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This is a list of episodes for Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, the 35th installment of the long running Japanese Super Sentai franchise. As a special anniversary edition, several episodes of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger pay a tribute to previous Super Sentai series, titled similarly to said series' episode titles. Examples include episode 5 which follows Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger's format of using an English title written in katakana, episodes 11 and 12 which match Samurai Sentai Shinkenger's kanji-only titles, and episodes 18 and 29 which follow Bakuryū Sentai Abaranger's gimmick of including the word abare (アバレ) in the episode title.


Ep# Title Writer Original airdate

The Space Pirates Appear

1 "The Space Pirates Appear"
"Uchū Kaizoku Arawaru" (宇宙海賊現る)
Naruhisa Arakawa February 13, 2011 (2011-02-13)
When the evil Space Empire Zangyack invades Earth, the 34 Super Sentai engage them in the Legend War before sacrificing their powers to destroy the armada. Some time after, the Gokai Galleon arrives to Earth with its crew of pirates after their navigation robot Navi confirms it to be where the Greatest Treasure in the Universe is buried. Though a small advance fleet of Zangyack ships are seen heading towards the planet, the Gokai Galleon's Captain Marvelous refuses to turn the ship around when they are close to the treasure. With that in mind, the Gokai Galleon fights through the fleet before forming Gokaioh to destroy them single handedly. After reaching the Earth, Captain Marvelous introduces himself and his crew to a group of humans as the Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger and state their intentions to obtain the Treasure from them, only for no one to have any knowledge of the treasure. As Captain Marvelous has his lookout Luka Millfy sell her ring off for cash to eat at the Snack Safari, the Zangyack flagship Gigant Horse arrives within Earth's atmosphere as an infuriated Commander Warz Gill declares an all-out assault on the planet with the main invasion force. Action Commander Shikabanen leads the Gormin Sailors to attack as the Gokai Galleon crew were about to eat. Though they attempt to stay out of the skirmish, the Gokai Galleon crew reconsiders due to their experience with the Zangyack forces conquering their planet long ago. Arriving to the aid of two women and several children, the crew transforms into the Gokaigers to battle the Zangyack forces. When the second wave arrives, the Gokaigers assume the forms of the Gorengers, Shinkengers and Magirangers to get rid of the Gormin. Transforming back, the Gokaigers use their Gokai Sabres' Final Wave attack to destroy Shikabanen. Soon after, now expecting retaliation from the Zangyack forces, the crew take their leave while being admired by the populace as heroes, though Captain Marvelous insists that they were not protecting them and only attacked the villains for ruining his lunch.[1]

This Planet's Worth

2 "This Planet's Worth"
"Kono Hoshi no Kachi" (この星の価値)
Naruhisa Arakawa February 20, 2011 (2011-02-20)
On the Gokai Galleon, after seeing more of the Zangyack Empire's invasion of the Earth, Captain Marvelous has Navi use its abilities to find a clue that the Greatest Treasure can be reached by asking someone dressed in black. While searching to no avail, they come across a student in a black school uniform who claims to know where the Treasure is. The boy talks about the Super Sentai that the Gokaigers became in their earlier battle, with Captain Marvelous revealing that their power comes from the Ranger Keys. The boy asks to take a picture of the captain with his Ranger Key in order to steal it, only to fail and run away after revealing he lied about knowing about the Treasure. However, Captain Marvelous realizes that the boy swiped his Shinken Red Key during the fight and goes after him with Ahim following to keep him from doing anything wrong. Through Captain Marvelous finds him, the boy refuses to give up the only protection Earth has since the Super Sentai teams disappeared, revealing that his grandfather died in the first Zangyack invasion during the Legend War. This makes Captain Marvelous remember his planet being invaded by the Zangyack Empire and being saved by a warrior dressed only in red who gave him the Ranger Keys and Navi, directing him to find the Greatest Treasure in the Universe. The Zangyack Empire's invasion forces resume their attack under Action Commander Bongan. Giving the boy his Mobilate, Captain Marvelous stands by as he transforms into Shinken Red and fights the Gormin as the rest of the Gokai Galleon crew arrives. But when Bongan overpowers the student, Captain Marvelous takes back his things before asking the boy if the planet had actual value. Liking the boy's answer, Captain Marvelous and his crew confront the Action Commander and take out the soldiers. Assuming the forms of the Dekarangers and then of the Hurricaneger and Gouraiger ninja teams, the Gokaigers assume the forms of Shinken Red, Gao Red, Magi Red, Gosei Red, and Geki Red to defeat him. However, Development Technical Officer Insarn uses her new invention to revive Bongan and enlarge him and three Zugormin to giant sizes. Gokai Red calls in the Gokai Galleon and launches the four Gokai Machines to take out two of the Zugormin. The Gokaigers then combine their Gokai Machines to form Gokaioh, taking out both the last Zugormin and Bongan with the student watching. Soon after, the Gokai Gallon sets sail with the rest of the crew unsure about their captain's reasons along with Navi's clue being apparently a fluke. However, the prophesied man in black, bearing the crest of Magitopia on his robes, watches them sail off into the sunset.[2]

Changing Courage into Magic ~Maagi Magi Go Gokai~

3 "Changing Courage into Magic ~Maagi Magi Go Gokai~"
"Yūki o Mahō ni Kaete ~Māji Maji Gō Gōkai~" (勇気を魔法に変えて~マージ・マジ・ゴー・ゴーカイ~)
Naruhisa Arakawa February 27, 2011 (2011-02-27)
Sailing into the fog-ridden forest, with their radar failing on them suddenly and Navi blamed for this course, the Gokai Galleon engages a Zangyack battleship in combat before crashing. Don "Doc" Dogoier panics as he suggests they should leave quickly before they are attacked by the battleship's captain, Action Commander Salamandam, who has been sent to Earth to cause mass volcanic eruptions. The Gokaigers battle Salamandam and the Gormin before the Action Commander uses his tail's eruption-invoking powers to separate Captain Marvelous and Doc from the others. The two then meet the mysterious figure in black, the Red Magician Kai Ozu who points out the Gokai Galleon crew has yet to use the Ranger Keys' true power. Kai tells them that if they follow him without transforming, he will give them information about the Greatest Treasure in the Universe, using his magic and Heavenly Saint Flagel to hinder them along the way. Though Doc is fearful of the obstacles set up against them, Captain Marvelous manages to bravely overcome Kai's magic. Meanwhile, the other Gokaigers assume the forms of Abare Black, Ninja Black, and Go-on Black to take out the Gormin. But when Salamandam arrives, the three take on the forms of Big One, Gao White, and White Swan to drive the Action Commander back, causing him to interfere in Captain Marvelous's literal leap of faith to pass Kai's final test. Though frightened to jump to reach Kai, Doc overcomes his fears in order to save his captain's life from a loose boulder while barely making it to the other side. After explaining to Doc how it was courage that gave him and his family the power to fight Infershia many years ago, Kai reveals that Doc has passed his test to see if his courage can release that same power in the Magiranger Keys. After revealing the Gokai Galleon crew will obtain the Greatest Treasure by mastering the power of all thirty-four Super Sentai, Kai takes his leave as the other Gokaigers arrive when Salamandam emerges again. The Gokaigers proceed, assuming the forms of the Magirangers to fight him. Doc's courage in the face of danger enables them to perform the binding "Magi Magi Go Gokai" spell to hold the Action Commander at bay while they use the Ozu siblings' signature final attacks to defeat Salamandam along with their own Gokai Blast Final Wave attack. When Salamandam and the Zugormin enlarge, Gokaioh is overpowered by the four opponents before the Magiranger Keys react to the situation. Using them, the Gokaigers summon Magi Dragon from within Gokaioh, turning the giant robot into Magi Gokaioh which takes out the Zugormin with its new powers before performing the Gokai Magi Bind finishing attack to destroy Salamandam. With Kai seeing Flagel off to Magitopia, he sees his power is in the right hands as he takes his leave. On the Gokai Galleon, the crew apologizes to Navi for doubting his fortune, before accidentally upsetting the robot parrot once more.[3]

What Are Friends For?

4 "What Are Friends For?"
"Nan no Tame no Nakama" (何のための仲間)
Naruhisa Arakawa March 6, 2011 (2011-03-06)
After attempting to use the J.A.K.Q. and Battle Fever J Ranger Keys on Gokaioh, the Gokaigers realize they cannot take a short cut in mastering the Ranger Keys' powers as Captain Marvelous sends Joe and Ahim to pick up some food. However, the two stop in response to the Action Commander Zodomas, whose swordsmanship attracts Joe's attention and fights him as the Gokaigers battle the Gormin. However, the Action Commander overpowers Gokai Blue and takes his leave as the other Gokaigers arrive. While the others eat, Joe proceeds to hone his fighting style to counter Zodomas's fighting style with Ahim forced to watch before Joe tells her. As Luka tells Ahim to accept his reasons out of friendship, Joe completes his training. The next day, Joe finds Ahim waiting for him and as she gives him her Gokai Saber to use in his upcoming duel with Zodomas. However, Zodomas uses Zugormin to as Gokai Pink arrives to his aid before the other Gokaigers arrive. After the others assume the forms of the Gekirangers and Dekarangers to take out the Zugormin, they give their Gokai Sabers so Gokai Blue he can use a five-blade fighting style to defeat with his Five-Blade Style Blue Slash. When Zodomas and the Zugormin are enlarged, the Gokaigers form Magi Gokaioh to ground Zodomas before destroying him. Soon after, Joe presents a "thank you" cake to the crew and is modest about it.[4]

Judgment Pirates

5 "Judgment Pirates"
"Jajjimento Pairētsu" (ジャッジメント・パイレーツ)
Naruhisa Arakawa March 20, 2011 (2011-03-20)[Note 1]
After the Gokai Galleon crew discover via the latest intergalactic newspaper that their bounties have skyrocketed to 6,751,000 Zagin, with their captain not fazed by it, Navi's latest fortune tells them to look towards police for their next clue to obtain the Greatest Treasure. However, upon arriving to the nearest station while the others questioned if it's wise for them to enter, Captain Marvelous goes in and finds himself handcuffed by Officer Marika "Jasmine" Reimon of the SPD, who has been circulating wanted posters at the station and arrests him on the charge of piracy. While the others escape to the Gokai Galleon on his orders, Captain Marvelous manages to outrun the police before finding himself pursued by SPD chief Doggie Kruger, who easily defeats the pirate and confiscates his Mobilate. Before Kruger brings Captain Marvelous in, they accidentally stumble into a Zangyack scheme overseen by the Alienizer Buramudo to launch Subterranean Missiles to destroy every city on Earth in two hours. When their presence is discovered, Kruger is wounded as he manages to get Captain Marvelous out of harm's way. Though Captain Marvelous offers to help him, Kruger refuses to trust the pirate as he leaves him behind to stop the missile launch regardless of his injuries. Realizing how injured his captor is, Captain Marvelous saves the alien from the potential suicide mission and takes him to safety. With Captain Marvelous's sense of honor against all odds winning his trust, Kruger uncuffs the pirate and hands him back his Mobilate. Meanwhile, on their search for their captain, the other Gokaigers battle several Gormin and Zugormin units and defeat them by changing into the Go-ongers and Dairangers. By nightfall, Gokai Red rushes in and destroys the missile launching device in time before reuniting with his crew. Together, they change into the Dekarangers and defeat Buramudo. When Buramudo is enlarged, Gokaioh is formed to stop him from manually launching one of the Subterranean Missiles, taking out some of the Zangyack fleet in the process. Kruger tells the Gokaigers they can now use Great Power of the Dekarangers. Using the Dekaranger keys, they summon the Pat Striker from within Gokaioh. The Pat Striker drives around Buramudo and fires a barrage of lasers at him before returning to Gokaioh to reform Deka Gokaioh. Both Deka Gokaioh and Buramudo engage in an intense gun fight until Deka Gokaioh finishes off Buramudo with the Gokai Full Blast. The next morning, the Gokaigers escort a wounded Kruger when they are cornered by a police barricade. However, Officer Banban "Ban" Akaza suddenly appears and notifies the alleged acts of piracy by the Gokaigers were proven to be a hoax instigated by the Zangyack Empire. Though the pirates are free to go as he takes Kruger, Ban warns Captain Marvelous not to abuse the Dekarangers' powers with a promise of personally hunting him down with less mercy as Kruger shown to the pirate.[5]

The Most Important Thing

6 "The Most Important Thing"
"Ichiban Daiji na Mono" (一番大事なもの)
Naruhisa Arakawa March 27, 2011 (2011-03-27)
While at a jewelry store with Doc, Luka encounters a spoiled girl named Komaki Kasugai who buys everything in the jewelry store, including a ring she had her eye on, much to the dismay of her tycoon father Kozo Kasugai. After Luka complains about Komaki's spending spree and stating her notion of money, Kozo offers her a job as a maid with the ring she wanted as payment. At the mansion, he shows her all of the priceless antiques on display, including his most prized, heavily guarded possession: a gold tree. However, to Luka's dismay, she to look after Komaki, thrown out of her room after seeing a tattered rabbit doll and tossing it into a waste basket. Later, Luka tells the Gokai Galleon crew about the Kasugais and their unusual attitude toward money, learning that Kozo was a peniless man until discovered a strange meteorite which held the gold tree. Meanwhile, the Zangyack Empire sends Action Commander Nanonanoda to Earth to steal the gold tree to fund their invasion. Nanonanoda enters the mansion and managed to bypass the security system until Luka notice Komaki watching him, causing the Action Commander to accidentally activate the system and forced to run out. Outside the mansion, attacking him upon learning he is the tree's owner, Luka makes a deal with Kozo to get rid of Nanonanoda for a million. Becoming Gokai Yellow, she assumes the forms of Vul Panther and Bouken Yellow to throw the Action Commander out of the premises. Later, Luka confronts Komaki on why she did not alert her father on the intrusion, only to learn from Komaki that she and her father would be better off without the gold tree and went on her spending spree to get them back to that time. This fact infuriates Luka as lectures Komaki that money makes the world go round. That night, after remembering her own past, Luka is approached by Joe who asks for talk about how she needs money to fulfill a life-long dream. The next morning, Nanonanoda invades the mansion with a platoon of Gormin, setting the complex on fire without realizing he would harm the tree. The Gokaigers intervene, having Luka see to the Kasugais while the others assuming the forms of the J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai and quickly dispatch the Gormin before battering Nanonanoda with the J.A.K.Q. Hurricane. Luka finds the father and daughter and tells them to leave the burning mansion immediately, but Komaki hesitates - saying she does not want to leave something important. Given a check for 10 million yen by Kozo to retrieve the gold tree, Luka tells Komaki she will bring back the prized possession. As the Kasugais leave, Luka changes into Go Yellow to obtain her quarry before emerging from the burning mansion, having retrieved not the gold tree but Komaki's rabbit doll instead. Kozo discovers that his daughter has held onto it for a long time and realizes that his wealth had distanced him away from her. As the gold tree melts from the fire, Kozo apologizes to his daughter and agrees with her to renew their relationship. Not being good at situations like this, Luka changes into Yellow Racer and joins the others as they eliminate Nanonanoda with the Final Wave from their Gokai Sabers. When Insarn enlarges Nanonanoda, Deka Gokaioh is formed to easily destroy the airborne Action Commander with the Gokai Full Blast. As the Kasugais watch the battle, Komaki discovers that Luka returned the check inside the doll. Later, the Gokai Galleon crew commend Luka for her generosity, with Joe mentioning that she practically worked for free. Luka then reveals to them that she was paid, in the ring she wanted earlier.[6]

