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David Lloyd George, pictured in 1911, was elected an Honorary Fellow of Jesus College, Oxford in 1910 and said that he would prize no honour more highly.

The Governing Body of Jesus College, Oxford, (one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford in England) has the ability to elect "distinguished persons" to Honorary Fellowships.[1] Under the statutes of the college, Honorary Fellows cannot vote at meetings of the Governing Body and do not receive financial reward.[1] They can be called upon to help decide whether to dismiss or discipline members of academic staff (including the Principal).[2]

The first three Honorary Fellows, all former students of the college, were elected in October 1877: John Rhys, the first Jesus Professor of Celtic who was later an Official Fellow (1881–95) and Principal (1895–1915); the historian John Richard Green; and the poet Lewis Morris.[3] Three other former Principals (John Christie, Sir John Habakkuk and Sir Peter North) have been elected Honorary Fellows on retirement. Many Honorary Fellows had previous academic connections with the college, either as Fellows or Old Members (former students), but others did not. Some of those without previous connections were distinguished Welshmen – Jesus College has had strong links with Wales since its establishment in 1571.[4] For example, the Welsh businessman Sir Alfred Jones was elected in 1902, the Welsh judge Sir Samuel Evans was elected in 1918, and the Welsh opera singer Bryn Terfel was elected in 2008. The Welsh politician David Lloyd George was elected to an Honorary Fellowship in 1910 when he was Chancellor of the Exchequer. He wrote to John Rhys, the Principal at the time, to thank the college for the honour, saying:

I wish to express to you and to the Fellows of Jesus College my deep sense of the great honour which you have done me in electing me to be one of your body. It is a very special gratification to me to be associated in this intimate way with Jesus College. As a Welshman, I have watched with pleasure and pride the prosperity, especially since you have been Principal, of the college which is so closely connected with our country, little thinking ever to find myself a member of it; and I can honestly say that no honour can fall to my lot which I shall prize more highly than this Fellowship which you have conferred upon me. Please accept and express to the Fellows of the college my hearty and sincere thanks. Ever yours sincerely,


The college noted in 1998 that the number of Honorary Fellows was markedly below the average of other Oxford colleges and it adopted a more methodical approach to increase numbers.[6] Seven Honorary Fellows were elected that year, followed by another five in 1999. The first woman to be elected as an Honorary Fellow was the journalist and broadcaster Francine Stock, an Old Member of the college, in 2007.[7] The Honorary Fellows have included two Old Members who later became Prime Minister of their respective countries: Norman Manley, who studied at Jesus College as a Rhodes Scholar and who was Chief Minister of Jamaica from 1955 to 1962, and Harold Wilson, who was twice British Prime Minister (1964–70 and 1974–76). As of 2015, the longest-serving Honorary Fellow is Frederick Atkinson, elected in 1979.

Honorary Fellows

The abbreviations used in the "Link" column denote the person's connection with the college before election as an Honorary Fellow:

  • CL – A college lecturer: Joliffe taught students at Jesus College, but he was not one of the Fellows
  • F – A former Fellow of the college, included on the list of Principals and Fellows
  • OM – Old Member of the college, included on the list of alumni
  • P – Principal, also included on the list of Principals and Fellows

A dash denotes that the person had no previous academic link with the college.

