List of MPs elected in the United Kingdom general election, December 1910

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30th Parliament (December 1910)
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This is a list of Members of Parliament (MPs) elected to the 30th Parliament of the United Kingdom at the December 1910 general election, held over several days from 3 December to 19 December 1910.

Notable newcomers to the House of Commons included Max Aitken (the future Lord Beaverbrook), Frederick Kellaway, and George Lansbury.

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Floor Crossings By-elections


Constituency Member of Parliament Party
Aberdeen North Pirie, DuncanDuncan Pirie Liberal
Aberdeen South Esslemont, GeorgeGeorge Esslemont Liberal
Aberdeenshire East Cowan, HenryHenry Cowan Liberal
Aberdeenshire West Henderson, JohnJohn Henderson Liberal
Abingdon Henderson, HaroldHarold Henderson Conservative
Accrington Baker, HaroldHarold Baker Liberal
Altrincham Kebty-Fletcher, JohnJohn Kebty-Fletcher Conservative
Andover Faber, WalterWalter Faber Conservative
Anglesey Ellis-Griffith, Ellis Liberal
Antrim East McCalmont, JamesJames McCalmont Irish Unionist
Antrim Mid O'Neill, Hon. ArthurHon. Arthur O'Neill Irish Unionist
Antrim North Kerr-Smiley, PeterPeter Kerr-Smiley Irish Unionist
Antrim South Craig, CharlesCharles Craig Irish Unionist
Appleby Sanderson, LancelotLancelot Sanderson Conservative
Arfon Jones, WilliamWilliam Jones Liberal
Argyllshire Ainsworth, John Liberal
Armagh Mid Lonsdale, JohnJohn Lonsdale Irish Unionist
Armagh North Moore, William Irish Unionist
Armagh South O'Neill, CharlesCharles O'Neill Irish Parliamentary Party
Ashburton Morrison-Bell, ErnestErnest Morrison-Bell Liberal Unionist
Ashford Hardy, LaurenceLaurence Hardy Conservative
Ashton-under-Lyne Aitken, MaxMax Aitken Conservative
Aston Manor Cecil, Sir EvelynSir Evelyn Cecil Conservative
Aylesbury de Rothschild, LionelLionel de Rothschild Conservative
Ayr District of Burghs Younger, Sir GeorgeSir George Younger Conservative
Ayrshire North Anderson, AndrewAndrew Anderson Liberal
Ayrshire South Beale, Sir William Liberal
Banbury Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes, Hon. EustaceHon. Eustace Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes Liberal
Banffshire Waring, WalterWalter Waring Liberal
Barkston Ash Lane-Fox, GeorgeGeorge Lane-Fox Conservative
Barnard Castle Henderson, ArthurArthur Henderson Labour
Barnsley Walton, Sir JosephSir Joseph Walton Liberal
Barnstaple Soares, ErnestErnest Soares Liberal
Barrow-in-Furness Duncan, CharlesCharles Duncan Labour
Basingstoke Salter, ArthurArthur Salter Conservative
Bassetlaw Hume-Williams, WilliamWilliam Hume-Williams Conservative
Bath Thynne, Lord AlexanderLord Alexander Thynne Conservative
Bath Hunter, Sir CharlesSir Charles Hunter Conservative
Battersea Burns, Rt Hon. JohnRt Hon. John Burns Liberal
Bedford Kellaway, FrederickFrederick Kellaway Liberal
Belfast East McMordie, Robert JamesRobert James McMordie Irish Unionist
Belfast North Thompson, RobertRobert Thompson Irish Unionist
Belfast South Chambers, JamesJames Chambers Irish Unionist
Belfast West Devlin, JosephJoseph Devlin Irish Parliamentary Party
Bermondsey Glanville, HaroldHarold Glanville Liberal
Berwick-upon-Tweed Grey, Sir EdwardSir Edward Grey Liberal
Berwickshire Tennant, HaroldHarold Tennant Liberal
Bethnal Green North East Cornwall, EdwinEdwin Cornwall Liberal
Bethnal Green South West Pickersgill, EdwardEdward Pickersgill Liberal
Bewdley Baldwin, StanleyStanley Baldwin Conservative
Biggleswade Black, ArthurArthur Black Liberal
Birkenhead Bigland, AlfredAlfred Bigland Conservative
Birmingham Bordesley Collings, JesseJesse Collings Liberal Unionist
Birmingham Central Parkes, Sir EbenezerSir Ebenezer Parkes Liberal Unionist
Birmingham East Steel-Maitland, Arthur Conservative
Birmingham Edgbaston Lowe, Francis Conservative
Birmingham North Middlemore, JohnJohn Middlemore Liberal Unionist
Birmingham South Morpeth, ViscountViscount Morpeth Liberal Unionist
Birmingham West Chamberlain, JosephJoseph Chamberlain Liberal Unionist
Birr Reddy, MichaelMichael Reddy Irish Parliamentary Party
Bishop Auckland Havelock-Allan, Sir HenrySir Henry Havelock-Allan Liberal
Blackburn Snowden, PhilipPhilip Snowden Labour
Blackburn Norman, HenryHenry Norman Liberal
Blackpool Ashley, WilfridWilfrid Ashley Conservative
Bodmin Pole-Carew, Sir ReginaldSir Reginald Pole-Carew Liberal Unionist
Bolton Harwood, GeorgeGeorge Harwood Liberal
Bolton Gill, Alfred HenryAlfred Henry Gill Labour
Bootle Sandys, ThomasThomas Sandys Conservative
Boston Dixon, Charles HarveyCharles Harvey Dixon Conservative
Bosworth McLaren, HenryHenry McLaren Liberal
Bow and Bromley Lansbury, GeorgeGeorge Lansbury Labour
Bradford Central Scott Robertson, Sir GeorgeSir George Scott Robertson Liberal
Bradford East Priestley, Sir WilliamSir William Priestley Liberal
Bradford West Jowett, FredFred Jowett Labour
Brecknockshire Robinson, SidneySidney Robinson Liberal
Brentford Compton, Lord AlwyneLord Alwyne Compton Conservative
Bridgwater Sanders, RobertRobert Sanders Conservative
