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The Royal Norwegian Navy is the branch of the Norwegian Armed Forces responsible for naval operations of the state of Norway. As of 2008, the RNoN consists of approximately 3,700 personnel (9,450 in mobilized state, 32,000 when fully mobilized) and 69 vessels, including 4 frigates, 6 submarines, 6 corvettes, 3 minesweepers, 3 minehunters, 3 support vessels and 2 training vessels. The navy also includes the Coast Guard.

In Norwegian, Royal Norwegian Navy vessels have since 1946 been given the ship prefix "KNM", short for Kongelig Norske Marine (Royal Norwegian Navy). In English, they are given the prefix "HNoMS", short for "His/Her Norwegian Majesty's Ship" ("HNMS" could be also used for the Royal Netherlands Navy, for which "HNLMS" is used instead). Coast Guard vessels are given the prefix "KV" for KystVakt (Coast Guard) in Norwegian and "NoCGV" for Norwegian Coast Guard Vessel in English.


Surface combatants

The fate of HNoMS Helge Ingstad is unknown, as it lies on the bottom of a fjord outside of Bergen, Norway. But the plan as of now is to secure it and attempt to freight it to Haakonsvern Naval Base

Type Class Displacement Name Pennant number Commissioned Namesake
KNM Otto Sverdrup in Trondheim.jpg Frigates
Fridtjof Nansen class 5,290
HNoMS Fridtjof Nansen F310 2006 Fridtjof Nansen
HNoMS Roald Amundsen F311 2007 Roald Amundsen
HNoMS Otto Sverdrup F312 2008 Otto Sverdrup
HNoMS Thor Heyerdahl F314 2011 Thor Heyerdahl
P965 KNM Gnist.jpg Corvettes
Skjold class 274
HNoMS Skjold P960 1999
HNoMS Storm P961 2010
HNoMS Skudd P962 2010
HNoMS Steil P963 2011
HNoMS Glimt P964 2012
HNoMS Gnist P965 2012


The submarine flotilla is planned to be replaced/updated with four new submarines in 2025. Norway has joined forces with Germany to develop the new submarines based upon the german 212-class branch of submarines[1].

Type Class Displacement Name Pennant number Commissioned Namesake
The Norwegian ULA class submarine Utstein (KNM 302) participates in NATO exercise Odin-One.jpg Submarines
Ula class 1,040

HNoMS Ula S300 1988 Ula
HNoMS Utsira S301 1991 Utsira
HNoMS Utstein S302 1991 Utstein Abbey
HNoMS Utvær S303 1990 Utvær
HNoMS Uthaug S304 1991 Uthaug
HNoMS Uredd S305 1990 HNoMS Uredd

Mine countermeasures vessels

Type Class Displacement Name Pennant number Commissioned Namesake
KNM Måløy - M342.jpg Minehunter
Oksøy class 375
HNoMS Karmøy M341 1994 Karmøy
HNoMS Måløy M342 1995 Måløy
HNoMS Hinnøy M343 1995 Hinnøy
M352 River Clyde.jpg Minesweeper
Alta class 375
HNoMS Alta M350 1996 Altaelva
HNoMS Otra M351 1996 Otra
HNoMS Rauma M352 1996 Rauma

Auxiliary ships

It was decided that due to delays on HNoMS Maud the two former inner coast guard vessels NoCGV Olav Tryggvason and NoCGV Magnus Lagabøte (both from the Reine-Class), would be transferred to the navy as auxiliary vessels.

Type Class Displacement Name Pennant number Commissioned Namesake
Knm muad.jpg AOR
 Maud class 27,500
HNoMS Maud A530 2019 Queen Maud of Norway
P381.magnus.lagabote.side.jpg Patrol boat
Reine class 760
HNoMS Olav Tryggvason A536 2010 Olav Tryggvason
HNoMS Magnus Lagabøte A537 2011 Magnus Lagabøte
KS Norge.jpg Royal yacht
HNoMY Norge A553 1948 Norway

Coast Guard

Outer Coast Guard

Type Class Displacement Name Pennant number Commissioned Namesake
Tromsø 2013 06 05 2429 (10119090244).jpg OPV
NoCGV Svalbard W303 2001 Svalbard
NoCGV Ålesund in Bergen.jpg OPV
NoCGV Ålesund W312 1997-2014 Ålesund
NoCGV Harstad W318 2005 Harstad
KV Nordkapp in Bodø 2.JPG OPVs
Nordkapp class 3,320
NoCGV Nordkapp W320 1980 North Cape
NoCGV Senja W321 1980 Senja
NoCGV Andenes W322 1981 Andenes
KV Bergen 01.jpg OPVs
Barentshav class 4,000
NoCGV Barentshav W340 2009 Barents Sea
NoCGV Bergen W341 2010 Bergen
NoCGV Sortland W342 2010 Sortland

Inner Coast Guard

Type Class Displacement Name Pennant number Commissioned Namesake
KV Njord in Trondheim 02.jpg Patrol boats
Nornen class 675
NoCGV Nornen W330 2007 Norns
NoCGV Farm W331 2007 Odin
NoCGV Heimdal W332 2007 Heimdallr
NoCGV Njord W333 2007 Njörðr
NoCGV Tor W334 2007 Thor

Intelligence Service

Type Class Displacement Name Pennant number Commissioned Namesake
FS Marjata in Kirkenes.JPG ELINT
FS Eger[nb 1]   1995  




  FS Marjata   2016  


  • Royal Norwegian Navy Official web site
  1. ^ Renamed "Eger" in 2016 and will be put back into service in 2017. Previously known as Marjata 3
  1. ^ Forsvaret. "Ula-class". Retrieved 2018-05-16.
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