List of International Congresses of Mathematicians Plenary and Invited Speakers

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This is a list of International Congresses of Mathematicians Plenary and Invited Speakers. Being invited to talk at an ICM has been called "the equivalent, in this community, of an induction to a hall of fame."[1]


1897, Zürich

1900, Paris

During the 1900 Congress in Paris, France, David Hilbert (pictured) announced his famous list of 23 unsolved mathematical problems.[2]

1904, Heidelberg

1908, Rome

1912, Cambridge

1920, Strasbourg

1924, Toronto

1928, Bologna

1932, Zürich

Participants Zürich 1932

1936, Oslo

1950, Cambridge

1954, Amsterdam

1958, Edinburgh

Alexander Grothendieck (pictured 1970) in his plenary lecture at the 1958 Congress in Edinburgh outlined his programme "to create arithmetic geometry via a (new) reformulation of algebraic geometry, seeking maximal generality."[3]

1962, Stockholm

1966, Moscow


  • Thirty-one Invited Address (eight in Abstract) at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Moscow, 1966. American Mathematical Society Translations - Series 2. American Mathematical Society. 1968. 

1970, Nice

1974, Vancouver

1978, Helsinki

1983, Warsaw

1986, Berkeley

1990, Kyoto

1994, Zürich

1998, Berlin

2002, Beijing

2006, Madrid

2010, Hyderabad

2014, Seoul

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