Niki-Niki! Kenpō Lesson

7 "Niki-Niki! Kenpō Lesson"
"Niki-Niki! Kenpō Shugyō" (ニキニキ!拳法修行)
Junko Kōmura April 3, 2011 (2011-04-03)
With the next clue from Navi saying that they need to find the tiger child, the Gokaigers search to no avail before their search is interrupted by Cosmic Kenpō Master Pachacamac XIII. Furious of the interference, the Gokaigers fight Pachacamac yet Ahim and Doc are outmatched by Pachacamac's Cosmic Kenpō fighting style with the others assume the forms of the Gao Red, Gao Yellow, and Gao Blue to drive him off. Later, talking over their level of skill in fight, Ahim and Doc come across Geki Jū Tiger-Ken master Jyan Kandou with the former wanting to train along with the children that Jyan's teaching while Doc chickens out. That night, after Navi explains to the crew that they jump to the wrong conclusion by going after a tabby and later realize that they trained themselves, Doc resolves to get strong as Captain Marvelous and Luka. The next day, Doc joins Jyan's class to Ahim's surprise while the rest of the Gokai Galleon crew battles Pachacamac using the power of the Sun Vulcan team. However, Pachacamac uses a new technique thanks to Insarn's modifications. When contacted by Navi about their crewmen in trouble, Ahim and Doc learn from Jyan that their training is over as he reveals himself as the tiger child they are looking for. Arriving at the battle, Gokai Green and Gokai Pink tell the others to use the Gekiranger Keys to counter Pachacamac, weakening him before using the Gokai Blast Final Wave to finish him off. When Pachacamac enlarges, Gokaioh is formed to fight him using the Gekiranger Keys' Great Power to summon Qi-based images of the Geki Beasts to destroy the Pachacamac. Elsewhere, as Doc is now able to stand up for himself, Jyan tells Master Xia Fu that he will entrust the future of the planet to the Gokaigers.[7]

Little Spy Tactics

8 "Little Spy Tactics"
"Supai Shōsakusen" (スパイ小作戦)
Naruhisa Arakawa April 10, 2011 (2011-04-10)
After Magi Gokaioh finishes off the Zugormin sent to Earth, Warz Gill snaps and takes out his frustration on his subordinates before he and Barizorg leave to find an Action Commander for the next invasion. But more concerned of the Gokaigers' ability to use the powers of the Super Sentai, with Insarn giving him review on the Gokai Galleon crew save Doc, who is of no concern, Damarasu sends the Sneak Brothers - Elder and Younger - to learn more of their enemies' goals while keeping Warz Gill in the dark of their activities. After multiple failures, Elder manages to stow away on the Gokai Galleon and overhears the crew talking about the Greatest Treasure before being forced into a series of madcap attempts to hide when the crew notices Navi is missing and they go searching for him. After searching the ship from top to bottom, the crew pins the blame on Doc for Navi's disappearance before the robot parrot returns from the beach. After the crew ties him up for worrying them, Navi proceeds to give them their next clue: an island in the sky. Elder then reveals himself to the crew and gloats how knowing their intentions as Joe uses a baseball bat to swat him out of the ship. Younger frets over his brother's well being as the crew descends to take out the Gormin Soldiers with the powers of the Gaorangers and the Denzimen. The Gokaigers then use the Goggle V Keys to tie up Younger and toss him around before finishing both brothers with their Gokai Sabres' Final Wave. Enlarged by Insarn, the Sneak Brothers face Gokaioh. However, Elder is batted away to oblivion with the Gokai Bat as Younger attempts to avenge his big brother before being destroyed by Deka Gokaioh. Though Insarn fumes over the loss of her favorite minions, Damarasu knows the Gokai Galleon crew's goal as the pirates proceed to sail off to find the island before the Zangyack forces do.[8]

The Lion, Runs

9 "The Lion, Runs"
"Shishi, Kakeru" (獅子、走る)
Junko Kōmura April 17, 2011 (2011-04-17)
With no luck in finding a flying island before the Zangyack forces, the Gokai Galleon crew find Sky Island Animarium. However, upon setting foot on Animarium, the Gokai Galleon crew are attacked by a Gormin platoon under Action Commander Bauza. Eventually, after the Gokaigers use the Turboranger Keys to win against Bauza's speed, the conflict attracts the attention of Gao Lion who proceeds to knock everyone off the island. The Gokaigers use the Jetman Keys to break their fall as Bauza rides a Sugmorin and manages to wound Ahim. The crew are about to get back up to Animarium to catch Gao Lion, realizing him to be the power they are looking for, when they are warned by Kakeru Shishi that they will not gain the Power Animal's power, with Captain Marvelous, Luka, and Joe refusing to take heed. Tending to Ahim's wounds in his office, Kakeru reveals himself as Gao Red with Doc pleading for Gao Lion, only to explains that only the Power Animal can make that call. Ahim and Doc proceed to defend Marvelous, Joe, and Luka by revealing that the three are looking for more than treasure before they are contacted that their crew mates are fighting Bauza and the Gormin. Kakeru watches the Gokaigers' fight and is astonished by Gokai Red, Gokai Blue, and Gokai Yellow save people in their own rough way before they, Gokai Green, and Gokai Pink use the Gaoranger Keys to defeat the Zugormin with the Hyakujuuken before finishing Bauza with the Gokai Blast. When Bauza and the Zugormin are enlarged, Gokaioh's Gokai Star Burst is disabled. However, Gao Lion's acceptance enables them to summon him from Animarium with the Great Power of the Gaoranger Keys as he and Gokiaoh combine into Gao Gaokaioh to take out the Zugormin before destroying Bauza. As Kakeru walks off after wishing Gao Lion good luck with his new partners, the pirates thank their new ally as they sail off.[9]

Card Game

10 "Card Game"
"Toranpu Shōbu" (トランプ勝負)
Kento Shimoyama April 24, 2011 (2011-04-24)
While playing a game of poker, with Captain Marvelous losing several hands while Joe gets a winning streak thanks to Luka holding back, the Gokai Galleon crew are alerted of a Zangyack fleet. Magi Gokaioh subdues fleet but the green one commanding the fleet as Gokai Blue's insistence. After the fleet retreats, Joe explains to the crew that the green ship is the flagship of Zangyack's "Special Destruction Unit", as it uses a cannon that uses ammo made of Gigalorium - a rare material capable of destroying planets with a single shot; destroying the ship would have caused the Gigalorium aboard to explode and scorch the Earth's surface. Luka then suggests that she and Joe will infiltrate the ship and steal the Gigalorium. As the ship is docked over an abandoned mining field, Gokai Blue and Gokai Yellow use their color respective Boukenger Keys to sneak under and board it. Inside, Joe and Luka disguise themselves as Gormin and make their way to the ship's armory where the Gigalorium is. However, they are taken to a break room by two Zugormin to play a game of poker. Luka offers to play against both Zugormin, using her sleeve trick to cheat her way. The games that follow attract every Gormin on the ship before the game is suddenly stopped by ship's captain Yokubarido when he exposes Luka's cheating and then her and Joe's disguises. However, as a gambler with respect in their guts stowing away on his ship, Yokubarido offers to let them go if they can beat him in a game. If they lose, they must surrender for him to collect their bounty. With the Action Commander using own deck, Joe offers to accept his challenge in place of Luka despite the disadvantages piled against him. Yokubarido shows a four of a kind, but Joe miraculously beats him with a royal flush. Refusing to accept that he lost, Yokubarido orders his troops to kill Joe and Luka when the rest of the crew arrive in Gormin guises. It is revealed that the card game was a planned diversion to have the trio sneak into the armory and steal the Gigalorium. Gokai Green then sets off an explosive to sink Yokubarido's ship as he and surviving troops are forced to watch the Gigalorium capsule being taken by Navi to the Gokai Galleon. After disposing of the Gormin, the Gokaigers use the J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai Keys to take out the Zugormin officers with the Big Bomber attack before using Final Wave attacks on Yokubarido. After being enlarged by Insarn, Yokubarido uses his explosive card attack on Gokaioh before the robot presents Gigalorium. Intending to return it, the Gokaigers have Gokaioh throw it into space towards the Zangyack fleet, taking out more of the ships in the process, before forming Gao Gokaioh to finish Yokubarido. Later, as the Gokaigers play another game of poker, Joe discovers that Luka has switched decks to ensure his win against Yokubarido, much to his dismay.[10]

The Serious Rebellion

11 "The Serious Rebellion"
"Shinken Ōsōdō" (真剣大騒動)
Naruhisa Arakawa May 1, 2011 (2011-05-01)
While Joe is practicing his swordsmanship with Ahim and Doc watching, they are notified of yet another Zangyack invasion. After Gokaioh takes out the Zugormin with the Dekaranger and Magiranger Keys, Captain Marvelous gets a clue from Navi to beware of a "sa-mu-r-ai". While they think on the clue, the Gokai Galleon crew find a kendo class at a park with Joe remembering his days in the Zangyack forces military and his senior Sid Bamick. Then, all of a sudden, a group of Kuroko with white banners appear and the Gokaigers are introduced to Kaoru Shiba, who demands the Shinkenger Ranger Keys from them. After Captain Marvelous refuses, she grabs her Shinkenmaru katana and attacks him. He dodges her attacks and is about to pull his Gokai Gun on her, but Ahim intervenes and tells him not to shoot Kaoru while Doc tells him she might know the secret to unlocking the Great Power of the Shinkenger keys. Joe then steps in and issues a challenge to the female samurai. Meanwhile, after making a fuss of the latest defeat, Warz Gill is paid a visit by his father's bodyguard Deratsueiger, whose presence makes him confident to the point of personally overseeing the intermediate attack. The duel between Joe and Kaoru is interrupted by a Zangyack invasion as the latter cuts down every Gormin Sailor on her path, before a Zangyack army led by Warz Gill, Barizorg, and Deratsueiger beams down to the scene. Warz Gill demands everyone to bow before him as the Gokaigers arrive to actively defy him. The Gokaigers eliminate the Gormin Sailors and Zugormin units, but are unable to harm Deratsueiger with the powers of the Zyurangers and Dynamen. Deciding to go after Warz Gill, the Gokaigers change into the Gingamen to hold Deratsueiger while Gokai Blue (as Ginga Blue) charges toward the Zangyack forces leader. However, Barizorg forces him to change back into Gokai Blue form and a sword fight ensues before Gokai Blue recognizes Barizorg's fighting stance as that of Sid's. After being pummeled by Barizorg's attack, Joe asks him if he is Sid; in response, Barizorg does not know him. Warz Gill then reveals to Joe that the Sid he knew was converted into the cyborg Barizorg for treason as his swordsmanship was too valuable to waste. Joe stands in disbelief as Barizorg approaches him to slash him, but Gokai Red rushes to block the attack - receiving the blow to the back. With the last of his strength before passing out, Captain Marvelous then fires at Barizorg, throwing his sword out of his hand with a stray shot hitting Warz Gill's left arm, forcing Barizorg and Deratsueiger to retreat to get their leader away from harm. Due to the heroism displayed by Captain Marvelous, Kaoru offers to have her Kuroko treat his wounds aboard the Gokai Galleon. Feeling the guilt over getting Captain Marvelous injured, Joe climbs up the crow's nest of the ship, thinking about his former comrade and what he has become. As the other Gokaigers gather to sleep around Captain Marvelous, Kaoru's retainer Toshizo Tanba tells her that the Ranger Keys are stored in the treasure chest with Navi sitting on it and tells her now is a good opportunity to take the Shinkenger Keys. She hits him with her fan in response and tells him she wants to continue observing the Gokaigers. The next morning, Luka notifies everyone that Joe is missing and he has left them a note, telling everyone that there is a matter he needs to settle alone.[11]

The Guaranteed Showy Samurai

12 "The Guaranteed Showy Samurai"
"Kiwametsuki Hade na Samurai" (極付派手侍)
Naruhisa Arakawa May 8, 2011 (2011-05-08)
When Joe mysterious leaves, the others worry about him as Captain Marvelous tells them to leave him be as he is confident that he will return. Remembering the events that led to him leaving the Zangyack forces and Sid, Joe finds Barizorg's sword as the cyborg arrives to reclaim his weapon. Though he heard the truth about his origins, Barizorg refuses to accept it and defeats Joe before taking his leave as the pirate sees his friend is truly dead. Aboard the Gokai Galleon, Kaoru learns how Joe became a pirate before Deratsueiger returns to Earth to carry on Warz Gill's orders to slaughter the Gokaigers for hurting him. Though Kaoru offers to help, Marvelous turns her down as he and the others fight the Gormin and Zugormin with the power of various Sentai warriors before Deratsueiger defeats them. After having an realization, Joe arrives to help after Kaoru gives him a Secret Disc to even the odds. The gathered team assumes the forms of the Shinkenger to battle Deratsueiger, with Gokai Blue using the Secret Disc to fight with two Shinkenmaru before the pirates finish Deratsueiger off with Gokai Slash. Enlarged, Deratsueiger proceeds to destroy the city before overpowering Gao Gokaioh. However, using the Shinkenger Keys' Great Power, Gao Gokaioh reforms into Shinken Gokaioh. After taking down an entire platoon of Zugormin, Shinken Gokaioh destroys Deratsueiger. Later, the crew's captain collapses from starvation as everyone else carries him to a place to eat while Joe says it is good to be home under his breath.[12]

Tell Me the Way

13 "Tell Me the Way"
"Michi o Oshiete" (道を教えて)
Junko Kōmura May 15, 2011 (2011-05-15)
Fully recovered from the Shinkenger incident, Captain Marvelous notices that Ahim is missing as the others tell him she is walking around in the city below. While in a marketplace, she is kidnapped at gunpoint by a man named Eikichi Nashida, who tries to hold her ransom. But after she promptly disarms him of the toy gun he is carrying and reveals herself to be a space pirate, Nashida begs forgiveness as he confesses to her that he needs the money to pay back a mobster. Hoping to help him, she calls her shipmates and unknowingly makes them think she is kidnapped. Attempting to clear up the incident, Nashida finds himself listening to Captain Marvelous's death threat for taking one of his crew. Suddenly, Ahim and Nashida are confronted by Action Commander Zaggai, who is tracking down Poisole - a special metal which produces a neurotoxin once charged with electricity. Ahim gets Nashida - who apparently has the Poisole on him - to safety as the Gokai Galleon crew come in guns blazing and find Ahim's necklace, with Navi's Zangyack detection having them jump to the conclusion that they are behind the kidnapping. After briefly evading Zaggai, and confirming the Poisole on his person, Ahim assures Nashida he is not a loser as she points out he saved Earth's people compared to her outliving her own and taking a new path. Zaggai arrives by then with the Gormin as the other Gokaigers appear soon after. After Zaggai attempts to explain to her crew mates that he is not a kidnapper, Gokai Pink leads her crew into battle with Nashida understanding her words of finding a new path to take. Using the powers of the Gingamen, the Gokaigers brutalize Zaggai before finishing him off with the Gokai Blast with Gokai Pink apologizing for not coming clean prior to Gokaioh battling the enlarged Action Commander. Using the Ranger Keys, Gokaioh changes into Deka Gokaioh to knock Zaggai off balance before forming Shinken Gokaioh to finish him off. After the fight, with the Poisole thrown into the sea to be neutralized by the salt water, Ahim wishes Nashida the best of luck and tells him to call her if he needs any help.[13]

