List of Liberian national forests

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A Liberian tropical forest.

This is a list of all the national forests in Liberia.


Name County Established Size
Belle National Forest Gbarpolu County[1] 609 square kilometres (235 sq mi)
Gbi National Forest Nimba County[1] 1960 607 square kilometres (234 sq mi)
Gio National Forest Nimba County[1] 1960 327 square kilometres (126 sq mi)
Gola National Forest Gbarpolu County[1] 1960 2,020 square kilometres (780 sq mi)
Grebo National Forest River Gee County[1] 2,806 square kilometres (1,083 sq mi)
Kpelle National Forest Gbarpolu County[1] 1961 1,748 square kilometres (675 sq mi)
Krahn-Bassa National Forest Sinoe County[1] 5,816 square kilometres (2,246 sq mi)
Lorma National Forest Bong County[1] 987 square kilometres (381 sq mi)
Nimba National Forest Nimba County[1] 187 square kilometres (72 sq mi)
North Loma National Forest Lofa County[1]
Sapo National Forest Sinoe County[1]
King Fondren Bai ll National forest Grand Cape Mount

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King Fondren Bai national forest

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