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West Indies' Billy Doctrove has officiated the fourth most IPL matches, with 44.

In cricket, an umpire is a person who has the authority to make judgements on the field.[1] There are two on-field umpires, who apply the laws, make all necessary decisions, and relay the decisions to the scorers.[1]

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a professional league for Twenty20 cricket in India,[2] which has been held annually since its first season in 2008.[3] In the eight seasons of the league, 46 umpires have officiated at least one IPL match. Of these, Kumar Dharmasena has officiated the most number of matches, serving as an umpire 74 times,[4] while Subroto Das has officiated the fewest, serving in one match of the 2013 season.[4] The first match of the IPL, played between the Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kolkata Knight Riders, was umpired by Asad Rauf and Rudi Koertzen,[5] while the most recent match, the final of the 2015 season, was umpired by Dharmasena and Richard Illingworth. 21 of the umpires are of Indian nationality, seven are Australians, five are South Africans, four are New Zealanders. Three umpires are from England and two from Pakistan and Sri Lanka each; whereas there is one umpire from West Indies and Zimbabwe each.[4] 13 umpires have served in only one season.[4]

As of the 2013 season, an on-field umpire receives a 1.75 lakh (US$2,700) salary for officiating a match.[6] The umpires are sponsored by McDowell's No.1, whose branding is displayed on their uniforms.[7] Kingfisher Airlines were the umpires sponsor for the first five seasons, and they paid 106 crore (US$16 million) for the sponsorship.[8] The recipient team of the Fair Play Award is also decided by the number of points given by the umpires in the league.[9] The umpires are also assessed by the umpires' performance and training manager; Taufel was in-charge of that post during the 2013 season.[6]

The list is initially organised by the number of matches as an umpire, and if the numbers are tied, the list is sorted by last name. This list is correct as of the 2015 IPL season, and does not cover the games played by IPL teams in other tournaments or tours, such as the Champions League Twenty20, the British Asian Cup or the 2008 Kolkata Knight Riders tour of Australia.


  • First – Year of the first IPL match officiated
  • Last – Year of latest IPL match officiated
  • Mat – Number of matches officiated

IPL umpires

Indian Premier League umpires[4]
Umpire[α] Nationality[β] First Last Mat
Dharmasena, KumarKumar Dharmasena Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 2009 2016 87
Ravi, SundaramSundaram Ravi India India 2009 2017 86
Chaudhary, AnilAnil Chaudhary India India 2012 2017 58
Shamshuddin, ChettithodyChettithody Shamshuddin India India 2012 2017 56
Erasmus, MaraisMarais Erasmus South Africa South Africa 2009 2017 55
Taufel, SimonSimon Taufel Australia Australia 2009 2013 55
Rauf, AsadAsad Rauf Pakistan Pakistan 2008 2013 51
Doctrove, BillyBilly Doctrove  West Indies 2008 2012 44
Koertzen, RudiRudi Koertzen South Africa South Africa 2008 2011 42
Nandan, C. K.C. K. Nandan India India 2013 2017 41
Kulkarni, VineetVineet Kulkarni India India 2012 2016 40
Bowden, BillyBilly Bowden New Zealand New Zealand 2009 2014 38
Dar, AleemAleem Dar Pakistan Pakistan 2008 2014 38
Tucker, RodRod Tucker Australia Australia 2011 2016 38
Oxenford, BruceBruce Oxenford Australia Australia 2012 2016 32
Asnani, SudhirSudhir Asnani India India 2009 2013 31
Tarapore, ShavirShavir Tarapore India India 2009 2012 31
Tiffin, RussellRussell Tiffin Zimbabwe Zimbabwe 2008 2011 30
Harper, DarylDaryl Harper Australia Australia 2008 2010 28
Saheba, AmieshAmiesh Saheba India India 2008 2011 27
Gaffaney, ChrisChris Gaffaney New Zealand New Zealand 2015 2017 25
Llong, NigelNigel Llong England England 2013 2017 25
Hariharan, KrishnaKrishna Hariharan India India 2008 2011 21
Illingworth, RichardRichard Illingworth England England 2014 2015 20
Menon, NitinNitin Menon India India 2016 2017 19
Jerling, BrianBrian Jerling South Africa South Africa 2008 2010 18
Cloete, JohanJohan Cloete South Africa South Africa 2012 2015 17
Hazare, SanjaySanjay Hazare India India 2009 2014 17
Kishore, NandNand Kishore India India 2016 2017 16
Das, SubratSubrat Das India India 2010 2013 15
Srinath, KrishnarajKrishnaraj Srinath India India 2013 2015 15
Howell, IanIan Howell South Africa South Africa 2008 2009 14
Shastri, SureshSuresh Shastri India India 2008 2011 14
Benson, MarkMark Benson England England 2008 2009 13
Dandekar, AnilAnil Dandekar India India 2016 2017 13
Ananthapadmanabhan, K. N.K. N. Ananthapadmanabhan India India 2016 2017 11
Reiffel, PaulPaul Reiffel Australia Australia 2011 2011 11
Sharma, VirenderVirender Sharma India India 2016 2017 10
Deshpande, RajeshRajesh Deshpande India India 2014 2015 8
Pathak, PashchimPashchim Pathak India India 2014 2015 8
Baxter, GaryGary Baxter New Zealand New Zealand 2009 2009 7
Davis, SteveSteve Davis Australia Australia 2008 2008 7
Jayaprakash, AraniArani Jayaprakash India India 2008 2008 7
Deshmukh, AbhijitAbhijit Deshmukh India India 2017 2017 6
Fry, SimonSimon Fry Australia Australia 2015 2015 6
Hill, TonyTony Hill New Zealand New Zealand 2011 2011 6
Pratapkumar, G. A.G. A. Pratapkumar India India 2008 2008 6
Shivram, IvaturiIvaturi Shivram India India 2008 2008 6
Wijewardene, TyronTyron Wijewardene Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 2009 2009 6
Barde, YeshwantYeshwant Barde India India 2017 2017 4
Bharatan, KrishnamachariKrishnamachari Bharatan India India 2016 2016 3
Srinivasan, KrishnamachariKrishnamachari Srinivasan India India 2015 2015 3
Ranade, ShashankShashank Ranade India India 2009 2009 2
Das, SubrotoSubroto Das India India 2013 2013 1

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