Now For Traffic Safety

14 "Now For Traffic Safety"
"Ima mo Kōtsū Anzen" (いまも交通安全)
Yoshio Urasawa May 22, 2011 (2011-05-22)
Aboard the Gokai Galleon, the crew is taking a nap when Navi's dream triggers a new clue for the pirates, telling them to learn traffic laws. Meanwhile, while reviewing Zaggai's activities aboard the Gigant Horse, Insarn falls in love with a man that the Action Commander crossed paths with: Kyosuke Jinnai. Wanting Kyosuke, Insarn asks Action Commander Jerashid to capture him, unaware that Jerashid has been in love with her since high school. Finding Kyosuke at a park after failing to impress the children he was entertaining, Jerashid and his Gormin Sailors attempt to capture him when the Gokai Galleon crew witness it during their search. Using the powers of the Zyurangers, the Gokaigers force Jerashid to retreat. After the fight, Kyosuke hands each of the Gokai Gallon crew a drink and introduces himself as the former Red Racer of the Gekisou Sentai Carranger team; after the Legendary Great War, he has become an actor struggling to educate children on traffic safety. After hearing the pirates' need to master the Carranger Keys' full power, Kyosuke agrees if they join his traffic safety acting troupe. The Gokaigers decline and run away to find another Carranger member, with Kyosuke pursuing them with his lighting-quick running speed. By then, after realizing that Insarn in love with Kyosuke, Jerashid returns to Earth to eliminate the Carranger with extreme prejudice. However, Insarn intervenes and spirits Kyosuke away, leaving the Gokaigers confused if the Carrangers are really that powerful until Insarn tells them to transform. Using the power of the Carrangers - at Kyosuke's insistence, the Gokaigers counter Jerashid's fire-based attacks with the unorthodox Gokai Kurumagic Attack while Kyosuke tries to distance himself from the love-crazy Insarn. Watching the entire fight, Warz Gill uses the enlarging gun on Jerashid to put an end to the madness. Despite Kyosuke's attempt to help him successfully express his feelings to Insarn and receive hers in return, Jerashid lets out his happiness by destroying the city until Gokaioh is formed to fight him. Using the Gokai Radical Racing Slash to weaken Jerashid, Shinken Gokaioh is formed to knock the Action Commander into the Gigant Horse. Though he survives the Gokai Samurai Slash, Jerashid loses Insarn's respect as she requests him to be launched into deep space with the garbage. Soon after, the Gokaigers are forced by their need to obtain the Carranger Keys' powers to act in Kyosuke's traffic safety show. As Kyosuke joins in, Navi watches from the Gokai Galleon's monitor before turning it off, saying that not all Great Powers are useful as she takes a nap.[14]

A Privateer Appears

15 "A Privateer Appears"
"Shiryakusen Arawaru" (私掠船現る)
Junko Kōmura May 29, 2011 (2011-05-29)
Doc shows his shipmates that the Gokaigers' bounties have skyrocketed to nearly the same level of the Red Pirates. Showing no interest in the news, Captain Marvelous tells Navi to foretell their next course; the robot parrot, however, sees danger coming their way. Meanwhile, a red Zangyack ship arrives to the Earth with Warz Gill learning that it is captained by a privateer under the Zangyack Empire. While cautiously exploring in a town, the Gokaigers meet the privateer, who Captain Marvelous identifies as Basco Ta Jolokia. He announces that he has also come for the Greatest Treasure in the Universe. To everyone's shock, Captain Marvelous tries to attack Basco before three giant Zugormin units appear on orders from Damarasu - who sent them to show the privateer the capabilities of the Gokaigers. Forced to let Basco go, a hesitant Captain Marvelous summons Gokai Galleon before Gokaioh is formed to dispatch the Zugormin soldiers while Basco watches. After the fight, Captain Marvelous is reluctant to talk about his past with Basco, but his shipmates learn that Basco was also a Red Pirate himself. Both Captain Marvelous and Basco served under Aka Red aboard the Gokai Galleon, as they collected Super Sentai powers that were scattered across the galaxy and contained them in Ranger Keys. Then, one day, Basco betrayed his comrades by selling them out to the Zangyack Empire so he can have the Ranger Keys all to himself, which led to the downfall of the Red Pirates and Captain Marvelous getting the Ranger Keys. Captain Marvelous then receives a call by Basco, from his golden Mobilate, for them to settle their differences with a duel. When they meet up, Basco reveals that he has obtained Ranger Keys of Sentai heroes that Aka Red failed to mention to either of them. Using a trumpet, Basco summons Dragon Ranger, King Ranger, Time Fire, Shurikenger, and Deka Break to have them gang up on Captain Marvelous. However, though Captain Marvelous insisted that they not interfere, his crew arrives to even the odds. Though the Gokaigers manage to defeat the sixth hero Sentai warriors in one-on-one duels and return them to their original Ranger Key forms, the tables are turned in Basco's favor when he overpowers the pirates with Kiba Ranger, Mega Silver, Gao Silver, Abare Killer, Magi Shine, Bouken Silver, The Go-On Wings, Shinken Gold and Gosei Knight. With his crew brutally beaten without mercy, Captain Marvelous realizes they were Basco's actual targets and he is powerless to save them. He is left with the Ranger Keys of the five warriors that were defeated as Basco takes his shipmates captive.[15]

Clash! Sentai vs. Sentai

16 "Clash! Sentai vs. Sentai"
"Gekitotsu! Sentai Bāsasu Sentai" (激突!戦隊VS戦隊)
Junko Kōmura June 5, 2011 (2011-06-05)
Unable to track his crew and the Free Joker, Captain Marvelous gets frustrated before he gets a call from Basco. Assuring him that they are right, Basco offers Captain Marvelous to trade the Ranger Key chest, the Gokai Galleon and Navi for his crew, or he will hand them over to the Zangyack for the bounty. Taken to the Free Joker's brig by Sally, who has their Mobilates, the crew attempts to escape through the ducts. However, Basco was a step ahead of them and placed them back into their cell. As that occurs, after remembering the events that led to him joining the Red Pirates, Captain Marvelous regains his confidence and calls Basco to arrange an exchange meeting with his crew present. Though he brought the Ranger Key chest, Captain Marvelous has no intention of doing the trade as he suddenly throws the treasure chest in the air while he fights Basco, spilling all of the keys and his own Mobilate in time for Doc to catch it with his mouth and using Shinken Green Key to free himself and his shipmates before getting their Mobilates back from Sally. Basco then unleashes his 10 Super Sentai warriors and the Gokai Galleon crew assume their Gokaiger forms to battle them while Navi gathers the Ranger Keys back into the chest and takes them back to the ship. Defeating Mega Silver, Gao Silver, Abare Killer, Bouken Silver, and Shinken Gold, the Gokaigers use the Final Wave to take out Kiba Ranger, Magi Shine, the Go-on Wings, and Gosei Knight. Deciding to take his leave, Basco leaves the Liquidroid Wateru behind to fight the Gokaigers as they use Shinken Gokaioh to destroy the monster. Back aboard the Gokai Galleon, the Gokaigers look at the 15 newly acquired Ranger Keys as they assure their captain that they have no hard feelings for what happened. On the Free Joker, impressed by his old friend's move, Basco reveals that he has 10 more Ranger Keys in his possession.[16]

The Awesome Silver Man

17 "The Awesome Silver Man"
"Sugoi Gin'iro no Otoko" (凄い銀色の男)
Naruhisa Arakawa June 12, 2011 (2011-06-12)
After finishing a fight against the Zugormin with the recently acquired Great Power of the Goseiger Keys, the Gokai Galleon crew marvel about obtaining both the ten other Great Powers and the 15 extra Ranger Keys from Basco as they receive a new clue from Navi to find a man in silver. Starting their search at a park, after hitting a dead end with an overweight jogger wearing a silver track suit, the crew meets a Super Sentai fanboy before running into Action Commander Arumadon and a Gormin platoon, who were sent there to plant a bomb. The Gokaigers quickly dispose of the Gormin and the bomb before transforming into Time Fire, Magi Shine, Mega Silver, Dragon Ranger and Abare Killer to fight Arumadon with the fanboy watching. Arumadon overwhelms the Gokaigers with his Aruma Barrier before Gokai Green (as Dragon Ranger) uses his Zyusouken to damage his collar and the Action Commander retreats right when the fan boy is about to join the fight. Soon after, the crew are confronted by the fanboy, introducing himself as Gai Ikari. After shooting down Gai's offer to join their group as the sixth Gokaiger and improve their public image, the Gokai Galleon crew gets an earful from Navi for forgetting their search. Upon reaching another dead end with the overweight jogger, the crew are attacked by Arumadon. However, Gai suddenly arrives and tells the Gokaigers to let him handle the villains as he changes into Gokai Silver. The Gokaigers are shocked to see an Earthling possess a Ranger Key while Gokai Silver tries to win membership by dispatching a group of Gormin single-handedly with his Gokai Spear. But when Gokai Silver is unable to break through Arumadon's barrier, the Gokaigers take over to target the weak spot on Arumadon's collar. However, unknown to both the Gokaigers and even Arumadon himself, Warz Gill had Insarn had secretly modified the Action Commander's collar to turn him into a suicide bomber to take out the pirates. Luckily, Gokai Silver realizes the trap and safely detonates the bomb before destroying the shocked Arumadon with the Gokai Shooting Star Final Wave. Realizing that Gai is the silvery man they are looking for, the Gokai Galleon crew are curious to know how he obtained his power.[17]

The Big Abare With the Dinosaur Robot Drill

18 "The Big Abare With the Dinosaur Robot Drill"
"Kyōryū Robotto Doriru de Ō Abare" (恐竜ロボットドリルで大アバレ)
Naruhisa Arakawa June 26, 2011 (2011-06-26)
When the Gokai Galleon crew learns that he has three Great Powers, they take Gai to their ship where he reveals his origins. Days ago, after being hospitalized from risking his life to save a girl from a truck, Gai is visited in his dream by the ghosts of Dragon Ranger, Time Fire and Abare Killer - the latter changing into Mikoto Nakadai as he gives Gai the Gokai Cellular and Gokai Silver Ranger Key. However, after Gai reveals that he is yet about to activate the Great Powers, he is allowed by Captain Marvelous to search the chest for the Time Fire, Dragon Ranger, and Abare Killer Keys. Once the keys are found, Captain Marvelous confiscates them, the Gokai Cellular, and the Gokai Silver Key from Gai. But seeing Gai determined to fight, though not realizing the disadvantage of becoming a wanted man, Marvelous asks him if he has anything to offer him like the rest of his crew. The next day, while thinking of what use he can be to the crew, Gai responds to a Zangyack attack led by Action Commander Osogain at a construction yard. Despite not being able to change into Gokai Silver, Gai fights a losing battle until the Gokai Galleon crew arrives. Seeing his unrelenting courage and determination against all odds, Captain Marvelous hands Gai his phone and key, officially making him a member of the crew after liking his answer to take out the Zangyack Empire. After finishing off the Gormin, despite a brief mix up with the King Ranger Key, the Gokaigers use the Shinkenger Keys to take out the Zugormin. The five main Gokaigers then change into different silver-colored warriors to weaken Osogain before Gokai Silver destroys him with the Gokai Supernova Final Wave. When Osogain and his Zugormon are enlarged, Gokai Silver uses the Time Fire Key to summon the Goujyu Drill time jet. Gokai Silver then proceeds to use the Dragon Ranger Key and then the Abare Killer Key to respectively convert his mecha into the dinosaur mode Goujyu Rex and then the robot mode Goujyujin to destroy the Zangyack forces with the Great Powers of the three Sentai teams. Later aboard the Gokai Galleon, despite being a cabin boy, Gai looks forward to working with the Gokaigers as they prepare an all-night celebration.[18]

Armor of the 15 Warriors

19 "Armor of the 15 Warriors"
"Jūgo Senshi no Yoroi" (15戦士の鎧)
Naruhisa Arakawa July 3, 2011 (2011-07-03)
After having his Gokai Buckle linked to the treasure chest's Key Road, Gai offers to make lunch while Doc is still unsure about the cabin boy. Thirty minutes later, everyone enjoys delicious food to Doc's dismay as he begins to become more insecure overtime. By then, the Action Commander Worian is sent by a reinvigorated Warz Gill to fish out people's skeletons and leave them in a catatonic state. Seeing Worian, Gokai Green and Gokai Silver fight him and the Gormin with the former not having any luck before the others arrive. The Gokaigers assume the forms of the Go-ongers with Gokai Silver perplexed on which of the Go-on Wings he should be. After having a daydream involving Go-on Gold and Go-on Silver, Gokai Silver finds himself with a merged Ranger Key and uses it to become a hybridized Go-on Wings to engage Worian in battle when Gokai Green (as Go-on Green) begins to feel less confident. Suddenly, Worian fires a blast toward Gokai Green, and Gokai Pink (as Go-on Black) rushes to take the hit. Worian then debones the Gokaigers except Gokai Green and Gokai Silver before teleporting away. Back aboard the Gokai Galleon, after Doc that he admits he cannot stand being around him, Gai goes off on his own to track down Worian. Doc tells Navi he feels Gai is better than him in every way, but the robot parrot explains to him that Gai felt that Doc is the better man after merely looking at Doc's recipe book. Doc then has a change of heart, having an idea from remembering the hybridized Go-on Wings form before running to assist Gokai Silver. As Gokai Green assumes the forms of Green Two and Green Flash to hold off the Action Commander, he has Gokai Silver daydream to combine the 15 sixth hero Ranger Keys. The Ranger Keys comply and form the Gold Anchor Key. Using the Gold Anchor Key to assume Gold Mode, Gokai Silver quickly overwhelms Worian with his new abilities before finishing him off with the Gokai Legendream Final Wave; thus restoring everyone back to normal much to Warz Gill's dismay as he once again lapses into depression. Worian enlarges as Gokaioh and Goujyu Rex double-team the Action Commander before Goujyu Rex changes into Goujyujin to single handedly destroy him. While having dinner, Doc relapses in insecurity when he finds that a Z=100,000 bounty has been placed on Gai while his remains at Z=5,000.[19]

The Lost Forest

20 "The Lost Forest"
"Mayoi no Mori" (迷いの森)
Junko Kōmura July 10, 2011 (2011-07-10)
Navi's latest clue to the treasure is to find a warrior in a sealed forest, which Gai quickly identifies as the Ginga Forest - home of the Gingamen. After Gai explains that the Gingamen protected Earth from a band of space pirates, Doc expresses worry while Gai admits he has no idea where the Ginga Forest actually is. Using Gai's copy of Haruhiko Aoyama's Book of Legends, the Gokai Galleon crew search for the entrance to the Ginga Forest and find themselves walking in circles before Hyuuga suddenly bursts out of the Ginga Forest's invisible barrier, followed by Basco and Sally. The Gokaigers tell Gai who Basco is, but he immediately recognizes Hyuuga. He introduces himself to the man before asking for his autograph. Basco then unleashes Deka Master, Wolzard Fire and Magi Mother to hold off the Gokaigers so he can capture Hyuuga as Gai takes him to a safer place. While Gokai Red is forced to fight Sally to get to Basco, the other Gokaigers are easily defeated by the extra warriors as they are thrown into a river. Fortunately, they are saved by Ryouma; Doc thanks him for saving them, despite not initially recognizing who he is, as he and the others search for Gai and their captain. Meanwhile, Gai tends to Hyuuga's wounds while talking about himself just being a novice compared to him and the past Super Sentai groups. Hyuuga then asks him to give him the Gokai Cellular so he can be able to protect the world again. Despite a long hesitation, Gai is about to give Hyuuga the Gokai Cellular when Basco appears, using his trumpet to siphon the Great Power out of Hyuuga. Gokai Red intervenes to stop Basco, who then unleashes the Black Knight to battle him as the other three extra warriors arrive. Inspired by his captain's refusal to let go of his dream even if the odds are against him, Gai takes the Gokai Cellular before Hyuuga can grab it. However, as the rest of the Gokai Galleon crew arrives, Hyuuga reveals that he was testing Gai's self worth as a protector of the world. Gokai Silver enters Gold Mode to defeat the Black Knight with the Gokai Legendream Final Wave, with Hyuuga regaining the Black Knight Key, while the main five Gokaigers change into the Gingamen to weaken the other extra Sentai warriors. Though Deka Master, Wolzard Fire, and Magi Mother are eliminated by the Gokai Blast, their Ranger Keys are recovered by Sally as Basco unleashes the Moonroid Tsukki. Shinken Gokaioh and Goujyujin engage Tsukki and destroy it with a Gokai Samurai Slash and Goujyu Triple Drill Dream combination attack. Later, Hyuuga hands Gai the Black Knight Key and the Gingamen's Great Power, telling him that the powers of the Super Sentai should be best gathered in one place. As the Gokai Galleon sails off, Ryouma arrives admitting his surprise that the newest Super Sentai team is a bunch of space pirates. Hyuuga asks if his hatred for space pirates is still strong, and Ryouma tells his elder brother that he thinks the Gokai Galleon crew are an exception and admits that he highly respects their friendship.[20]

The Heart of an Adventurer

21 "The Heart of an Adventurer"
"Bōkensha no Kokoro" (冒険者の心)
Kento Shimoyama July 17, 2011 (2011-07-17)
Still vexed by learning of Basco's ability to take greatest powers from past Sentai warriors, Captain Marvelous gets into a heated argument with Navi over the parrot's inability to give more accurate predictions. The ruckus is interrupted by the appearance of Satoru Akashi, who gave the Gokaigers the Great Power of the Boukengers a while ago. He then asks the Gokai Galleon crew for their aid in his search for a Precious known as "The Heart of Hades" - which has the power to resurrect the dead. Though not interested, Captain Marvelous reluctantly accepts Satoru's offer. Upon landing on a forest to begin their treasure hunt, the Gokai Galleon crew and Satoru encounter a Gormin platoon under Insarn - who is also after the Precious for the Zangyack to use. While the others deal with the Gormin in the forms of the Kakurangers and Shurikenger, Captain Marvelous, Luka and Satoru proceed ahead and arrive to a cave where they find an entire platoon of Zangyack soldiers dead. Once inside, they find the Heart of Hades in the hands of a Jaryuu who dies using it to revive an old enemy of the Boukengers: Creator King Ryuuwon. With his new powers, Ryuuwon traps Satoru and the pirates in the cave before attacking the other Gokaigers and driving Insarn off. Back inside the cave, after Satoru points out to him that the adventure he and his crew share is a valuable treasure, Captain Marvelous remembers how he and Aka Red found the Bouken Red Key. Though Satoru feels they need to destroy the Precious, Captain Marvelous has another idea as he and Luka blast their way out and come to their crew's aid. When their usual attacks have no effect, the Gokaigers change into the Boukengers with Gokai Red managing to rip the Heart of Hades out of Ryuuwon and throw it to Satoru. But as Ryuuwon still poses a threat due to the residual effects of the Precious, Gokai Silver enters Gold Mode and defeats him with the Gokai Legendream Final Wave. However, it causes Ryuuwon to enlarge into a mindless monster as Gokaioh and Goujyu Rex fight him. After the Dekaranger and Magiranger Keys prove ineffective, the Gokaigers use the Boukenger Keys to unleash an image of DaiBouken, attacking Ryuuwon before fading away with its GoGo Sword used by Gokaioh to destroy the villain with the Gokai Adventure Drive. As the Gokai Galleon sails off, with Captain Marvelous ending up in another argument with Navi, Satoru watches the departing vessel while wondering if this is what Aka Red wanted.[21]

A Promise on a Shooting Star

22 "A Promise on a Shooting Star"
"Hoshi Furu Yakusoku" (星降る約束)
Naruhisa Arakawa July 24, 2011 (2011-07-24)[Note 2]
Gai shows his finalized Super Sentai encyclopedia for his crewmates to research how the previous sentai teams fought. Joe, who shows no interest, leaves the Gokai Galleon to pick up food - with Gai following him to learn more about him. During their walk, they bump into a young boy who nearly hits Gai with his bicycle. The boy, Shota, arrives at a nearby shrine to wish for fair weather- only to see Action Commander Stargul holding a black stone. Spotted, Shota and pedals away from the Zangyack and his Gormin, running into Joe and Gai who assume their Gokaiger forms quickly dispatch the Gormin. Despite Gokai Blue turning into Abare Blue to his ally's dismay, he and Gokai Silver as Dragon Ranger overwhelm Stargul before he falls back upon remembering his mission. After the fight, though they notice his wound, Shota tells Gai and Joe that he is fulfilling a promise he made with his friend Daigo to watch the shooting stars on Kamikura Mountain. Though Joe calls the boy an idiot, he mends Shota's wounded leg and telling him to go to his destination. Returning to the Gokai Galleon, Doc obtains information about the black stone, revealed to be the Reiseki Warabe-ishi that when joined to its other half grants its user limitless energy. Joe realizes that the location of other stone is at Kamikura Mountain, where Shota is headed. Fearing for Shota's safety, Joe and Gai head for the mountain, while the other Gokaigers follow suit as Stargul combines the two stones. Fighting a group of Gormin that are keeping intruders away from the submit, Joe and Gai save Shota. Though Gai tries to talk him into leaving, Shota refuses while revealing the full story behind his promise with Daigo as Joe allows the boy to pass to Gai's dismay. By the time they reach the mountain top, the Gokai Galleon crew find that Stargul has absorbed the stones' energy and uses his Meteor Dive ability to summon an asteroid toward Earth. Transforming to negate his ability with his destruction, the Gokaigers use powers of the Goseigers, Dairangers and Ohrangers to overwhelm the Action Commander's power boost. However, refusing to give the Gokaigers the chance to destroy him, Warz Gill impatiently fires the enlarging beam. Forming Gokaioh to save Shota from Stargul, with Gokai Blue encouraging the boy to continue, the Gokaigers form Shinken Gokaioh with Goujyujin supporting them in destroying the Action Commander. However, in his dying breath, Stargul reveals they are too late to stop the asteroid's course to Earth. When Gokaioh's Gokai Star Burst has no effect, Gokai Silver has Gokai Blue use Gokaioh to throw Goujyujin in the air, enabling the latter robot to destroy the asteroid with the Gokai Dengeki Drill Spin. By sunset, Shota manages to fulfill his promise with Daigo as they watch the shooting stars with the Gokai Galleon crew looking on. Though Gai compares his actions to the previous Sentai, Joe states that Shota did all the work in fulfilling his dream.[22]

People's Lives Are the Future of the World

23 "People's Lives Are the Future of the World"
"Hito no Inochi wa Chikyū no Mirai" (人の命は地球の未来)
Junko Kōmura July 31, 2011 (2011-07-31)
As Gai noticed how Luka is treating Ahim like a little sister, Captain Marvelous arrives as Navi's Treasure Navigate hints that the Gokaigers must help others to meet someone. With Gai unable to decipher which Sentai team the fortune relates to, the Gokai Galleon crew resolve to help people out at the nearest town. As Captain Marvelous, with Gai's support, copes with helping old people up the steps and Joe and Doc deal with a transvestite after they give back a ring that he dropped on the sidewalk, Luka and Ahim are in a park where they meet a pregnant woman and her daughter Miku. Then, all of a sudden, the woman goes into labor, but an EMT arrives to get her to the hospital via taxi. By then, Gormin arrive as the girls assume their Gokaiger forms to hold them off using the power of their color-respective Fiveman and Magiranger Keys. Soon after, Luka and Ahim visit the woman at the hospital, where she tells them that the delivery will be soon while learning that the EMT is actually Matsuri Tatsumi of the GoGoFive. After reporting to their crewmates, the girls arrive as Matsuri is attacked by Gormin while she is getting an injured boy into the ambulance. Covering her, the girls are attacked by Rio, Mere and Zubaan. Basco appears and reveals the Gormin attacks are his doing so he can get the GoGoFive team's Great Power. Realizing that she was the target on the prior attack on the taxi, Matsuri offers herself to ensure the boy's safe passage, but is pushed back into the ambulance by Luka and Ahim. Motivated by the memory of her younger sister Lia, Luka tells Matsuri that making sure the boy gets medical attention in time should be her only concern as she intends to cover their escape. But Ahim refuses to let her do this and suggests a different plan where she uses Magi Pink's Maagi Magiiro spell to assume Matsuri's form and trick Basco into letting the real one go. Though the plan succeeds, the two are unable to contend with the three extra warriors. Luckily, the other Gokaigers arrive in time and take out the Gormin with Gokai Silver battling Zubaan while the others assume the forms of the GoGoFive to overpower the Rinjūken users. After the three Sentai warriors are defeated, with Sally taking the Ranger Keys back, Basco unleashes Fireroid Meran to deal with the Gokaigers as he takes his leave. When Magi Gokaioh's fire attack only makes Meran stronger, the Gokaigers use the GoGoFive Keys' Great Power to cool the Fireroid down before weakening him with Gokai Prominence so Goujyujin can destroy the monster. Luka and Ahim return to the hospital to see that the boy has recovered from his injuries while the woman has successfully given birth to a baby girl. Luka points out that Ahim is one step closer to becoming a real pirate while Gai notices that the girls' sisterly roles have reversed.[23]

Foolish Earthlings

24 "Foolish Earthlings"
"Oroka na Chikyūjin" (愚かな地球人)
Yoshio Urasawa August 7, 2011 (2011-08-07)
While going out for takoyaki on Gai's suggestion, the Goukai Galleon crew find the owner, Nobuyuki, with Jerashid whom the five senior crew recognize and attempt to leave so not to get involved. However, Gai convinces them to stay to see how it unfolds. Elsewhere, after giving a dull presentation that puts Warz Gill to sleep, the Action Commander Sen-den has the Gormin litter the town with Zangyack propaganda posters before finding Jerashid. Learning that the alien has become a human's pet, Sen-den attacks Jerashid and Nobuyuki for their defacing of Zangyack superiority. Reluctantly deciding to meddle in the conflict, the Gokaigers use the powers of the Megarangers to waste the Gormin and then assume the forms of the Hurricanegers, Gouraigers and Shurikenger to fight Sen-den. However, Sen-den escapes back to the Gigant Horse, temporarily under Damarasu's command, and asks to borrow a weapon, as his propaganda strategy has failed. Later, after Gai has Nobuyuki apologize to Jerashid for treating him like a pet, Doc suggests that Jerashid should be the man's apprentice instead. Seeing a potential in selling takoyaki in space, Jerashid agrees. However, Nobuyuki's mother has the final word and she disapproves out of health-based prejudices against aliens and to preserve earth culture. By then, Sen-den and his troops barge in, only to be forced on standby until learning from Jerashid that Nobuyuki's mother called him "natural waste", going on a shooting spree with the Zangyack Bazooka. Taking the fight to a nearby construction yard, the Gokaigers fight Sen-den after having Jerashid and the humans hide inside concrete pipes. But when Nobuyuki's mother runs out of the pipes to avoid heatstroke, she unknowingly become Sen-den's target as Jerashid takes the blow meant for her. Pretending to die just to be cool, Jerashid manages to convince the mother that not all aliens are evil before getting her and Nobuyuki to safety. The Gokaigers then use the power of the Timerangers execute Vector End: Beat Defender to destroy the Zangyack Bazooka before defeating Sen-den with a Gokai Legendream/Gokai Scramble combo. After Damarasu fires the enlargement cannons on Sen-den, the Action Commander overwhelms Gokaioh and Goujyu Rex until Gao Lion is summoned. Soon after, Shinken Gokaioh and Goujyujin finish Sen-den off with their respective signature attacks. After the fight, the Gokai Galleon crew learn from Nobuyuki that his mother and Jerashid have eloped and were last heard running a rural onsen with a baby on the way.[24]

Pirates and Ninjas

25 "Pirates and Ninjas"
"Kaizoku to Ninja" (海賊とニンジャ)
Naruhisa Arakawa August 14, 2011 (2011-08-14)
While briefing the Gokaigers in the history of the Super Sentai, covering the 22 Great Powers that they already have using a chart, Gai fails to notice Captain Marvelous, Joe and Luka sneaking away. After getting ice cream, the three pirates encounter Action Commander Satarakura Jr., who eats their ice cream while revealing his intent to turn humans into chestnuts to power his missile. More furious that he ate their ice cream, the three assume their Gokaiger forms - only to be outmatched by the Space Ninja's antics before his comrade, Sandaaru Jr, arrives. The three Gokaigers battle the two space ninjas using the powers of Livemen and the Abarangers, losing to the duo as the rest of their crew arrive and the ninjas take their leave. Later, after discussing what the space ninjas intend to do, Gokai Silver uses the Bouken Silver Key to track down the villains. Though they get the jump on the space ninja duo and save the chestnuts, the Gokaigers lose them as Satarakura Jr. opens up a void that sucks in Captain Marvelous, Joe and Luka. But as the three shove their crew mates away, Satarakura Jr. takes his leave with a group of Magerappa to support Sandaaru Jr. as he uses his Enlargement Jutsu. Gokai Silver fights the enlarged ninja with Goujyujin in what becomes a losing battle until the unexpected appearance of Fuuraimaru evens the odds - pinning Sandaaru Jr. to a building before Goujyujin finishes him off with the Goujyu Triple Drill Dream. As Fuuraimaru leaves, Gokai Green and Gokai Pink receive aid from a trio of ninjas that dispense the Magerappa. Gai identifies the trio as the Hurricanegers, who explain only their Great Power can stop Satarakura Jr. and save everyone. Seeing no trust in pirates, the Hurricanegers demand for their Ranger Keys. Gai defends his crew, explaining that the Ranger Keys would not be on Earth if not for Captain Marvelous, and that demanding for their return is not right.[25]

Shushutto The Special

26 "Shushutto The Special"
"Shushutto Za Supesharu" (シュシュッとTHE SPECIAL)
Naruhisa Arakawa August 21, 2011 (2011-08-21)
Revealing themselves, the Hurricanegers ask for their Ranger Keys so they can clean up the Gokai Galleon crew's mess. Though Gai defends the pirates from the ninjas' criticism with intent not to hand over the Hurricaneger Keys, Doc and Ahim give the keys to the trio in hopes of saving their shipmates and the people that have changed into chestnuts. Yousuke does not guarantee the Keys' return, but Ahim assures them that her crew will take them back by force if necessary. Regaining their powers, the Hurricanegers use their Ninpou to enter the pocket dimension of Boki Space; but no sooner are they gone, the three Gokaigers find themselves under attack by a Gormin platoon under Barizorg and Insarn who are ordered to deal with the pirates until Satakura Jr. returns. Within Boki Space, Captain Marvelous, Joe and Luka find themselves as contestants in Satarakura Jr.'s game show, where they must answer his questions correctly so he can say, "Ping-Pong!" to release them. However, the game is fixed with no correct answers and the penalties become more dangerous with every incorrect answer. Finding the three pirates and confused by their refusal to answer the questions, the Hurricanegers barge in to attack Satarakura Jr. However, the attack only prompts the Space Ninja to reveal the bag of chestnuts strapped to an explosive before having the defeated Hurricanegers chained up along with the captive Gokaigers. After Captain Marvelous clarifies why he and his two crew mates are not answering, somewhat winning their respect, the Hurricanegers decide to pull a risky move by offering all the Super Sentai Great Powers to Satakura Jr. if he answers their three questions. Accepting the challenge, Satakura Jr. gets the first two right before being tricked via the third question into saying, "Ping-Pong!" Once released, the Hurricanegers manage to recover the chestnuts and leave the Space Ninja with the bomb as it explodes and negates Boki Space. Once back in the real world, the Gokaigers regroup as they transform alongside the Hurricanegers before battling the Zangyack. Seeing their part of the mission fulfilled, Barizorg and Insarn retreat before the two Super Sentai teams use the Gokai Super Ninpou Hurricane Scramble attack to defeat Satarakura Jr., restoring his victims to normal. When Satarakura Jr. is enlarged, the Hurricanegers hand their Ranger Keys back to the Gokaigers as they use Gokaioh and Goujyujin to fight the Space Ninja. Gaining the Hurricanegers' Great Power, the Gokaigers summon Fuuraimaru, who combines with Gokaioh to become Hurricane Gokaioh before destroying Satarakura Jr. with the Gokai Fuurai Attack. Back aboard the Gokai Galleon, as everyone gets along, Captain Marvelous tells Yousuke that he likes Earth and appreciates the fact that the Greatest Treasure in the Universe is on the planet. On Gai's suggestion, the Gokai Galleon Crew and Hurricanegers then have their picture taken.[26]

A Change More Gokai Than Usual

27 "A Change More Gokai Than Usual"
"Itsumo yori Gōkai na Chenji" (いつもより豪快なチェンジ)
Junko Kōmura August 28, 2011 (2011-08-28)
While out shopping, Luka and Doc respond to a scene where Action Commander Regaeru and his troops are attacking a foreigner. All six Gokaigers appear to engage the enemy, with the main five changing into the Flashmen while Gokai Silver escorts the foreigner to safety. In an act of desperation when Gokai Yellow and Gokai Green prevent his escape, Regaeru uses his Reversal Beam to switch the minds of Luka and Doc before retreating. Back aboard the Gigant Horse, though congratulating the Action Commander for crippling the Gokaigers, Warz Gill reprimands Regaeru for failing in his secret operation and orders him to proceed as the pirates are still in the dark about it. Meanwhile, aboard the Gokai Galleon, as Gai feels that he saw the foreigner from somewhere before, the astonished crew members are figuring how to get Luka and Doc back to normal. Luka (inside Doc's body) decides to go out with Doc (inside Luka's body) forcing herself to tag along. During their shopping spree, Luka chases off two boys harassing two high school girls; in return, the girls exchange phone numbers and take pictures of themselves with him - Luka takes a much delight in it to Doc's dismay. But things get worse for Doc when two mobster-style men chase after her, only to find out the two are actually jewelers who want to hire Luka for her exquisite taste in quality jewelry before Luka gets rid of them. Luka asks Doc why she didn't jump to the next building during the chase, he is shocked to realize that Doc is more concerned about the well being of Luka's body. Back aboard the Gokai Galleon, Gai remembers that the foreigner is the president of a western country, and that a world peace conference is being held today. The crew figures out that Regaeru's plan was to switch the minds of Zugormin units with the state heads in attendance, causing all nations to unconditionally surrender to the Zangyack Empire. Calling Don and Luka, the Gokai Galleon crew arrive at the peace conference as Regaeru is about to switch the world leaders' minds. All guns blazing, the Gokaigers kick Regaeru and his troops out of the building before Gokai Yellow and Gokai Green finish off the Action Commander with their Gokai Scramble variation. As a side effect, the duo return to normal, but an enlargement beam revives and grows Regaeru. Gokaioh and Goujyujin double-team the Action Commander before Hurricane Gokaioh finishes him off with the Gokai Fuurai Attack. Later, when Doc's date with the two school girls ends terribly due to his dullness, Luka cheers him up by telling him he is cool in a strange sort of way. When Doc asks what is cool about him as they return to the ship, Luka slugs him in the stomach to shut him up.[27]

Wings Forever

28 "Wings Forever"
"Tsubasa wa Eien ni" (翼は永遠に)
Toshiki Inoue September 4, 2011 (2011-09-04)
Shortly after defeating an army of Zugormin, the Gokai Galleon crew go out to have a meal when they are confronted by the legendary bounty hunter Kiaido, who once defeated Captain Marvelous in the past. Due to this previous encounter, his presence immediately brings fear into Captain Marvelous. The Gokaigers' use of the Biomen and Maskmen's powers prove ineffective against Kiaido, who allows them to retreat, as he is disgusted with fighting weaker opponents. Back aboard the Gokai Galleon, as the crew tend to their wounds, Navi reveals in a treasure navigation that the villainous foe can be defeated with a phoenix. When Gai immediately identifies the clue as a reference to the Jetmen, Captain Marvelous has the crew split up and search for that team's former members. Meanwhile, aboard the Gigant Horse, Warz Gill reprimands Kiaido for allowing the Gokaigers to escape, but the bounty hunter is defiant as he explains that he intends his increase their bounty while have them get stronger to slake his two desires for combat and wealth. As Joe, Luka and Doc proceed on their search, a man on a motorcycle hits on Luka and steals Joe's Mobilate before speeding away. The same man appears before Captain Marvelous's group, though only he and Ahim can see him while Gai thinks their captain is hitting thin air. Questioning the captain's abilities as a red warrior, the man proceeds to beat Captain Marvelous down and then steals his Mobilate. Telling the pirates not to look for the Jetmen, the man introduces himself as Gai Yuki. After Gai informs his shipmates that Yuki is the missing Black Condor, Captain Marvelous later encounters Yuki again, who tells him that his lack of courage and stubborn pride will keep himself from acquiring the Jetmen's Great Power. Following him to a cemetery, Captain Marvelous discovers Gai Yuki's tombstone; the crew are stunned and Gai realizes that Yuki, who only his shipmates were able to see, is actually a ghost who does not want the other Jetmen involved with Kiaido. Confronting Kiaido on his own, Yuki changes into Black Condor and overpowers the Gormin platoon before squaring off against the bounty hunter. Seeing that Black Condor is intent on fighting after death, Captain Marvelous regains his courage as he and his crew take over. After Captain Marvelous and Joe regain their Mobilates, Gokai Silver finds himself occupied with the remaining Gormin while the main five Gokaigers change into the Jetmen to finish off the bounty hunter with a Jet Phoenix-style attack. Later, with Gai still unable to see him, Yuki gives the Gokaigers his blessings before departing back to Heaven's Golden Gate bar to resume playing cards with God.[28]

The Abare Quick-Changing New Combination

29 "The Abare Quick-Changing New Combination"
"Abare Shichihenge de Shin Gattai" (アバレ七変化で新合体)
Naruhisa Arakawa September 11, 2011 (2011-09-11)
Warz Gill comes down with the common cold as Insarn deduces that the happiness of women is needed to cure him. Barizorg employs Action Commander Dial to carry out the task. Dial targets newly-wed brides, attracting the attention of the Gokai Galleon crew. The Action Commander enlarges himself and the Gokaigers respond by summoning Gokaioh and Goujyujin. However, Dial shrinks himself down and takes control of Goujyujin, using it to battle Gokaioh, before going over to take Gokaioh over. However, Gokai Red, Gokai Blue, and Gokai Yellow damage the giant robot while they chase Dial inside of it. With Navi's help, they manage to corner Dial, but he shrinks again and enters Gokai Yellow's outfit until Gokai Pink forces him out with bug spray, forcing him to retreat to the Gigant Horse to clean his eyes. While Doc forces Captain Marvelous, Joe, and Luka to help in repairs, Ahim asks Gai to come with her to get married so they can lure Dial into a trap and destroy his size-changing dial. However, before they could get his staff that holds all his victims' happiness, Dial knocks Gai down and escapes. Ahim pursues the Action Commander, using a series of disguises to harass him and destroy his staff. The other Gokaigers arrive, but are met by Yukito Sanjyo, the former Abare Blue of the Abarangers. After he introduces himself and his wife, Emiri, Yukito states that he is impressed with Ahim's "Abare" fighting style, and also tells the Gokaigers that Mikoto Nakadai failed to mention that the Abaranger Keys' power can also be used by Gokaioh. Ahim tells him that they only have five Ranger Keys in that set, which would leave her out. However, Emiri presents her with the Abare Pink Key to her to make it six. With Yukito and Emiri taking cover, the Gokaigers assume the forms of the Abarangers and Abare Pink. Embarrassed by her appearance, Ahim stands back while her teammates defeat the Action Commander before everyone uses their Final Wave attacks to finish him off. Barely enlarged by a now ill Insarn, Dial is confronted by Gokaioh and Goujyujin as the Gokaigers use the Abaranger Keys to activate the Great Power of the Abarangers: switching their robots' arms. This turns Gokaioh into Goujyu Gokaioh, who finishes Dial off as Yukito and Emiri watch on the sidelines. Later, Gai tells the others of how Ahim managed to put her plan into motion, as she is embarrassed further by the photographs he took on his Gokai Cellular.[29]

At Least My Friend's Soul

30 "At Least My Friend's Soul"
"Tomo no Tamashii Dake Demo" (友の魂だけでも)
Junko Kōmura September 18, 2011 (2011-09-18)
When the next fortune from Navi refers to a "skateboarding lion", Gai realizes it must mean Yellow Lion of the Livemen. However, as Gai has no idea where he is, the rest of the Gokai Galleon crew decide to go out and find him. As the others have no luck, Joe and Ahim meet Joh Ohara as he and Joe save an infant. Soon after, the two pirates and Joh find a Zangyack scientist named Zaien who attempts to kidnap a boxer. Transforming in front of him, the two Gokaigers battle the Gormin while Joh gets the boxer to safety before fighting the Gormin. Using the Denziman Keys, the Gokaigers drive Zaien off. The two then find a scanner which Joh learns that it is a technical specification on turning people into beings like Barizorg. After learning the contents of the file, Joe asks Joh to find a way to reverse the process. Accepting to help him, Joh takes Joe to his laboratory to find the means, only to find that the process can not be undone. With this knowledge, Joe laments that he cannot save his friend, as Joh eases his pain by telling of his own tribulations of fighting his own friends and how he intends not to let history repeat itself, and that even if he can only rescue his soul, he would be able to save him. As Joe leaves with renewed conviction, he realizes that Joh is the Livemen's Yellow Lion. Meanwhile, after learning Zaien's scheme to convert physically fit humans into beings like Barizorg, the Gokaigers track Zaien down and free his captives before they are joined by Joe. Vowing not to allow others to suffer Sid's fate, Joe transforms into Gokai Blue. As Gokai Silver assumes Gold Mode to take out the Zugormin, the Gokaigers assume the forms of the Livemen to fight Zaien. With Zaien weakened, Gokai Blue personally finishes the scientist off with Sid's trademark attack. Enlarged by a content Insarn, Zaien and the Zugormin battle Gokaioh and Goujyu Rex. Using the Great Power of the Livemen, Gokaioh summons Super Live Robo who takes out the Zugormin so Zaien can be destroyed by a Gokai Fuurai Attack/Goujyu Triple Drill Dream combo. Later, Joe vows to defeat Barizorg as he believes it is the only way to save at least Sid's soul.[30]

Crash!! The Secret Operation

31 "Crash!! The Secret Operation"
"Shōgeki!! Himitsu Sakusen" (衝撃!!秘密作戦)
Kento Shimoyama September 25, 2011 (2011-09-25)
At UAOH HQ, Goro Hoshino learns that the Earth Defense Force has been wiped out and the Changemen's Great Power taken as he tells his aide Momo Maruo that they must begin their own operation. On the Gokai Galleon, confused by Navi's fortune being "Uao" (sounding like "Wow"), the crew thinks it might have something to do with a roller coaster. They head to an amusement park for clues as they find Momo with a sign as she calls out for the Gokaigers. After she is formally introduced to the pirates by Gai, Momo reveals that she will give them the Ohrangers' Great Power in return for a series of menial tasks. The Gokaigers agree until the tasks start to wear on the others when Joe points out that Momo is hiding something from them. Confronting her, Momo reveals that she has been keeping the Gokai Galleon crew distracted so Goro can deal with Basco Ta Jolokia so he can get back the Great Powers that the privateer took. Elsewhere, Goro has contacted Basco to lure him into a trap with a trade which may provide intel on the coordinates of the Gigant Horse. As Goro's plan fails, with Basco's summoned warriors disarming the explosives laced around the building, Momo prepares to give the Gokai Galleon crew her team's power as ordered so Basco can not claim it. However, Captain Marvelous refuses to be given something that he intends to take by force as he and his crew arrive at Goro's location to help him. Deciding to let the Gokaigers fight their way, Goro and Momo stand aside as Basco has his warriors fight them. As Gokai Silver takes to Gojyujin to defeat Wolzard Fire and Zubaan, the rest of the Gokaigers assume the forms of the Ohrangers while receiving the team's Great Power. By using the Ohrangers' signature attacks, the Gokaigers manage to defeat the warriors as Gokai Silver gets the Ranger Keys before Sally can retrieve them. With no more Ranger Keys in his possession, Basco seems defenseless as he signals Sally to stand aside when Captain Marvelous charges him. However, Basco reveals his true monstrous form before easily crippling the entire crew. After revealing that he has the Great Powers of the Changemen, the Flashmen and the Maskmen, Basco spares the Gokaigers' lives so they can continue with their quest and make his job of getting the Greatest Treasure in the Universe easier.[31]

One Power

32 "One Power"
"Chikara o Hitotsu ni" (力を一つに)
Kento Shimoyama October 2, 2011 (2011-10-02)
Following the Gokaigers' defeat at the hands of Basco, Warz Gill permits Damarasu to send down Action Commander Shieldon to eliminate the pirates while they are weakened. As Ahim tends to Gai's broken arm aboard the Gokai Galleon, Captain Marvelous, Joe, and Luka work on refining their fighting skills and Doc attempts to develop a new weapon to help his shipmates. Later, on his way from picking up some take-out food, Doc meets a struggling teenage boy practicing his soccer skills so he can be put on the team for their next game. Inspired by the boy's determination, Doc wishes the boy good luck before heading back to the ship to continue his engineering work. The next day, Gokai Green tests out his modified Gokai Gun, which has an additional Gokai Cylinder built onto it, when he is ambushed by Shieldon and his troops. The other four Gokaigers arrive on the scene to dispatch the Gormin, but Shieldon proves himself to be invincible by using his Thick Face Shield to deflect their Gokai Slash attacks, along with the finishing attacks of J.A.K.Q.'s Big Bomber and the Dynamen's New Super Dynamite. Gokai Green's modified Gokai Gun also proves to be ineffective against the shield as its Gokai Cylinders explode from the strain, forcing the Gokaigers to use the Kakuranger Keys to escape. Later, depressed by his failed project, Doc returns to the park to find the boy also depressed at the fact that he did not make the starting lineup. While restoring the boy's confidence and practicing with him, Doc is again inspired when boy mentions that teamwork is important for a team to win. Returning to the Gokai Galleon, Doc asks his shipmates for their weapons to create a better weapon. Captain Marvelous and the others give Doc their gear so he can get to work despite his warning that there is a risk that they could be attacked by the Zangyack Empire while unarmed. As feared, Shieldon and his Zugormin attack the Gokai Galleon the next day. While four of the main Gokaigers fend off the attackers, Doc tries to quickly finish the weapon before Gai points out that the weapon's frame resembles the Ohré Bazooka. With that realization, and remembering Goro's parting words to them of using his team's power for such a crisis, Doc uses the Ohranger Keys to infuse the Ohrangers' Great Power into his weapon. Gokai Green enters the battle with the newly completed weapon, christened the Gokai Galleon Buster, and the Gokaigers vaporize Shieldon with its Rising Strike attack. Shieldon is revived by the growth beam, prompting the Gokaigers to form Hurricane Gokaioh and fight the shieldless Action Commander. Despite his injury, Gokai Silver joins in the fight with Goujyujin before Hurricane Gokaioh destroys Shieldon. Later, the boy tells Doc that despite not making the starting eleven, he will continue to work hard to make the field next time. The rest of the crew notice that Doc is noticeably more confident than usual, as he has accomplished what he set out to do this time. Captain Marvelous, however, reminds Doc to re-attach the Gokai Cylinders back into their other weapons.[32]

It's a Hero!!

