12]
Lisbon (part of the paveway extends into Camarate, Loures) Lisboa LPPT LIS Lisbon Airport (Aeroporto Internacional Humberto Delgado)
or: Lisbon Airport (Aeroporto Internacional de Lisboa) (Lisbon/Loures)[13]
Portimão Algarve LPPM PRM Portimão Airport (Aeródromo Municipal de Portimão) {Penina,Alvor}[14]
Porto Norte LPPR OPO Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport (Aeroporto Internacional Francisco Sá Carneiro) [15]


Castro Marim Algarve LPPV Praia Verde Airport (Aeródromo da Praia Verde) (Alturas, Castro Marim, near Tavira) [16]
Santa Cruz, Torres Vedras Centro LPSC Santa Cruz Airport (Aeródromo Municipal de Santa Cruz [Torres Vedras]) [17]
Vila Real Norte LPVR VRL Vila Real Airport (Aeródromo Municipal de Vila Real){Vila Real/Douro} [18]
Viseu Centro LPVZ VSE Viseu Airport (Aeródromo Municipal Gonçalves Lobato (Viseu)) [19] (Lordosa, Viseu)
Portugal: Military airports
Alverca, Vila Franca de Xira Lisboa LPAR Alverca Airbase (Base Aérea de Alverca or Complexo Militar de Alverca) [20]
Beja Alentejo LPBJ Beja Airbase (Base Aérea de Beja) [21]
Lisboa (actually located in Prior Velho-Loures, it shares paveway with the Lisbon Airport) Lisboa, Region Figo Maduro Airbase (Base Aérea de Figo Maduro)
Monte Real, Leiria Centro LPMR Monte Real Air Base (Base Aérea de Monte Real) [22]
Montijo Lisboa LPMT PAF Montijo Airbase (Base Aérea do Montijo) [23]
Ota, Alenquer Centro LPOT Ota Airbase (Base Aérea da Ota) [24]
Ovar Centro (Maceda, Ovar) LPOV Ovar Airbase (Base Aérea Ovar or Aeródromo Militar de Ovar) [25]
Santa Margarida, Constância Centro LP77 Santa Margarida Army Airbase (Campo Militar de Santa Margarida) [26]
Sintra Lisboa LPST Sintra Airbase (Base Aérea de Sintra) (Granja do Marques, Pêro Pinheiro, near Algueirão-Mem Martins) [27]
Tancos, Vila Nova da Barquinha Centro LPTN Tancos Airbase (Base Aérea Tancos or Aeródromo Militar de Tancos) [28]
Azores: Public airports
Corvo Island Azores LPCR CVU Corvo Airport (Aérodromo do Corvo)
Faial Island (Horta) Azores LPHR HOR Horta Airport (Aeroporto da Horta)
Flores Island Azores LPFL FLW Flores Airport (Aeroporto das Flores)
Graciosa Island Azores LPGR GRW Graciosa Airport (Aérodromo da Graciosa)
Pico Island Azores LPPI PIX Pico Airport (Aeroporto do Pico)
Santa Maria Azores LPAZ SMA Santa Maria Airport (Aeroporto de Santa Maria)
São Jorge Island Azores LPSJ SJZ São Jorge Airport (Aérodromo de São Jorge)
São Miguel Island (Ponta Delgada) Azores LPPD PDL João Paulo II Airport (Aeroporto João Paulo II)
Azores: Military airports
Terceira Island Azores LPLA TER Lajes Air Base (Base Aérea das Lajes)
Madeira: Public airports
Madeira Island (Funchal) Madeira LPMA FNC Cristiano Ronaldo Madeira Airport(Funchal) (Aeroporto da Madeira){Santa Cruz/Madeira} [29]
Porto Santo Island Madeira LPPS PXO Porto Santo Airport (Aeroporto do Porto Santo) (Vila Baleira) [30] [31]

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