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This is a list of Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments in the Harbor area of the city of Los Angeles, California, in the United States. There are more than 25 Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments (LAHCM) in this area, and several additional sites have been designated as California Historical Landmarks (CHL) or listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). They are designated by the City's Cultural Heritage Commission.

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Overview of the Harbor Area's Historic-Cultural Monuments

The Korean Bell of Friendship was a gift from the Republic of Korea in 1976.

The Harbor Area includes some of the city's most historic sites, several of which are also listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Two ships located in San Pedro have also received higher distinction as National Historic Landmarks. They are the Ralph Scott, a fireboat used for several decades by the Los Angeles Fire Department, and the Lane Victory, a World War II Victory ship.

The first sites in the Harbor area to be designated as HCM monuments were both built during the Civil War on land owned by Phinneas Banning. They are HCM #21 (the Civil War era Drum Barracks) and HCM #25 (Banning House where Phinneas Banning lived until his death).

The harbor has played an important role in the area's military history. San Pedro is the site of Fort MacArthur, which was established as a military reservation in 1888, and the harbor's historic sites include a Civil War-era barracks (Drum Barracks) and powder magazine (Powder Magazine (Camp Drum)), coastal artillery batteries built during World War I (Battery Osgood-Farley and Battery John Barlow and Saxton), and the flying bridge of a World War II heavy cruiser (the USS Los Angeles).

Many of the Harbor area's historical sites have been converted to museums that are open to the public, including Banning House, Drum Barracks, the Point Fermin Lighthouse, and the old San Pedro Municipal Ferry Building which now operates as the city-owned Los Angeles Maritime Museum. The hillside overlooking the Point Fermin Lighthouse also include impressive artillery bunkers used between World War I and World War II, and the Korean Bell of Friendship, donated by the Republic of Korea for U.S. Bicentennial in 1976. Though located a short distance outside the city limits, Lloyd Wright's Wayfarers Chapel is located a short distance north of Point Fermin.

The Los Angeles Conservancy offers bimonthly walking tours of the historic sites in downtown San Pedro, which includes access to the interiors of the area's historic structures.[1]