Brigg Gelder, Sir AlfredSir Alfred Gelder Liberal
Brighton Tryon, GeorgeGeorge Tryon Conservative
Brighton Rice, Hon. WalterHon. Walter Rice Conservative
Bristol East Hobhouse, CharlesCharles Hobhouse Liberal
Bristol North Birrell, AugustineAugustine Birrell Liberal
Bristol South Davies, Sir HowellSir Howell Davies Liberal
Bristol West Gibbs, GeorgeGeorge Gibbs Conservative
Brixton Dalziel, DavisonDavison Dalziel Conservative
Buckingham Verney, Bt, Sir HarrySir Harry Verney, Bt Liberal
Buckrose White, Sir LukeSir Luke White Liberal
Burnley Morrell, PhilipPhilip Morrell Liberal
Burton Ratcliff, RobertRobert Ratcliff Liberal Unionist
Bury Toulmin, Sir GeorgeSir George Toulmin Liberal
Bury St Edmunds Guinness, Hon. WalterHon. Walter Guinness Conservative
Buteshire Hope, HarryHarry Hope Conservative
Caithness-shire Harmsworth, Robert Liberal
Camberwell North Macnamara, Thomas JamesThomas James Macnamara Liberal
Camborne Acland, Francis Liberal
Cambridge Paget, AlmericAlmeric Paget Conservative
Cambridge University Butcher, SamuelSamuel Butcher Conservative
Cambridge University Rawlinson, JohnJohn Rawlinson Conservative
Canterbury Bennett-Goldney, FrancisFrancis Bennett-Goldney Independent Conservative
Cardiff Crichton-Stuart, Lord NinianLord Ninian Crichton-Stuart Conservative
Cardiganshire Vaughan-Davies, MatthewMatthew Vaughan-Davies Liberal
Carlisle Denman, RichardRichard Denman Liberal
County Carlow Molloy, MichaelMichael Molloy Irish Parliamentary Party
Carmarthen District Williams, W. LlewelynW. Llewelyn Williams Liberal
Carmarthenshire East Thomas, AbelAbel Thomas Liberal
Carmarthenshire West Hinds, JohnJohn Hinds Liberal
Carnarvon Lloyd George, DavidDavid Lloyd George Liberal
Cavan East Young, SamuelSamuel Young Irish Parliamentary Party
Cavan West Kennedy, VincentVincent Kennedy Irish Parliamentary Party
Chatham Hohler, GeraldGerald Hohler Conservative
Chelmsford Pretyman, E. G.E. G. Pretyman Conservative
Chelsea Hoare, SamuelSamuel Hoare Conservative
Cheltenham Mathias, RichardRichard Mathias Liberal
Chertsey Macmaster, DonaldDonald Macmaster Conservative
Chester Yerburgh, RobertRobert Yerburgh Conservative
Chester-le-Street Taylor, John WilkinsonJohn Wilkinson Taylor Labour
Chesterfield Haslam, JamesJames Haslam Labour
Chesterton Montagu, Hon. EdwinHon. Edwin Montagu Liberal
Chichester Talbot, Lord EdmundLord Edmund Talbot Conservative
Chippenham Terrell, GeorgeGeorge Terrell Conservative
Chorley Balniel, LordLord Balniel Conservative
Christchurch Croft, Henry PageHenry Page Croft Conservative
Cirencester Bathurst, Hon. BenjaminHon. Benjamin Bathurst Conservative
Clackmannan and Kinrossshire Wason, EugeneEugene Wason Liberal
Clapham Faber, DenisonDenison Faber Conservative
Clare East Redmond, WillieWillie Redmond Irish Parliamentary Party
Clare West Lynch, ArthurArthur Lynch Irish Parliamentary Party
Cleveland Samuel, HerbertHerbert Samuel Liberal
Clitheroe Smith, AlbertAlbert Smith Labour
Cockermouth Lawson, Sir WilfridSir Wilfrid Lawson Liberal
Colchester Worthington-Evans, LamingLaming Worthington-Evans Conservative
Colne Valley Leach, CharlesCharles Leach Liberal
Cork City O'Brien, WilliamWilliam O'Brien All-for-Ireland League
Cork City Healy, MauriceMaurice Healy All-for-Ireland League
County Cork East Donelan, AnthonyAnthony Donelan Irish Parliamentary Party
County Cork Mid Sheehan, D. D.D. D. Sheehan All-for-Ireland League
County Cork North Guiney, PatrickPatrick Guiney All-for-Ireland League
County Cork North East Frewen, MoretonMoreton Frewen All-for-Ireland League
County Cork South Walsh, JohnJohn Walsh All-for-Ireland League
County Cork South East Crean, EugeneEugene Crean All-for-Ireland League
County Cork West Gilhooly, JamesJames Gilhooly All-for-Ireland League
Coventry Mason, David MarshallDavid Marshall Mason Liberal
Crewe McLaren, WalterWalter McLaren Liberal
Cricklade Lambert, RCRC Lambert Liberal
Croydon Malcolm, IanIan Malcolm Conservative
Darlington Pease, HerbertHerbert Pease Liberal Unionist
Dartford Rowlands, JamesJames Rowlands Liberal
Darwen Rutherford, JohnJohn Rutherford Conservative
Denbigh District Ormsby-Gore, Hon. WilliamHon. William Ormsby-Gore Conservative
Denbighshire East John, EdwardEdward John Liberal
Denbighshire West Roberts, Sir JohnSir John Roberts Liberal
Deptford Bowerman, C. W.C. W. Bowerman Labour
Derby Roe, Sir ThomasSir Thomas Roe Liberal
Derby Thomas, J.H.J.H. Thomas Labour
Derbyshire Mid Hancock, JohnJohn Hancock Labour
Derbyshire North East Harvey, W. E.W. E. Harvey Labour
Derbyshire South Raphael, HerbertHerbert Raphael Liberal
Derbyshire West Kerry, The Earl ofThe Earl of Kerry Liberal Unionist
Devizes Basil Peto Conservative
Devonport Jackson, Sir JohnSir John Jackson Conservative
Devonport Kinloch-Cooke, ClementClement Kinloch-Cooke Conservative
Dewsbury Runciman, WalterWalter Runciman Liberal
Doncaster Charles Nicholson Liberal
Donegal East Kelly, EdwardEdward Kelly Irish Parliamentary Party
Donegal North O'Doherty, PhilipPhilip O'Doherty Irish Parliamentary Party
Donegal South Swift MacNeill, J. G.J. G. Swift MacNeill Irish Parliamentary Party
