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The Apprentice, later called The Celebrity Apprentice, is an American reality television show created by Mark Burnett in which candidates compete to become Donald Trump's apprentice, as determined by Trump and his boardroom associates. The series first broadcast in 2004, and twelve complete seasons have aired on NBC as of May 2012. Each season, competitors are progressively eliminated based on their performance during an assigned task. After each task, the winning team receives a reward, while the losing team faces a boardroom showdown in order to determine which team member should be fired, and therefore eliminated from the show. Trump hires one of the finalists to be his apprentice. Starting with season 7, celebrities participated as a way to revitalize the series, with the winners donating their proceeds to charity.[1] Trump departed the series after the fourteenth season to focus on his 2016 presidential campaign, in which actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger would now serve as host of the series. The fifteenth season, featuring Schwarzenegger was branded as The New Celebrity Apprentice.[2][3]

As of season 14, 229 candidates have competed, one of whom has competed three times—Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth competed in both season 1, season 7, and season 13.[4] The youngest competitors include Jessie Connors and Chris Shelton, who appeared on the show at age 21. At age 75, Joan Rivers of season 8 was the oldest candidate to both appear on the show and win the competition. There have been six instances in which a candidate left The Apprentice for reasons other than being eliminated by Trump. Overcome by stress, Verna Felton of season 3 "just packed up and walked out".[5] Michelle Sorro of season 6 quit after determining that the competition was "too much" and "not worth it".[6] Actor Vincent Pastore of season 7 resigned due to a conflict with Piers Morgan.[7] Olympic sprinter Michael Johnson of season 9 quit due to a personal family situation.[8] During season 11, baseball player Jose Canseco quit due to his father's illness and NeNe Leakes left due to a conflict with Star Jones. The fifteen winners of the show, in chronological order, are Bill Rancic, Kelly Perdew, Kendra Todd, Randal Pinkett, Sean Yazbeck, Stefanie Schaeffer, Piers Morgan, Joan Rivers, Bret Michaels, Brandy Kuentzel, John Rich, Arsenio Hall, Trace Adkins (the first All-Star Celebrity Apprentice), Leeza Gibbons, and Matt Iseman.


Bill Rancic, winner of season 1
A woman in a back suit sitting in front of a desk with scattered papers
Kendra Todd, winner of season 3
A man with his eyes closed, singing into a microphone, and playing an acoustic guitar. He is wearing a cowboy hat with blue jeans and a sleeveless blue dress shirt. A large American flag appears in the background, as do two band members.
Trace Adkins, runner-up of season 7
A woman with shoulder-length brown hair wearing a black jacket and jewelry, with white earphones hanging from her ears to the iPod that sits on the poker table in front of her. On the table are poker chips, cards, a soda can, and a small bottle of water.
Annie Duke, runner-up of season 8
A woman with short blond hair wearing black except for a sparkly orange jacket with earrings. She is holding a microphone, and next to her is a microphone stand with an orange boa hanging from it.
Joan Rivers, winner of season 8
John Rich, winner of season 11
Omarosa has competed on all three different versions of the show.
  Contestant participated for a second time.
  Contestant participated for a third time.
