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Ouran High School Host Club is an anime series adapted from the manga of the same title by Bisco Hatori. It began broadcasting on April 4, 2006 on Nippon Television, and ended on September 26, 2006. The series was directed by Takuya Igarashi and written by Yōji Enokido (Revolutionary Girl Utena, The Melody of Oblivion), while the character designer and chief animation director for the series was Kumiko Takahashi (Cardcaptor Sakura). It also features a different cast from the audio dramas, with Maaya Sakamoto starring as Haruhi Fujioka and Mamoru Miyano portraying Tamaki Suou. Ouran High School Host Club finished its run on September 26, 2006, totaling to twenty-six episodes.

The series is licensed for distribution in North America by FUNimation Entertainment, set for release across the region in summer 2008. Caitlin Glass is the ADR director of the series. FUNimation announced two cast members every Friday on their website for the series which led up to the main cast announcements at Anime Expo 2008. The first anime DVD set containing the first thirteen episodes was released on October 28, 2008 in North America; and the second volume became available on January 6, 2009 containing the last thirteen episodes.

Episode list

No. Title Original air date
01 "Starting Today, You Are a Host!"
"Kyō kara Kimi wa Hosuto da" (今日から君はホストだ)
April 4, 2006 (2006-04-04)
Scholarship student Haruhi Fujioka arrives at the elite private school Ouran Academy where she is mistaken as male due to her short hair and boyish appearance. Haruhi stumbles upon the Host Club (in Music Room 3) while looking for a quiet place to study and, while trying to escape the 6 eccentric members, accidentally breaks a vase worth 8 million yen ($72,600). To pay off the debt, Haruhi is forced to work for the club as an errand boy. After a while, the hosts realize Haruhi has natural talent and change her means of repayment from errand boy to Host-in-Training and will forgive her debt if she obtains 100 paying customers. One by one, the other club members realize that Haruhi is a girl, except for club leader Tamaki Suoh. On her first day as a host, Haruhi gets into a situation with Princess Ayanokoji, one of Tamaki's jealous customers. Ayanokoji is banned from the club for starting the fight but as punishment Haruhi must now obtain 1000 customers to forgive the debt. Tamaki walks in on her while she is changing her wet clothes and discovers her true gender. Upon seeing Tamaki's embarrassment second in command Kyoya remarks it may be the beginning of love.
02 "The Job of a High School Host!"
"Kōkōsei Hosuto no O-shigoto" (高校生ホストのお仕事)
April 11, 2006 (2006-04-11)
The Host Club finds out that one of their regular customers, Kanako Kasugazaki, is having trouble with her fiancé, Toru Suzushima, who is planning to leave to study abroad. The group cooks up a plan to help them reunite at an upcoming Dance. As part of the club's plan, they make Haruhi dress as a girl to approach Toru pretending to be an admirer. Toru tells her that he's flattered but that he cares for someone else. Kanako finds them together and flees, in tears. Toru catches up to her and they reaffirm their feelings for one another. At the end of the party, a "queen" is chosen to receive a kiss on the cheek from Tamaki. However, just as Kanako is chosen as the queen, the twins Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin announce that Haruhi will be giving the kiss. Tamaki, realizing this will be Haruhi's first kiss, runs to stop her and accidentally pushes her, so that instead of a kiss on the cheek Haruhi kisses Kanako on the lips, embarrassing them both. Despite this the evening is a success with Kanako and Toru back together.
03 "Beware the Physical Exam!"
"Shintai Kensa ni Go-yōjin" (身体検査にご用心)
April 18, 2006 (2006-04-18)
The time has come for the school's annual physical examinations and the Host Club must find a way to prevent Haruhi's gender being discovered or lose her as a host. Their attempts, including Tamaki disguising himself as Haruhi, fail miserably until Kyoya Ootori steps in with a doctor who promises not to reveal her secret. Meanwhile, a disoriented doctor named Yabu (or Quack) is searching for his daughter and is accused of "making a pass" at one of the female students. Dr. Yabu is distraught at the accusations and equally distraught that his wife and daughter left him due to financial problems. Kyoya points out that if the man's family is really that poor, the girl would be attending Ouran Public High School, rather than the prestigious and very expensive Ouran Academy. Tamaki gives him directions, even though he might get hurt later, it's up to him to find out if his daughter and he can still have a relationship. Haruhi is quietly impressed and decides to stick with the Host Club a bit longer.
04 "Attack of the Lady Manager!"