Donegal West Law, Hugh AlexanderHugh Alexander Law Irish Parliamentary Party
Dorset East Guest, Hon. FreddieHon. Freddie Guest Liberal
Dorset North Baker, Sir RandolfSir Randolf Baker Conservative
Dorset South Hambro, AngusAngus Hambro Conservative
Dorset West Robert Williams Conservative
Dover Wyndham, GeorgeGeorge Wyndham Conservative
Down East Craig, JamesJames Craig Irish Unionist
Down North Mitchell-Thomson, WilliamWilliam Mitchell-Thomson Irish Unionist
Down South McVeagh, JeremiahJeremiah McVeagh Irish Parliamentary Party
Down West MacCaw, WilliamWilliam MacCaw Liberal Unionist
Droitwich Lyttelton, JohnJohn Lyttelton Liberal Unionist
Dublin County North Clancy, J. J.J. J. Clancy Irish Parliamentary Party
Dublin County South Cotton, William FrancisWilliam Francis Cotton Irish Parliamentary Party
Dublin College Green Nannetti, Joseph PatrickJoseph Patrick Nannetti Irish Parliamentary Party
Dublin Harbour Abraham, WilliamWilliam Abraham Irish Parliamentary Party
Dublin St Patrick's Field, WilliamWilliam Field Irish Parliamentary Party
Dublin St Stephen's Green Brady, P. J.P. J. Brady Irish Parliamentary Party
Dublin University Carson, Sir EdwardSir Edward Carson Irish Unionist Party
Dublin University Campbell, JamesJames Campbell Irish Unionist Party
Dudley Griffith-Boscawen, Sir ArthurSir Arthur Griffith-Boscawen Conservative
Dulwich Hall, Sir Frederick Conservative
Dumbartonshire Allen, Arthur AclandArthur Acland Allen Liberal
Dumfries District of Burghs Gulland, JohnJohn Gulland Liberal
Dumfriesshire Molteno, PercyPercy Molteno Liberal
Dundee Wilkie, AlexanderAlexander Wilkie Labour
Dundee Churchill, WinstonWinston Churchill Liberal
Durham Hills, John WallerJohn Waller Hills Liberal Unionist
Durham Mid Wilson, JohnJohn Wilson Liberal
Durham North West Atherley-Jones, LlewellynLlewellyn Atherley-Jones Liberal
Durham South East Hayward, EvanEvan Hayward Liberal
Ealing Nield, HerbertHerbert Nield Conservative
East Grinstead Cautley, HenryHenry Cautley Conservative
Eastbourne Gwynne, RupertRupert Gwynne Conservative
Eccles Pollard, Sir GeorgeSir George Pollard Liberal
Eddisbury Barnston, HarryHarry Barnston Conservative
Edinburgh Central Price, Charles EdwardCharles Edward Price Liberal
Edinburgh East Gibson, Sir JamesSir James Gibson Liberal
Edinburgh South Lyell, Charles HenryCharles Henry Lyell Liberal
Edinburgh West Clyde, James AvonJames Avon Clyde Liberal Unionist
Edinburgh and St Andrews Universities Finlay, RobertRobert Finlay Liberal Unionist
Egremont Grant, James AugustusJames Augustus Grant Conservative
Eifion Davies, EllisEllis Davies Liberal
Elgin District of Burghs Sutherland, JohnJohn Sutherland Liberal
Elgin and Nairnshires Williamson, ArchibaldArchibald Williamson Liberal
Elland Trevelyan, CharlesCharles Trevelyan Liberal
Enfield Newman, John PretymanJohn Pretyman Newman Conservative
Epping Lockwood, AmeliusAmelius Lockwood Conservative
Epsom Keswick, WilliamWilliam Keswick Conservative
Eskdale Lowther, ClaudeClaude Lowther Conservative
Essex South East Kirkwood, JohnJohn Kirkwood Conservative
Evesham Bolton Eyres-Monsell Conservative
Exeter St Maur, HaroldHarold St Maur Liberal
Eye Pearson, Hon. HaroldHon. Harold Pearson Liberal
Falkirk District of Burghs Macdonald, JohnJohn Macdonald Liberal
Fareham Lee, Sir ArthurSir Arthur Lee Conservative
Faversham Wheler, Sir GranvilleSir Granville Wheler Conservative
Fermanagh North Fetherstonhaugh, GodfreyGodfrey Fetherstonhaugh Irish Unionist
Fermanagh South Crumley, PatrickPatrick Crumley Irish Parliamentary Party
Fife East Asquith, H. H.H. H. Asquith Liberal
Fife West Adamson, WilliamWilliam Adamson Labour
Finsbury Central Archer-Shee, MartinMartin Archer-Shee Conservative
Finsbury East Baker, Joseph AllenJoseph Allen Baker Liberal
Flint District Summers, James WoolleyJames Woolley Summers Liberal
Flintshire Lewis, HerbertHerbert Lewis Liberal
Forest of Dean Dilke, Sir CharlesSir Charles Dilke Liberal
Forfarshire Falconer, JamesJames Falconer Liberal
Frome Barlow, Sir JohnSir John Barlow Liberal
Fulham Fisher, William HayesWilliam Hayes Fisher Conservative
Gainsborough Bentham, George JacksonGeorge Jackson Bentham Liberal
Galway Borough Gwynn, StephenStephen Gwynn Irish Parliamentary Party
Galway Connemara O'Malley, WilliamWilliam O'Malley Irish Parliamentary Party
County Galway East Roche, JohnJohn Roche Irish Parliamentary Party
County Galway North Hazleton, RichardRichard Hazleton Irish Parliamentary Party
County Galway South Duffy, WilliamWilliam Duffy Irish Parliamentary Party
Gateshead Elverston, Sir HaroldSir Harold Elverston Liberal
Glamorganshire, East Edwards, ClementClement Edwards Liberal
Glamorganshire, Mid Edwards, HughHugh Edwards Liberal
Glamorganshire, South Brace, WilliamWilliam Brace Labour
Glasgow Blackfriars and Hutchesontown Barnes, GeorgeGeorge Barnes Labour
Glasgow Bridgeton Scott, Alexander MacCallumAlexander MacCallum Scott Liberal
Glasgow Camlachie Mackinder, Sir HalfordSir Halford Mackinder Conservative
Glasgow Central Dickson, CharlesCharles Dickson Conservative
Glasgow College Watt, Henry AndersonHenry Anderson Watt Liberal
