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Lebanese Americans
Ralph NaderChrista McAuliffeJamie Farr
Helen ThomasDarrell IssaTiffany
Tony ShalhoubJohn E. SununuJames Abourezk
Rima FakihRay LaHoodMarlo Thomas
Ralph Nader • Christa McAuliffe • Jamie Farr
Helen Thomas • Darrell Issa • Tiffany
Tony Shalhoub • John E. Sununu • James Abourezk
Rima Fakih • Ray LaHood • Marlo Thomas
Total population
504,000 (ancestry unknown)
0.16% of total population (2007)[1]
Regions with significant populations
Michigan, California, New York, Florida, Ohio, Massachusetts, Texas,[2] Illinois, Pennsylvania, Arizona, New Jersey, Washington
American English, Arabic, French, and Armenian
Predominantly Christianity (mostly Catholic), with minorities of Islam and Judaism
Related ethnic groups
Other Lebanese people and Arab diaspora, Syrian Americans, Turkish Americans, Cypriot Americans, Egyptian Americans, Armenian Americans and Greek Americans

This is a list of notable individuals born in the United States of Lebanese ancestry and/or people of Lebanese and American dual nationality who live or resided in the United States.

Arts and entertainment


Beauty pageant contestants

Entertainment personalities

Fashion designers



Education and academics

  • Charbel Farhat – Chair of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Stanford University; member of National Academy of Engineering
  • Joseph Aoun – president of Northeastern University
  • Robert Khayat – chancellor of the University of Mississippi








Other personalities




World Series of Poker Champions


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