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Map of Nepal

This is a list of airports in Nepal, sorted by location.

Nepal (Nepali: नेपाल), officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is a landlocked country in South Asia. It is bordered to the north by the People's Republic of China, and to the south, east, and west by the Republic of India. Nepal is divided into 7 provinces, 77 districts (जिल्ला, "jilla"), and 753 local levels.

The country's only international airport and the hub of all air service in the country is Tribhuvan International Airport, which serves the nation's capital and the country's largest metropolitan city of Kathmandu. However, two domestic airports - Pokhara International Airport and Gautam Buddha International Airport - are being constructed and converted into the second and third international airport of Nepal. Both the constructions are scheduled to finish within upcoming five years.[citation needed]


Airport names shown in bold indicate the airport has scheduled service on commercial airlines.

Location served District  ICAO IATA Airport name Coordinates
Baglung Baglung VNBL BGL Baglung Airport 28°12′46″N 083°39′59″E / 28.21278°N 83.66639°E / 28.21278; 83.66639 (Baglung Airport)
Bajura Bajura VNBR BJU Bajura Airport 29°30′10″N 081°40′10″E / 29.50278°N 81.66944°E / 29.50278; 81.66944 (Bajura Airport)
Bhadrapur Jhapa VNCG BDP Bhadrapur Airport 26°34′14″N 088°04′45″E / 26.57056°N 88.07917°E / 26.57056; 88.07917 (Bhadrapur Airport)
Bharatpur Chitwan VNBP BHR Bharatpur Airport 27°40′41″N 084°25′46″E / 27.67806°N 84.42944°E / 27.67806; 84.42944 (Bharatpur Airport)
Bharatpur Chitwan VNMG MEY Meghauli Airport 27°34′37″N 084°13′42″E / 27.57694°N 84.22833°E / 27.57694; 84.22833 (Meghauli Airport)
Bhojpur Bhojpur VNBJ BHP Bhojpur Airport 27°08′51″N 087°03′03″E / 27.14750°N 87.05083°E / 27.14750; 87.05083 (Bhojpur Airport)
Biratnagar Morang VNVT BIR Biratnagar Airport 26°28′53″N 087°15′50″E / 26.48139°N 87.26389°E / 26.48139; 87.26389 (Biratnagar Airport)
Birendranagar Surkhet VNSK SKH Surkhet Airport 28°35′09″N 081°38′07″E / 28.58583°N 81.63528°E / 28.58583; 81.63528 (Surkhet Airport)
Bowang Baglung VNDR Dhorpatan Airport 28°31′00″N 083°02′00″E / 28.51667°N 83.03333°E / 28.51667; 83.03333 (Dhorpatan Airport)
Chandannath Jumla VNJL JUM Jumla Airport 29°16′26″N 082°11′23″E / 29.27389°N 82.18972°E / 29.27389; 82.18972 (Jumla Airport)
Chaurjahari Western Rukum VNCJ RUK Rukum Chaurjahari Airport[1] 28°37′38″N 082°11′39″E / 28.62722°N 82.19417°E / 28.62722; 82.19417 (Rukumkot Chaurjahari Airport)
Dhangadhi Kailali VNDH DHI Dhangadhi Airport 28°45′12″N 080°34′55″E / 28.75333°N 80.58194°E / 28.75333; 80.58194 (Dhangadhi Airport)
Dolpa Dolpa VNDP DOP Dolpa Airport 28°59′09″N 082°49′09″E / 28.98583°N 82.81917°E / 28.98583; 82.81917 (Dolpa Airport)
Dipayal Silgadhi Doti VNDT SIH Doti Airport[2] 29°15′47″N 080°56′10″E / 29.26306°N 80.93611°E / 29.26306; 80.93611 (Silgadhi Airport)
Gokuleshwor, Darchula Darchula VNDL Darchula Airport 29°40′09″N 080°32′54″E / 29.66917°N 80.54833°E / 29.66917; 80.54833 (Darchula Airport)
Janakpur Dhanusha VNJP JKR Janakpur Airport 26°42′31″N 085°55′20″E / 26.70861°N 85.92222°E / 26.70861; 85.92222 (Janakpur Airport)
Jaya Prithvi Bajhang VNBG BJH Bajhang Airport 29°32′18″N 081°11′02″E / 29.53833°N 81.18389°E / 29.53833; 81.18389 (Bajhang Airport)
Jitpur Simara Bara VNSI SIF Simara Airport 27°09′34″N 084°58′48″E / 27.15944°N 84.98000°E / 27.15944; 84.98000 (Simara Airport)
Jiri Dolakha VNJI JIR Jiri Airport 27°37′45″N 086°13′45″E / 27.62917°N 86.22917°E / 27.62917; 86.22917 (Jiri Airport)
Jomsom Mustang VNJS JMO Jomsom Airport 28°46′47″N 083°43′21″E / 28.77972°N 83.72250°E / 28.77972; 83.72250 (Jomsom Airport)
Kamal Bazar, Achham Accham Kamal Bazar Airport 29°03′10″N 081°20′34″E / 29.05278°N 81.34278°E / 29.05278; 81.34278 (Kamal Bazar Airport)