Govan Hunter, WilliamWilliam Hunter Liberal
Glasgow St Rollox Wood, McKinnonMcKinnon Wood Liberal
Glasgow Tradeston Corbett, ArchibaldArchibald Corbett Liberal
Glasgow and Aberdeen Universities Craik, HenryHenry Craik Conservative
Gloucester Terrell, HenryHenry Terrell Conservative
Gorton Hodge, JohnJohn Hodge Labour
Gower District Williams, JohnJohn Williams Labour
Grantham Priestley, Sir ArthurSir Arthur Priestley Liberal
Gravesend Parker, GilbertGilbert Parker Conservative
Great Grimsby Doughty, Sir GeorgeSir George Doughty Liberal Unionist
Great Yarmouth Fell, ArthurArthur Fell Conservative
Greenock Collins, Sir GodfreySir Godfrey Collins Liberal
Greenwich Benn, Ion HamiltonIon Hamilton Benn Conservative
Guildford Horne, EdgarEdgar Horne Conservative
Hackney Central Spicer, Sir AlbertSir Albert Spicer Liberal
Hackney North Greene, Raymond Raymond Greene Conservative
Hackney South Bottomley, HoratioHoratio Bottomley Liberal
Haddingtonshire Haldane, RichardRichard Haldane Liberal
Haggerston Chancellor, HenryHenry Chancellor Liberal
Halifax Whitley, J. H.J. H. Whitley Liberal
Halifax Parker, JamesJames Parker Labour
Hallamshire Wadsworth, JohnJohn Wadsworth Labour
Hammersmith Bull, William Conservative
Hampstead Fletcher, John Conservative
Handsworth Meysey-Thompson, ErnestErnest Meysey-Thompson Conservative
Hanley Edwards, EnochEnoch Edwards Labour
Harborough Logan, John WilliamJohn William Logan Liberal
Harrow Mallaby-Deeley, HarryHarry Mallaby-Deeley Conservative
Hartlepools, The Furness, StephenStephen Furness Liberal
Harwich Newton, HarryHarry Newton Conservative
Hastings du Cros, ArthurArthur du Cros Conservative
Hawick District of Burghs Barran, Bt, Sir JohnSir John Barran, Bt Liberal
Henley Fleming, ValentineValentine Fleming Conservative
Hereford Arkwright, JohnJohn Arkwright Conservative
Hertford Rolleston, JohnJohn Rolleston Conservative
Hexham Holt, Richard DurningRichard Durning Holt Liberal
Heywood Cawley, Harold ThomasHarold Thomas Cawley Liberal
High Peak Hill-Wood, SamuelSamuel Hill-Wood Conservative
Hitchin Hillier, AlfredAlfred Hillier Conservative
Holborn Remnant, JamesJames Remnant Conservative
Holderness Wilson, Arthur StanleyArthur Stanley Wilson Conservative
Holmfirth Wilson, HenryHenry Wilson Liberal
Honiton Morrison-Bell, CliveClive Morrison-Bell Conservative
Horncastle de Eresby, Lord WilloughbyLord Willoughby de Eresby Conservative
Hornsey Ronaldshay, The Earl ofThe Earl of Ronaldshay Conservative
Horsham Winterton, The EarlThe Earl Winterton Conservative
Houghton-le-Spring Cameron, RobertRobert Cameron Liberal
Howdenshire Harrison-Broadley, HenryHenry Harrison-Broadley Conservative
Hoxton Addison, ChristopherChristopher Addison Liberal
Huddersfield Sherwell, ArthurArthur Sherwell Liberal
Hull Central King, Sir SeymourSir Seymour King Conservative
Hull East Ferens, ThomasThomas Ferens Liberal
Hull West Wilson, Guy GrevilleGuy Greville Wilson Liberal
Huntingdon Cator, JohnJohn Cator Conservative
Hyde Neilson, FrancisFrancis Neilson Liberal
Hythe Sassoon, Sir EdwardSir Edward Sassoon Liberal Unionist
Ilkeston Seely, J. E. B.J. E. B. Seely Liberal
Ince Walsh, StephenStephen Walsh Labour
Inverness District of Burghs Bryce, John AnnanJohn Annan Bryce Liberal
Inverness-shire Dewar, Sir JohnSir John Dewar Liberal
Ipswich Goddard, Sir Daniel FordSir Daniel Ford Goddard Liberal
Ipswich Horne, SilvesterSilvester Horne Liberal
Isle of Thanet Craig, Norman CarlyleNorman Carlyle Craig Conservative
Isle of Wight Hall, DouglasDouglas Hall Conservative
Islington East Radford, Sir George HeynesSir George Heynes Radford Liberal
Islington North Touche, GeorgeGeorge Touche Conservative
Islington South Wiles, ThomasThomas Wiles Liberal
Islington West Lough, ThomasThomas Lough Liberal
Jarrow Palmer, Godfrey MarkGodfrey Mark Palmer Liberal
Keighley Brigg, Sir JohnSir John Brigg Liberal
Kendal Bagot, JoscelineJosceline Bagot Conservative
Kennington Collins, Sir StephenSir Stephen Collins Liberal
Kensington North Burgoyne, AlanAlan Burgoyne Conservative
Kensington South Hamilton, Lord ClaudLord Claud Hamilton Conservative
Kerry East O'Sullivan, TimothyTimothy O'Sullivan Irish Parliamentary Party
Kerry North Flavin, Michael JosephMichael Joseph Flavin Irish Parliamentary Party
Kerry South Boland, John PiusJohn Pius Boland Irish Parliamentary Party
Kerry West O'Donnell, ThomasThomas O'Donnell Irish Parliamentary Party
Kidderminster Knight, EricEric Knight Conservative
Kildare North O'Connor, JohnJohn O'Connor Irish Parliamentary Party
Kildare South Kilbride, DenisDenis Kilbride Irish Parliamentary Party
Kilkenny City O'Brien, PatPat O'Brien Irish Parliamentary Party
County Kilkenny North Meagher, MichaelMichael Meagher Irish Parliamentary Party
County Kilkenny South Keating, MatthewMatthew Keating Irish Parliamentary Party
Kilmarnock Rainy, Adam RollandAdam Rolland Rainy Liberal
Kincardineshire Murray, Hon. ArthurHon. Arthur Murray Liberal
King's Lynn Ingleby, HolcombeHolcombe Ingleby Conservative
Kingston-upon-Thames Cave, Sir GeorgeSir George Cave Conservative
Kingswinford Staveley-Hill, HenryHenry Staveley-Hill Conservative
