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Airports in Austria
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This is a list of airports in Austria, sorted by location


Airport names shown in bold indicate the airport has scheduled service on commercial airlines.

City served State ICAO IATA Airport name Coordinates
Aigen im Ennstal Styria LOXA Military Airport Aigen im Ennstal 47°32′09″N 014°08′29″E / 47.53583°N 14.14139°E / 47.53583; 14.14139 (Military Airport Aigen im Ennstal (Aigen im Ennstal))
Bad Vöslau Lower Austria LOAV Vöslau Airfield 47°57′53″N 016°15′39″E / 47.96472°N 16.26083°E / 47.96472; 16.26083 (Vöslau Airfield (Bad Vöslau))
Dobersberg Lower Austria LOAB Dobersberg Airport 48°55′20″N 015°17′49″E / 48.92222°N 15.29694°E / 48.92222; 15.29694 (Dobersberg Airport (Dobersberg))
Dornbirn Vorarlberg LOIH HOH Hohenems-Dornbirn Airport 47°23′04″N 009°41′59″E / 47.38444°N 9.69972°E / 47.38444; 9.69972 (Hohenems-Dornbirn Airport (Dornbirn))
Eferding Upper Austria LOLE Eferding Airport 48°20′20″N 013°59′07″E / 48.33889°N 13.98528°E / 48.33889; 13.98528 (Eferding Airport (Eferding))
Feldkirchen in Kärnten Carinthia LOKF Feldkirchen-Ossiacher See Airport 46°42′30″N 014°04′34″E / 46.70833°N 14.07611°E / 46.70833; 14.07611 (Feldkirchen-Ossiacher See Airport (Feldkirchen))
Ferlach Carinthia LOKG Glainach-Ferlach Airport 46°31′58″N 014°19′51″E / 46.53278°N 14.33083°E / 46.53278; 14.33083 (Glainach-Ferlach Airport (Ferlach))
Freistadt Upper Austria LOLF Freistadt Airport 48°30′50″N 014°24′23″E / 48.51389°N 14.40639°E / 48.51389; 14.40639 (Freistadt Airport (Freistadt))
Friesach Carinthia LOKH Friesach-Hirth Airport 46°55′39″N 014°25′55″E / 46.92750°N 14.43194°E / 46.92750; 14.43194 (Friesach-Hirth Airport (Friesach))
Fürstenfeld Styria LOGF Fürstenfeld Airport 47°03′43″N 016°05′02″E / 47.06194°N 16.08389°E / 47.06194; 16.08389 (Fürstenfeld Airport (Fürstenfeld))
Gmunden Upper Austria LOLU Gmunden Laarkirchen Airport 47°57′06″N 013°52′02″E / 47.95167°N 13.86722°E / 47.95167; 13.86722 (Gmunden Laarkirchen Airport (Gmunden))
Graz Styria LOWG GRZ Graz Airport 46°59′27″N 015°26′22″E / 46.99083°N 15.43944°E / 46.99083; 15.43944 (Graz Airport)
Hofkirchen im Traunkreis Upper Austria LOLH Hofkirchen Airport 48°08′21″N 014°20′09″E / 48.13917°N 14.33583°E / 48.13917; 14.33583 (Hofkirchen Airport (Hofkirchen im Traunkreis))
Innsbruck Tyrol LOWI INN Innsbruck Airport 47°15′36″N 011°20′38″E / 47.26000°N 11.34389°E / 47.26000; 11.34389 (Innsbruck Airport)
Kapfenberg Styria LOGK Kapfenberg Airport 47°27′27″N 015°19′54″E / 47.45750°N 15.33167°E / 47.45750; 15.33167 (Kapfenberg Airport (Kapfenberg))
Klagenfurt Carinthia LOWK KLU Klagenfurt Airport (Kärnten Airport) 46°38′33″N 014°20′15″E / 46.64250°N 14.33750°E / 46.64250; 14.33750 (Klagenfurt Airport)
Krems an der Donau Lower Austria LOAG Krems-Langenlois Airport 48°26′46″N 015°38′02″E / 48.44611°N 15.63389°E / 48.44611; 15.63389 (Krems-Langenlois Airport (Krems))
Kufstein Tyrol LOIK Kufstein-Langkampfen Airport 47°33′53″N 012°07′38″E / 47.56472°N 12.12722°E / 47.56472; 12.12722 (Kufstein-Langkampfen Airport (Kufstein))
