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Map of Denmark

This is a list of airports in Denmark, sorted by location.

Denmark (Danish: Danmark) is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe and the senior member of the Kingdom of Denmark. It is the southernmost of the Nordic countries, southwest of Sweden and south of Norway, and bordered to the south by Germany. Denmark borders both the Baltic and the North Sea.

The country consists of a large peninsula, Jutland (Jylland) and many islands, most notably Zealand (Sjælland), Funen (Fyn), Vendsyssel-Thy, Lolland, Falster and Bornholm, as well as hundreds of minor islands often referred to as the Danish Archipelago. The capital city of Denmark is Copenhagen (København).


Airport names shown in bold have scheduled passenger service on commercial airlines.

City served/Location Region ICAO IATA Airport name Web Pass.
Public aerodromes (AIP VFR)
Aalborg / Nørresundby North Jutland (Nordjylland) EKYT AAL Aalborg Airport / Air Transport Wing Aalborg AIP VFR 1,440,477
Aarhus (Århus) / Kolind [da] Mid-Jutland (Midtjylland) EKAH AAR Aarhus Airport AIP VFR 364,546
Aarhus / City Mid-Jutland (Midtjylland) EKAC Aarhus City Airport (harbor) Info 0
Aars North Jutland (Nordjylland) EKVH Aars Airport (Vesthimmerland Airport) VFR
Ærø / Marstal South Denmark (Syddanmark) EKAE Ærø Airport Info
Billund South Denmark (Syddanmark) EKBI BLL Billund Airport AIP VFR 3,092,013
Bornholm / Rønne Capital (Hovedstaden) EKRN RNN Bornholm Airport AIP VFR 259,440
Copenhagen / Kastrup Capital (Hovedstaden) EKCH CPH Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup AIP VFR 29,043,287
Copenhagen / City Capital (Hovedstaden) EKCC Copenhagen City Airport (harbor) Info 0
Copenhagen / Roskilde Zealand (Sjælland) EKRK RKE Copenhagen Airport, Roskilde AIP VFR 21,758
Esbjerg South Denmark (Syddanmark) EKEB EBJ Esbjerg Airport AIP VFR 131,138
Hadsund North Jutland (Nordjylland) EKHS Hadsund Airport VFR
Herning Mid-Jutland (Midtjylland) EKHG Herning Airport AIP VFR WEB
Kalundborg Zealand (Sjælland) EKKL Kalundborg Airport VFR WEB
Karup / Herning Mid-Jutland (Midtjylland) EKKA KRP Karup Airport / Helicopter Wing Karup AIP VFR 135,975
Kolding / Vamdrup South Denmark (Syddanmark) EKVD Kolding Airport (Vamdrup Airport) AIP VFR WEB
Kruså / Padborg South Denmark (Syddanmark) EKPB Kruså-Padborg Airport VFR
Læsø (Laesoe) North Jutland (Nordjylland) EKLS BYR Læsø Airport VFR
Lemvig Mid-Jutland (Midtjylland) EKLV Lemvig Airport VFR WEB
Lolland Falster / Maribo Zealand (Sjælland) EKMB MRW Lolland Falster Airport (Maribo Airport) AIP VFR WEB
Morsø (Mors) / Tødsø [da] North Jutland (Nordjylland) EKNM Morsø Airport, Tødsø VFR WEB
Odense South Denmark (Syddanmark) EKOD ODE Hans Christian Andersen Airport AIP VFR 23,183
Randers Mid-Jutland (Midtjylland) EKRD Randers Airport VFR WEB
Ringsted Zealand (Sjælland) EKRS Ringsted Airport VFR WEB
Samsø Mid-Jutland (Midtjylland) EKSS Samsø Airport VFR WEB
Sindal North Jutland (Nordjylland) EKSN CNL Sindal Airport AIP VFR WEB
Skjern / Ringkøbing Mid-Jutland (Midtjylland) EKVJ STA Stauning Vestjylland Airport AIP VFR WEB
Skive Mid-Jutland (Midtjylland) EKSV SQW Skive Airport VFR WEB
Sønderborg South Denmark (Syddanmark) EKSB SGD Sønderborg Airport AIP VFR 56,257
Spjald [da] Mid-Jutland (Midtjylland) EKSD Spjald Airport VFR
Svendborg / Tåsinge South Denmark (Syddanmark) EKST Sydfyns Airport, Tåsinge VFR
Thisted / Hanstholm North Jutland (Nordjylland) EKTS TED Thisted Airport AIP VFR
Tønder South Denmark (Syddanmark) EKTD Tønder Airport VFR WEB
Viborg Mid-Jutland (Midtjylland) EKVB Viborg Airport VFR WEB
Vojens South Denmark (Syddanmark) EKSP SKS Vojens Airport / Fighter Wing Skrydstrup AIP VFR WEB
Military air bases
Aalborg / Nørresundby North Jutland (Nordjylland) EKYT AAL Aalborg Air Base / Air Transport Wing Aalborg AIP VFR 1,440,477
Karup / Herning Mid-Jutland (Midtjylland) EKKA KRP Karup Air Base / Helicopter Wing Karup AIP VFR 135,975

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