Historic-Cultural Monuments in the Harbor area

HCM #[2] Landmark name[3] Image Date designated[3] Locality[3] Neighborhood Description[4]
21 Drum Barracks and Officers Quarters Drum Barracks, Wilmington, California.jpg Jun 7, 1963 1051-1055 Cary Dr.
33°47′04″N 118°15′27″W / 33.78444°N 118.25750°W / 33.78444; -118.25750 (21. Drum Barracks)
Wilmington Civil War Museum located in officers quarters built during Civil War
25 General Phineas Banning Residence Banning House, Wilmington, California.jpg Oct 11, 1963 410 E. "M" St.
33°47′23″N 118°15′31″W / 33.78972°N 118.25861°W / 33.78972; -118.25861 (25. Banning House)
Wilmington Greek Revival house built in 1863 by Phineas Banning; purchased by city in 1927 and operated as a museum in Banning Park
47 Saint John's Episcopal Church Saint John’s Episcopal Church (Wilmington).jpg Mar 15, 1967 1537 Neptune Ave.
33°47′38″N 118°16′12″W / 33.79389°N 118.27000°W / 33.79389; -118.27000 (47. Saint John's Episcopal Church)
Wilmington Built in 1883, the oldest church building in the Harbor area that is still used for regular worship services; moved to its present site in 1943
53 Old St. Peter's Episcopal Church Old St. Peter’s Episcopal Church (San Pedro, CA).jpg Dec 6, 1967 Harbor View Memorial Park W. 24th St. & S. Grand Ave.
33°43′18″N 118°17′23″W / 33.72167°N 118.28972°W / 33.72167; -118.28972 (53. Old St. Peter's Episcopal Church)
San Pedro San Pedro's oldest church opened in 1884; moved to Harbor View Memorial Park c. 1960
146 Municipal Ferry Building (Maritime History Museum) San Pedro Municipal Ferry Building, 2008 Sep 17, 1975 Main Channel (San Pedro Harbor)
33°44′19″N 118°16′43″W / 33.73861°N 118.27861°W / 33.73861; -118.27861 (146. Municipal Ferry Building)
San Pedro Streamline Moderne building opened in 1941 as terminal for ferry to Terminal Island, now the Los Angeles Maritime Museum
147 James H. Dodson Residence James H. Dodson Residence (San Pedro, CA).jpg Sep 17, 1976 859 W. 13th St.
33°43′55″N 118°17′45″W / 33.73194°N 118.29583°W / 33.73194; -118.29583 (147. Dodson, James H., Residence)
San Pedro Victorian house built in 1881 by the Sepulveda family as a wedding present for their daughter Rudecinda and her husband, James Dodson; originally located at the corner of 7th and Beacon Streets
154 Fireboat No. 2 and Firehouse No. 112 Ralph J. Scott (fireboat).JPG May 5, 1976 Old Dock St.
33°44′28″N 118°16′44″W / 33.74111°N 118.27889°W / 33.74111; -118.27889 (154. Ralph J. Scott (Fireboat No. 2))
San Pedro Fireboat #2 (pictured) is more commonly known as the Ralph J. Scott; Firehouse 112 was its home base.
155 Memory Chapel Memory Chapel (Wilmington, CA).jpg May 5, 1976 1160 N. Marine Ave.
33°47′10″N 118°15′50″W / 33.78611°N 118.26389°W / 33.78611; -118.26389 (155. Memory Chapel)
Wilmington Built in 1870, the oldest Protestant church in the Harbor area; also known as Calvary Presbyterian Church
171 Site of Timm's Landing (landscaped park of Fishermens Co-op) TimmsLanding June2008 sm1.jpg Feb 16, 1977 Fish slip San Pedro Shipping center in mid-1800s; no original structures remain; at northwest end of fish slip, landscaped park in front of Fishermen's Co-op building, east of the harbor bel railroad tracks[5]
186 Morgan House (Harbor Area YWCA) Apr 19, 1978 437 W. 9th St. San Pedro American Craftsman style YWCA building designed by Julia Morgan, built in 1918
187 Korean Bell and Belfry of Friendship (Angel's Gate Park) Koreanfbcloseup.jpg May 3, 1978 37th & Gaffey St.
33°42′35″N 118°17′37″W / 33.70972°N 118.29361°W / 33.70972; -118.29361 (187. Korean Bell and Belfry of Friendship)
San Pedro Bell donated to city by Republic of Korea for U.S. Bicentennial in 1976, designed by Kim Se-jung and patterned after bell of King Songdok
188 USS Los Angeles Naval Monument (John S. Gibson Jr. Park) USS Los Angeles Naval Monument.jpg May 3, 1978 550 S. Harbor Blvd.
33°44′22″N 118°16′46″W / 33.73944°N 118.27944°W / 33.73944; -118.27944 (188. USS Los Angeles Naval Monument)
San Pedro Platform housing the heavy cruiser Los Angeles's mainmast, bow, anchors, bollards and anchor capstan cover, dedicated in 1977
213 S.S. Catalina (The Great White Steamship) May 16, 1979 Formerly at Berth 96, L.A. Harbor
33°44′58″N 118°16′23″W / 33.74944°N 118.27306°W / 33.74944; -118.27306 (213. Former location of the S.S. Catalina)
San Pedro Steamship that transported 25 million people to Santa Catalina Island from 1924 to 1975; foundered in Ensenada in Mexico, 1997; destroyed for scrap, 2009.
249 Powder Magazine (Camp Drum) Powder Magazine (Camp Drum).jpg Aug 10, 1982 561 E. Opp St.
33°46′59″N 118°15′19″W / 33.78306°N 118.25528°W / 33.78306; -118.25528 (249. Powder Magazine (Camp Drum))
Wilmington Camp Drum's powder magazine during Civil War, built in 1862; 20' x 20' brick and stone structure
251 Juarez Theater (Warner Brothers) Warner Grand Theater, San Pedro.JPG Aug 25, 1982 478 W. 6th St.