Leopoldsdorf im Marchfelde Lower Austria LOAL Leopoldsdorf im Marchfelde Airport 48°13′35″N 016°40′22″E / 48.22639°N 16.67278°E / 48.22639; 16.67278 (Leopoldsdorf im Marchfelde Airport (Leopoldsdorf im Marchfelde))
Lienz Tyrol LOKL Lienz-Nikolsdorf Airport 46°47′53″N 012°52′41″E / 46.79806°N 12.87806°E / 46.79806; 12.87806 (Lienz-Nikolsdorf Airport (Lienz))
Linz Upper Austria LOWL LNZ Linz Airport (blue danube airport linz) 48°13′59″N 014°11′15″E / 48.23306°N 14.18750°E / 48.23306; 14.18750 (Linz Airport)
Linz Upper Austria LOLO Linz-East Airport 48°17′57″N 014°20′04″E / 48.29917°N 14.33444°E / 48.29917; 14.33444 (Linz-East Airport (Linz))
Mariazell Styria LOGM Mariazell Airport 47°47′23″N 015°18′01″E / 47.78972°N 15.30028°E / 47.78972; 15.30028 (Mariazell Airport (Mariazell))
Mauterndorf Salzburg LOSM Mauterndorf Airport 47°07′55″N 013°41′45″E / 47.13194°N 13.69583°E / 47.13194; 13.69583 (Mauterndorf Airport (Mauterndorf))
Mayerhofen Carinthia LOKM Mayerhofen Airport 46°58′30″N 014°22′16″E / 46.97500°N 14.37111°E / 46.97500; 14.37111 (Mayerhofen Airport (Mayerhofen))
Micheldorf Upper Austria LOLM Micheldorf Airport 47°52′18″N 014°07′31″E / 47.87167°N 14.12528°E / 47.87167; 14.12528 (Micheldorf Airport (Micheldorf))
Niederöblarn Styria LOGO Niederöblarn Airport 47°28′44″N 014°00′26″E / 47.47889°N 14.00722°E / 47.47889; 14.00722 (Niederöblarn Airport (Niederöblarn))
Nötsch im Gailtal Carinthia LOKN Nötsch im Gailtal Airport 46°34′50″N 013°37′48″E / 46.58056°N 13.63000°E / 46.58056; 13.63000 (Nötsch im Gailtal Airport (Nötsch im Gailtal))
Ottenschlag Lower Austria LOAA Ottenschlag Airport 48°25′07″N 015°12′55″E / 48.41861°N 15.21528°E / 48.41861; 15.21528 (Ottenschlag Airport (Ottenschlag))
Pinkafeld Burgenland LOGP Pinkafeld Airport 47°23′12″N 016°06′46″E / 47.38667°N 16.11278°E / 47.38667; 16.11278 (Pinkafeld Airport (Pinkafeld))
Punitz Burgenland LOGG Punitz-Güssing Airport 47°08′49″N 016°19′00″E / 47.14694°N 16.31667°E / 47.14694; 16.31667 (Punitz-Güssing Airport (Punitz))
Retz Lower Austria LOAR Retzer Land Heliport 48°45′16″N 015°57′44″E / 48.75444°N 15.96222°E / 48.75444; 15.96222 (Retzer Land Heliport (Retz))
Reutte Tyrol LOIR Reutte-Höfen Airport 47°28′16″N 010°41′30″E / 47.47111°N 10.69167°E / 47.47111; 10.69167 (Reutte-Höfen Airport (Reutte))
Ried im Innkreis Upper Austria LOLK Ried-Kirchheim Airport 48°12′44″N 013°20′45″E / 48.21222°N 13.34583°E / 48.21222; 13.34583 (Ried-Kirchheim Airport (Ried im Innkreis))
Salzburg Salzburg LOWS SZG Salzburg Airport (Salzburg Airport W.A. Mozart) 47°47′35″N 013°00′15″E / 47.79306°N 13.00417°E / 47.79306; 13.00417 (Salzburg Airport)
Sankt Georgen am Ybbsfelde Lower Austria LOLG Sankt Georgen Airport 48°06′11″N 014°57′03″E / 48.10306°N 14.95083°E / 48.10306; 14.95083 (Sankt Georgen Airport (Sankt Georgen am Ybbsfelde))
Sankt Johann in Tirol Tyrol LOIJ Sankt Johann Airport 47°31′13″N 012°26′58″E / 47.52028°N 12.44944°E / 47.52028; 12.44944 (Sankt Johann Airport (Sankt Johann in Tirol))
Sankt Johann in Tirol Tyrol LOIT Sankt Johann in Tirol Heliport 47°31′15″N 012°25′47″E / 47.52083°N 12.42972°E / 47.52083; 12.42972 (Sankt Johann in Tirol Heliport (Sankt Johann in Tirol))