Season Name Team[I] Age[II] Hometown Finish
1 David Gould Versacorp 31 New York City, New York 16th
1 Jason Curis Versacorp 23 Detroit, Michigan 15th
1 Sam Solovey Versacorp 27 Chevy Chase, Maryland 14th
1 Bowie Hogg Versacorp 25 Dallas, Texas 13th
1 Kristi Frank Protégé 30 Santa Monica, California 12th
1 Jessie Connors Protégé 21 New Richmond, Wisconsin 11th
1 Tammy Lee Protégé 36 Seattle, Washington 10th
1 Ereka Vetrini Protégé 27 New York City, New York 9th
1 Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth Protégé 29 Washington, D.C. 8th
1 Heidi Bressler Protégé 30 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 7th
1 Katrina Campins Protégé 24 Coral Gables, Florida 6th
1 Troy McClain Versacorp 32 Boise, Idaho 5th
1 Nick Warnock Versacorp 27 Los Angeles, California 4th
1 Amelia "Amy" Henry Protégé 30 Austin, Texas 3rd
1 Kwame Jackson Versacorp 29 New York City, New York 2nd
1 Bill Rancic Versacorp 32 Chicago, Illinois 1st
2 Rob Flanagan Mosaic 32 Frisco, Texas 18th
2 Bradford Cohen Apex 33 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 17th
2 Stacie Jones Upchurch Apex 35 New York City, New York 16th
2 Jennifer Crisafulli Apex 31 New York City, New York 15th
2 Pamela Day Mosaic 32 San Francisco, California 14th
2 John Willenborg Mosaic 24 San Francisco, California 13th
2 Stacy Rotner Apex 26 New York City, New York 12th
2 Elizabeth Jarosz Apex 31 Marina del Ray, California 11th
2 Raj Bhakta Mosaic 28 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 10th
2 Chris Russo Mosaic 30 Long Island, New York 9th
2 Maria Boren Apex 31 Virginia Beach, Virginia 8th
2 Wes Moss Mosaic 28 Atlanta, Georgia 7th
2 Andy Litinsky Mosaic 23 Boca Raton, Florida 6th
2 Ivana Ma Apex 28 Boston, Massachusetts 5th
2 Kevin Allen Mosaic 29 Chicago, Illinois 4th
2 Sandy Ferreira Apex 28 Rockville, Maryland 3rd
2 Jennifer Massey Apex 30 San Francisco, California 2nd
2 Kelly Perdew Mosaic 37 Carlsbad, California 1st
3 Todd Everett Magna 34 Carlsbad, California 18th
3 Brian McDowell Net Worth 29 Wildwood, New Jersey 17th
3 Verna Felton Magna 31 Seattle, Washington 16th
3 Danny Kastner Magna 39 Boston, Massachusetts 15th
3 Kristen Kirchner Net Worth 31 Los Angeles, California 14th
3 Michael Tarshi Magna 25 Andover, Massachusetts 13th
3 Tara Dowdell Net Worth 28 New York City, New York 12th
3 Audrey Evans Net Worth 22 Salt Lake City, Utah 11th
3 John Gafford Net Worth 32 Tampa, Florida 10th
3 Erin Elmore Magna 26 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 9th
3 Stephanie Myers Magna 29 San Diego, California 8th
3 Angie McKnight Net Worth 41 Lake Balboa, California 7th
3 Chris Shelton Net Worth 21 Las Vegas, Nevada 6th
3 Bren Olswanger Magna 32 Memphis, Tennessee 5th
3 Alex Thomason Magna 29 Seattle, Washington 4th
3 Craig Williams Net Worth 37 Conley, Georgia 3rd
3 Tana Goertz Net Worth 37 West Des Moines, Iowa 2nd
3 Kendra Todd Magna 26 Boynton Beach, Florida 1st
4 Melissa Holovach Capital Edge 30 Tampa, Florida 18th
4 Chris Valletta Excel 27 Dallas, Texas 17th
4 Jennifer Wallen Capital Edge 31 Anthem, Arizona 16th
4 Toral Mehta Capital Edge 29 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 15th
4 Kristi Caudell Capital Edge 24 Gainesville, Georgia 14th
4 James Dillon Excel 27 Alexandria, Virginia 13th[III]
4 Mark Lamkin Excel 35 Louisville, Kentucky 13th[III]
4 Jennifer Murphy Capital Edge 26 Los Angeles, California 13th[III]
4 Josh Shaw Excel 30 New York City, New York 13th[III]