"Joshi Manējā Shūrai" (女子マネージャー襲来)
April 25, 2006 (2006-04-25)
The Host Club must deal with their new self-appointed manager, Renge Hoshakuji, a French otaku who claims to be Kyoya's fiancée because he looks like an anime character she idolizes. She decides to enhance the roles of the host club and convinces them to cosplay as the "dark" side of themselves. The parts she gives out are: Tamaki Suoh - the lonely prince, Mitsukuni "Honey" Haninozuka - the baby-faced thug, Haruhi Fujioka - the bully's target, Takashi "Mori" Morinozuka - Honey's childhood flunkie, Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin - the neurotic sports stars. Kyoya is not given a character since Renge deems him already perfect. Eventually, Renge makes a movie featuring the Host Club, with each host acting out their new roles. She enlists two students to play villains in the movie; however, since the students take offence at being typecast as villains based on their appearance they push Renge away. As Haruhi attempts to protect Renge she dislodges a contact lens, causing her to appear as if she's crying. Tamaki hurries over, angry at the thought that someone has hurt her, and confronts the two now terrified students. Haruhi finally helps Renge understand that accepting people for who they are is what's important and not who you assume or want them to be. Kyoya breaks the camera to prevent the footage of Tamaki acting violently from ruining the Host Clubs reputation. Instead he edits the footage into a popular movie to sell to their customers. Renge switches her crush from Kyoya to Haruhi because of "his" bravery.
05 "The Twins Fight!"
"Futago Kenkasuru" (双子ケンカする)
May 2, 2006 (2006-05-02)
Hikaru and Kaoru beg to be allowed to visit Haruhi's home, but she refuses. They offer to play the "Which one is Hikaru game?", in exchange if she gets it wrong, the Twins will visit her home. Haruhi identifies Hikaru, but knowing that the twins are trying to trick her, comments about the differences between Hikaru and Kaoru which only she can apparently see. This triggers a fight between the inseparable siblings, even making them dye their hair different colors (blue and pink) in order to be told apart. The feud between the twins carries into the classroom and later, the refectory where everyone sees them. Haruhi learns that the twins have never had a fight before and wonders if they'll know when to stop. Back in Music Room 3, Kaoru threatens to use a Beelzenef curse doll obtained from Umehito Nekozawa, the president of the Black Magic Club, and threatens to write Hikaru's name on it, completing the curse. Haruhi intervenes and snatches the Beelzenef doll from Kaoru, chastising them both for taking things too far, adding that if they don't apologize immediately she will never let them visit her home. She then sees that Kaoru only wrote "blank" on the back and realizes the whole fight was a plot by the twins to be allowed to visit Haruhi's home. With the twins back together they continue playing the game, which Haruhi wins yet again. The twins wonder if maybe Haruhi is the only person who could truly understand them.
06 "The Grade School Host is the Naughty Type!"
"Shōgakusei Hosuto wa Yancha-kei" (小学生ホストはやんちゃ系)
May 9, 2006 (2006-05-09)
An elementary school brat, Shiro Takaoji, seeks help from the Host Club to win the hearts of girls. Renge helps develop a role for him, being a shota of the naughty type. However, Shiro denounces the whole club as idiots and runs away. The Host Club infiltrates his elementary school, disguising Haruhi as a middle-school student and Honey as an elementary-school student. They discover that Shiro has a crush on a girl called Hina who will soon be moving away and that she and Shiro were supposed to play a piano piece together, though Shiro is woefully unprepared, having spent most of his time watching her with adoration while she played alone. Tamaki brings Shiro back to Music Room 3 and sets up a training schedule, revealing that he himself is a gifted pianist. The Host Club ends up hosting a command performance which allows Shiro and Hina to have a small concert in the Host Club lounge.
07 "Jungle Pool SOS!"
"Janguru Pūru SOS" (ジャングルプールSOS)
May 16, 2006 (2006-05-16)
The Host Club drags Haruhi to an artificial tropical water park, but an accident involving the wave pool separates Honey from the rest of the gang. Haruhi and Mori separate from the rest of the group to look for him, and Mori carries Haruhi due to the fact that she's creeped out by the jungle animals. Haruhi wonders about Honey and Mori's relationship and the twins explain that they're cousins by marriage but traditionally Mori's family had been the servants of Honey's family for generations. Meanwhile, Kyoya hires his family's private police force (The Black Onion Squad) to look for Honey and arrest any suspicious people. The squad mistakes Haruhi for Honey and Mori as a suspicious person. Honey swings in on a vine, amazing Haruhi with his martial arts ability before he subdues the guards who apologize profusely for attacking Haruhi and Mori and claim to be honored to be beaten by the great Mitsukuni Haninozuka, nationally-renowned martial artist. The Host Club reunites and Haruhi mentions that she would prefer visiting an actual beach.