Elizabeth Blackburn was awarded a Nobel Prize in 2009 and appointed an Honorary Fellow in 2011.
Keith Burnett, a student from 1972 to 1979, was appointed an Honorary Fellow in 2007.
John Garstang, a student from 1895 to 1899, was appointed an Honorary Fellow in 1956.
John Richard Green, one of the first Honorary Fellows in 1877, was a student from 1856 to 1859.
Nigel Hitchin, appointed an Honorary Fellow in 1998, was a student from 1965 to 1968.
Lord Sankey, appointed an Honorary Fellow in 1917, was a student from 1885 to 1891.
David Williams, appointed an Honorary Fellow in 2008, was a student from 1956 to 1962.
Harold Wilson, a student from 1934 to 1937, was appointed an Honorary Fellow in 1963.
A list of the college's Honorary Fellows
Name Year elected Link Notes Ref
Abragam, AnatoleAnatole Abragam 1976 OM French physicist, who was also an Honorary Fellow of Merton College, Oxford [8]
Ainsworth, RogerRoger Ainsworth 2002 OM Master of St Catherine's College, Oxford (2002 onwards) and Professor of Engineering Science at Oxford University (1998 onwards) [9]
Allen, ThomasSir Thomas Allen 2001 Opera singer [10][11]
Atkinson, FrederickSir Frederick Atkinson 1979 OM Civil servant, who served as Chief Economic Adviser to HM Treasury (1977–79) [11]
Ault, WarrenWarren Ault 1971 OM American Rhodes Scholar, who became Huntington Professor of History at Boston University [12][13]
Blackburn, ElizabethElizabeth Blackburn 2011 Molecular biologist who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2009; awarded an honorary doctorate by the university in 2011 [14][15]
Blake-Reed, JohnSir John Blake-Reed 1960 OM Judge in Egyptian courts [16]
Blewett, NealNeal Blewett 1998 OM Member of the Australian House of Representatives (1977–94) and Minister in various Government departments (1983–94); High Commissioner to the UK (1994–98) [6][17]
Boyd, WilliamWilliam Boyd 2007 OM Novelist and screenwriter [18]
Burnett, KeithKeith Burnett 2007 OM Physicist, and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sheffield (2007 onwards) [19]
Burt, CyrilSir Cyril Burt 1947 OM Professor of Education (1924–31) then Professor of Psychology (1931–50), both at the University of London [20][21]
Carter, JohnSir John Carter 1998 OM Chief Executive of Commercial Union (1994–98) [11][17]
Cass, GeoffreySir Geoffrey Cass 1998 OM Chairman of the Royal Shakespeare Company (1985–2000) [11][17]
Chapman, DavidDavid Chapman 1944 F Fellow in Chemistry (1907–44) and Vice-Principal (1926–44), responsible for the college laboratories (which were the last college labs in Oxford) [22]
Christie, JohnJohn Christie 1967 P Principal from 1949 to 1967 [21][23]
Cragg, KennethKenneth Cragg 1999 OM Former Assistant Bishop of Jerusalem, and writer on relations between Islam and Christianity [11][24]
Daniel, GoronwySir Goronwy Daniel 1979 OM The first Permanent Under-Secretary at the Welsh Office (1964–69), then Principal of the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth (1969–79) [21]
Dawkins, William BoydSir William Boyd Dawkins 1882 OM Professor of Geology and Paleontology at the Victoria University of Manchester (1873–1908) [25]
Du ParcqHerbert du Parcq, Baron du Parcq 1935 OM British judge, who was appointed a Lord of Appeal in Ordinary in 1946 [21][26]
Edwards, Alfred GeorgeAlfred George Edwards 1920 OM Bishop of St Asaph (1889–1934) and the first Archbishop of Wales (1920–34) [27]
Edwards, GoronwySir Goronwy Edwards 1949 F / OM Professor of History at the University of London and Director of the Institute of Historical Research (1948–60) [28]
Evans, EllisEllis Evans 1997 F / OM Jesus Professor of Celtic (1978–96) [29][30]
Evans, GeraintSir Geraint Evans 1979 Welsh opera singer, given an Honorary Fellowship as a tribute to his services to Welsh music and culture [31]
Evans, RichardRichard Evans 1998 OM Historian, specialising in 20th-century German history [11][17]
Evans, SamuelSir Samuel Evans 1918 President of the Probate, Divorce and Admiralty Division of the High Court (1910–18) [21][32]
Foster, ChristopherSir Christopher Foster 1992 F Professor of Urban Studies and Economics at the London School of Economics (1976–78), Chairman of the Better Government Initiative (2006 onwards) [11]
