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StarCraft is a science fiction media franchise made up of real-time strategy video games developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. The series has several games which carry the main story arc: StarCraft, its expansion pack StarCraft: Brood War, and the trilogy StarCraft II. In addition, the series incorporates media that include spin-off video games,[1] tabletop games,[2] novelizations, graphic novels, and other literature.[3] A variety of toys have also been produced.[4] Set in the 26th century, the series revolves around three species fighting for dominance in a distant part of the Milky Way galaxy: the Terrans, humans exiled from Earth who are adept at adapting to any situation; the Zerg, a race of insectoids obsessed with the pursuit of genetic perfection through the assimilation of other races; and the Protoss, a humanoid species with advanced technology and psionic abilities attempting to preserve from the Zerg both their civilization and strict philosophical way of living.[5]

Conceived by Chris Metzen and James Phinney, the StarCraft series has been a commercial and critical success. The first game, StarCraft, is regarded as being highly influential in the real-time strategy genre.[6] Combined with its official expansion, Brood War, over 10 million copies of StarCraft have been sold globally.[7] StarCraft remains one of the most popular online games in the world;[8] Blizzard Entertainment reported an 800 percent increase in service usage after the game's release in 1998.[9] The series is particularly popular in South Korea, where a successful electronic sports scene has been established.[10]


Video games

Game Release date
North America PAL region
StarCraft 31 March 1998[11] 31 March 1998[11]
StarCraft: Insurrection 31 July 1998[15] 31 July 1998[15]
  • Authorized add-on for StarCraft, developed by Aztech New Media[1]
  • Side story based around a minor planet in the series' backstory
StarCraft: Retribution Late 1998[16] Late 1998[16]
  • Authorized add-on for StarCraft, developed by Stardock and published by WizardWorks Software[1]
  • Side story set around the retrieval of a powerful and ancient artifact
StarCraft: Brood War 30 November 1998[17] March 1999[18]
  • Official expansion pack to StarCraft, developed by Blizzard Entertainment and Saffire and released for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS
  • Game events continue from directly after the original game
  • Enhanced the gameplay balance of StarCraft; is used as the base for electronic sports with StarCraft[6]
StarCraft 64 13 June 2000[19] 16 June 2000[19]
StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty July 27, 2010[22] July 27, 2010[22]
  • Developed by Blizzard Entertainment for Windows and Mac OS X[23]
  • Continues story from four years after Brood War[24]
  • Intended as a first part of trilogy, and the title will be focusing on the story of Terrans[25]
StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm March 12, 2013 March 12, 2013
StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void November 10, 2015 November 10, 2015
StarCraft: Ghost Cancelled Cancelled

Other games

Game Release date Media type
StarCraft Adventures July 2000[30] Role-playing game
StarCraft: The Board Game October 2007[2] Board game


Title Release date Length Label
StarCraft: Game Music Vol. 1 January 2000[32] 56:49 Net Vision Entertainment
  • Composed predominantly of tracks inspired by StarCraft and produced by South Korean DJs; a small number of original game tracks composed by Glenn Stafford, Derek Duke, Jason Hayes and Tracy W. Bush were included[32]
  • Discontinued, previously sold through Blizzard Entertainment's online store
StarCraft Original Soundtrack 10 August 2008[33] 63:34 Azeroth Music
  • Comprises tracks composed by Glen Stafford, Derek Duke, Jason Hayes and Tracy W. Bush for in-game themes and cut scenes[34]
  • Released online through iTunes[33]

Printed media

Title Release date ISBN Media type
StarCraft: Revelations 29 March 1999[3] Short story
StarCraft: Hybrid Second quarter of 2000[35] Short story
  • Written by Micky Neilson and published in Amazing Stories magazine[35]
  • Accompanied by artwork by Samwise Didier
StarCraft: Uprising 18 December 2000[36] ISBN 978-0-7434-1898-0 Novelization
StarCraft: Liberty's Crusade 1 March 2001[37] ISBN 978-0-671-04148-9 Novelization
  • Written by Jeff Grubb and published by Simon & Schuster[37]
  • Adaptation of the first campaign in StarCraft
StarCraft: Shadow of the Xel'Naga 1 July 2001[38] ISBN 978-0-671-04149-6 Novelization
  • Written by Gabriel Mesta and published by Simon & Schuster[38]
  • Set between StarCraft and Brood War, focusing on the discovery of Xel'Naga artifacts
StarCraft: Speed of Darkness 1 June 2002[39] ISBN 978-0-671-04150-2 Novelization
  • Written by Tracy Hickman and published by Simon & Schuster[39]
  • Side story set in the first campaign in StarCraft, focusing on the lives of individual Confederate marines
StarCraft: Queen of Blades 1 June 2006[40] ISBN 978-0-7434-7133-6 Novelization
  • Written by Aaron S. Rosenberg and published by Simon & Schuster[40]
  • Adaptation of the second campaign in StarCraft
StarCraft Ghost: Nova 28 November 2006[41] ISBN 978-0-7434-7134-3 Novelization
  • Written by Keith R.A. DeCandido and published by Simon & Schuster[41]
  • Set during the first campaign in StarCraft, focuses on the origins of Nova
StarCraft: The Dark Templar Saga #1: Firstborn 22 May 2007[42] ISBN 978-0-7434-7125-1 Novelization
  • Written by Christie Golden and published by Simon & Schuster[42]
  • Prequel to StarCraft II, focusing on excavation of Xel'Naga artifacts and Protoss history
The StarCraft Archive 13 November 2007[43] ISBN 978-1-4165-4929-1 Anthology
  • Collection of early StarCraft novels, published by Simon & Schuster[43]
  • Consists of Uprising, Liberty's Crusade, Shadow of the Xel'Naga and Speed of Darkness
StarCraft: The Dark Templar Saga #2: Shadow Hunters 27 November 2007[44] ISBN 978-1-4165-8003-4 Novelization
  • Written by Christie Golden and published by Simon & Schuster[44]
  • Prequel to StarCraft II, continuation of storyline begun in Firstborn
StarCraft: Frontline August 2008[45] ISBN 978-1-4278-0721-2 Graphic novel
  • Written by Richard A. Knaak and published by Tokyopop[45]
  • An anthology of short stories set before StarCraft II exploring the viewpoints of the three main species
StarCraft: I, Mengsk 30 December 2008[46] ISBN 978-1-4165-5083-9 Novelization
StarCraft: The Dark Templar Saga #3: Twilight 30 June 2009[47] ISBN 978-0-7434-7129-9 Novelization
  • Written by Christie Golden and published by Simon & Schuster[47]
  • Prequel to StarCraft II, concludes the story arc of The Dark Templar Saga
StarCraft: Ghost Academy 1 January 2010 [48] Graphic novel
  • Written by Keith R.A. DeCandido and David Gerrold and published by Tokyopop[48]
  • Focuses on the training of Nova as an espionage agent
StarCraft Ghost: Spectres 27 September 2011[49] Novelization
  • Written by Nate Kenyon and published by Simon & Schuster[49]
  • Sequel to StarCraft Ghost: Nova

Other media

Title Release date Media type
StarCraft Battle Chest 31 December 1999[50] Video game compilation
StarCraft Cinematics DVD First quarter of 2001[52] Cinematic cut scene collection


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