Kirkcaldy District of Burghs Dalziel, JamesJames Dalziel Liberal
Kirkcudbrightshire McMicking, GilbertGilbert McMicking Liberal
Knutsford Sykes, AlanAlan Sykes Conservative
Lambeth North Gastrell, WilliamWilliam Gastrell Conservative
Lanarkshire Mid Whitehouse, John HowardJohn Howard Whitehouse Liberal
Lanarkshire North East Wilson, Thomas FlemingThomas Fleming Wilson Liberal
Lanarkshire North West Pringle, WilliamWilliam Pringle Liberal
Lanarkshire South Menzies, Sir WalterSir Walter Menzies Liberal
Lancaster Helme, Sir NorvalSir Norval Helme Liberal
Launceston Marks, Sir GeorgeSir George Marks Liberal
Leeds Central Armitage, RobertRobert Armitage Liberal
Leeds East O'Grady, JamesJames O'Grady Labour
Leeds North Barran, Sir RowlandSir Rowland Barran Liberal
Leeds South Middlebrook, WilliamWilliam Middlebrook Liberal
Leeds West Harvey, EdmundEdmund Harvey Liberal
Leek Pearce, Sir RobertSir Robert Pearce Liberal
Leicester Macdonald, RamsayRamsay Macdonald Labour
Leicester Crawshay-Williams, EliotEliot Crawshay-Williams Liberal
Leigh Raffan, PeterPeter Raffan Liberal
Leith District of Burghs Munro-Ferguson, RonaldRonald Munro-Ferguson Liberal
Leitrim North Meehan, FrancisFrancis Meehan Irish Parliamentary Party
Leitrim South Smyth, Thomas FrancisThomas Francis Smyth Irish Parliamentary Party
Leix Meehan, Patrick AloysiusPatrick Aloysius Meehan Irish Parliamentary Party
Leominster Rankin, Bt, Sir JamesSir James Rankin, Bt Conservative
Lewes Campion, WilliamWilliam Campion Conservative
Lewisham Coates, EdwardEdward Coates Conservative
Lichfield Warner, Bt, Sir CourtenaySir Courtenay Warner, Bt Liberal
Limehouse Pearce, Sir WilliamSir William Pearce Liberal
Limerick City Joyce, MichaelMichael Joyce Irish Parliamentary Party
County Limerick East Lundon, ThomasThomas Lundon Irish Parliamentary Party
County Limerick West O'Shaughnessy, PatrickPatrick O'Shaughnessy Irish Parliamentary Party
Lincoln Roberts, Charles HenryCharles Henry Roberts Liberal
Linlithgowshire Ure, AlexanderAlexander Ure Liberal
Liverpool Abercromby Chaloner, RichardRichard Chaloner Conservative
Liverpool Everton Harmood-Banner, JohnJohn Harmood-Banner Conservative
Liverpool Exchange Scott, Sir LeslieSir Leslie Scott Conservative
Liverpool Kirkdale Kyffin-Taylor, GeraldGerald Kyffin-Taylor Conservative
Liverpool Scotland O'Connor, T. P.T. P. O'Connor Irish Parliamentary Party
Liverpool East Toxteth Marshall-Hall, EdwardEdward Marshall-Hall Conservative
Liverpool West Toxteth Houston, RobertRobert Houston Conservative
Liverpool Walton Smith, F. E.F. E. Smith Conservative
Liverpool West Derby Rutherford, WilliamWilliam Rutherford Conservative
City of London Balfour, Rt Hon. ArthurRt Hon. Arthur Balfour Conservative
City of London Banbury, Sir FrederickSir Frederick Banbury Conservative
London University Magnus, Sir PhilipSir Philip Magnus Liberal Unionist
Londonderry Hamilton, The Marquess ofThe Marquess of Hamilton Irish Unionist
Londonderry North Barrie, Hugh T.Hugh T. Barrie Irish Unionist
Londonderry South Gordon, JohnJohn Gordon Liberal Unionist
Longford North Farrell, James PatrickJames Patrick Farrell Irish Parliamentary Party
Longford South Phillips, JohnJohn Phillips Irish Parliamentary Party
North Lonsdale Haddock, GeorgeGeorge Haddock Conservative
Loughborough Levy, MauriceMaurice Levy Liberal
Louth (Lincolnshire) Davies, TimothyTimothy Davies Liberal
Louth North Hazleton, RichardRichard Hazleton Irish Parliamentary Party
Louth South Nolan, JosephJoseph Nolan Irish Parliamentary Party
Lowestoft Beauchamp, EdwardEdward Beauchamp Liberal
Ludlow Hunt, RowlandRowland Hunt Liberal Unionist
Luton Ashton, ThomasThomas Ashton Liberal
Macclesfield Brocklehurst, WilliamWilliam Brocklehurst Liberal
Maidstone Castlereagh, ViscountViscount Castlereagh Conservative
Maldon Flannery, Bt, Sir James FortescueSir James Fortescue Flannery, Bt Conservative
Manchester East Sutton, John EdwardJohn Edward Sutton Labour
Manchester North Schwann, Bt, Sir CharlesSir Charles Schwann, Bt Liberal
Manchester North East Clynes, J. R.J. R. Clynes Labour
Manchester North West Kemp, Sir GeorgeSir George Kemp Liberal
Manchester South Haworth, ArthurArthur Haworth Liberal
Manchester South West Needham, ChristopherChristopher Needham Liberal
Mansfield Markham, Arthur Liberal
Marylebone East Boyton, JamesJames Boyton Conservative
Marylebone West Scott, Bt, Sir SamuelSir Samuel Scott, Bt Conservative
Mayo East Dillon, JohnJohn Dillon Irish Parliamentary Party
Mayo North Boyle, DanielDaniel Boyle Irish Parliamentary Party
Mayo South Fitzgibbon, JohnJohn Fitzgibbon Irish Parliamentary Party
Mayo West Doris, WilliamWilliam Doris Irish Parliamentary Party
Meath North White, PatrickPatrick White Irish Parliamentary Party
Meath South Sheehy, DavidDavid Sheehy Irish Parliamentary Party
Medway Warde, CharlesCharles Warde Conservative
Melton Yate, CharlesCharles Yate Conservative
Merionethshire Jones, Sir HenrySir Henry Jones Liberal
Merthyr Tydfil Rees Jones, Sir EdgarSir Edgar Rees Jones Liberal
Merthyr Tydfil Hardie, Keir Keir Hardie Labour
Middlesbrough Williams, PenryPenry Williams Liberal
