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Cover from the first Gantz released by ADV Films.

The anime series Gantz is an adaptation from the manga with the same name written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku. The series, produced by Gonzo and directed by Ichiro Itano, aired in Japan on Fuji Television and AT-X.[1][2][3] Gantz tells the story of a teenager named Kei Kurono who dies in a train accident and becomes part of a semi-posthumous "game" in which he and several other recently deceased people are forced to hunt down and kill aliens hidden in Japan.

Two musical pieces are used through the series: the opening theme, "Super Shooter" by Rip Slyme, and the ending theme, "Last Kiss" by Bonnie Pink. The Gantz anime is divided into two seasons: The first season is known as "The First Stage", while the second season is known as "The Second Stage", which is a direct continuation of the first season. The First Stage aired in Japan with several scenes censored due to inappropriate content such as violence or nudity. However, the DVDs from the series contained the scenes uncensored.[4] The Second Stage aired on Japanese network AT-X on August 26, 2004.[5] There are a total of 12 Japanese DVDs, released from August 28, 2004 to June 29, 2005. Additionally, the DVDs were compiled into box sets.[6]

In 2004 ADV Films announced that they had licensed the Gantz anime series and would release it on DVD uncensored.[7] The series was initially released in a 2 episode per disc format spanning 10 volumes, before later being released in various box set forms. On June 25, 2010 at the Funicon 4.0, Funimation announced that they had license rescued Gantz for release in the North American market in 2011.[8]