4 Markus Garrison Excel 41 Satasota, Florida 9th
4 Brian Mandelbaum Excel 23 New York City, New York 8th
4 Marshawn Evans Capital Edge 26 Atlanta, Georgia 7th
4 Clay Lee Excel 28 College Station, Texas 6th
4 Adam Israelov Excel 22 Atlanta, Georgia 5th
4 Felisha Mason Capital Edge 29 Kansas City, Missouri 4th
4 Alla Wartenberg Capital Edge 31 Las Vegas, Nevada 3rd
4 Rebecca Jarvis Capital Edge 23 Chicago, Illinois 2nd
4 Randal Pinkett Excel 34 Somerset, New Jersey 1st
5 Summer Zervos Gold Rush 30 Huntington Beach, California 18th
5 Stacy Schneider Synergy 38 New York City, New York 17th
5 Jose "Pepi" Diaz Synergy 25 Miami, Florida 16th
5 Theresa Boutross Gold Rush 36 Barrington, Illinois 15th
5 Brent Buckman Synergy 30 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 14th
5 Dan Brody Gold Rush 31 New Milford, New Jersey 13th
5 Bryce Gahagan Gold Rush 28 Kansas City, Missouri 12th
5 Lenny Veltman Gold Rush 37 East Brunswick, New Jersey 11th
5 Leslie Bourgeois Gold Rush 28 Houma, Louisiana 10th
5 Andrea Lake Synergy 31 San Diego, California 9th
5 Charmaine Hunt Gold Rush 27 Nashville, Tennessee 8th
5 Tarek Saab Gold Rush 27 New Bedford, Massachusetts 7th
5 Michael Laungani Synergy 29 Chicago, Illinois 6th
5 Tammy Trenta Synergy 33 Edison, New Jersey 5th
5 Roxanne Wilson Synergy 26 Austin, Texas 4th[IV]
5 Allie Jablon Synergy 30 Columbia, South Carolina 4th[IV]
5 Lee Bienstock Gold Rush 22 Brooklyn, New York 2nd
5 Sean Yazbeck Synergy 33 Miami, Florida 1st
6 Martin Clarke Arrow 37 Atlanta, Georgia 18th
6 Carey Sherrell Arrow 25 Atlanta, Georgia 17th
6 Michelle Sorro Arrow 34 Los Angeles, California 16th
6 Marisa DeMato Kinetic 28 Wellington, Florida 15th
6 Aaron Altscher Arrow 25 Fredericksburg, Virginia 14th
6 Aimee Trottier Kinetic 32 Chicago, Illinois 13th
6 Derek Arteta Kinetic 34 Los Angeles, California 12th
6 Jenn Hoffman Kinetic 26 Phoenix, Arizona 11th
6 Surya Yalamanchili Kinetic 24 Cincinnati, Ohio 10th
6 Muna Heaven Kinetic 28 Matawan, New Jersey 9th
6 Angela Ruggiero Kinetic 26 Panorama City, California 8th
6 Tim Urban Arrow 25 Boston, Massachusetts 7th
6 Heidi Androl Kinetic 26 Santa Monica, California 6th
6 Kristine Lefebvre Kinetic 37 Studio City, California 5th
6 Frank Lombardi Arrow 27 The Bronx, New York 4th
6 Nicole D'Ambrosio Arrow 25 Chicago, Illinois 3rd
6 James Sun Arrow 29 Seattle, Washington 2nd
6 Stefanie Schaeffer Arrow 32 Los Angeles, California 1st
7 Tiffany Fallon Empresario 33 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 14th
7 Nadia Comăneci Empresario 46 Oneşti, Romania 13th
7 Gene Simmons Hydra 58 New York City, New York 12th
7 Jennie Finch Empresario 27 La Mirada, California 11th
7 Vincent Pastore Hydra 61 The Bronx, New York 10th
7 Nely Galán Empresario 44 Santa Clara, Cuba 9th
7 Marilu Henner Empresario 55 Chicago, Illinois 8th
7 Tito Ortiz Hydra 32 Huntington Beach, California 7th
7 Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth Empresario 33 Washington, D.C. 6th
7 Stephen Baldwin Hydra 41 Massapequa, New York 5th
7 Lennox Lewis Hydra 42 London, England 4th
7 Carol Alt Empresario 47 East Williston, New York 3rd
7 Trace Adkins Hydra 45 Sarepta, Louisiana 2nd
7 Piers Morgan Hydra 42 Newick, England 1st
8 Andrew "Dice" Clay KOTU 51 Brooklyn, New York 16th
8 Scott Hamilton KOTU 50 Nashville, Tennessee 15th
8 Tom Green KOTU 37 Pembroke, Ontario 14th
8 Claudia Jordan Athena 35 Providence, Rhode Island 13th