08 "The Sun, the Sea, and the Host Club!"
"Taiyō to Umi to Hosuto-bu" (太陽と海とホスト部)
May 23, 2006 (2006-05-23)
The Host Club, along with some of their customers, visits a beach in Okinawa upon Haruhi's request. Hikaru and Kaoru devise a game to find out what Haruhi is afraid of. Kyoya hypes up the competition between Tamaki and the twins by offering up photos of Haruhi in middle school, refusing to explain where he got them. In turn, the hosts attempt to scare Haruhi, unsuccessfully. Meanwhile, Haruhi confronts two drunken thugs who threaten some of the girls and she's tossed from a cliff into the ocean. Tamaki rescues, then rebukes Haruhi for being so reckless, causing them to angrily avoid each other for the remainder of the day. Seeing that Haruhi doesn't understand verbal messages, Kyoya threatens to molest Haruhi to demonstrate how physically vulnerable she actually is and is successful in having her realize what everyone was worried about. Tamaki wins the competition discreetly in the end, finding out she has Astraphobia, the fear of thunder and lightning, when he sees Haruhi hide inside a wardrobe during a thunderstorm. The rest of the Host Club walks in just in time to see Tamaki covering Haruhi's ears and eyes to help deal with the phobia and accuse him of trying to trick Haruhi into an S&M situation. Tamaki is devastated Haruhi now thinks he is a pervert.
09 "A Challenge from Lobelia Girls' Academy!"
"Roberia Jogakuin no Chōsen" (ロベリア女学院の挑戦)
May 30, 2006 (2006-05-30)
Benio "Benibara" Amakusa, head of the Zuka Club at St. Lobelia Girls' Academy, chances upon Haruhi and, instantly realising that she is a girl, tries to convince her to join her school and her club. Along with two of her clubmates, they disparage the Host Club and men in numerous ways, revealing their lesbian natures and belief in female superiority. Tamaki's half-Japanese/half-French background is revealed and Haruhi learns that one of her personal belongings was auctioned off on the Host Club's online auction site and angrily leaves the club for the day. Convinced that Haruhi might be upset enough to transfer to St. Lobelia, the boys dress up as girls to show Haruhi that she can be around boys and girls at the same time if she remains at Ouran. Haruhi finds this hilarious, but shares that she came to Ouran Academy for a specific reason and never planned on leaving. The Zuka Club girls leave but refuse to give up, warning the club that they will be back for Haruhi.
10 "A Day in the Life of the Fujioka Family!"
"Fujioka-ke no Nichijō" (藤岡家の日常)
June 6, 2006 (2006-06-06)
Tamaki awakens from a nightmare in which he sees Haruhi living in poverty. With this in mind, he enlists the other hosts and they go to the apartment complex where Haruhi lives. Haruhi resigns herself to letting them in and serving them tea. Tamaki warns the twins not to insult Haruhi's commoner lifestyle but ends up offending her himself. When Honey asks Haruhi to prepare lunch, she agrees. They all prepare to go to the commoners supermarket, but Tamaki lags behind to pay his respects to the shrine of Haruhi's late mother, Kotoko. He and Haruhi exchange a moment of empathy but he trips and falls on top of Haruhi just as her Cross-dressing father (Ryouji "Ranka" Fujioka) arrives home from work. Upon seeing his daughter underneath Tamaki, he dislodges Tamaki from Haruhi face first into the wall. Later, he reveals that he's a professional transvestite named "Ranka" and has been in contact with Kyoya ever since Haruhi became a host. Haruhi is thoroughly annoyed at everybody and leaves to go shopping by herself. Ranka invites the hosts to stalk Haruhi with him, partly to keep an eye on his daughter and partly so that he can be seen publicly with a group of handsome boys. Tamaki tries to impress Ranka with his appreciation for Haruhi, but Ranka only refers to him as "the enemy."
11 "Big Brother is a Prince!"