Foster, IdrisSir Idris Foster 1978 F Jesus Professor of Celtic (1947–78) [33]
Garstang, JohnJohn Garstang 1956 OM Archeologist [34]
Green, John RichardJohn Richard Green 1877 OM Historian, author of A History of the English People [35]
Gruffydd, R. GeraintR. Geraint Gruffydd 1992 OM Professor of Welsh at University of Wales, Aberystwyth (1970–79), Director of the Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies (1985–93) [11]
Habakkuk, JohnSir John Habakkuk 1984 P Principal from 1967 to 1984, and also served as Vice Chancellor of Oxford University (1973–77) [21][36]
Hale, Sir John RigbySir John Rigby Hale 1986 F / OM Historian of the Renaissance [37]
Hide, RaymondRaymond Hide 1997 F Senior Research Fellow (1983–96); geophysicist, working in meteorology, oceanography and geomagnetism [11][29]
Hitchin, NigelNigel Hitchin 1998 OM Savilian Professor of Geometry (1997 onwards) [11][17]
Hooke, SamuelSamuel Hooke 1964 OM Biblical scholar who was Professor of Old Testament Studies at the University of London [38]
Houghton, JohnSir John Houghton 1983 F / OM Professor of Atmospheric Physics (1976–83) [11][39]
James, ArthurSir Arthur James 1972 OM Barrister (who prosecuted the Great Train Robbers) then judge of the High Court (1965–73) and Court of Appeal (1973–76) [40]
Jolliffe, ArthurArthur Jolliffe 1934 CL Assistant tutor in mathematics at Jesus College (1903–20), then Professor of Mathematics at the University of London (1920–36) [41]
Jones, AlfredSir Alfred Jones 1902 Welsh businessman who helped to found the School of Tropical Medicine at the University of Liverpool [21][42]
Jones, MauriceMaurice Jones 1953 F / OM Principal of St David's College, Lampeter (1923–38) [21][43]
Jones, PhilipSir Philip Jones 1990 OM Civil servant, who was later chairman of Total Oil Marine (1990–98) and chairman of the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales 1996–2000 [21]
Lewis, DavidSir David Lewis 1998 OM Former Senior Partner of Norton Rose, who served as Lord Mayor of London (2007–2008) [11][17]
Lewis, HywelHywel Lewis 1986 OM Professor of History and Philosophy of Religion, University of London (1955–77) [21]
Lindsay, WallaceWallace Lindsay 1927 F Classicist who became Professor of Humanity at St Andrews University in 1899 [44][45]
Lloyd George, DavidDavid Lloyd George 1910 Welsh politician who was Chancellor of the Exchequer (1908–15) and Prime Minister (1916–22) [21][46]
Lloyd-Jones, VincentSir Vincent Lloyd-Jones 1960 OM High Court Judge (1960–72) [21]
Magnusson, MagnusMagnus Magnusson 1990 OM Television presenter (including Mastermind), journalist, translator and writer [47]
Manley, NormanNorman Manley 1958 OM Chief Minister of Jamaica (1955–62) [48][49]
Miller, Sir BernardSir Bernard Miller 1968 OM Chairman of the John Lewis Partnership (1955–72) [21]
Monk, AlecAlec Monk 1999 OM Chairman and chief executive of Gateway (1981–89), chairman of Charles Wells (1998–2003) [11][24]
Morgan, Derec LlwydDerec Llwyd Morgan 1999 OM Professor of Welsh (1989–95), then Vice-Chancellor and Principal (1995–2004), at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth [11][24]
Morris, LewisSir Lewis Morris 1877 OM Anglo-Welsh poet, who was elected to an Honorary Fellowship rather than a full Fellowship because he owned too much property to qualify for a Fellowship under the terms of the college statutes then in force [50][51]
Murray, RonaldRonald Murray, Lord Murray 1999 OM MP for Edinburgh Leith (1970–79), Lord Advocate (1974–79), Senator of the College of Justice (1979–95) [11][24]
North, PeterSir Peter North 2005 P Principal from 1984 to 2005, and also Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University (1993–97) [52]
Parry-Williams, ThomasSir Thomas (T. H.) Parry-Williams 1968 OM Professor of Welsh at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth (1920–52) [21]
Phillips, Thomas WilliamsSir Thomas Williams Phillips 1948 OM Civil servant, who was Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Labour (1935–44) and Chairman of the War Damage Commission (1949–59) [21][53]