Episode list

Season 1

# Title Original air date
1 "It's the Beginning of a Brand New Day"
"Atarashii Asa ga Kita" (新しい朝が来た) 
April 12, 2004
Kei Kurono, an apathetic, self-centered teenager, is on his way home when he crosses paths with Masaru Katou, an old childhood friend. When a homeless man falls onto the tracks of the subway in his drunken stupor, the pair risk their lives to help the man to the platform. The pair are gruesomely killed by the oncoming express train and are transported to a room centered around a black globe with other people who have recently died: a school teacher, a dog, a politician, a long-haired blond man, two Yakuza gang members and a mysterious young 8th-Grader named Nishi. Before long, a naked young girl is teleported to the room and is almost the victim of rape from one of the Yakuza men before Katou stops them. 
2 "They Aren't Human"
"Ningen Janee" (人間じゃねぇ) 
April 19, 2004
The Black Globe suddenly starts playing a 1940s radio exercise tune, interrupting Katou and the Yakuza fighting. The globe tells them to kill Neigi Seijin (green onion alien). The globe opens up, revealing guns and suits. The men take the guns but ignore the suits, except Kei who puts one on. Kei is thrown into the deadly "game". Everyone goes off looking for the alien after Nishi shows them a GPS indicating the alien and tells them that there is a reward for killing it. Kei, Katou, and the girl go off on their own trying to find a way home. The politician tries to get home, but his head inexplicably blows up after a while. The Yakuzas, schoolteacher and the blond man find 'Neigi Seijin', who is a young boy with an affinity for spring onions. He runs and they chase him, eventually killing him with the guns they received from Gantz. The boy puts up little resistance and is very weak, but we see his father come into the scene looking enraged at what has happened. 
3 "Kei, You're Awesome!"
"Kei-chan, suggee" (計ちゃん、すっげえ) 
April 19, 2004
The big Neigi Seijin kills the other four men while an unseen figure laughs. The schoolteacher accidentally shoots the Yakuza being held by Neigi Seijin, which accounts for the penultimate death. With only three people left, the alien attacks Katou who falls over a steep hill after failing to shoot the alien. It then chases the other two and Kei jumps over a slope and finds the suit allows him to jump further and survive. The alien rolls down the hill, and badly wounds Katou with his nails, angering Kei so much that he finds the suit makes him strong enough to beat him. The unseen figure fires a belt that ties up the alien. The invisible figure reveals himself to be Nishi and urges Kei to shoot the alien. 
4 "OK, Here Are Your Scores"
"Sore ji wa, chiiten wo hajinuru" (それぢわ、 ちいてんをはじぬる) 
April 27, 2004
Not being able to shoot the alien, Kei drops his gun. Thus, Nishi takes the points and finishes it. Nishi says that anyone still alive can return home fully recovered. Kei and the girl look to Katou, who is near death. They try to wake him up so that he can return. He just survives. Back in the room the scores are revealed-Nishi got three giving him 90 points, the others get nothing. Nishi explains he has been coming to the room for a long time, that it makes fax copies of people just before they die. They turn on him asking why he didn't tell anyone this earlier, to which he casually remarks that he wanted the target to drop his guard. His cold rationality enrages the others, but Nishi makes it clear that he is stronger than they are by clenching Katou's wrist. When Kei threatens him with a gun, he makes himself invisible and leaves the area. When Kei awakes in his apartment, he sees the deaths of the men killed earlier announced on the news, including the supposed death of himself. He knows that it was not simply a dream when he notices the suit lying on a chair in his room. 
5 "Then That Means, at That Time..."
"Tteiukoto wa ano toki" (っていうことは あの時) 
May 4, 2004
Having finished with the first round, Kei, Kato and the girl take a taxi home from the apartment - the girl, when dropped off, reveals her name to be Kei Kishimoto. Kei (Kurono) goes to school the following day and we see his friends introduced. One of his friends is being bullied for money, and the bully tells him that if he tags him, he will get the money from Kei instead. He does so before promptly running off, reasoning to him later that he had no choice. Since Kei has been told to meet the bully after school, he decides to equip the suit in a toilet stall underneath his clothes as protection. We see him stood with the thugs as they bully another different man for money, extracting his teeth and collecting them. Kei's sport team coach arrives in defense of the man and Kei, but he too is beaten by the thugs. Kei cannot stand the injustice and tells the leader of the gang that he will give him the money in place of the man on the ground having to. This enrages the gang leader, and he pummels Kei until he zones out. He imagines Kishimoto's naked body, and gets an erection, much to the dismay of the gang. The erection gives the suit power, however, and Kei is able to beat the gang leader and flee the now shocked gang. Katou's lifestyle is revealed, with both his brother and him living with an abusive, uncharitable aunt. On the other hand, Kishimoto tries to go home, and discovers that she did not actually die, and is a duplicate without a place to return to - by the end of the episode, she is found by Kei's apartment door, asleep. 
6 "All Right!"
"Yattaaaaa!" (やったああああっ) 
May 11, 2004
Kishimoto spends some time with Kei, and after trying to leave, frantically asks him to keep her 'pet'. He accepts her, ecstatic about the prospect, fantasizing about the many sexual implications of the term "pet". He buys condoms while she showers in his apartment, and when he returns, she also asks to sleep in the same bed as Kei as there is no other place for her to sleep. Kei propositions sex, and Kishimoto reluctantly agrees before stopping him. She tells him that she is having emotional troubles and breaks into a sob, and so he leaves her be. Elsewhere, Katou finds out that his little brother is being physically abused by their aunt. Also, two groups of new characters are introduced: Tetsu, a biker who is married and has a child but still goes riding with his gang, and Ryouta and his grandmother, a spoiled selfish kid and his protective doting grandmother. Tetsu's gang abuse a middle-aged man who stands up to them, humiliating him in front of his son by pulling down his trousers and underwear. While we do not see it, it is also implied that the gang physically abuse him, too, and when we next visit the scene, the man is lying face down, unconscious, with his trousers and underwear visibly hanging over his knees. 
7 "We're After You"
"Neratteruze" (狙ってるぜ) 
May 18, 2004
We see Katou and his younger brother being denied food from their aunt. When he asks for food, she attempts to hit him, but he stops her arm and takes a stand against her. He asks if his younger brother can have food, and that she needs to stop hitting him. When taking him to school, Katou reflects upon this and still maintains that he is a terrible brother. Kei and Kishimoto visit a local shop, wherein Kishimoto asks Kei to buy a lot of food. She continues to claim that she doesn't deserve any of it as she is still his 'pet', but he tells her that he doesn't mind and goes to buy the food at the checkout. To his surprise, the woman at the checkout is the same woman as the one who appeared in the first episode asking him which way a certain station was, just before his accident with the train. In shock, he runs out of the shop without paying. Back at his apartment, Kishimoto asks Kei about school, regretting the fact that she cannot go to school. She asks him if she could meet him on the way home to see her old home one last time, and Kei agrees. Katou, meanwhile, stands up against some bullies at school who are picking on a friend of his. We see the bullies plan to beat up Katou after school, with a much bigger, older bully also appearing. He expresses his intent to rape him rather than beat him up. Katou is told by a classmate of this plot, and he chooses to meet him directly, walking right into the toilets and beating up the much larger bully. While doing so, he imagines the face of his aunt in his place, venting his anger. In a book shop, we are introduced to Hojo, an attractive young man who is apparently being stalked by a mysterious girl. