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USS Long Island (CVE-1)

This is a list of escort aircraft carriers of the United States Navy. For classes, see list of aircraft carrier classes of the United States Navy.

Note that many of the lower-numbered carriers were transferred to the Royal Navy, where they received new names. For instance, USS Breton (CVE-10) became HMS Chaser (D32). The new names are mentioned in each article individually.

Name Hull number Notes
AVG-1/BAVG-1 Became HMS Archer (D78)
AVG-2/BAVG-2 Became HMS Avenger (D14)
AVG-3/BAVG-3 Became HMS Biter (D97) later French Navy Dixmude
AVG-4/BAVG-4 Became HMS Charger (D27) briefly, returned to USN as USS Charger (CVE-30)
AVG-5/BAVG-5 Became HMS Dasher (D37)
BAVG-6 Became HMS Tracker (D24)
Long Island CVE-1
Altamaha CVE-6 Became HMS Battler (D18), Lead ship of Bogue class
Barnes CVE-7 Became HMS Attacker (D02)
Block Island CVE-8 Became HMS Hunter (D80)
Bogue CVE-9
Breton CVE-10 Became HMS Chaser (D32)
Card CVE-11
Copahee CVE-12
Core CVE-13
Croatan CVE-14 Became HMS Fencer (D64)
Hamlin CVE-15 Became HMS Stalker (D91)
Nassau CVE-16
St. George CVE-17 Became HMS Pursuer (D73)
Altamaha CVE-18
Prince William CVE-19 Became HMS Striker (D12)
Barnes CVE-20
Block Island CVE-21
CVE-22 Became HMS Searcher (D40)
Breton CVE-23
unnumbered Became HMS Ravager (D70)
Croatan CVE-25 Last ship, first group of Bogue class
Sangamon CVE-26 Lead ship of her class (Converted from Cimarron-class oiler)
Suwannee CVE-27
Chenango CVE-28
Santee CVE-29 Last ship of Sangamon class
Charger CVE-30 Same ship as AVG-4 and HMS Charger (D27)
Prince William CVE-31 First ship, second group of Bogue class
Chatham CVE-32 Became HMS Slinger (D26)
Glacier CVE-33 Became HMS Atheling (D51)
Pybus CVE-34 Became HMS Emperor (D98)
Baffins CVE-35 Became HMS Ameer (D01)
Bolinas CVE-36 Became HMS Begum (D38)
Bastian CVE-37 Became HMS Trumpeter (D09)
Carnegie CVE-38 Became HMS Empress (D42)
Cordova CVE-39 Became HMS Khedive (D62)
Delgada CVE-40 Became HMS Speaker (D90)
Edisto CVE-41 Became HMS Nabob (D77)
Estero CVE-42 Became HMS Premier (D23)
Jamaica CVE-43 Became HMS Shah (D21)
Keweenaw CVE-44 Became HMS Patroller (D07)
Prince CVE-45 Became HMS Rajah (D10)
Niantic CVE-46 Became HMS Ranee (D03)
Perdido CVE-47 Became HMS Trouncer (D85)
Sunset CVE-48 Became HMS Thane (D48)
St. Andrews CVE-49 Became HMS Queen (D19)
St. Joseph CVE-50 Became HMS Ruler (D72)
St. Simon CVE-51 Became HMS Arbiter (D31)
Vermillion CVE-52 Became HMS Smiter (D55)
Willapa CVE-53 Became HMS Puncher (D79)
Winjah CVE-54 Became HMS Reaper (D82), Last ship of Bogue class.
Casablanca CVE-55 Lead Ship of her class
Liscome Bay CVE-56
Anzio CVE-57 Originally named Alikula Bay, commissioned as Coral Sea (1943-1944), renamed Anzio (1944-1959)
Corregidor CVE-58
Mission Bay CVE-59
Guadalcanal CVE-60
Manila Bay CVE-61
Natoma Bay CVE-62
Midway CVE-63
Tripoli CVE-64
Wake Island CVE-65
White Plains CVE-66
Solomons CVE-67
Kalinin Bay CVE-68
Kasaan Bay CVE-69
Fanshaw Bay CVE-70
Kitkun Bay CVE-71
Tulagi CVE-72
Gambier Bay CVE-73
Nehenta Bay CVE-74
Hoggatt Bay CVE-75
Kadashan Bay CVE-76
Marcus Island CVE-77
Savo Island CVE-78
Ommaney Bay CVE-79
Petrof Bay CVE-80
Rudyerd Bay CVE-81
Saginaw Bay CVE-82
Sargent Bay CVE-83
Shamrock Bay CVE-84
Shipley Bay CVE-85
Sitkoh Bay CVE-86
Steamer Bay CVE-87
Cape Esperance CVE-88
Takanis Bay CVE-89
Thetis Bay CVE-90
Makassar Strait CVE-91
Windham Bay CVE-92
Makin Island CVE-93
Lunga Point CVE-94
Bismarck Sea CVE-95
Salamaua CVE-96
Hollandia CVE-97
Kwajalein CVE-98
Admiralty Islands CVE-99
Bougainville CVE-100
Matanikau CVE-101
Attu CVE-102
Roi CVE-103
Munda CVE-104 Last ship of Casablanca class
Commencement Bay CVE-105 Lead ship of her class
Block Island CVE-106
Gilbert Islands CVE-107
Kula Gulf CVE-108
Cape Gloucester CVE-109
Salerno Bay CVE-110
Vella Gulf CVE-111
Siboney CVE-112
Puget Sound CVE-113
Rendova CVE-114
Bairoko CVE-115
Badoeng Strait CVE-116
Saidor CVE-117
Sicily CVE-118
Point Cruz CVE-119
Mindoro CVE-120
Rabaul CVE-121
Palau CVE-122
Tinian CVE-123
Bastogne CVE-124 Cancelled
Eniwetok CVE-125
Lingayen CVE-126
Okinawa CVE-127
Unnamed CVE-128
CVE-139 Cancelled / Last ship of Commencement Bay class

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Notes and references

  • The Ships and Aircraft of the U.S. Fleet, by James C. Fahey, Associate, United States Naval Institute, 1945 (Victory Edition)
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