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The following is a list of mascots of J. League (Japan Professional Football League) teams:

J. League Division 1 (2010)
Team Mascot(s) Description
Vegalta Sendai Vegatta An anthropomorphic golden eagle.
Montedio Yamagata Montes, Diio Montes is the god of mountain. Diio is the god of war, mountain deer-shaped.
Kashima Antlers Shikao, Shikako, and Anton Three deer-like figures, derived of the city's name and shrine.
Urawa Red Diamonds Redia, Friendia, Schale, and Diarra Four green wolf-like figures. According to the club profile, Schale and Diarra are twins who were born on the day when the team won its first J. League championship.[1]
Omiya Ardija Ardy, Miiya They are squirrels couple.
F.C. Tokyo Tokyo Dorompa An anthropomorphic tanuki. According to the team profile, he was born on October 1, 1998 in Tokyo's Minato Ward and has a tendency to appear and disappear quickly.[2] He was officially introduced to the public in January 2009.[3]
Kawasaki Frontale Fron-ta A dolphin-like figure.[4]
Yokohama F. Marinos Marinos-kun and Marinosuke Two anthropomorphic seagulls. Marinosuke is Marinos's nephew.
Shonan Bellmare King Bell I The design based on Poseidon with his trident.
Albirex Niigata Albi-kun, his wife Swan-chan, their triplets; A-kun, Lu-chan, and Bi-kun A family of swans. Based on the name of the team; Albireo is a star from constellation Cygnus (the swan) and the Latin word Rex mean king. Albi-kun and Swan-chan both wear a hat resembling a crown. Only Bi-kun is a black swan.
Shimizu S-Pulse Pul, Co-Pul (small shaped sidekick) An anthropomorphic rabbit whose ears resemble wings; according to the team profile, they are designed to symbolize "S-Pulse players flying quickly in the field."[5] The mascot's name is based on the English word "pal."[5]
Júbilo Iwata Júbilo-kun and Júbi-chan A pair of Japanese paradise-flycatchers, official bird of Shizuoka Prefecture
Nagoya Grampus Grampus-kun, Grara, Grampus-kun Jr., and Grampako-chan Four orca-like figures. Grara has a red-and-white color scheme; Grampus-kun, Grampus-kun Jr., and Grampako-chan have a black-and-white color scheme. Of these four mascots, Grampus-kun is the primary character.[6]
Kyoto Sanga F.C. Pursa-kun and Kotono-chan A pair of phoenixes. Their main color is purple instead of red, based on the main color of the club.
Gamba Osaka Gamba Boy A boy who wears a white toga and blue cape, occasionally he also holds a lightning. Have a belt with letter P on its buckle.
Cerezo Osaka Robi and Madame Robina Two anthropomorphic wolves; they are came from Spain and Madame Robina is Robi's mother. Robi is the primary character.
Vissel Kobe Movi An anthropomorphic cow with an admiral's hat (before Crimson Group's takeover of Vissel Kobe, Movi had a Viking helmet).
Sanfrecce Hiroshima Sancce and Frecce A pair of anthropomorphic bears.
J. League Division 2 (2010)
Team Mascot(s) Description
Consadole Sapporo Dole-kun An anthropomorphic owl; this mascot is based on the largest owl species in Japan.[7][8]
Mito HollyHock Holly-kun An anthropomorphic little Chinese dragon.
Tochigi S.C. Tokky An anthropomorphic Japanese macaque
Thespa Kusatsu Yuuto The design based on traditional Japanese lion dance figure and a little boy. His shirt number is 932, that could be read as Kusatsu in Japanese.
JEF United Chiba Jeffy and Unity Two Akita dog-like figures.[9]
Kashiwa Reysol Rey-kun Young king of sun.
Tokyo Verdy Verdy-kun A condor-like figure.
Yokohama F.C. Fulie-maru A bird alien-like figure.
Ventforet Kofu Van-kun and Foret-chan A pair of anthropomorphic Kai Ken dogs.
Kataller Toyama Raika-kun The design is a combination of rock ptarmigan and Japanese serow. This mascot was created based on the mascots of two football clubs that were merged into Kataller Toyama.
F.C. Gifu Minamo -
Fagiano Okayama Fagi-maru A green pheasant. Fagiano in Italian mean "pheasant".
Tokushima Vortis Vorta-kun and Tis-chan A pair of tanukis.
Ehime F.C. Ore-kun, Iyokanta, and Tamahime-chan Three anthropomorphic oranges. Of this three mascots, Ore-kun is the primary character.
Avispa Fukuoka Avi and Vivi A pair of bees. Vivi introduced later in 2000 and they get married in 2003.
Giravanz Kitakyushu Giran A Saunders's gull. He is wearing a yellow headband and has an anchor tattoo on his right wing. Was known as Wavy before the team changed its name.
Sagan Tosu Wintosu A European magpie, the official bird of Saga Prefecture. His color are light blue and pink, the primary colors of the club. He is also wearing a pink headband.
Roasso Kumamoto Roasso-kun A anthropomorphic horse. His shirt number is 123.
Oita Trinita Neetan An anthropomorphic turtle.
Gainare Tottori Gainaman A superhero created by Takami Akai a character designer from Yonago, Tottori
Defunct Teams
Team Mascot(s) Description
Yokohama Flugels Tobimaru An anthropomorphic beagle wearing a winged aviator helmet with goggles and Flugels' uniform.


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