Middleton Adkins, Sir RylandSir Ryland Adkins Liberal
Midlothian Elibank, The Master ofThe Master of Elibank Liberal
Mile End Levy-Lawson, Hon. HarryHon. Harry Levy-Lawson Liberal Unionist
Monaghan North Lardner, James Carrige RusheJames Carrige Rushe Lardner Irish Parliamentary Party
Monaghan South McKean, JohnJohn McKean Independent Nationalist
Monmouth Boroughs Haslam, LewisLewis Haslam Liberal
Monmouthshire North McKenna, Rt Hon. ReginaldRt Hon. Reginald McKenna Liberal
Monmouthshire South Herbert, Sir IvorSir Ivor Herbert Liberal
Monmouthshire West Richards, ThomasThomas Richards Labour
Montgomery District Pryce-Jones, EdwardEdward Pryce-Jones Conservative
Montgomeryshire Davies, DavidDavid Davies Liberal
Montrose District of Burghs Harcourt, RobertRobert Harcourt Liberal
Morley France, GeraldGerald France Liberal
Morpeth Burt, ThomasThomas Burt Liberal
New Forest Perkins, WalterWalter Perkins Conservative
Newark Starkey, JohnJohn Starkey Conservative
Newbury Mount, WilliamWilliam Mount Conservative
Newcastle-upon-Tyne Hudson, WalterWalter Hudson Labour
Newcastle-upon-Tyne Shortt, EdwardEdward Shortt Liberal
Newcastle-under-Lyme Wedgwood, JosiahJosiah Wedgwood Liberal
Newington West Norton, CecilCecil Norton Liberal
Newmarket Rose, Sir CharlesSir Charles Rose Liberal
Newport Stanier, BevilleBeville Stanier Conservative
Newry Mooney, John JosephJohn Joseph Mooney Irish Parliamentary Party
Newton Wolmer, ViscountViscount Wolmer Conservative
Norfolk East Price, Sir Robert JohnSir Robert John Price Liberal
Norfolk Mid Boyle, William LewisWilliam Lewis Boyle Conservative
Norfolk North Buxton, NoelNoel Buxton Liberal
Norfolk North West White, Sir GeorgeSir George White Liberal
Norfolk South Soames, Arthur WellesleyArthur Wellesley Soames Liberal
Norfolk South West Winfrey, RichardRichard Winfrey Liberal
Normanton Hall, FrederickFrederick Hall Labour
Northampton Lees-Smith, HastingsHastings Lees-Smith Liberal
Northampton McCurdy, CharlesCharles McCurdy Liberal
Northamptonshire East Money, Sir Leo ChiozzaSir Leo Chiozza Money Liberal
Northamptonshire Mid Manfield, HarryHarry Manfield Liberal
Northamptonshire North Brassey, HenryHenry Brassey Conservative
Northamptonshire South FitzRoy, Hon. EdwardHon. Edward FitzRoy Conservative
Northwich Brunner, John Liberal
Norwich Roberts, George HenryGeorge Henry Roberts Labour
Norwich Low, Sir FrederickSir Frederick Low Liberal
Norwood Samuel, Sir HarrySir Harry Samuel Conservative
Nottingham East Morrison, JamesJames Morrison Conservative
Nottingham South Cavendish-Bentinck, Lord HenryLord Henry Cavendish-Bentinck Conservative
Nottingham West Yoxall, Sir JamesSir James Yoxall Liberal
Nuneaton Johnson, WilliamWilliam Johnson Labour
Oldham Emmott, AlfredAlfred Emmott Liberal
Oldham Barton, WilliamWilliam Barton Liberal
Orkney and Shetland Wason, CathcartCathcart Wason Liberal
Ormskirk Stanley, Hon. ArthurHon. Arthur Stanley Conservative
Osgoldcross Compton-Rickett, Sir JosephSir Joseph Compton-Rickett Liberal
Ossory Delany, WilliamWilliam Delany Irish Parliamentary Party
Oswestry Bridgeman, WilliamWilliam Bridgeman Conservative
Otley Duncan, Sir James HastingsSir James Hastings Duncan Liberal
Oxford Valentia, ViscountViscount Valentia Conservative
Oxford University Anson, Bt, Sir WilliamSir William Anson, Bt Liberal Unionist
Oxford University Cecil, Lord HughLord Hugh Cecil Conservative
Paddington North Strauss, ArthurArthur Strauss Conservative
Paddington South Harris, Henry PercyHenry Percy Harris Conservative
Paisley McCallum, Sir John MillsSir John Mills McCallum Liberal
Partick Balfour, Robert Liberal
Peckham Richardson, Sir AlbionSir Albion Richardson Liberal
Peebles and Selkirk Maclean, DonaldDonald Maclean Liberal
Pembroke and Haverfordwest District Guest, Hon. HenryHon. Henry Guest Liberal
Pembrokeshire Roch, WalterWalter Roch Liberal
Penrith Lowther, JamesJames Lowther Conservative
Penryn and Falmouth Goldman, Charles SydneyCharles Sydney Goldman Conservative
Perth Whyte, FrederickFrederick Whyte Liberal
Perthshire Eastern Young, WilliamWilliam Young Liberal
Perthshire Western Tullibardine, The Marquess ofThe Marquess of Tullibardine Conservative
Peterborough Greenwood, GeorgeGeorge Greenwood Liberal
Petersfield Nicholson, William GrahamWilliam Graham Nicholson Conservative
Plymouth Astor, WaldorfWaldorf Astor Conservative
Plymouth Benn, ArthurArthur Benn Conservative
Pontefract Booth, Frederick HandelFrederick Handel Booth Liberal
Poplar Buxton, Rt Hon. SydneyRt Hon. Sydney Buxton Liberal
Portsmouth Beresford, Lord CharlesLord Charles Beresford Conservative
Portsmouth Falle, Sir BertramSir Bertram Falle Liberal Unionist
Preston Stanley, Hon. George FrederickHon. George Frederick Stanley Conservative
Preston Tobin, Alfred AspinallAlfred Aspinall Tobin Conservative
Prestwich Cawley, Sir FrederickSir Frederick Cawley Liberal
Pudsey Ogden, FrederickFrederick Ogden Liberal
Radcliffe cum Farnworth Taylor, Theodore CookeTheodore Cooke Taylor Liberal
Radnorshire Edwards, Sir FrancisSir Francis Edwards Liberal
Ramsey Locker-Lampson, OliverOliver Locker-Lampson Conservative
Reading Isaacs, RufusRufus Isaacs Liberal