33°44′19″N 118°17′14″W / 33.73861°N 118.28722°W / 33.73861; -118.28722 (251. Warner Grand Theatre)
San Pedro Art deco movie theater designed by B. Marcus Priteca, built in 1931; original murals and furnishings still there.
252 Harbor View House Harbor View House (San Pedro, CA).jpg Aug 25, 1982 921 Beacon St.
33°44′08″N 118°16′51″W / 33.73556°N 118.28083°W / 33.73556; -118.28083 (252. Harbor View House)
San Pedro Five-story Spanish Colonial Revival structure dedicated in 1926 as a recreation center for servicemen
253 Muller House Museum Muller House (San Pedro, CA).jpg Sep 28, 1982 1542 S. Beacon St.
33°43′48″N 118°16′50″W / 33.73000°N 118.28056°W / 33.73000; -118.28056 (253. Muller House)
San Pedro Colonial Revival house built in 1899 with leaded glass; moved to present location in 1985.
308 Wilmington Branch Library WilmingtonBranch formerLosAngelesPublicLibrary detail June2008 sm1.jpg Jun 27, 1986 309 W. Opp St.
33°46′57″N 118°15′56″W / 33.78250°N 118.26556°W / 33.78250; -118.26556 (308. Wilmington Branch Library)
Wilmington Spanish Colonial style library built in 1927; designed by Sylvanus Marston, Garrett Van Pelt and Edgar Maybury.
342 Masonic Temple (Wilmington, California) Masonic Temple (Wilmington, CA).jpg Jan 22, 1988 227 N. Avalon Blvd.
33°46′19″N 118°15′43″W / 33.77194°N 118.26194°W / 33.77194; -118.26194 (342. Masonic Temple)
Wilmington Renaissance Revival lodge hall; believed to be built in 1882 and moved to present location in 1912
414 Wilmington Cemetery Wilmington Cemetery (California).jpg Jan 24, 1989 605 E. O St.
33°47′34″N 118°15′20″W / 33.79278°N 118.25556°W / 33.79278; -118.25556 (414. Wilmington Cemetery)
Wilmington Cemetery built in 1857 on land donated by Phineas Banning, burial site for Civil War soldiers and members of the Banning and Narbonne families
505 First Baptist Church of San Pedro (Facade & Stained Glass Window) May 22, 1990 555 W. 7th St.
33°44′16.16″N 118°17′16.81″W / 33.7378222°N 118.2880028°W / 33.7378222; -118.2880028 (505. First Baptist Church of San Pedro)
San Pedro Beaux Arts Classical church built in 1919 with Egyptian columns and fine stained glass windows; designed by Norman F. Marsh
509 Camphor Trees Camphor Trees (Wilmington, CA).jpg Dec 18, 1990 1200–1268 Lakme Ave.
33°47′19″N 118°15′36″W / 33.78861°N 118.26000°W / 33.78861; -118.26000 (509. Camphor Trees)
Wilmington 52 camphor trees planted south of Banning House when the Banning family sold the land for subdivision in 1930
514 Residence at 381–383 10th Street Residence at 381-383 10th St., San Pedro.jpg Jan 22, 1991 383 10th St.
33°44′06″N 118°17′07″W / 33.73500°N 118.28528°W / 33.73500; -118.28528 (514. Residence at 381–383 10th St.)
San Pedro Colonial Revival house built in 1907 with three types of wood siding
515 Battery Osgood-Farley FortMacBattery.JPG Jan 22, 1991 3601 Gaffey St.
33°42′45″N 118°17′36″W / 33.71250°N 118.29333°W / 33.71250; -118.29333 (515. Battery Osgood-Farley)
San Pedro Concrete bunker built in 1919 and used for coastal artillery defense until 1944
557 Wilbur F. Wood House Wilbur F. Wood House (San Pedro, CA).jpg Apr 21, 1992 4026 Bluff Place
33°42′26″N 118°17′10″W / 33.70722°N 118.28611°W / 33.70722; -118.28611 (557. Wood, Wilbur F., House)
San Pedro House built by father of modern tuna packing industry, founder of "Chicken of the Sea"
571 Cabrillo Beach Bathhouse Cabrillo Beach Bathouse (San Pedro, CA).jpg Dec 18, 1993 3720 Stephen White Dr.
33°42′35″N 118°17′01″W / 33.70972°N 118.28361°W / 33.70972; -118.28361 (571. Cabrillo Beach Bathhouse)
San Pedro Mediterranean style beachouse built in 1932
732 San Pedro Municipal Building San Pedro Municipal Building.jpg Oct 22, 2002 638 S. Beacon St.
33°44′17″N 118°16′48″W / 33.73806°N 118.28000°W / 33.73806; -118.28000 (732. San Pedro Municipal Building)
San Pedro Also known as "San Pedro City Hall", the seven-story Beaux Arts building was completed in 1928 and is the tallest building in San Pedro; includes an old jail, a wood-paneled courtroom, and a fire station converted into a museum
751 Redmen's Hall Redmen’s Hall (San Pedro).jpg Apr 29, 2003 543 Shepard St.
33°42′24″N 118°17′20″W / 33.70667°N 118.28889°W / 33.70667; -118.28889 (751. Redmen's Hall)
San Pedro Craftsman-style lodge was originally a library when built in 1915; it later became the local chapter of the Improved Order of Red Men
814 The Danish Castle Danish Castle (San Pedro, CA).jpg Jul 8, 2005 324 W. 10th St.
33°44′07″N 118°17′02″W / 33.73528°N 118.28389°W / 33.73528; -118.28389 (814. Danish Castle)
San Pedro House built in the 1880s by a Danish sea captain
914 Avalon Boulevard Mexican Fan Palm Trees April 8, 2008 Avalon Blvd. between E. Lomita Blvd. and W. I St.
33°47′22.49″N 118°15′47.71″W / 33.7895806°N 118.2632528°W / 33.7895806; -118.2632528 (914. Avalon Boulevard Mexican Fan Palm Trees)
Wilmington Planted for the 1932 Olympic Games, 218 Mexican Fan Palm trees.[6]