"Onii-chama wa Ōji-sama" (お兄ちゃまは王子様)
June 13, 2006 (2006-06-13)
A small girl, Kirimi Nekozawa, wanders into Ouran Academy searching for her older brother who attends the school. Her brother is Umehito Nekozawa. She labels the Host Club as "a reverse harem," surrounded by "debauchery" which the hosts find startling given her young age. When Kirimi sees Tamaki's blond hair, she mistakes him for Umehito. Two servants from the Nekozawa household appear to retrieve her and, while with the hosts, explain that Kirimi is afraid of the dark while Umehito is afraid of the light. With his black cloak, black wig and Beelzenef cat puppet, Umehito accidentally frightens Kirimi who clings to Tamaki, causing Umehito to leave, dejected. After the siblings leave, Tamaki enlists the help of Renge to coach Nekozawa into become the princely figure his sister is convinced that he is. She lives her life waiting for her princely brother to save her from the monster in her house, who is actually Nekozawa in his cloak and wig, having to cover his skin and hair due to photophobia. Tamaki and Renge help him to learn to act princely and to avoid occult references, as well as help him give up his cloak and wig, convincing him that his phobia is just psychological. Eventually this leads to him saving Kirimi from a large unfriendly cat, since she also has ailurophobia, the fear of cats, and convinces her of his bravery. Despite temporarily overcoming his photophobia, Umehito eventually succumbs to his skin's sensitivity to sunlight and collapses. This makes the Host Club believe that they were unsuccessful when, in reality, the Nekozawa siblings have forged a bond that transcends appearances.
12 "Honey's Three Bitter Days"
"Hanī-senpai no Amakunai Mikkakan" (ハニー先輩の甘くない三日間)
June 20, 2006 (2006-06-20)
A brief introductory bit has Honey's adored stuffed bunny, Usa-chan, stained with tea, with Tamaki and the twins terrified of Honey's reaction when he wakes up. Haruhi learns more about Honey's bad temper if woken from sleep too early and his martial arts abilities that once caused a major diplomatic crisis between Japan and America, although Mori is able to defuse the entire situation with a few words. During club hours, Honey experiences sudden tooth pain and Mori finds that he has a cavity; the number one rule until the cavity is fixed is no desserts or snacks. A very depressed Honey attempts many strategies to obtain sweets, but to no avail. He ultimately takes his frustration out on Mori by judo-throwing him, as Mori is being the strictest with him. Haruhi realizes that Mori wanted to be punished by Honey because he blames himself for not telling Honey to brush his teeth. When Honey hears this, he's very sorry and they make amends. A few days later, Honey's cavity is repaired, thereby allowing him to eat desserts and snacks again, which makes him happy but Kyoya, very unhappy; the reason being that purchasing all Honey's snacks cost the club money and Kyoya, after all, is the "Shadow King" who keeps the club afloat financially while Tamaki is the obvious "King" who keeps the guests happy.
13 "Haruhi in Wonderland!"
"Fushigi no Kuni no Haruhi" (不思議の国のハルヒ)
June 27, 2006 (2006-06-27)
Haruhi's dream about the day of her admission into Ouran High School becomes an illusionary Alice in Wonderland fantasy. She meets Shiro Takaoji as a mouse, Kyoya Ootori as the Caterpillar, and Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin as twin Cheshire Cats. She seems to recognize something about all of them in her dream like the fact that the "one" Chesire cat is actually the twins or that Kyoya always writes in a black notebook. She also runs into a Mad Hatter that resembles Tamaki, a March Hare that resembles Honey and a Dormouse that resembles Mori, as well as a Duchess that resembles Renge, a Dodo that resembles Kanako and a Cook that resembles Ayanokoji. Throughout the dream, they all try to give Haruhi advice, but she only realizes it when she stands before the royal court in defense of the Duchess. The king turns out to be Ryouji and the queen, Kotoko (her late mother), who tells Haruhi to enjoy her life as it occurs instead of just focusing on the future. Haruhi wakes up with tears in her eyes and sees the Host Club dressed up in costumes similar to the ones they wore in her dream. She ends the episode by commenting on how the Host Club has too much fun, but her smile declares that she's glad that it does.
14 "Covering The Famous Host Club!"
"Uwasa no Hosuto-bu o Shuzaise yo" (噂のホスト部を取材せよ)
July 4, 2006 (2006-07-04)
The failing Newspaper Club wants to obtain an interview with the popular Host Club in order to save it from being disbanded due to having lost all credibility by publishing only gossip and scandals. The newspaper club president, Akira Komatsuzawa, is especially interested in finding something to use against the Host Club's president, Tamaki, because he believes that Tamaki is using his parents' power to control the popular students, and he wants to exploit that information for his own benefit. Hard as they try as they observe the Host Club playing outdoor children's games, they're unable to "scoop" evidence about Tamaki's non-existent dark side. Akira decides he'll simply make up something just to smear Tamaki, but is thwarted by the Host Club. When Haruhi inquires about Tamaki's parents, she learns for the first time that Tamaki's father is the Chairman of Ouran Academy, the benefactor of her scholarship.