33 "It's a Hero!!!"
"Hīrō daaa!!" (ヒーローだァァッ!!)
Daisuke Ishibashi October 9, 2011 (2011-10-09)
Fully recovered from his injuries, Gai intends to make up for lost time starting with cleaning the interior of the Gokai Galleon. While shopping for groceries, Gai, Luka, and Doc encounter Action Commander Zakyura who is under orders to eat up Earth's food supply. They transform to fight him, but he is too much for the three Gokaigers. Once the others arrive, all six Gokaigers transform into the Gaorangers to fight with Zakyura. But Gokai Silver's excitement of being back in action leaves him open to Zakyura's vomit counterattack, canceling his transformation and making him drop his Gokai Cellular. Zakyura then sucks back the food, eating the Gokai Cellular as well, before retreating. Feeling depressed over the loss of his transformation device and the fact that the Gokai Galleon cannot trace its location, Gai leaves to have some time to himself. While walking around town, he bumps into Ryo, the former leader of the Dairangers and now an owner of a Chinese restaurant. At the restaurant, Ryo tries to cheer Gai up with a serving of his specialty gyōza, but Gai tells him he can no longer consider himself a hero without his Gokai Cellular. The next day, the rest of the Gokai Galleon crew scramble to capture Zakyura when he resumes his mission, but he uses his teleportation ability to evade the pirates. When Gai learns of the events while meeting up with Ryo with a bazaar, he expresses his frustration as Ryo tells him that he has forgotten something important to him. But before Ryo can explain more, Zakyura and his troops invade the bazaar. Though he can not transform, Ryo fights off the Gormin as Gai realizes that he became a hero to protect people. The two manage to dispatch most of the Gormin, but are no match for the three Zugormin and Zakyura. The five Gokaigers arrive on the scene, using the Gekirangers' Geki Infusion attack to force Zakyura to cough up everything he has consumed, including the Gokai Cellular. Gai retrieves it and joins the Gokaigers as they change into the Dairangers and finish off the Gormin. Gokai Silver assumes Gold Mode to destroy the Zugormin and the Gokaigers use the Gokai Galleon Buster on Zakyura. When Zakyura and the Zugormin are revived and grown, Gokaioh and Goujyujin are summoned to battle them, but are overwhelmed. At Ryo's insistence, the Gokaigers use the Great Power of the Dairangers to execute the Gokai Goujyu Qi Power Bomber on the Zugormin. Gokaioh then summons Fuuraimaru to form Hurricane Gokaioh and execute the Gokai Fuurai Attack on Zakyura, who tries to eat the attack before it destroys him from the inside. Back at the bazaar, Ryo gives the crew a hearty serving of his gyōza while he tells Gai to never to forget the most important part of being a hero. The short lecture, however, causes Gai to miss out on the gyōza meal.[33]

A Dream Come True

34 "A Dream Come True"
"Yume o Kanaete" (夢を叶えて)
Naruhisa Arakawa October 16, 2011 (2011-10-16)
Luka and Doc are shopping together when a group of Gormin crosses their path while one of their Zugormin leaders blasts an acquired coin out of Luka's hand. She is about to attack them when a stranger appears and bribes the Zugormin to walk off so he can talk to Luka in peace. He introduces himself as Cain, an old friend of Luka's and claims he has accumulated a large fortune and now the time has come for them to make her dream come true. However, the entire event was staged as "Cain" is actually Action Commander Vannine, using his power to assume Luka's form while keeping her captive along with the real Cain. Arriving to the Gokai Galleon as the crew were talking if Luka would accept Cain's proposal and leave them, "Luka" arrives on the ship during dinner. Once the crew is asleep, Vannine makes his move in setting up explosive charges before leaving ship to detonate them. Meanwhile, Luka and Cain reminisce about how the former made a promise to collect enough money enough to buy an entire planet for them and the homeless children across the galaxy who have been displaced by the Zangyack Empire to live on. Luka explains to Cain that when she joined the Gokai Galleon's crew, her dream has become even bigger than before as she sees something like Greatest Treasure of the Universe, if as valuable as legends say, would allow her to buy an entire universe with it. Soon after, Vannine returns to announce that he blew the Gokai Galleon up and now intends to kill Luka off. But just as he is about to dispose of Luka, the other Gokaigers arrive to rescue her. They explain that they easily discovered that Vannine was an imposter and after deactivating the bombs he planted, had Fuuraimaru use his illusion technique to stage their ship's explosion to deceive him and follow him to Luka. Enraged that he was tricked as Luka is freed, the Gokaigers fight Vannine. During the fight, as the Gormin hold the others off, Gokai Yellow fights Vannine as the Action Commander assumes her form. After Vannine takes on Gokai Silver's form, the Gokaigers use the Megaranger Keys to expose the imposter before they use the Gokai Galleon Buster to finish him off. After Vannine is enlarged, Gokaioh and Goujyujin have a hard time fighting the Action Commander when he assumes the form of a building to sneak attack them. However, catching on with their heat sensors, Goujyujin cripples Vannine before Hurricane Gokaioh destroys him with the Shushutto Shuriken Chain. Soon after, still wanting to make her dream a reality, Cain bids farewell to Luka while claiming that the happiness she obtained while staying with her fellow pirates is a treasure no money could buy.[34]

The Other Dimension

35 "The Other Dimension"
"Jigen no Mukō" (次元ノムコウ)
Junko Kōmura October 23, 2011 (2011-10-23)
The Gokai Galleon crew stumbles on a dimensional hole that has opened in the sky and a robot who falls from it. After it introduces himself as Bomper, the Go-ongers' support robot, the crew takes him to meet the former Go-on Red Sōsuke Esumi who reveals that the Gunman World is being terrorized by Disruption Officer Chirakashizky, a surviving member of the Gaiark Clan, and that Engines Speedor, Bus-on, and Bearrv have already tried to stop him, but were defeated instead. Sōsuke asks the Gokaigers to help out, but Captain Marvelous refuses to do so, claiming that they would not get anything from it, particularly after they have already received the Go-ongers' Great Power. Sōsuke decides to go by himself, but after his various failed attempts to reach the hole, Captain Marvelous and the others appear, and he says that he will give Sōsuke a ride if he wants. The group travels to the Gunman World, where they save several of its denizens from a group of Ugatz. They eventually catch up with Speedor, Bus-on, and Bearrv, and learn that Speedor and Bearrv have married, and that they have a son: Engine Machalcon. However, Machalcon is a reckless troublemaker who spends his time racing around in the Machine World rather than helping out his parents. Their reunion is cut short by Chirakashizky who challenges the Gokaigers to a duel. Captain Marvelous accepts the duel, and despite resorting to dirty tricks, Chirakashizky is defeated by the Gokaigers. During their battle with the enlarged Chirakashizky, the Gokaigers try to use the Great Power of the Go-ongers, but they are surprised when nothing happens. Despite the difference in power, they manage to take Chirakashizky with their own power. While the pirates confront Sōsuke about the reason why the Great Power is not working, they are contacted by Pollution President Babatcheed, the new leader of Gaiark, who reveals that he merely used Chirakashizky to lure the Gokaigers into the Gunman World, and by sealing the wall between dimensions, the pirates are now unable to return to the Human World, leaving the way open for the Gaiark Clan to conquer it.[35]

Pirate Partners

36 "Pirate Partners"
"Aibō Kaizoku" (相棒カイゾク)
Junko Kōmura October 30, 2011 (2011-10-30)
After trapping the Gokaigers and Sōsuke in Gunman World, Babatcheed proceeds to begin his attack on the Human World. However, this attracts the Zangyack's attention with Warz coming to Earth with Insarn and Barizorg in what becomes an all-out fight among the villains over who has the greater right to conquer the planet. Back in Gunman World, after the Engines are unable to break the Isolation Barrier around the Human World in their shrunken state, the Gokai Galleon crew set off for Machine World to ask Engine Machalcon, Speedor and Bearrv's son, for his assistance. At first, he is unwilling to help despite his parents' pleas. When Sōsuke tries to convince the Engine in his own annoying way, an annoyed Machalcon fires at the Gokai Galleon while saying that he will help if they can catch him. The Gokaigers accept his challenge as they use their Gokai Machines to pursue the Engine in his tracks. As Gokai Red points out that the Engine is really running away from his troubles, he has the Gokai Galleon, the Gokai Jet, and the Gokai Racer combine onto Machalcon to slow him down. Finally, admitting that his rebellious attitude is because he has been unable to find anything to fight for, and being jealous of his parents heroism, Machalcon is accepted as a Gokai Galleon crew member as he uses his power to shatter the Isolation Barrier. The pirates leave, leaving Bomper and the Engines behind while promising to come back for Machalcon after handling things on Earth. Once back in the Human World in the middle of the villains' battle, the Gokaigers take on both evil groups as Warz Gill falls back so the pirates and the Gaiark can kill each other. Using the Go-onger Keys, the Gokaigers defeat the Gaiark grunts before overwhelming Babatcheed and then using the Gokai Galleon Buster to defeat him. After activating his Industrial Revolution enlargement sequence, Babatcheed battles Gokaioh and Goujyujin before Sōsuke tells the Gokaigers to use his team's Great Power since they have formed a partnership with Machalcon. Summoned into the Human World, Machalcon combines with Gokaioh to form Go-on Gokaioh who scraps Babatcheed. Soon after, as Machalcon returns to Machine World with the promise to come to their aid when needed, Sōsuke is impressed with the Gokai Galleon crew's ability to befriend the previously rebellious Engine and asks if can join their crew, as well.[36]

The Strongest War-Machine

37 "The Strongest War-Machine"
"Saikyō no Kessenki" (最強の決戦機)
Kento Shimoyama November 6, 2011 (2011-11-06)
After watching the Gokaigers defeat another wave of Zugormin with Go-on Gokaioh and Goujyujin, Warz Gill throws his usual temper tantrum over the loss until Insarn tells him of the unexpected visit from two members of the Imperial Guard, the Dogomin. Meeting with the Dogomin, Warz learns that they have brought with them the Great Warz robot, the Zangyack Empire's greatest war machine, for him to get the invasion back on track. Damarasu protests when Warz insists that he himself will personally pilot the Great Warz and the prince reveals to him that he had overheard Damarasu's conversation with his father the Emperor, who appointed him as second in command for the Earth Invasion Force to ensure its success due to the lack of confidence in his son's ineptitude as a leader. Having decided to make use of this opportunity to prove himself to his father and everyone else that he can conquer Earth on his own, Warz sends Barizorg in advance to track down the space pirates. On the Gokai Galleon, after the crew are caught off guard by Machalcon's question of what their own Great Power is, the crew frets over the Zangyack Empire constantly getting in their way. Gai points out that they are protecting Earth so fighting the Zangyack and any other villains' attacks are expected. This causes Captain Marvelous to remember something Aka Red told him as he shrugs off Gai's suggestion of a direct confrontation. Later, Joe explains to Gai that fighting the Zangyack Empire directly sounds more like a suicide mission than their usual indirect confrontations. Though presented with this new information, Gai still intends to fight the Zangyack Empire head on. Suddenly, the ship gets hit by a group of Gormin led by Barizorg as the Gokai Galleon crew come down to face them. Joe decides to face Barizorg by himself and the rest of the team agrees to cover for him. While the Zugormin and Gormin are easily wiped out by the pirates, the Dogomin arrive and prove themselves as tougher opponents and the team makes use of some of the extra warrior Ranger Keys to drive them off. Barizorg and Gokai Blue's match reaches a stalemate when Warz Gill arrives to give the Gokaigers a final chance to kneel before him. When they refuse, Warz has Insarn deploy the Great Warz to Earth so he can pilot it. Gokaioh and Goujyujin are formed to face the Great Warz, which knocks Machalcon back into Machine World before overpowering the Gokaigers' Goujyu Gokaioh formation. Sparked by his memories of Aka Red's death, Captain Marvelous refuses to let his crew die as he forcibly ejects them to safety. The Gokai Galleon crew are forced to witness Goujyu Gokaioh being defeated with their captain going down with the Gokai Galleon.[37]

The Power to Seize Dreams

38 "The Power to Seize Dreams"
"Yume o Tsukamu Chikara" (夢を掴む力)
Kento Shimoyama November 13, 2011 (2011-11-13)
After successfully defeating Goujyu Gokaioh, an excited Warz Gill triumphantly returns to the Gigant Horse while leaving Barizorg to hunt down the remaining Gokaigers. On Earth, after finding Doc, Luka, and Ahim, Gai admits that he feels Captain Marvelous's sacrifice to save them is not right. The three admit they too feel betrayed by their captain's action and intend to give him a piece of their minds. As the rest of the Gokai Galleon crew evade the Gormin while making their way to the Gokai Galleon, Joe's own dash to the ship is halted by Barizorg who more engages him in a duel. Though outmatched, Joe manages to effectively kill the cyborg. Soon after, Sid's spirit appears before Joe and tells him to rejoin his shipmates to continue reaching for their dreams together. After news of Barizorg's death reaches him, a furious Warz Gill sorties out in the Great Warz to vengefully obliterate the Gokaigers, despite Damarasu's pleas. As this all occurs, after having a dream of Aka Red reminding him what it means to be a pirate, Captain Marvelous wakes up and finds Navi at his side. After taking Navi's advice to fight the Zangyack to consideration, Captain Marvelous uses the Gokai Galleon to blast his reunited crew's pursuers. When they reunite, he apologizes for his earlier action before they all transform into the Gokaigers to take on the Zangyack forces. After defeating the Dogomin with a Rising Strike/Gokai Legendream combo, the Gokaigers form Gokaioh and Goujyujin when the Great Warz returns to Earth. Though they overpowered in every way, with Machalcon being their last Great Power left to fight with, the Gokaigers' intent to see their dream through causes the Gokaiger Keys to glow. Realizing that they have found their own Great Power, the Gokaigers have Gokaioh and Goujyujin create the Kanzen Soul and combine with Machalcon to form Kanzen Gokaioh. With their new power, the Gokaigers have Kanzen Gokaioh destroy the Great Warz, with Warz Gill caught in the resulting explosion. Later, as the Gokai Galleon crew accept their official declaration as the thirty-fifth Super Sentai, a mournful Damarasu recovers Warz Gill's body from the Great Warz wreckage as he watches the Gokai Galleon sail off into the night with utter hatred towards it and its crew.[38]

