List of Golden Martín Fierro Award winners

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Golden Martín Fierro Award
Awarded for Individual with an outstanding career or recent production of outstanding quality
Country Argentina
Presented by APTRA
First awarded 1992
Currently held by El Marginal

The Golden Martín Fierro Award is presented annually by the Asociación de Periodistas de la Televisión y Radiofonía Argentina (APTRA) (Spanish: Association of journalists of Argentine television and radio).[1] It is given to honor an Argentine individual with an outstanding career in the media of Argentina or a recent production of outstanding quality. APTRA described the standard as "the best among the best".[1] It was first awarded in 1992 at the Martín Fierro Awards ceremony for works from 1991. It is a special award, unrelated to the regular ones, which are distributed in categories. A second award, the Platinum Martín Fierro Award, is selected by public poll among the previous recipients of the Golden award.[2] This second award was created in 2009 for works from 2008, but there was no Platinum award for the 2013 ceremony.[3] The awards for the cable television were split in 2016 to their own ceremony, with its own Golden Martín Fierro.[4]

The talk show Fax was the first recipient of the award,[5] and, as of 2017, El Marginal is the most recent.[6] No recipient has received the award twice, but Nicolás Repetto, host of Fax, received a personal one in 2000.[7] Facundo Arana, Julio Chávez, Celeste Cid, Nancy Dupláa, Pablo Echarri, Diego Peretti and Gabriela Toscano have been lead actors of different works of fiction that received the award.


In the following table, the years are listed per APTRA convention, and generally correspond to the year when the productions were aired. The Martín Fierro award ceremonies are always held the following year. The ceremonies have no nominees for the Golden award, which is announced at the end once all the regular awards have been received. The award may be given to either a person with an outstanding career or recent production of outstanding quality. When the award is received by a production, the Starring column lists the people that worked in it, such as TV hosts or lead actors. The TV channel / Radio station column lists either the channel or station that aired the production, or the channel or station where the person worked at the year of the award.

Argentine TV host Mirtha Legrand
Mirtha Legrand won the 1992 award.
Argentine TV host Susana Giménez
Susana Giménez won the 1995 award.
Argentine TV host Marcelo Tinelli
Marcelo Tinelli won the 1997 award.
List of winners of the Golden Martín Fierro Award
Year Production or person Genre or occupation Starring TV channel / Radio station Reference
1991 Fax Talk show Repetto, NicolasNicolás Repetto Trece, ElEl Trece
1992 Legrand, MirthaMirtha Legrand Actress and television presenter Canal 9
1993 Ruiz Guinzazu, MagdalenaMagdalena Ruiz Guiñazú Journalist and radio presenter Radio Mitre
1994 Gasalla, AntonioAntonio Gasalla Comedian Trece, ElEl Trece
1995 Giménez, SusanaSusana Giménez Actress and television presenter Telefe
1996 Biasatti, SantoSanto Biasatti Journalist Radio Rivadavia
1997 Tinelli, MarceloMarcelo Tinelli Television presenter Telefe
1998 Fútbol de Primera Sport Enrique Macaya Márquez and Marcelo Araujo Trece, ElEl Trece
1999 Repetto, NicolásNicolás Repetto Television presenter Telefe
2000 Telenoche News program Mónica Cahen D'Anvers and César Mascetti Trece, ElEl Trece
2001 Culpables Miniseries Mercedes Morán and Diego Peretti Trece, ElEl Trece
2002 Los Simuladores Miniseries Federico D'Elía, Alejandro Fiore, Diego Peretti and Martín Seefeld Telefe
2003 Resistiré Telenovela Pablo Echarri and Celeste Cid Telefe
2004 Padre Coraje Telenovela Facundo Arana and Nancy Dupláa Trece, ElEl Trece
2005 Mujeres asesinas Anthology series Different cast for each episode Trece, ElEl Trece
2006 Montecristo Telenovela Pablo Echarri and Paola Krum Telefe
2007 Lalola Telenovela Carla Peterson and Luciano Castro América 2
2008 Vidas robadas Telenovela Facundo Arana and Soledad Silveyra Telefe
2009 Tratame bien Miniseries Julio Chávez and Cecilia Roth Trece, ElEl Trece
2010 Para vestir santos Miniseries Gabriela Toscano, Celeste Cid and Griselda Siciliani Trece, ElEl Trece
2011 El puntero Miniseries Julio Chávez and Gabriela Toscano Trece, ElEl Trece
2012 Graduados Telenovela Nancy Dupláa, Daniel Hendler, Luciano Cáceres and Isabel Macedo Telefe
2013 Farsantes Telenovela Julio Chávez, Facundo Arana, Griselda Siciliani, Benjamín Vicuña, Alfredo Casero El Trece
2014 Guapas Telenovela Mercedes Morán, Carla Peterson, Florencia Bertotti, Isabel Macedo, Araceli González El Trece
2015 Jorge Lanata Investigative journalism El Trece
2016 El Marginal Miniseries Juan Minujín, Martina Gusmán Televisión Pública Argentina

Networks with most awards

List of networks with most Golden Martín Fierro Awards
TV channel / Radio station Awards
El Trece
América 2
Canal 9
Radio Mitre
Radio Rivadavia
Televisión Pública Argentina

Platinum awards

List of winners of the Platinum Martín Fierro Award
Year Production or person References
2008 Legrand, MirthaMirtha Legrand
2009 Giménez, SusanaSusana Giménez
2010 Tinelli, MarceloMarcelo Tinelli
2011 Gasalla, AntonioAntonio Gasalla

Cable television awards

List of winners of the Golden Martín Fierro Award for cable television
Year Production or person References
2015 Castro, NelsonNelson Castro


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