List of Parliamentary constituencies and Members of Parliament in Greater Manchester

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The ceremonial and metropolitan county of Greater Manchester is divided into 27 Parliamentary constituencies - 16 Borough constituencies and 11 County constituencies.


  † Conservative   Green   ‡ Labour   ¤ Liberal Democrat   UKIP

Constituency[nb 1] Electorate Majority[nb 2] Member of Parliament Nearest opposition Map
Altrincham and Sale West BC 71,511 6,426   Sir Graham Brady   Andrew Western
Ashton-under-Lyne BC 68,343 11,295   Angela Rayner   Jack Rankin
Blackley and Broughton BC 71,913 19,601   Graham Stringer   David Goss
Bolton North East BC 67,895 3,797   David Crausby   James Daly
Bolton South East BC 69,687 13,126   Yasmin Qureshi   Sarah Pochin
Bolton West CC 72,719 936   Chris Green   Julie Hilling
Bury North BC 67,590 4,375   James Frith   David Nuttall
Bury South BC 73,887 5,965   Ivan Lewis   Robert Largan
Cheadle BC 73,239 4,507   Mary Robinson   Mark Hunter
Denton and Reddish BC 66,141 14,077   Andrew Gwynne   Lana Hempsall
Hazel Grove CC 63,098 5,514   William Wragg   Lisa Smart
Heywood and Middleton CC 79,989 7,617   Liz McInnes   Chris Clarkson
Leigh CC 75,907 9,554   Joanne Platt   James Grundy
Makerfield CC 74,320 13,542   Yvonne Fovargue   Adam Carney
Manchester, Central BC 86,078 31,445   Lucy Powell   Xingang Wang
Manchester, Gorton BC 72,992 31,703   Afzal Khan   Shaden Jaradat
Manchester, Withington BC 74,102 29,875   Jeff Smith   John Leech
Oldham East and Saddleworth CC 71,781 8,182   Debbie Abrahams   Kashif Ali
Oldham West and Royton CC 72,402 17,198   Jim McMahon   Christopher Glenny
Rochdale CC 79,170 14,819   Tony Lloyd   Jane Howard
Salford and Eccles BC 74,291 19,132   Rebecca Long-Bailey   Jason Sugarman
Stalybridge and Hyde CC 71,357 8,084   Jonathan Reynolds   Tom Dowse
Stockport BC 63,931 14,477   Ann Coffey   Daniel Hamilton
Stretford and Urmston BC 69,026 19,705   Kate Green   Lisa Cooke
Wigan CC 75,990 16,027   Lisa Nandy   Alexander Williams
Worsley and Eccles South CC 72,177 8,379   Barbara Keeley   Iain Lindley
Wythenshawe and Sale East BC 75,994 14,944   Mike Kane   Fiona Green

Boundary changes made for 2010

The Boundary Commission for England recommended that the county should be divided into 27 constituencies for implementation at the 2010 general election.

Former name Former boundaries Former name
  1. Altrincham and Sale West BC
  2. Ashton under Lyne BC
  3. Bolton North East BC
  4. Bolton South East BC
  5. Bolton West CC
  6. Bury North BC
  7. Bury South BC
  8. Cheadle BC
  9. Denton and Reddish BC
  10. Eccles BC
  11. Hazel Grove CC
  12. Heywood and Middleton CC
  13. Leigh CC
  14. Makerfield CC
Former parliamentary constituencies in Greater Manchester
  1. Manchester, Blackley BC
  2. Manchester Central BC
  3. Manchester, Gorton BC
  4. Manchester, Withington BC
  5. Oldham East and Saddleworth CC
  6. Oldham West and Royton BC
  7. Rochdale CC
  8. Salford BC
  9. Stalybridge and Hyde CC
  10. Stockport BC
  11. Stretford and Urmston BC
  12. Wigan CC
  13. Worsley CC
  14. Wythenshawe and Sale East BC

The constituencies were allocated to boroughs or groups of boroughs as follows:

Current name Current boundaries Current name
  1. Altrincham and Sale West BC
  2. Ashton-under-Lyne BC
  3. Blackley and Broughton BC
  4. Bolton North East BC
  5. Bolton South East BC
  6. Bolton West CC
  7. Bury North BC
  8. Bury South BC
  9. Cheadle BC
  10. Denton and Reddish BC
  11. Hazel Grove CC
  12. Heywood and Middleton CC
  13. Leigh CC
  14. Makerfield CC
Current parliamentary constituencies in Greater Manchester
  1. Manchester Central BC
  2. Manchester, Gorton BC
  3. Manchester, Withington BC
  4. Oldham East and Saddleworth CC
  5. Oldham West and Royton CC
  6. Rochdale CC
  7. Salford and Eccles BC
  8. Stalybridge and Hyde CC
  9. Stockport BC
  10. Stretford and Urmston BC
  11. Wigan CC
  12. Worsley and Eccles South CC
  13. Wythenshawe and Sale East BC


1997 2001 2005
GreaterManchesterParliamentaryConstituency1997Results.png GreaterManchesterParliamentaryConstituency2001Results.png GreaterManchesterParliamentaryConstituency2005Results2.png
2010 2015 2017
GreaterManchesterParliamentaryConstituency2010Results2png.png GreaterManchesterParliamentaryConstituency2015Results2png.png GreaterManchesterParliamentaryConstituency2017Results.png

Changes proposed in 2016

As part of the Sixth Periodic Review of Westminster constituencies published in 2016 the Boundary Commission for England has proposed the following constituencies.[1]

Historical representation by party

  Conservative   Independent Labour   Labour   Liberal   Liberal Democrats

Constituency 1983 1987 88 1992 95 96 1997 99 2001 2005 05 2010 11 12 14 2015 15 2017
Eccles Carter-Jones Lestor Stewart
Denton and Reddish Bennett Gwynne
Bolton South East Young Iddon Qureshi
Ashton-under-Lyne Sheldon Heyes Rayner
Heywood and Middleton Callaghan Dobbin McInnes
Leigh Cunliffe Burnham Platt
Makerfield McGuire McCartney Fovargue
Manchester Blackley / Blackley and Broughton (2010) Eastham Stringer
Manchester Central Litherland Lloyd Powell
Manchester Gorton Kaufman Khan
Oldham Central and Royton

/ Oldham East and Saddleworth (1997)

Lamond Davies Woolas Abrahams
Oldham West

/ Oldham West and Royton (1997)

Meacher McMahon
Rochdale Smith --> Lynne Fitzsimons Rowen Danczuk --> Lloyd
Salford East

/ Salford (1997) / Salford and Eccles (2010)

Orme Blears Long-Bailey
Stalybridge and Hyde Pendry Purnell Reynolds

/ Stretford and Urmston (1997)

Lloyd Hughes Green
Wigan Stott Turner Nandy
Worsley / Worsley and Eccles South (2010) Lewis Keeley
Manchester Wythenshawe

/ Wythenshawe and Sale East (1997)

Morris Goggins Kane
Manchester Withington Silvester Bradley Leech Smith
Stockport Favell Coffey
Bolton North East Thurnham --> Crausby
Bury South Sumberg Lewis
Bolton West Sackville Kelly Hilling Green
Bury North Burt Chaytor Nuttall Frith
Hazel Grove Arnold Stunell Wragg
Cheadle Normanton Day Calton Hunter Robinson
Altrincham and Sale

/ Altrincham and Sale West (1997)

Montgomery Brady

Littleborough and Saddleworth

Dickens Davies
Constituency 1983 1987 88 1992 95 96 1997 99 2001 2005 05 2010 11 12 14 2015 15 2017


  1. ^ BC denotes borough constituency, CC denotes county constituency.
  2. ^ The majority is the number of votes the winning candidate receives more than their nearest rival.


  1. ^ Initial Proposals North West England Boundary Commission for England
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