15 "The Refreshing Battle of Karuizawa!"
"Karuizawa Sawayaka Batoru" (軽井沢さわやかバトル)
July 11, 2006 (2006-07-11)
During summer vacation, Haruhi gets a part-time job in a pension in the rustic resort town of Karuizawa. She feels guilty at first for not saying anything about it to the rest of the Host Club. Tamaki meanwhile freaks out because he can't find Haruhi and, believing she has been kidnapped, calls in the Host Club to locate her. Kyoya tells Tamaki that she went to Karuizawa for the summer. Still thinking that she was kidnapped Tamaki gets the Host Club to go and find her. Hikaru and Kaoru are surprised by the news and are desperate to find her. When the club arrives, a "refreshment" contest erupts when they realize there is only one remaining room at the pension and they all want to stay. The owner of the pension, Misuzu Sonoda, a cross dressing friend of Haruhi's father, agrees to the contest because it entails getting chores done around the pension, as well as having the handsome hosts visible on her property to draw in more customers. Honey is disqualified as being too babyish which also eliminates Mori. The twins have the upper hand as Tamaki struggles to be refreshing. Kyoya sits out the competition but assists Tamaki, who charms Misuzu by playing the piano. In the end, however, it's Hikaru and Kaoru who win by inadvertently demonstrating their "brotherly love." The brothers share the room and in the morning, are grumpy and rude to Haruhi. Just then, a friend of Haruhi's from middle school appears as a summertime delivery boy and reconnects with Haruhi.
16 "Operation Haruhi and Hikaru’s First Date!"
"Haruhi to Hikaru Hatsu Dēto Daisakusen" (ハルヒと光 初デート大作戦)
July 18, 2006 (2006-07-18)
Hikaru becomes jealous of Haruhi's middle school friend, Arai, after learning that Haruhi's classmate used to have a crush on her. Kaoru wants to make up for Hikaru's rude behaviour, so he offers to take Haruhi out on a date. Kaoru pretends to be sick for the date and has Hikaru go instead. He does so because he believes that Hikaru is interested in Haruhi but, being clumsy in genuine social situations, doesn't know how to act properly and hopes Haruhi can help him learn how to think of others first. During their date, Hikaru runs off due to another encounter with Arai, and a thunderstorm occurs. Worried about Haruhi, Tamaki calls Hikaru, accuses him of selfishness, and tells him that Haruhi is afraid of thunder, accidentally revealing Haruhi's weakness. Acknowledging Tamaki's words, Hikaru sets off to find her in the midst of the storm. In the end, Hikaru comforts Haruhi, who is hiding from the thunder under the altar in a church, sitting beside her and giving her his headphones to drown out the sound. He apologizes for the way he acted and Haruhi forgives him. At the end, Kaoru remarks to Kyoya that Hikaru will not notice his feelings for Haruhi because he's a dummy while Kyoya comments that their club is full of dummies.
17 "Kyoya’s Reluctant Day Out!"
"Kyōya no Fuhon'i na Kyūjitsu" (鏡夜の不本意な休日)
July 25, 2006 (2006-07-25)
Kyoya, who is notoriously bad tempered in the morning, is dragged half asleep into a department store and accidentally abandoned by the Host Club, who aim to study the life of commoners, and therefore understand more about Haruhi. When he wakes up, Kyoya notices that he is without a wallet or a cell phone, and that he's quite hungry. Luckily, he ends up meeting Haruhi there, alone, and they spend the day learning about one another. Kyoya reveals that he is the youngest of three sons of the Otori family and, as such, finds it a challenge to surpass his exemplary brothers in order to meet his father's high expectations. While wandering around, they encounter a vendor who is advertising fake pottery as genuine artwork. A woman is about to purchase something from him when Kyoya steps in and reveals both his knowledge of art and the vendor's trickery. Haruhi is impressed by his altruism in helping the woman but Kyoya claims he had an ulterior motive as the woman he helped is the wife of a very influential man, and her gratitude may be a benefit to the Otori family in the future. They reunite with the other hosts and find Tamaki has purchased a dog which he names Antoinette. As Haruhi leaves to go home, she comments to Kyoya that he really is a lot like Tamaki in his dedication to helping people even though he (Kyoya) pretends to not care. Kyoya is impressed, yet again, by her insight.