Kangeldanda Solukhumbu VNKL Kangeldanda Airport 27°24′39″N 086°38′45″E / 27.41083°N 86.64583°E / 27.41083; 86.64583 (Kangeldanda Airport)
Kathmandu Kathmandu VNKT KTM Tribhuvan International Airport 27°41′47″N 085°21′32″E / 27.69639°N 85.35889°E / 27.69639; 85.35889 (Tribhuvan International Airport)
Khanidanda, Khotang Khotang VNKD Man Maya Airport 27°10′52″N 086°46′19″E / 27.18111°N 86.77194°E / 27.18111; 86.77194 (Khanidanda Airport)
Khotang Bazar Khotang VNTH Thamkharka Airport 27°02′47″N 086°51′29″E / 27.04639°N 86.85806°E / 27.04639; 86.85806 (Thamkharka Airport)
Lamidanda Khotang VNLD LDN Lamidanda Airport 27°15′10″N 086°40′17″E / 27.25278°N 86.67139°E / 27.25278; 86.67139 (Lamidanda Airport)
Langtang Rasuwa VNLT LTG Langtang Airport 28°11′56″N 085°35′11″E / 28.19889°N 85.58639°E / 28.19889; 85.58639 (Langtang Airport)
Lukla Solukhumbu VNLK LUA Tenzing-Hillary Airport 27°41′16″N 086°43′53″E / 27.68778°N 86.73139°E / 27.68778; 86.73139 (Tenzing-Hillary Airport)
Mahendranagar Kanchanpur VNMN XMG Mahendranagar Airport 28°57′48″N 080°08′53″E / 28.96333°N 80.14806°E / 28.96333; 80.14806 (Mahendranagar Airport)
Manang Manang VNMA NGX Manang Airport 28°38′29″N 084°05′09″E / 28.64139°N 84.08583°E / 28.64139; 84.08583 (Manang Airport)
Nepalgunj Banke VNNG KEP Nepalgunj Airport 28°06′13″N 081°40′01″E / 28.10361°N 81.66694°E / 28.10361; 81.66694 (Nepalgunj Airport)
Pahada Dolpa VNMC Masinechaur Airport 29°03′31″N 082°44′41″E / 29.05861°N 82.74472°E / 29.05861; 82.74472 (Masinechaur Airport)
Palungtar Gorkha VNGK GKH Palungtar Airport 28°02′15″N 084°27′57″E / 28.03750°N 84.46583°E / 28.03750; 84.46583 (Palungtar Airport)
Patan, Baitadi Baitadi VNBT Baitadi Airport[3] 29°27′50″N 080°32′58″E / 29.46389°N 80.54944°E / 29.46389; 80.54944 (Patan Airport)
Pokhara Kaski VNPK PKR Pokhara Airport 28°12′03″N 083°58′55″E / 28.20083°N 83.98194°E / 28.20083; 83.98194 (Pokhara Airport)
Rajbiraj Saptari VNRB RJB Rajbiraj Airport 26°30′30″N 086°44′15″E / 26.50833°N 86.73750°E / 26.50833; 86.73750 (Rajbiraj Airport)
Manthali Ramechhap VNRC RHP Ramechhap Airport 27°23′38″N 086°03′41″E / 27.39389°N 86.06139°E / 27.39389; 86.06139 (Ramechhap Airport)
Rara National Park Mugu VNRR Talcha Airport 29°31′18″N 082°08′49″E / 29.52167°N 82.14694°E / 29.52167; 82.14694 (Talcha Airport)
Rolpa Rolpa VNRP RPA Rolpa Airport 28°16′03″N 082°45′23″E / 28.26750°N 82.75639°E / 28.26750; 82.75639 (Rolpa Airport)
Musikot Western Rukum VNSL Rukum Salle Airport[4] 28°38′15″N 082°26′59″E / 28.63750°N 82.44972°E / 28.63750; 82.44972 (Rukumkot Airport)
Rumjatar Okhladhunga VNRT RUM Rumjatar Airport 27°18′13″N 086°33′02″E / 27.30361°N 86.55056°E / 27.30361; 86.55056 (Rumjatar Airport)
Sanphebagar Accham VNSR FEB Sanphebagar Airport 29°14′14″N 081°12′55″E / 29.23722°N 81.21528°E / 29.23722; 81.21528 (Sanfebagar Airport)
Siddharthanagar Rupandehi VNBW BWA Gautam Buddha Airport 27°30′20″N 083°24′58″E / 27.50556°N 83.41611°E / 27.50556; 83.41611 (Gautam Buddha Airport)
Simikot Humla VNST IMK Simikot Airport 29°58′16″N 081°49′08″E / 29.97111°N 81.81889°E / 29.97111; 81.81889 (Simikot Airport)
Solu Dudhkunda Solukhumbu VNPL PPL Phaplu Airport 27°31′05″N 086°35′04″E / 27.51806°N 86.58444°E / 27.51806; 86.58444 (Phaplu Airport)
Syangboche Solukhumbu VNSB SYH Syangboche Airport 27°48′39″N 086°42′45″E / 27.81083°N 86.71250°E / 27.81083; 86.71250 (Syangboche Airport)
Taplejung Taplejung VNTJ TPJ Taplejung Airport 27°21′04″N 087°41′44″E / 27.35111°N 87.69556°E / 27.35111; 87.69556 (Suketar Airport)
Tikapur Kailali VNTP TPU Tikapur Airport 28°31′19″N 081°07′20″E / 28.52194°N 81.12222°E / 28.52194; 81.12222 (Tikapur Airport)
Tulsipur Dang VNDG DNP Dang Airport 28°06′40″N 082°17′39″E / 28.11111°N 82.29417°E / 28.11111; 82.29417 (Dang Airport)
Tumlingtar Sankhuwasabha VNTR TMI Tumlingtar Airport 27°18′54″N 087°11′36″E / 27.31500°N 87.19333°E / 27.31500; 87.19333 (Tumlingtar Airport)

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