Schärding Upper Austria LOLS Schärding-Suben Airport 48°24′11″N 013°26′54″E / 48.40306°N 13.44833°E / 48.40306; 13.44833 (Schärding-Suben Airport (Schärding))
Scharnstein Upper Austria LOLC Scharnstein Airport 47°53′52″N 013°56′18″E / 47.89778°N 13.93833°E / 47.89778; 13.93833 (Scharnstein Airport (Scharnstein))
Schruns Vorarlberg LOIY Heliport Sanatorium Dr. Schenk 47°04′26″N 009°54′48″E / 47.07389°N 9.91333°E / 47.07389; 9.91333 (Heliport Sanatorium Dr. Schenk (Schruns))
Schwaz Tyrol LOXS Schwaz Heliport 47°20′06″N 011°41′51″E / 47.33500°N 11.69750°E / 47.33500; 11.69750 (Schwaz Heliport (Schwaz))
Seitenstetten Lower Austria LOLT Seitenstetten Airport 48°03′00″N 014°39′45″E / 48.05000°N 14.66250°E / 48.05000; 14.66250 (Seitenstetten Airport (Seitenstetten))
Spitzerberg Lower Austria LOAS Spitzerberg Airport 48°05′56″N 016°56′00″E / 48.09889°N 16.93333°E / 48.09889; 16.93333 (Spitzerberg Airport (Spitzerberg))
Stockerau Lower Austria LOAU Stockerau Airport 48°24′33″N 016°11′28″E / 48.40917°N 16.19111°E / 48.40917; 16.19111 (Stockerau Airport (Stockerau))
Timmersdorf Styria LOGT Leoben/Timmersdorf Airfield 47°22′47″N 014°57′50″E / 47.37972°N 14.96389°E / 47.37972; 14.96389 (Leoben/Timmersdorf Airfield (Timmersdorf))
Trausdorf an der Wulka Burgenland LOAT Trausdorf Airport 47°47′58″N 016°33′28″E / 47.79944°N 16.55778°E / 47.79944; 16.55778 (Trausdorf Airport (Trausdorf an der Wulka))
Tulln an der Donau Lower Austria LOXT Brumowski Air Base 48°19′10″N 016°06′51″E / 48.31944°N 16.11417°E / 48.31944; 16.11417 (Military Airport Langenlebarn/Tulln (Tulln))
Turnau Styria LOGL Lanzen-Turnau Airport 47°33′23″N 015°19′18″E / 47.55639°N 15.32167°E / 47.55639; 15.32167 (Lanzen-Turnau Airport (Turnau))
Vienna (Wien) Lower Austria LOWW VIE Vienna International Airport (Wien-Schwechat Airport) 48°06′37″N 016°34′11″E / 48.11028°N 16.56972°E / 48.11028; 16.56972 (Vienna International Airport)
Völtendorf Lower Austria LOAD Völtendorf Airport 48°09′37″N 015°35′16″E / 48.16028°N 15.58778°E / 48.16028; 15.58778 (Völtendorf Airport (Völtendorf))
Weiz Styria LOGW Weiz-Unterfladnitz Airport 47°10′12″N 015°39′52″E / 47.17000°N 15.66444°E / 47.17000; 15.66444 (Weiz-Unterfladnitz Airport (Weiz))
Wels Upper Austria LOLW Wels Airport 48°11′02″N 014°02′24″E / 48.18389°N 14.04000°E / 48.18389; 14.04000 (Wels Airport (Wels))
Wiener Neustadt Lower Austria LOAN Wiener Neustadt East Airport 47°50′36″N 016°15′36″E / 47.84333°N 16.26000°E / 47.84333; 16.26000 (Wiener Neustadt East Airport)
Wiener Neustadt Lower Austria LOXN Wiener Neustadt West Airport 47°50′27″N 016°13′18″E / 47.84083°N 16.22167°E / 47.84083; 16.22167 (Wiener Neustadt West Airport (Wien))
Wolfsberg Carinthia LOKW Wolfsberg Airport 46°49′04″N 014°49′30″E / 46.81778°N 14.82500°E / 46.81778; 14.82500 (Wolfsberg Airport (Wolfsberg))
Zell am See Salzburg LOWZ Zell am See Airport 47°17′29″N 012°47′24″E / 47.29139°N 12.79000°E / 47.29139; 12.79000 (Zell am See Airport (Zell am See))
Zeltweg Styria LOXZ Zeltweg Air Base 47°12′09″N 014°44′39″E / 47.20250°N 14.74417°E / 47.20250; 14.74417 (Zeltweg Air Base)

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