18 "Chika’s “Down with Honey” Declaration!"
"Chika-kun no Hanī Datō Sengen" (チカ君のハニー打倒宣言)
August 1, 2006 (2006-08-01)
Honey has a younger brother named Yasuchika "Chika" Haninozuka. Chika is known to hold a grudge against Honey because of Honey's loli-shota lifestyle. Whenever they meet, family tradition demands a martial arts duel and, typically, Honey wins. Chika demands that Honey steer clear of him at school. After he leaves, Haruhi learns how Honey quit being the Captain of the Ouran Karate Club in order to join the Host Club. Tamaki insists that they help the brothers reunite and so, they go to the dojo where Chika is now Captain of the Karate Club. Chika confronts them outside and calls his brother an "alien" because Honey eats three whole cakes for dessert every night and holds a weekly midnight cakefest; this, without ever gaining weight. Honey apologizes to Chika for causing so much pain and suffering for him, but won't give up being true to himself. To settle the score, Honey and Chika have a martial arts duel, the stakes being that if Honey loses he will give up his weekly midnight cakefest. Mori is confident Honey will throw the fight for his brother but is devastated when Honey beats his brother soundly. In the end, Honey considers Haruhi's opinion that if he loves cake more than his brother, he's really a terrible person; and also Tamaki's opinion that true strength means being true to yourself. Honey's response is to hug Usa-chan tightly saying, "I love you."
19 "Lobelia Girls’ Academy Strikes Back!"
"Roberia Jogakuin no Gyakushū" (ロベリア女学院の逆襲)
August 8, 2006 (2006-08-08)
The Lobelia girls finally manage to kidnap Haruhi and bring her to St. Lobelia Girls' Academy where they dress her in uniform and invite her to join the Zuka Club because a fellow performer "broke a leg" and can't perform in their show that day. She refuses until she learns that Benibara's late mother would be disappointed in Benibara for cancelling the show. Meanwhile, the Host Club freaks out when they visit Ryouji and learn that Haruhi is with the Lobelia girls. They infiltrate St. Lobelia, spy on Haruhi's rehearsal and pretend to be fans of Lady Benibara in order to get close enough to Haruhi to rescue her. During the actual show, Tamaki overhears that there's to be a "kiss scene" and when Benibara speaks lines about revenge, the spotlight shines on the Hosts and Ryouji. Kyoya, in the meantime, has charmed his way into the control room and taken command of the technical console, having the image of Haruhi kissing Kanako at the Dance Party projected onto a large onstage screen for the world to see, thereby thwarting Benibara's hope to steal Haruhi's first kiss. The episode ends with the Zuka Club and the Hosts chasing Haruhi around the stage and everyone slipping on banana peels.
20 "The Door the Twins Opened!"
"Futago ga Aketa Tobira" (双子があけた扉)
August 15, 2006 (2006-08-15)
A prequel that tells the story of how Hikaru and Kaoru are convinced to join the Host Club. As children, they had a maid they adored but who, in reality, was a thief trying to rob the family safe in the middle of the night. The toddler twins tell her that if she can tell who is who between them, they'll give her the combination to the safe (which they keep hidden in their piggy bank). Unable to tell them apart, the maid breaks open the piggy bank after they fall asleep and robs the family. As she descends a rope ladder from the upper stories of the mansion, the twins wake up and go to her, asking why she broke her promise. She says that she can't tell them apart and, perhaps, no one ever will. This leads to the twins dysfunctional view of others being untrustworthy unless they can tell the twins apart; which of course, no one can. When they meet Tamaki in middle school, he asks them to join the Host Club and they agree, provided Tamaki can figure out which twin is which, giving him a month to do so. Over time, they grow bored and annoyed with Tamaki and tell him to get lost. They go back to being mean and selfish, playing tricks on girls who like them and isolating themselves from others. Tamaki, despite being dismissed, remains determined and finally figures out which twin is which. They dislike his reason of "intuition," but Tamaki helps Hikaru and Kaoru to understand that it's okay to be who they are, just as they are; but if they keep themselves shut off from everyone, they'll never ever meet the person who really can tell them apart. The first host club meeting is held on Opening Day and the twins enter the Host Club, as usual, together.
21 "Until the Day it Becomes a Pumpkin!"