Reigate Rawson, Richard HamiltonRichard Hamilton Rawson Conservative
Renfrewshire East Gilmour, JohnJohn Gilmour Conservative
Renfrewshire West Greig, James WilliamJames William Greig Liberal
Rhondda District Abraham, WilliamWilliam Abraham Labour
Richmond Orde-Powlett, Hon. WilliamHon. William Orde-Powlett Conservative
Ripon Wood, Hon. EdwardHon. Edward Wood Conservative
Rochdale Harvey, GordonGordon Harvey Liberal
Rochester Lamb, Sir ErnestSir Ernest Lamb Liberal
Romford Bethell, JohnJohn Bethell Liberal
Roscommon North O'Kelly, James JosephJames Joseph O'Kelly Irish Parliamentary Party
Roscommon South Hayden, John PatrickJohn Patrick Hayden Irish Parliamentary Party
Ross Clive, PercyPercy Clive Conservative
Ross and Cromarty Weir, James GallowayJames Galloway Weir Liberal
Rossendale Harcourt, Rt Hon. LewisRt Hon. Lewis Harcourt Liberal
Rotherham Pease, JackJack Pease Liberal
Rotherhithe Carr-Gomm, HubertHubert Carr-Gomm Liberal
Roxburghshire John Jardine Liberal
Rugby Baird, JohnJohn Baird Conservative
Rushcliffe Jones, LeifchildLeifchild Jones Liberal
Rutland Gretton, JohnJohn Gretton Conservative
Rye Courthope, GeorgeGeorge Courthope Conservative
Saffron Walden Beck, CecilCecil Beck Liberal
St Albans Carlile, HildredHildred Carlile Conservative
St Andrews District of Burghs Anstruther-Gray, WilliamWilliam Anstruther-Gray Conservative
St Augustine's Akers-Douglas, AretasAretas Akers-Douglas Conservative
St Austell Agar-Robartes, Hon. ThomasHon. Thomas Agar-Robartes Liberal
St George, Hanover Square Lyttelton, Hon. AlfredHon. Alfred Lyttelton Liberal Unionist
St George, Tower Hamlets Wedgwood Benn, WilliamWilliam Wedgwood Benn Liberal
St Helens Swift, RigbyRigby Swift Conservative
St Ives Cory, Bt, Sir CliffordSir Clifford Cory, Bt Liberal
St Pancras East Martin, JosephJoseph Martin Liberal
St Pancras North Dickinson, WilloughbyWilloughby Dickinson Liberal
St Pancras South Jessel, HerbertHerbert Jessel Liberal Unionist
St Pancras West Felix Cassel Conservative
Salford North William Pollard Byles Liberal
Salford South Anderson Montague-Barlow Conservative
Salford West Agnew, Bt, Sir GeorgeSir George Agnew, Bt Liberal
Salisbury Locker-Lampson, GodfreyGodfrey Locker-Lampson Conservative
Scarborough Rea, WalterWalter Rea Liberal
Sevenoaks Forster, HenryHenry Forster Conservative
Sheffield Attercliffe Pointer, JosephJoseph Pointer Labour
Sheffield, Brightside Walters, TudorTudor Walters Liberal
Sheffield, Central Hope, JamesJames Hope Conservative
Sheffield, Ecclesall Roberts, SamuelSamuel Roberts Conservative
Sheffield, Hallam Stuart-Wortley, CharlesCharles Stuart-Wortley Conservative
Shipley Illingworth, PercyPercy Illingworth Liberal
Shrewsbury Hill, Sir Clement LloydSir Clement Lloyd Hill Conservative
Skipton Clough, WilliamWilliam Clough Liberal
Sleaford Royds, EdmundEdmund Royds Conservative
Sligo North Scanlan, ThomasThomas Scanlan Irish Parliamentary Party
Sligo South O'Dowd, JohnJohn O'Dowd Irish Parliamentary Party
Somerset Eastern Jardine, ErnestErnest Jardine Conservative
Somerset Northern King, JosephJoseph King Liberal
Somerset Southern Strachey, Sir EdwardSir Edward Strachey Liberal
South Molton Lambert, GeorgeGeorge Lambert Liberal
South Shields Rea, RussellRussell Rea Liberal
Southampton Philipps, Sir IvorSir Ivor Philipps Liberal
Southampton Ward, William DudleyWilliam Dudley Ward Liberal
Southport White, GodfreyGodfrey White Conservative
Southwark West Strauss, EdwardEdward Strauss Liberal
Sowerby Higham, John SharpJohn Sharp Higham Liberal
Spalding McLaren, FrancisFrancis McLaren Liberal
Spen Valley Whittaker, Sir ThomasSir Thomas Whittaker Liberal
Stafford Essex, Sir WalterSir Walter Essex Liberal
Staffordshire, North West Stanley, AlbertAlbert Stanley Labour
Staffordshire, West Lloyd, GeorgeGeorge Lloyd Liberal Unionist
Stalybridge Wood, JohnJohn Wood Conservative
Stamford Heathcote-Drummond-Willoughby, Hon. ClaudHon. Claud Heathcote-Drummond-Willoughby Conservative
Stepney Glyn-Jones, WilliamWilliam Glyn-Jones Liberal
Stirling District of Burghs Ponsonby, ArthurArthur Ponsonby Liberal
Stirlingshire Chapple, William Liberal
Stockport Wardle, GeorgeGeorge Wardle Labour
Stockport Hughes, Spencer LeighSpencer Leigh Hughes Liberal
Stockton-on-Tees Samuel, JonathanJonathan Samuel Liberal
Stoke-on-Trent Stoke Ward, JohnJohn Ward Liberal
Stowmarket Goldsmith, FrankFrank Goldsmith Conservative
Strand Long, WalterWalter Long Conservative
Stratford upon Avon Foster, Philip StaveleyPhilip Staveley Foster Conservative
Stretford Nuttall, HarryHarry Nuttall Liberal
Stroud Allen, CharlesCharles Allen Liberal
Sudbury Quilter, CuthbertCuthbert Quilter Liberal Unionist
Sunderland Greenwood, HamarHamar Greenwood Liberal
Sunderland Goldstone, FrankFrank Goldstone Labour
Sutherlandshire Morton, AlpheusAlpheus Morton Liberal
Swansea District Jones, Sir David BrynmorSir David Brynmor Jones Liberal
Swansea Town Mond, Bt, Sir AlfredSir Alfred Mond, Bt Liberal
Tamworth Newdegate, FrancisFrancis Newdegate Conservative
Taunton Peel, Hon. WilliamHon. William Peel Conservative
Tavistock Spear, Sir JohnSir John Spear Conservative