8 Dennis Rodman KOTU 48 Trenton, New Jersey 12th
8 Tionne Watkins Athena 38 Atlanta, Georgia 11th
8 Khloé Kardashian Athena 24 Los Angeles, California 10th
8 Brian McKnight KOTU 39 Buffalo, New York 9th
8 Natalie Gulbis Athena 26 Sacramento, California 8th
8 Herschel Walker KOTU 47 Wrightsville, Georgia 7th
8 Melissa Rivers Athena 41 Brooklyn, New York 6th
8 Clint Black KOTU 47 Long Branch, New Jersey 5th
8 Brande Roderick Athena 34 Novato, California 4th
8 Jesse James KOTU 39 Lynwood, California 3rd
8 Annie Duke Athena 43 Los Angeles, California 2nd
8 Joan Rivers Athena 75 Brooklyn, New York 1st
9 Carol Leifer Tenacity 53 Long Island, New York 14th
9 Sinbad Rocksolid 53 Benton Harbor, Michigan 13th
9 Darryl Strawberry Rocksolid 47 Los Angeles, California 12th
9 Rod Blagojevich Rocksolid 53 Chicago, Illinois 11th
9 Michael Johnson Rocksolid 42 Dallas, Texas 10th
9 Selita Ebanks Tenacity 26 George Town, Cayman Islands 9th
9 Bill Goldberg Rocksolid 42 Bonsall, California 8th
9 Summer Sanders Tenacity 37 Roseville, California 7th
9 Cyndi Lauper Tenacity 56 Queens, New York 6th
9 Maria Kanellis Tenacity 27 Chicago, Illinois 5th
9 Curtis Stone Rocksolid 37 Melbourne, Australia 4th
9 Sharon Osbourne Tenacity 57 London, England 3rd
9 Holly Robinson Peete Tenacity 45 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2nd
9 Bret Michaels Rocksolid 47 Butler, Pennsylvania 1st
10 Nicole Chiu Fortitude 27 Palos Verdes, California 16th
10 Alex Delgado Octane 43 Santa Ynez, California 15th
10 James Weir Octane 31 New York City, New York 14th
10 Tyana Alvarado Fortitude 41 Miami, Florida 13th
10 Gene Folkes Octane 46 Wylie, Texas 12th
10 Wade Hanson Octane 33 Woodbury, Minnesota 11th
10 Kelly Smith Beaty Fortitude 30 Fayetteville, Georgia 10th
10 Mahsa Saeidi-Azcuy Fortitude 29 Brooklyn, New York 9th
10 David Johnson Octane 34 Portage, Michigan 8th
10 Anand Vasudev Octane 31 Tampa, Florida 7th
10 Poppy Carlig Fortitude 24 Richmond, California 6th
10 Stephanie Castagnier Fortitude 34 Chicago, Illinois 5th
10 Steuart Martens Octane 27 Washington, D.C. 4th
10 Liza Mucheru-Wisner Fortitude 30 Corpus Christi, Texas 3rd
10 Clint Robertson Octane 40 Fort Worth, Texas 2nd
10 Brandy Kuentzel Fortitude 30 San Francisco, California 1st
11 David Cassidy Backbone 60 New York, New York 16th
11 Lisa Rinna A.S.A.P. 47 Medford, Oregon 15th
11 Niki Taylor A.S.A.P. 36 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 14th
11 Dionne Warwick A.S.A.P. 70 East Orange, New Jersey 13th
11 Jose Canseco Backbone 46 Havana, Cuba 12th
11 Richard Hatch Backbone 49 Newport, Rhode Island 11th
11 Mark McGrath Backbone 42 Hartford, Connecticut 10th
11 Gary Busey Backbone 66 Goose Creek, Texas 9th
11 Hope Dworaczyk A.S.A.P. 26 Port Lavaca, Texas 8th
11 NeNe Leakes A.S.A.P. 43 Athens, Georgia 7th
11 La Toya Jackson A.S.A.P. 54 Gary, Indiana 6th
11 Star Jones A.S.A.P. 48 Badin, North Carolina 5th
11 Lil Jon Backbone 40 Atlanta, Georgia 4th
11 Meat Loaf Backbone 63 Dallas, Texas 3rd
11 Marlee Matlin A.S.A.P. 45 Morton Grove, Illinois 2nd
11 John Rich Backbone 37 Amarillo, Texas 1st
12 Cheryl Tiegs Forte 64 Breckenridge, Minnesota 18th
12 Victoria Gotti Forte 48 Brooklyn, New York 17th
12 George Takei Unanimous 74 Los Angeles, California 16th
12 Adam Carolla Unanimous 47 Los Angeles, California 15th
12 Michael Andretti Unanimous 49 Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 14th
12 Tia Carrere Forte 44 Honolulu, Hawaii 13th