"Itsuka Kabocha ni naru Hi made" (いつかカボチャになる日まで)
August 22, 2006 (2006-08-22)
Haruhi's Class 1-A has a Halloween event called "The Halloween Test-of-Courage Tournament," in which teams do their best to scare each other. The losing team will be featured on the front page of the school newsletter with the headline, "The Captains of All Cowards." Class 1-A president, Kazukiyo Soga, isn't so keen on this idea, as he reveals to Haruhi that he has nyctophobia, a fear of the dark. He begs for Haruhi's help and wishes her to keep it a secret, but the twins find out and the four of them become Team B. On the night of the event, Soga reveals that he has a crush on Momoka Kurakano, Class 1-A's vice-president and the twins reconsider their teasing of him because he's "pure-hearted." Nekozawa and the rest of the Host Club join forces to scare Team B and use Tamaki dressed as the Clocktower Witch to terrify them. Haruhi and Hikaru run in one direction, tripping a net that traps them above ground while Kaoru and Soga run in the opposite direction only to be shoved and locked in an empty room by Kuretake and Kadomatsu, the Nekozawa family servants. There, Kaoru muses to Soga about "the carriage being turned back to a pumpkin" which Soga doesn't understand. To Kaoru, though, it means that Tamaki's dream of keeping everyone together must end one day and that his "special relationship" to his twin, Hikaru, must also end. Haruhi and Hikaru manage to break free of the trap courtesy of Haruhi's hidden sewing kit and they reunite with Kaoru and Soga and, eventually, all of Class 1-A. Nekozawa frightens everyone by casting a shadow of Beelzenef on the domed skylight, thus earning Class 1-A the title of "The Captains of all Cowards."
22 "Mori-senpai Has an Apprentice Candidate!"
"Mori-senpai ni Deshiiri Shigan" (モリ先輩に弟子入り志願)
August 29, 2006 (2006-08-29)
When the son of a gangster, Ritsu Kasanoda, seeks out Mori for tips on how to change his scary appearance and gain friends, the Host Club immediately jumps at the opportunity to change his image, making many humorous mistakes along the way, including messing with Kasanoda's name by calling him Casanova and Bossanova, as well as dressing him in ridiculous outfits. When Kasanoda meets Haruhi, he's attracted to her which leads to confusion about his sexuality, since he believes her to be a boy. When two rival gang members attempt to hurt Kasanoda, Honey and Mori intervene. The thugs demand that Tetsuya Sendo, one of Kasanoda's 'fellas, be returned but Tetsuya appears and demands they leave before sharing with the hosts how he came to serve his young lord. Kasanoda is touched by everyone's good will and goes to find Haruhi, who is changing in Music Room 3 and, just like Tamaki, he learns about Haruhi's gender by accident.
23 "Tamaki’s Unwitting Depression!"
"Tamaki no Mujikaku na Yūutsu" (環の無自覚な憂鬱)
September 5, 2006 (2006-09-05)
After Kasanoda realizes that Haruhi is a girl he is terrified by the twins and Honey for seeing Haruhi in her underwear, which also puts Tamaki in a state of near permanent shock. Now able to accept his feelings for Haruhi, Kasanoda promises to keep her secret. His 'fellas are quite confused because they still think Haruhi is a boy. When Kasanoda next visits the Host Club as a customer, he requests Haruhi; and because the other guests also think Haruhi is a boy, they become quite excited about the Yaoi possibilities. Tamaki is still catatonic with shock about the thought of Haruhi marrying Kasanoda and living as a Mob Wife, whereas Kyoya is thrilled because attendance at the club is way, way up. The twins are furious with Tamaki for being useless in a crisis and Kyoya for being a "money grubbing enabler". Kasanoda tries his best to tell Haruhi how he feels about her, but can't because of his shyness and also because to others he would be seen as gay, which he is not. Just as he plucks up the courage to tell Haruhi, she cuts him short and says that they'll be great friends, causing the girls present to feel sorry for Kasanoda. They're so moved by the moe drama of it that they rush to comfort him. Tamaki, however, confronts Kasanoda as an irate "parent," but Kasanoda is blunt about Tamaki not being Haruhi's father, a fantasy Tamaki has held from the outset in order to sublimate his own romantic feelings towards Haruhi. When Haruhi says Tamaki does act like her father, Tamaki rejoices and seizes the opportunity to reclaim his familial place in her life. Haruhi, herself, is oblivious to everything.
24 "And so Kyoya Met Him!"
