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List of U-boat flotillas contains lists of the German U-boat flotillas in the two World Wars. The bases shown here are the ones at which the flotillas spent most of their career. During World War II, submarine flotillas were often tactically deployed, in contrast to the surface flotillas of the Kriegsmarine which were mainly administrative.

World War I

This list contains the German U-boats flotillas during the First World War.

U-boat flotillas of World War I
Name Type Base
High Seas Fleet Flotillas * Wilhelmshaven
Flanders Flotillas * Bruges
Pola Flotilla (Adriatic) * Pula, Cattaro
Kurland Flotilla Baltic Sea * Libau
Constantinople Flotilla (Black Sea) * Constantinople

World War II

This list contains the German U-boats flotillas during the Second World War. After 1941, the U-boat flotillas were in turn organized into U-boat regions.

U-boat flotillas of World War II
Name Type Base
1st U-boat Flotilla Combat Brest
2nd U-boat Flotilla Combat Lorient
3rd U-boat Flotilla Combat La Rochelle
4th U-boat Flotilla Training Stettin
5th U-boat Flotilla Training Kiel
6th U-boat Flotilla Combat St. Nazaire
7th U-boat Flotilla Combat St. Nazaire
8th U-boat Flotilla Training Danzig
9th U-boat Flotilla Combat Brest
10th U-boat Flotilla Combat Lorient
11th U-boat Flotilla Combat Bergen
12th U-boat Flotilla Combat Bordeaux
13th U-boat Flotilla Combat Trondheim
14th U-boat Flotilla Combat Narvik
18th U-boat Flotilla Training Hela
19th U-boat Flotilla Training Pillau
20th U-boat Flotilla Training Pillau
21st U-boat Flotilla Training Pillau
22nd U-boat Flotilla Training Gotenhafen
23rd U-boat Flotilla Combat/Training Salamis/Danzig
24th U-boat Flotilla Training Memel
25th U-boat Flotilla Training Libau
26th U-boat Flotilla Training Pillau
27th U-boat Flotilla Training Gotenhafen
29th U-boat Flotilla Combat La Spezia
30th U-boat Flotilla Combat Konstanza
31st U-boat Flotilla Training Hamburg
32nd U-boat Flotilla Training Königsberg
33rd U-boat Flotilla Combat Flensburg

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