Pollard, AlbertAlbert Pollard 1930 OM Historian, particularly of Henry VIII, and Assistant Editor of the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography [54][55]
Poole, DavidSir David Poole 1997 OM High Court judge [21][29]
Rhys, JohnSir John Rhys 1877 OM First Jesus Professor of Celtic (1877–1915), who was an Honorary Fellow (1877–81) before being appointed to a full Fellowship, serving as Bursar (1881–95) and as Principal (1895–1915) [56]
Sankey, JohnJohn Sankey, 1st Viscount Sankey 1917 OM Lord Chancellor (1929–35), who was also High Steward of Oxford University [57][58]
Segal, SamuelSamuel Segal, Baron Segal 1966 OM MP for Preston (1945–50), Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords (1973–82) [21][59]
Sharkey, SeymourSir Seymour Sharkey 1918 OM Physician at St Thomas's Hospital, London [60]
Simon, GlynGlyn Simon 1966 OM Bishop of Llandaff (1957–71) and Archbishop of Wales (1968–71) [59][61]
Skidelsky, Baron Skidelsky, RobertRobert Skidelsky, Baron Skidelsky 1997 OM Economist and biographer of John Maynard Keynes [29][62]
Solti, GeorgSir Georg Solti 1990 Conductor of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (1969–91) and the London Philharmonic Orchestra (1979–83); his association with Jesus College began in 1988 when his daughter, Gabrielle, became a student [21][63]
Souter, CaroleCarole Souter 2011 OM Chief Executive of the Heritage Lottery Fund since 2003 [11][14]
Steel, RobertRobert Steel 1982 F / OM Geographer, who was a Fellow from 1954 to 1957 before becoming Professor of Geography at Liverpool University (1957–74) and Principal of the University College of Swansea (1974–82) [21]
Stevens, EdwinEdwin Stevens 1973 OM Inventor of the world's first wearable hearing aid and a major benefactor to the college; the college flats in North Oxford were named "Stevens Close" to mark his donations [21][64]
Stock, FrancineFrancine Stock 2007 OM Journalist and broadcaster; the College's first female Honorary Fellow [7][65]
Stockmayer, Walter H.Walter H. Stockmayer 1976 OM American Rhodes Scholar; chemist and pioneer of polymer science [66][67]
Stokes, WhitleyWhitley Stokes 1882 Lawyer and Celtic scholar [68]
Sutton, GrahamSir Graham Sutton 1958 OM Director-General of the Meteorological Office (1953–65) [21][48]
Terfel, BrynBryn Terfel 2008 Welsh opera singer [69]
Thomas, Ben BowenSir Ben Bowen Thomas 1963 OM Permanent Secretary to the Welsh Department of the Department of Education (1945–63), President of University College of Wales, Aberystwyth (1964–75) [70]
Thomas, PeterPeter Thomas, Baron Thomas of Gwydir 2001 OM MP for Conwy (1951–66) and Hendon South (1970–87), Secretary of State for Wales (1970–74) [10][21]
Thursfield, JamesSir James Thursfield 1908 F Naval historian and journalist, who became the first editor of the Times Literary Supplement in 1902 [71]
Tizard, PeterSir Peter Tizard 1983 F First Professor of Paediatrics at the University of Oxford (1972–83) [39][72]
Vaughan, EdgarSir Edgar Vaughan 1966 OM British Ambassador to Colombia (1964–66) [21][59]
Williams, AlwynAlwyn Williams 1935 OM Bishop of Durham (1939–52) then Bishop of Winchester (1952–61) [73][74]
Williams, DavidDavid Williams 2008 OM Probability theorist who has been Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge, Bath and Swansea Universities [69]
Williams, GwilymGwilym Williams 1971 OM Bishop of Bangor (1957–82) and Archbishop of Wales (1971–82) [75]
Wilson, HaroldHarold Wilson 1963 OM Prime Minister (October 1964 – June 1970 and March 1974 – April 1976) [21]
Woodward, CliffordClifford Woodward 1935 OM Bishop of Bristol (1933–46) and Bishop of Gloucester (1946–53) [26][76]
Woolfson, MichaelMichael Woolfson 1999 OM Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of York (1965–94) [11][24]
Wright, EdwardSir Edward Wright 1963 OM Professor of Mathematics at Aberdeen University (1936–62), then Principal and Vice-Chancellor of Aberdeen University (1962–76) [21][77]
Yoder, EdwinEdwin Yoder 1998 OM American journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner (1979) [17][78]

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