Why? We're High School Students

39 "Why? We're High School Students"
"Dōshite? Oretachi Kōkōsei" (どうして?俺たち高校生)
Junko Kōmura November 20, 2011 (2011-11-20)
Following the death of Warz Gill at the hands of the Gokaigers, the Zangyack have increased the bounties of the space pirates — with Captain Marvelous' head set to an "Unlimited Reward" which means that anyone can name their own price. Aboard the Gokai Galleon, Navi's latest navigation fortune involves Moroboshi High School, which Gai immediately identifies as the school where the Megarangers attended. Though Gai explains that the Megarangers have long graduated from Moroboshi High, the Gokai Galleon crew decides to investigate nonetheless. Upon arriving at the high school, the crew meets Kenta Date, the former Mega Red who is now a teacher at the school. Overhearing them talking about school, Kenta tells the Gokai Galleon crew that in order to obtain his team's Great Power, they must become students for the day. Though only Ahim and Gai look forward to this venture, the others begin to open up and enjoy high school life while developing a connection with the students who are moving toward their dreams. Having been watching them from afar, Kenta sees Sally on the campus and follows the monkey into the forest. Gai, suspecting something is up, follows him. Kenta searches for Sally when he is confronted by Basco who has come to steal the Great Power of the Megarangers. Gai shows up to protect Kenta just as Basco reveals that he has planted multiple time bombs in Moroboshi High which will go off in 10 minutes unless Kenta surrenders the Great Power to him. Having overheard the conversation over the Gokai Cellular, Captain Marvelous tells Kenta not give in to the privateer's demands. While Gokai Silver changes into Magi Shine to protect Kenta from Sally, the rest of the Gokaigers are aided by Kenta's Digiken students in locating the bombs all over the school with the other students' help. However, Basco defeats Gokai Silver before he proceeds to take the Great Power from Kenta. Gokai Silver uses the Gosei Knight Key to use a Defense Gosei Card against the attack before the other Gokaigers arrive on the scene, revealing that they used the Timeranger Keys to freeze-compress the bombs. As Kenta returns to the school, the Gokaigers change into the Megarangers. Gokai Red and Silver take on Basco, while the others fight Sally. When the Gokaigers attempt to destroy the damaged Sally, Basco blocks the Gokai Supernova and Slash attack before unleashing the Pseudo-Lifeforms Woodroid Moririn and Soilroid Dororin from the space monkey's body and carrying his pet to safety. After using Magi Gokaioh and Fuuraimaru to weaken Dororin and Moririn, they form Kanzen Gokaioh to destroy the two Pseudo-Lifeforms. As the day comes to an end, Kenta fulfills his end of the deal by giving the Great Power of the Megarangers to the Gokai Galleon crew as their "diplomas". The pirates then take their leave as Gai tries to talk them into sticking around for dinner with Kenta.[39]

The Future Is In the Past

40 "The Future Is In the Past"
"Mirai wa Kako ni" (未来は過去に)
Junko Kōmura November 27, 2011 (2011-11-27)
As the Gokaigers have lunch, Goujyu Drill makes an unexpected appearance. After investigating his mecha's bridge, Gai finds a Time Emblem containing a video message from Domon, the Timerangers' Time Yellow. He tells the Gokaigers to travel back in time to October 2, 2010, to protect the currently destroyed Negakure Temple as it will lead them to another Great Power. He also warns them not to interact with anyone in the past as it might cause some complications. They accept Domon's request, using the Time Yellow Key to take Goujyu Drill into the past. Arriving to the temple, the Gokai Galleon crew find a young boy about to be attacked by the Strengthened Nanashi Company. The group assumes they are responsible for the future destruction of the temple with Gai protecting the boy as the rest transform and chase after the Strengthened Nanashi when they are called for. Eventually, the Gokaigers spot the Goseigers and Shinkengers during their battle with Buredoran of Chimatsuri's army of Nanashi and Bibis. They then notice Shitari of the Bones gathering the Strengthened Nanashi, planning to ambush the two Super Sentai, deciding to return the favor to the teams for giving them their Great Powers in the future by destroying him and his forces. Back at the temple, Gai tries to take the boy home before learning the boy ran away from home due to his mother being a journalist who moves them around before the boy can make friends. Gai tells the boy that he was like him when he was little, always moving due to his own parents, but he always made friends in each place and despite knowing he might move, he would always have friends everywhere. He encourages the boy to make do with his situation and look forward to tomorrow. By then, the Matroid Zan-KT0 of the Shot arrives to destroy the temple under orders from Metal-A of the Agent to acquire the large energy presence detected inside. Gokai Silver fights Zan-KT0 before the other Gokaigers show up to deal with their true target by weakening him with the Timeranger Keys before defeating him with the Gokai Galleon Buster and the Gokai Legendream. However, Metal-A notices this and uses the newly gained Bibi Bugs to enlarge Zan-KT0 to gather data on the Gokaigers. However, after Zan-KT0 is destroyed by Goujyujin, Metal-A decides to leave as improvement on the Zan-KT schematics is more vital for the Matrintis Empire to eliminate the Goseigers. The Gokaigers meet with the boy's mother and the boy, whose name is revealed to be Mirai Moriyama, thanks Gai for his words as the crew take a group picture of the temple with Mirai and his mother. As the Gokaigers return to the present, they realize they never received the hint to the Great Power which appears to be related to a strange bottle that is located inside the temple. In the future, Domon checks inside Goujyu Drill to finds his Time Emblem, along with a letter from Gai holding the group photo. Though disappointed that they interacted with the past, Domon is shocked when he recognizes the woman as his girlfriend, Honami Moriyama, and is moved to tears when he realizes Mirai is the son he never knew of.[40]

Something I Don't Want to Lose

41 "Something I Don't Want to Lose"
"Nakushitakunai Mono" (なくしたくないもの)
Naruhisa Arakawa December 4, 2011 (2011-12-04)
On the Gigant Horse, wondering what their next course should be, Damarasu and Insarn receive an unexpected visit from the Zangyack Imperial Fleet as the Zangyack Emperor Akudos Gill arrives to the bridge. As news of his son's death has reached him, Akudos has decided to assume command while having his Imperial Guards take Damarasu to the brig for failing in his mission as he then sends the Imperial Guard Zatsurigu to avenge his son. On Earth, while grocery shopping with Gai and Joe, Ahim sees Zatsurigu and attacks him without warning. Astonished, the two quickly attempt to join the fight before all three are defeated and Zatsurigu leaves to take a drink. Later on the Gokai Galleon, Joe and Gai tell what happened as Doc advises they go into hiding. This notion causes Ahim to remember destruction of her home planet Famille and her parents' deaths at the hands of Zatsurigu. Knowing what she must do, and grateful for what the Gokaigers have done for her, Ahim decides to leave the Gokai Galleon in the dead of night to avenge her parents' death. However, the others expect that Ahim would leave and explain to her that she is going out on what is effectively a suicide mission. As she breaks down in tears, Captain Marvelous reminds Ahim of when she joined the Gokai Galleon crew and how she wished to give hope to the other survivors of Famille and other destroyed worlds while telling her that they will be there for her. The next day, the Gokaigers face Zatsurigu with Gokai Pink leading the attack as the Imperial Guard overpowers them with his telekinetic powers. Changing plans once everyone realizes Zatsurigu's method of attack, the others hold him off so Gokai Pink can take the Imperial Guard's eye out to disable his powers. From there, Gokai Pink uses the Go-on Wings Ranger Keys with Gokai Silver followed by the Goraiger Keys with Gokai Green, before transforming into Gosei Pink alongside Gokai Yellow as Gosei Yellow, Deka Swan with Gokai Blue becoming Deka Master, and finally Princess Shinken Red with Gokai Red as Shinken Red. She then uses the Gokai Galleon Buster (using Pink Charge instead of the usual Red Charge) to finish Zatsurigu off. Zatsurigu is then enlarged as Goujyujin holds him off so Gokaioh can summon Machalcon and form Kanzen Gokaioh to destroy the Imperial Guard. Later, the crew takes a breather as Ahim thanks them for helping her avenge her planet's destruction while a bit confused when Captain Marvelous's reasons for helping are brought up. Back on the Gigant Horse, Damarasu sits in the brig pondering his next move.[41]

The Strongest Man in the Universe

42 "The Strongest Man in the Universe"
"Uchū Saikyō no Otoko" (宇宙最強の男)
Naruhisa Arakawa December 11, 2011 (2011-12-11)
After watching his forces defeated by the Gokaigers, Akudos agrees to Insarn's pleas of giving Damarasu another chance. Upon hearing this, Damarasu reveals he could have escaped at any time and sets off to take on the pirates. First he confronts Basco Ta Jolokia to his cause, reminding him he didn't kill the Gokaigers when he had the chance. After a brief fight where Damaras easily bests Basco, the privateer agrees so his life will be spared. Aboard the Gokai Galleon, the crew is shocked to find Doc in a magazine, labeled as a hero who was said to have died defeating an evil planet-eating dragon. Doc apologizes for lying that he was a refugee from a Zangyack planet while admitting that he has no memory of doing such a thing. In hopes of regaining his memory, Doc dines at a fancy restaurant with Luka, Gai, and Ahim where the story of how he joined the Gokai Galleon crew is revealed. Soon after, on their way to find dessert, the pirates are attacked by Damarasu as Captain Marvelous and Joe arrive, the latter recognizing their foe. Transforming to fight him, the Gokaigers find themselves outmatched as Damarasu lives up to his reputation as the Zangyack Empire's greatest warrior. They attempt to fall back, but Basco and Sally block their only escape route. As the others are taken out by Basco and Sally, Gokai Red is defeated by Damarasu. Basco then incinerates the others as Doc is knocked aside with Damarasu taking Captain Marvelous to have him executed, while Basco takes his Mobilate and Ranger Key. Left alone, Doc is horrified that his shipmates have apparently been killed and his captain is in mortal danger.[42]

The Legendary Hero

43 "The Legendary Hero"
"Densetsu no Yūsha ni" (伝説の勇者に)
Naruhisa Arakawa December 18, 2011 (2011-12-18)
Captain Marvelous is delivered to Akudos Gill aboard the Gigant Horse and although both Damarasu and Dairando are ready to kill him there and then Gill decides that Marvelous should be given a public execution on Earth. On the Gokai Galleon, Doc is distraught over the loss of his friends and admits to Navi that he made up the magazine article that portrayed him as a hero as a joke. As he remembers when Captain Marvelous first gave him his Mobilate, a message from Damarasu comes over the monitor announcing Marvelous's execution and the later subjugation of Earth. Basco then turns up with Sally in order to watch, and reveals to Marvelous that he has acquired the Great Powers of Sun Vulcan and the Fiveman (bringing his total up to five) as well as intending to steal the twenty-eight that the Gokaigers have collected after Marvelous's death. Doc is ready to give up claiming he can't defeat Damarasu although he wants to, and Navi reminds him of when he first came aboard and learnt how to fight in his own way and how the team always covered for each other. With that, Doc is inspired and arrives on Earth just before Marvelous is executed. While Doc holds off the Gormin, Navi arrives and frees Marvelous which is noticed by Basco who does nothing to stop her. After Marvelous is freed, Doc admits he hasn't thought any further ahead when suddenly Joe, Luka, Ahim and Gai turn up and reveal they were saved from Basco's attack by Sally. Damarasu realises he's been betrayed too late as he is literally stabbed in the back by Basco. After taunting Damarasu that he should not have underestimated Doc, he leaves assuring the Gokaigers he only helped them so they can collect the last two Great Powers. After changing, the Gokaigers defeat the Gormin with an all-green Gokai Change (consisting of Midorenger, Denzi Green, Green Flash, Shishi Ranger, Shurikenger Fire Mode, and Shinken Green) before defeating Damarasu with the Gokai Galleon Buster led by Doc. He is then enlarged by Insarn, and proves more than a match for Gokaioh and Goujyujin however Doc assures everyone they can win. Summoning Magi Dragon, Pat Striker, Gao Lion, Fuuraimaru and Machalcon, the Gokaigers form Kanzen Gokaioh and hit Damarasu with the Gokai Kanzen Super Burst which finally destroys him. Aboard the Gokai Galleon, the Gokaigers enjoy dinner as Doc apologizes for his joke. However the others assure him he truly is a hero before asking for seconds.[43]

A Lovely Christmas Eve

44 "A Lovely Christmas Eve"
"Suteki na Seiya" (素敵な聖夜)
Junko Kōmura December 25, 2011 (2011-12-25)
On the Gigant Horse, Akudos Gill decides to hold the invasion back until the problem with the pirates is solved, and Dairando decides to bring Action Commander Bibabu to Earth. After Damarasu's demise, Doc's bounty is increased and Navi gets a small bounty on his head, as well, but the rest of the team is still wondering about the true intentions of Basco, who was put back on the wanted list for helping them against the Zangyack. Gai chimes in to remind them that Christmas is coming and he takes Luka to help him with the preparations. Gai and Luka stumble on a Santa Claus, accompanied by a panda, who refuses to give any presents to her, much to her dismay, and they find sister and brother Saya and Seiji Kinoshita who are decorating a Christmas tree in the park with for group of children. Luka and Gai help out until Dairando and Bibabu appear. Bibabu uses his magic wand to turn their targets into dolls. During the fight, both Seiji and Gai are turned into dolls, just as the other Gokaigers appear to fight Bibabu. While as the Kakurangers, they attempt to take Bibabu's wand and use a spell to turn everyone back to normal, but Dairando joining the fray foils their plans. Later, Luka consoles Saya who is worried about her little brother, and she promises that she will save him as she comes up with her own plan. She goes after Bibabu on her own, but her attempt appears to fail when Bibabu turns her into a doll. However, this is revealed to only be a distraction to allow Saya to use Luka's Mobilate and Ranger Key to transform into Gokai Yellow, retrieve the wand and turn everyone back to normal. With the team gathered, and Luka given her Mobilate back, the Gokaigers transform into an all Yellow team, consisting of Tiger Ranger, Kirin Ranger, Gao Yellow, Hurricane Yellow, Bouken Yellow, and Gosei Yellow to fight Dairando and Bibabu's Dogomin before the main team transforms into the Battle Fever J team, and Gokai Silver manages to combine Gokai Red and Gokai Green's Ranger Keys to transform into Gokai Christmas, to take on Dairando and Bibabu, ultimately destroying Bibabu and leading to Dairando's retreat. Insarn makes Bibabu and the two Dogomin grow to giant size, leading the Gokaigers to form Gokaioh and Goujyu Rex to fight them. After using Magi Dragon, Gao Lion, and Fuuraimaru against Bibabu, the group forms Kanzen Gokaioh to defeat Bibabu once and for all. Later, the Gokai Galleon crew joins in the park's Christmas celebration with Luka using the powers of Magi Mother to make it snow. Unbeknownst to them, the Santa Claus from earlier was actually the former Battle Kenya, Shiro Akebono, and he has been watching them the whole time to see if they were worthy. When the Gokaigers return to the Gokai Galleon after the Christmas party, Navi tells them the treasure chest has started glowing. Opening it, they find that they have been granted Battle Fever's Great Power. Without knowing how they earned it, the Gokaigers decide it was a gift from Santa.[44]