12 Patricia Velásquez Forte 40 Zulia, Venezuela 12th
12 Debbie Gibson Forte 41 Brooklyn, New York 11th
12 Dee Snider Unanimous 56 Astoria, New York 10th
12 Lou Ferrigno Unanimous 59 Brooklyn, New York 9th
12 Paul Teutul, Sr. Unanimous 62 Yonkers, New York 8th
12 Penn Jillette Unanimous 56 Las Vegas, Nevada 7th
12 Dayana Mendoza Forte 25 Caracas, Venezuela 6th
12 Teresa Giudice Forte 39 Paterson, New Jersey 5th
12 Lisa Lampanelli Forte 50 Trumbull, Connecticut 4th
12 Aubrey O'Day Forte 27 San Francisco, California 3rd
12 Clay Aiken Unanimous 32 Raleigh, North Carolina 2nd
12 Arsenio Hall Unanimous 55 Cleveland, Ohio 1st
13 Bret Michaels Power 49 Butler, Pennsylvania 14th
13 Dee Snider Plan B 57 Astoria, New York 13th
13 La Toya Jackson Power 56 Gary, Indiana 12th
13 Claudia Jordan Power 39 Providence, Rhode Island 11th
13 Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth Power 39 Youngstown, Ohio 10th
13 Dennis Rodman Power 51 Trenton, New Jersey 9th
13 Stephen Baldwin Plan B 46 Massapequa, New York 8th
13 Brande Roderick Power 38 Novato, California 7th
13 Gary Busey Plan B 68 Goose Creek, Texas 6th
13 Marilu Henner Plan B 60 Chicago, Illinois 5th
13 Lisa Rinna Plan B 49 Medford, Oregon 4th
13 Lil Jon Power 42 Atlanta, Georgia 3rd
13 Penn Jillette Plan B 58 Greenfield, Massachusetts 2nd
13 Trace Adkins Plan B 52 Sarepta, Louisiana 1st
14 Keshia Knight Pulliam Infinity 35 Newark, New Jersey 16th
14 Kevin Jonas Vortex 27 Wyckoff, New Jersey 15th
14 Gilbert Gottfried Vortex 59 Brooklyn, New York 14th
14 Jamie Anderson Infinity 24 South Lake Tahoe, California 13th
14 Terrell Owens Vortex 41 Alexander City, Alabama 12th
14 Shawn Johnson Infinity 23 West Des Moines, Iowa 11th
14 Lorenzo Lamas Vortex 56 Santa Monica, California 10th
14 Sig Hansen Vortex 56 Seattle, Washington 9th
14 Kate Gosselin Infinity 39 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 8th
14 Kenya Moore Infinity 43 Detroit, Michigan 7th
14 Ian Ziering Vortex 50 Newark, New Jersey 6th
14 Johnny Damon Vortex 41 Fort Riley, Kansas 5th
14 Brandi Glanville Infinity 41 Salinas, California 4th
14 Vivica A. Fox Infinity 50 South Bend, Indiana 3rd
14 Geraldo Rivera Vortex 71 Brooklyn, New York 2nd
14 Leeza Gibbons Infinity 57 Hartsville, South Carolina 1st
15 Carrie Keagan Prima 36 Amherst, New York 16th
15 Carnie Wilson Prima 48 Bel Air, California 15th
15 Laila Ali Prima 38 Miami Beach, Florida 4th
15 Brooke Burke-Charvet Prima 45 London, England 3rd
15 Eric Dickerson Arete 56 Hartford, Connecticut 14th
15 Boy George Arete 55 London, England 2nd
15 Matt Iseman Arete 45 Denver, Colorado 1st
15 Carson Kressley Arete 46 Orefield, Pennsylvania 5th
15 Lisa Leslie Prima 44 Glendora, California 6th
15 Jon Lovitz Arete 59 Tarzana, California 11th
15 Vince Neil Arete 55 Hollywood, California 10th
15 Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi Prima 28 Jersey City, New Jersey 13th
15 Kyle Richards Prima 47 Beverly Hills, California 12th
15 Chael Sonnen Arete 39 West Linn, Oregon 9th
15 Porsha Williams Prima 35 Decatur, Georgia 8th
15 Ricky Williams Arete 39 San Diego, California 7th

^[I] Candidate's team at the start of the season
^[II] Candidate's age at the start of the season
^[III] Four Season 4 candidates were fired simultaneously and therefore display the same result.[9]
^[IV] Two Season 5 candidates were fired simultaneously and therefore display the same result.[10]


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