"Soshite Kyōya wa Deatta" (そして鏡夜は出会った)
September 12, 2006 (2006-09-12)
Kyoya recalls when he first met Tamaki two years ago, and how he only became friends with him because his father, Yoshio Ootori, insisted that it would be good for business. Kyoya explains how he perceived his familial role at that time and set out to please his father by befriending the new transfer student, Tamaki Suoh. Tamaki first meets Kyoya, who is the class president representative of middle school homeroom. Kyoya initially puts up with Tamaki's odd requests, travelling all over Japan while trying to wrap his head around the effluvient Tamaki, but can neither anticipate nor control him, which he finds eminently frustrating. One Sunday, Tamaki shows up at Kyoya's house unannounced, but before Kyoya can politely eject him, he's mesmerized by Tamaki's soulful musicianship (as are the other three Ootori siblings). Afterwards, as they share tea, Tamaki manages to push every button Kyoya has, who snaps at him for not appreciating his easy path to his family's patriarchy, whereas Kyoya, as the youngest son, has had to fight just to be acknowledged by his father. Tamaki parries by telling Kyoya that the only one holding Kyoya back is himself. At that point, Kyoya sees the ironic truth and laughs, demolishing the barriers between them and setting them up for a true friendship. Later that year, they sit under a kotatsu together and make plans to form the Host Club.
25 "The Host Club Declares Dissolution!"
"Hosuto-bu Kaisan Sengen" (ホスト部解散宣言)
September 19, 2006 (2006-09-19)
It's time for the annual Ouran Fair, a chance for the school's clubs to showcase student leadership skills and a talent for upward mobility. The Host Club has won the honor of using the Main Salon to entertain their visitors and they manage to charm every one of them, except for a mysterious diva who watches everything through opera glasses. Tamaki's father, Yuzuru Suoh, meets Haruhi for the first time and Haruhi notes that while they don't look alike, they share a flair for flirting. Yoshio Ootori, Kyoya's father, slaps him for wasting his time on such a frivolous club. Haruhi defends Kyoya, but begins to see the down-side of wealth. Her education in this regard is furthered when Tamaki's grandmother, Shizue Suoh, arrives. She is curt and dismissive to Tamaki but introduces him to the Lady Éclair, the mysterious diva who his grandmother commands he chaperone. Éclair is revealed to be wealthy and powerful, but also haughty and selfish. Tamaki ends up engaged to Éclair on his grandmothers orders and the Host Club is declared dissolved as of the end of the festival, at which point Tamaki will leave Japan with Éclair. Haruhi also learns of Tamaki's mother, who was his fathers mistress and not his wife, and how Tamaki's entrance into the prestigious Suoh family was conditional on Tamaki never being allowed to see his mother again.
26 "This is Our Ouran Fair!"
"Kore ga Oretachi no Ōran-sai" (これが俺たちの桜蘭祭)
September 26, 2006 (2006-09-26)
Lady Éclair pays off Haruhi's debt, meaning she's able to leave the Host Club. She declines to leave, realizing that she has made friends in the Host Club and doesn't want to lose them. Kyoya learns that Tamaki is on his way to the airport to leave for France with Lady Éclair. The hosts race against time to recover Tamaki but find that Yoshio Ootori has ordered the Black Onion Squad to keep them from interfering. Haruhi, Hikaru and Kaoru end up using a horse-drawn carriage to pursue the couple while Kyoya, Honey and Mori stay behind to battle with the Ootori family police. Hikaru gets hurt in a carriage crash and Kaoru stays behind to care for him. Haruhi catches up to the car carrying Tamaki and Éclair as they are both crossing a bridge. Haruhi begs Tamaki to return and reaches for his hand, but Tamaki is stopped by Éclair. Haruhi falls from the carriage off the bridge. Éclair, realizing where Tamaki's heart truly lies, releases him and Tamaki thanks her before jumping from the car to save Haruhi. Lady Éclair looks on and reveals that her favourite house maid, who often talks about her son who loves to play the piano, is actually Tamaki's mother who she had planned to finally reunite with Tamaki. At the Ouran Ball, Haruhi dances with all the members of the Host Club. Yuzuru and Yoshio discuss their sons, with Yoshio revealing that the Ootori Company had been struggling financially until Kyoya, having worked for years to secretly develop multiple business deals, not only took ownership of the company out from under him, but allowed him to stay on as manager, basically outmanoeuvring his father to steal his company so he could then throw it back in his face as proof he didn't need the company to be happy. Both men agree to remain friends for the sake of their sons, instead arguing over whether Tamaki or Kyoya will one day marry Haruhi. The Host Club watches fireworks together. The final scene returns to the open doors of Music Room 3, rose petals swirling, as all seven hosts thank the viewers for watching and to remember that they'll be waiting.
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