Tewkesbury Beach, Hon. Michael HicksHon. Michael Hicks Beach Conservative
Thirsk and Malton Helmsley, ViscountViscount Helmsley Conservative
Thornbury Rendall, AthelstanAthelstan Rendall Liberal
Tipperary East Condon, Thomas JosephThomas Joseph Condon Irish Parliamentary Party
Tipperary Mid Hackett, JohnJohn Hackett Irish Parliamentary Party
Tipperary North Esmonde, JohnJohn Esmonde Irish Parliamentary Party
Tipperary South Cullinan, JohnJohn Cullinan Irish Parliamentary Party
Tiverton Walrond, Hon. WilliamHon. William Walrond Conservative
Torquay Burn, CharlesCharles Burn Conservative
Totnes Mildmay, Francis BinghamFrancis Bingham Mildmay Conservative
Tottenham Alden, PercyPercy Alden Liberal
Truro Morgan, George HayGeorge Hay Morgan Liberal
Tullamore Haviland-Burke, EdmundEdmund Haviland-Burke Irish Parliamentary Party
Tunbridge Spender-Clay, HerbertHerbert Spender-Clay Conservative
Tynemouth Craig, HerbertHerbert Craig Liberal
Tyneside Robertson, J. M.J. M. Robertson Liberal
Tyrone East Redmond, WilliamWilliam Redmond Irish Parliamentary Party
Tyrone Mid McGhee, RichardRichard McGhee Irish Parliamentary Party
Tyrone North Barry, RedmondRedmond Barry Liberal
Tyrone South Horner, Andrew LongAndrew Long Horner Irish Unionist
Uxbridge Mills, Hon. Charles ThomasHon. Charles Thomas Mills Conservative
Wakefield Marshall, Sir ArthurSir Arthur Marshall Liberal
Walsall Cooper, RichardRichard Cooper Conservative
Walthamstow Simon, Sir JohnSir John Simon Liberal
Walworth Dawes, James ArthurJames Arthur Dawes Liberal
Wandsworth Kimber, Bt, Sir HenrySir Henry Kimber, Bt Conservative
Wansbeck Fenwick, CharlesCharles Fenwick Liberal
Warrington Smith, Sir HaroldSir Harold Smith Conservative
Warwick and Leamington Pollock, ErnestErnest Pollock Conservative
Waterford City Redmond, JohnJohn Redmond Irish Parliamentary Party
County Waterford East Power, Patrick JosephPatrick Joseph Power Irish Parliamentary Party
County Waterford West O'Shee, J. J.J. J. O'Shee Irish Parliamentary Party
Watford Ward, ArnoldArnold Ward Conservative
Wednesbury Norton-Griffiths, JohnJohn Norton-Griffiths Conservative
Wellington (Salop) Henry, CharlesCharles Henry Liberal
Wellington (Somerset) Fuller-Acland-Hood, Sir AlexanderSir Alexander Fuller-Acland-Hood Conservative
Wells Sandys, GeorgeGeorge Sandys Conservative
West Bromwich Lewisham, ViscountViscount Lewisham Conservative
West Ham North Masterman, CharlesCharles Masterman Liberal
West Ham South Thorne, WillWill Thorne Labour
Westbury Fuller, Bt, Sir JohnSir John Fuller, Bt Liberal
Westhoughton Wilson, WilliamWilliam Wilson Labour
Westmeath North Ginnell, LaurenceLaurence Ginnell Independent Irish Nationalist
Westmeath South Nugent, 4th Baronet, Sir WalterSir Walter Nugent, 4th Baronet Irish Parliamentary Party
Westminster Burdett-Coutts, WilliamWilliam Burdett-Coutts Conservative
Wexford North Esmonde, Bt, Sir ThomasSir Thomas Esmonde, Bt Irish Parliamentary Party
Wexford South Ffrench, PeterPeter Ffrench Irish Parliamentary Party
Whitby Beckett, GervaseGervase Beckett Conservative
Whitechapel Samuel, StuartStuart Samuel Liberal
Whitehaven Richardson, ThomasThomas Richardson Labour
Wick District of Burghs Munro, RobertRobert Munro Liberal
Wicklow East Muldoon, JohnJohn Muldoon Irish Parliamentary Party
Wicklow West O'Kelly, Edward PeterEdward Peter O'Kelly Irish Parliamentary Party
Widnes Walker, WilliamWilliam Walker Conservative
Wigan Neville, ReginaldReginald Neville Conservative
Wigtownshire Dalrymple, JohnJohn Dalrymple Conservative
Wilton Bathurst, Sir CharlesSir Charles Bathurst Conservative
Wimbledon Chaplin, HenryHenry Chaplin Conservative
Winchester Baring, Hon. GuyHon. Guy Baring Conservative
Windsor Mason, JamesJames Mason Conservative
Wirral Stewart, GershomGershom Stewart Conservative
Wisbech Primrose, NeilNeil Primrose Liberal
Wokingham Gardner, ErnestErnest Gardner Conservative
Wolverhampton East Thorne, GeorgeGeorge Thorne Liberal
Wolverhampton South Hickman, T. E.T. E. Hickman Conservative
Wolverhampton West Bird, AlfredAlfred Bird Conservative
Woodbridge Peel, RobertRobert Peel Conservative
Woodstock Hamersley, AlfredAlfred Hamersley Conservative
Woolwich Crooks, WillWill Crooks Labour
Worcester Goulding, EdwardEdward Goulding Conservative
Worcestershire East Chamberlain, AustenAusten Chamberlain Liberal Unionist
Worcestershire North Wilson, John WilliamJohn William Wilson Liberal
Wycombe Cripps, Sir CharlesSir Charles Cripps Conservative
York Rowntree, ArnoldArnold Rowntree Liberal
York Butcher, JohnJohn Butcher Conservative

Floor Crossings

See the List of British politicians who have crossed the floor

1914 William Edwin Harvey (Derbyshire North East) resigned the Labour whip and joined the Liberals.

1914 William Johnson (Nuneaton) resigned the Labour whip and joined the Liberals.

1915 John George Hancock (Derbyshire Mid) resigned the Labour whip and joined the Liberals.

1915 John Wadsworth (Hallamshire) resigned the Labour whip and joined the Liberals.

1915 William Abraham (Rhondda) resigned the Labour whip and joined the Liberals.



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