Confused Ninja

45 "Confused Ninja"
"Awatenbō Ninja" (慌てん坊忍者)
Junko Kōmura January 8, 2012 (2012-01-08)
On the Gokai Galleon, the crew review their twenty-eight powers they obtained and the five that Basco has taken. When they realize one of the Great Powers is missing, Gai reveals that the only one yet to be found is that of the Ninja Sentai Kakuranger team. With it being his last fortune, Navi's only clue is saying "a ninja is playing hide and seek", which makes no sense to the Gokaigers. When Ahim mentions praying at a shrine to better their chances, the crew remembers their meeting with Domon and the mission he gave them to save the Negakure Shrine, which they realize has the same characters as "kakure". Upon returning to the shrine, the crew searches the grounds while Captain Marvelous enters the shrine and finds a strange pot that seems to be speaking and asking to be freed. He takes it for his crew to examine when Ahim uses a mallet to break it open, releasing Ninjaman. Identifying himself as the Kakurangers' ally, Ninjaman proceeds to reveal how he was sealed in the pot, again, a decade ago. Having no idea what happened in the world while he was sealed, and worried why the Three God Generals did not release him once his sentence ended, Gai informs Ninjaman of the Legend War that happened in his absence and the sacrifice that the Kakurangers made along with the other Super Sentai teams. Ninjaman takes this hard as Ahim, Doc, and Gai advise Captain Marvelous, Joe, and Luka to be subtle in getting the Great Power from Ninjaman while cheering him up. During their attempt, Ninjaman learns of the second Zangyack Empire invasion occurring at the moment and how the Gokai Galleon crew are fighting them as the Gokaigers with the powers of the previous Super Sentai teams. After showing him how the Ranger Keys work, Ninjaman gets pumped up as Captain Marvelous tells him of the Greatest Treasure in the Universe and how they can obtain it by obtaining the Great Powers of the Super Sentai teams. As the sun sets, Ninjaman learns of Basco Ta Jolokia how he can steal Great Powers before the Gokaigers ask him to give the Kakurangers' Great Power to them so they can fulfill their dream. However, due to his history with humans, Ninjaman refuses but decides to stay on board and help fight the Zangyack Empire to see if he can trust the pirates completely. As Captain Marvelous despairs that the final keeper of the Greater Powers will be so difficult to please, Tsuruhime of the Kakurangers watches them from afar and is impressed that they have managed to find Ninjaman. She decides to let Ninjaman guide the Gokaigers on their way before she leaps off into the rising moon in the horizon.[45]

Hero Eligibility

46 "Hero Eligibility"
"Hīrō Gōkaku" (ヒーロー合格)
Junko Kōmura January 15, 2012 (2012-01-15)
After watching the Gokai Galleon crew for over a week, Ninjaman decides to train the pirates in the basics of being a Super Sentai team. With only Doc, Ahim, and Gai going through with it, Ninjaman deems only them worthy of the Kakurangers' Great Power before sensing a strange presence. He and the others discover Action Commander Juju as he summons two Zugormin to fight them before Gokai Red, Gokai Blue, and Gokai Yellow arrive. After firing darts into Gokai Green and Gokai Silver, Juju is forced to retreat after failing to hit Gokai Red. Soon after, while having lunch, Doc and Gai suddenly start acting crazy and they go out to fight. Ahim follows them as Ninjaman follows in a huff after seeing Captain Marvelous and the others show no concern. Ahim and Ninjaman find many other people acting crazy before finding Doc and Gai fighting each other before assuming their Gokaiger forms as they attempt to stop them. But in a gambit, Ahim ends up taking the two's blows as she manages to snap Gokai Green and Gokai Silver out of their madness. By that time, having Navi analyze his Gokai Saber for Juju's mind-altering dart, Gokai Red and the others find the Action Commander's base and they attempt to destroy the crystal ball he is using to control people. However, Juju swallows the crystal ball to ensure that his spell over the humans continues. Contacted by Navi, the others arrive to their shipmates' aid against Juju as they use the Sun Vulcan Keys to defeat some of the Gormin. After apologizing for underestimating them, Ninjaman joins the Gokaigers as they use the Kakuranger Keys to fight Juju and the Gormin while Gokai Silver assumes Gold Mode to defeat the Zugormin. After being hit by the Gokai Galleon Buster, ensuring his spell is broken, Insarn enlarges Juju as Gokaioh and Goujyujin are formed to fight him. However, Juju overpowers them before the Kakuranger Keys emerge as Ninjaman tells them to use his team's Great Power: which turns out to be himself. Ninjaman battles Juju before Kanzen Gokaioh is formed to deliver the final blow. Later, after deciding to find the Three God Generals, Ninjaman summons his cloud to take his leave until the Gokaigers need him once more. Knowing that they need the five Great Powers in his possession, the Gokai Galleon crew know that they must fight Basco next to achieve their goal to get the Greatest Treasure in the Universe. Watching from afar, Basco awaits their challenge.[46]

The Results of Treason

47 "The Results of Treason"
"Uragiri no Hate" (裏切りの果て)
Naruhisa Arakawa January 22, 2012 (2012-01-22)
The time has come for the Gokaigers to confront Basco Ta Jolokia to claim the five remaining Great Powers in his possession. Instead of looking for his ship, Captain Marvelous contacts him with his Mobilate to arrange a meeting, but the former privateer launches a surprise attack on them instead using his two remaining Giant Pseudo-Lifeforms, Goldroid Geronpa and Sunroid Solar. Despite that Basco runs out of options after he witness both being defeated by Kanzen Gokaioh. When the pirates turn their attention to Basco, they are surprised to see him attacking his own crewmate Sally, before leaving him severely injured on the ground. Marvelous decides to let the monkey aboard the Gokai Galleon to be treated, but Joe warns him that this probably is part of another of Basco's schemes, and the Captain states that even as part of a plan, attacking a companion is an unforgivable act. Later that night, Sally has second thoughts regarding Basco's orders to take advantage of the situation and grab the pirates' treasure chest for him, but he ends up doing it anyway. Sally comes to Basco and almost hands the chest to him just to find that the Gokaigers were following him and after realizing that the chest he carries is actually empty, he asks him to rejoin him, but Marvelous and the others convince him to stay by their side after he was so cruel with him. Predicting Sally's change of heart, Basco detonates the bomb he planted on a necklace he gave to him, having the monkey instantly killed and Marvelous injured and unconscious. Angry at Basco for sacrificing his own companion, the other Gokaigers launch themselves against him using the Ranger Keys of the Dairangers, Hurricangers and Gingamen, but are also defeated by him. While scanning for the pirates' whereabouts, Navi is surprised by Basco who boards the Gokai Galleon branding the Gokaiger Ranger Keys and easily subdues the robot. While the Gokaigers still lie unconscious on the ground, Basco is seen sitting in Marvelous' chair laughing triumphantly after seizing their ship, 34 of the Great Powers, all of the Ranger Keys, and Navi.[47]

The Fated Showdown

48 "The Fated Showdown"
"Shukumei no Taiketsu" (宿命の対決)
Naruhisa Arakawa January 29, 2012 (2012-01-29)
In the rain, Joe wakes up his shipmates as they gather around the wounded Captain Marvelous, apologizing to them for both their Ranger Keys and the Gokai Galleon being taken by Basco. Taking Captain Marvelous to an abandoned church, the crew learns that Captain Marvelous never learned what the Greatest Treasure in the Universe is or cared what it is so long as it was something no pirate has ever obtained before. Luka gets a call from Navi who has been hiding in the bridge, giving them the location of the Gokai Galleon. Learning that Basco has placed the ship on lockdown, the crew assure their captain that they will take back the Gokai Galleon. Once inside, the pirates burst into one of the lower decks and split up to find Navi. However, the two groups end up facing their respective Ranger Keys which Basco animated to also track down the bird. They manage to defeat the Ranger Keys, allowing the pirates assume their Gokaiger forms to find Navi just as he is caught by Gokai Red and brought to Basco so he can proceed to use him. Admitting how impressed he is with their meddling and revealing that Navi himself is the door to the Greatest Treasure in the Universe, Basco sends the Gokaigers outside as he has the Gokai Red Key fight them. Upon defeating the Gokai Red Key with the powers of five red Sentai heroes, the Gokaigers use the Gokai Galleon Buster on Basco before he deflects the blast back at them and takes their Ranger Keys, again. Before he can kill them, despite his injuries, Captain Marvelous arrives to finish things with Basco. Though Basco tries to waver his resolve by revealing that Aka Red is from Earth and was gathering the Ranger Keys just to bring them to his home world to protect it, he sees Captain Marvelous will not budge from his dream nonetheless and accepts the challenge, acknowledging him as Captain Marvelous. They have a fierce battle until Gokai Red stabs their feet together to hold Basco still as the two exchange one final blow before being knocked out, but Basco realizes his shot was blocked by a piece of the bomb he put in Sally while he suffers a fatal wound and perishes soon after. Captain Marvelous reclaims his crew's Ranger Keys before collapsing out of exhaustion. Though the others are concerned, their captain points out that now with all of the Great Powers in their possession they can finally claim the Greatest Treasure in the Universe.[48]

The Greatest Treasure in the Universe

49 "The Greatest Treasure in the Universe"
"Uchū Saidai no Takara" (宇宙最大の宝)
Naruhisa Arakawa February 5, 2012 (2012-02-05)
Despite his body having still not fully recovered from his showdown with Basco, Captain Marvelous states the time has come for the Gokaigers to claim the Greatest Treasure of the Universe. However, Gai is worried about using the Great Powers that were stolen by Basco without the approval of their original owners. Suddenly, they are enveloped by a blinding light and before them appear Takayuki Hiba of Sun Vulcan, Sho Hayate of the Changemen, Dai of the Flashmen, Akira of the Maskmen, and Remi Hoshikawa of the Fivemen who reveal that they have watched over the Gokaigers during their travels and thus consider them worthy of their Great Powers. Meanwhile at the Gigant Horse, the Zangyack Empire's forces prepare a massive armada to conquer the Earth once and for all. Dairando reminds Insarn that once the invasion is complete, she would be punished for failing to protect Warz Gill, but Akudos Gill offers one final chance for her to redeem herself. Back on the Gokai Galleon, the Gokaigers are surprised to see Navi transforming into a door, remembering about Basco's comment about it actually being the door to the Greatest Treasure in the Universe, and they use the red heroes' keys of each of the other 34 Super Sentai teams to unlock it. Passing through the door, the pirates find themselves in a cave at the center of Earth that leads to an altar displaying the Greatest Treasure in the Universe. After putting their hands on the Treasure, they hear a voice that introduces itself as the Will of the Planet who communicates with them through it, informing them that they now hold the power to reshape the universe as they see fit. They think about using it to create a universe free of the Zangyack Empire, having their home worlds and the important people they lost returned to them. The Gokaigers return to the Gokai Galleon, but just as they are about to activate the Treasure, they are informed that by using its power, the power of the other Super Sentai teams will vanish as well and history will be rewritten as if they never existed. Still wondering about what they should do, they are attacked by Insarn piloting her own robot, the Great Insarn assisted by some enlarged Zugormin. Leaving Gai to deal with the Zugormin in Goujyujin, the rest of the team confront Insarn by themselves in Gokaioh. The Great Insarn manages to reflect Fuuraimaru's attacks with its defenses, but Gokaioh manages to break through them using the Gokai Power Bazooka attack with the Great Power of the Changemen and then damage it with the Gokai Aura Galaxy, performed with the Great Power of the Maskmen, before finishing it off with Shinken Gokaioh. Having her robot destroyed, Insarn launches herself at the Gokaigers with the help of some Dogomin sent by Dairando. But the Gokaigers use the Vul Eagle, Change Griffin, Green Flash, Blue Mask, and Five Yellow Ranger Keys to easily dispose of the Dogomin before finishing off Insarn with the Gokai Galleon Buster. Having disposed of the Zugormin, Gai joins the crew in their celebration before it is cut short when the Zangyack Empire, having sent Insarn just to buy some time for them, starts attacking with a fleet even larger than the one used during the Legend War, and the Emperor declares that he intends to destroy the space pirates and wipe out Earth's people.[49]

The Day of the Deciding Battle

50 "The Day of the Deciding Battle"
"Kessen no Hi" (決戦の日)
Naruhisa Arakawa February 12, 2012 (2012-02-12)
The Gokaigers board Gokaioh and Goujyujin to face the massive Zangyack Empire's invading fleet, but despite making full use of the Great Powers, both are destroyed, and Akudos Gill makes a statement to the people of Earth that by sunrise of the next day, the world's entire population will be annihilated by his forces. Hurt and scattered, the space pirates wander through the city helping those who are suffering from the invasion, including some familiar faces they met during their journey. While trying to save a woman covered by debris, Gai is assisted by Goushi, also known as Mammoth Ranger from the Zyurangers, who insists that the Gokaigers must use the Greatest Treasure in the Universe to protect the Earth, regardless of what would happen with the other Super Sentai heroes. Reunited at the wrecked Gokai Galleon with the others, Gai tries to convince them to make use of the Treasure to erase the Zangyack, but much to his surprise, they do not agree with him, claiming that using the Treasure would not only erase the Super Sentai from history, but also take from the people of Earth the hope and courage that they learned from them. However, they leave the final decision at his hands, and Gai ultimately destroys the Treasure with the Gokai Spear. The next day comes and Dairando marches forward with an army of Gormin, Zugormin, and Dogomin to start his extermination campaign, but is stopped by the Gokaigers who claim that they will face him not only as pirates, but as a Super Sentai protecting the Earth. After disposing of Dairando's reinforcements, the Gokaigers launch themselves against him.[50]

Good-Bye Space Pirates

Finale "Goodbye Space Pirates"
"Sayonara Uchū Kaizoku" (さよなら宇宙海賊)
Naruhisa Arakawa February 19, 2012 (2012-02-19)
Charging Dairando head on, the Gokaigers battle the Imperial Guardsman before the Imperial fleet arrives to commence the total destruction of the city. However, Navi arrives in the Free Joker to hold off the fleet as Captain Marvelous and Gai use it to make a beeline towards the Gigant Horse while Joe and the others deal with Dairando. Once inside, Gokai Red and Gokai Silver battle their way through the Gormin Soldiers before reaching the bridge where Akudos Gill admits how impressed he is that they have made it this far, but still intends to kill the pirates. As Gokai Silver holds Akudos Gill off, Gokai Red takes control of the Gigant Horse and uses its armaments to wipe out the entire Zangyack fleet as Gokai Blue and the others use the Deka Master, Zubaan, Princess Shinken Red, and Magi Mother Keys to weaken Dairando before destroying him. Enraged to see his fleet destroyed, Akudos Gill gets serious as he overpowers the two pirates before they damage the controls and stab him onto them before the Gigant Horse crashes. The others arrive to find Captain Marvelous and Gai all right before Akudos Gill appears, having survived the crash, still saying he will kill them all. However, with the power of the thirty-four Super Sentai teams behind them, the Gokai Galleon crew tells him that he is facing an army and has made a grave error attacking the Earth as they transform. Using various Ranger Key combinations, the Gokaigers overwhelm Akudos Gill before they become Hyper Shinken Red, Super Gosei Blue, Super Geki Yellow, Deka Green SWAT Mode, Legend Magi Pink, and Gokai Silver Gold Mode to weaken him further. However, no matter what attack they use, Akudos Gill refuses to die until the Gokaigers use the Gokai Galleon Buster's Rising Strike at contact shot range to finally destroy him. Months later, with the city being rebuilt and news of the Zangyack Empire dissolving, the crew resolve to find the second Greatest Treasure in the Universe. On their way to the repaired Gokai Galleon, the crew meets up with the class of students they met when they first arrived and they tell them not to thank them for saving the world. But before they depart for the Zangyack homeworld to find the second Greatest Treasure, Captain Marvelous discards the Ranger Keys and allows the previous Super Sentai teams to regain their powers. Among those regaining their powers is the first red hero Tsuyoshi Kaijo, becoming Akarenger once more as he hopes that the Gokaigers find what they are looking for.[51]

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  1. ^ This episode was originally scheduled to air on March 13, 2011, but TV Asahi postponed the airing of this and several other television programs to air news coverage on the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.
  2. ^ This episode was the final Super Sentai episode to air on analog television in most of Japan. Analog television broadcasts ceased at noon that day.


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