Non-HCM sites also recognized

The LAHCM sites listed above include many of the most important historic sites in the City of Los Angeles' port area. Some others within L.A. in the area have been listed on the National Register of Historic Places, including the SS Lane Victory, a U.S. National Historic Landmark. These are:

Code[7] Landmark name Image Selected date Locality Neighborhood Description[4]
2380 U.S. Post Office (San Pedro, California) San Pedro Post Office Building.jpg 801–841 S. Beacon St.
33°44′11″N 118°16′50″W / 33.73639°N 118.28056°W / 33.73639; -118.28056 (2380. San Pedro Post Office)
San Pedro Art Deco post office built in 1936 as a WPA project, with extensive use of marble, bronze and milk glass and WPA murals depicting postal and harbor history
2385 Point Fermin Lighthouse Pointfermin.jpg 805 Paseo Del Mar
33°42′19″N 118°17′37″W / 33.70528°N 118.29361°W / 33.70528; -118.29361 (2385. Point Fermin Lighthouse)
San Pedro Built in 1874 out of California redwood, the lighthouse is preserved as a museum with its original Fresnel Lens
2709 Municipal Warehouse No. 1 Municipal Warehouse No. 1 (San Pedro).jpg 2500 Signal St.
33°43′16″N 118°16′20″W / 33.72111°N 118.27222°W / 33.72111; -118.27222 (2709. Municipal Warehouse No. 1)
San Pedro Six-story warehouse built in 1917 on the outermost point at the Port of Los Angeles; its roof has a commanding view of the harbor and has housed the Marine Exchange sind the 1920s
Battleship USS Iowa BB61 USS Iowa BB61 broadside USN.jpg 250 South Harbor Blvd.
33°44′30″N 118°16′39″W / 33.7416°N 118.2775°W / 33.7416; -118.2775 (Battleship USS Iowa)
San Pedro The battleship of Presidents and only battleship located on the west coast.
Los Angeles Harbor Light Station Angels Gate light.jpg 1980-10-14[8] Los Angeles Harbor (San Pedro Breakwater)
33°42′23″N 118°14′53″W / 33.70639°N 118.24806°W / 33.70639; -118.24806 (Los Angeles Harbor Light Station)
San Pedro Lighthouse firmly anchored to the concrete block and built of steel reinforced concrete; only lighthouse ever built to this design
American Trona Corporation Building image needed 1984-08-30[8] Pacific Ave.
33°43′3″N 118°17′10″W / 33.71750°N 118.28611°W / 33.71750; -118.28611 (American Trona Corporation Building)
San Pedro Industrial building in San Pedro used to process and store salt potash; built ca. 1917
Battery John Barlow and Saxton 1982-05-04[8] Fort MacArthur
33°42′58″N 118°17′41″W / 33.71611°N 118.29472°W / 33.71611; -118.29472 (Battery John Barlow and Saxton)
San Pedro United States coastal defense gun emplacement; part of Fort MacArthur; added to register in 1982
500 Varas Square-Government Reserve FortMacArthur June2008 sm1.jpg 1986-03-12[8] San Pedro Land near the Port of Los Angeles reserved to the federal government in the 19th Century; later became Fort MacArthur.
SS Lane Victory SS Lane Victory docked under Vincent Thomas Bridge Port of Los Angeles 1990-12-14[8] Berth 46, Port of San Pedro
33°42′52″N 118°16′29″W / 33.71444°N 118.27472°W / 33.71444; -118.27472 (SS Lane Victory)
San Pedro Second World War Victory ship; preserved as a museum ship

There are at least 15 other historic sites in the port area of Long Beach, California, including the RMS Queen Mary. For these, see National Register of Historic Places listings in Los Angeles County, California.

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Further reading

  • Vickery, Oliver (1979). Harbor heritage : tales of the harbor area of Los Angeles, California. Mountain View, Calif.: Morgan Press/Farag. ISBN 978-0-89430-036-3.

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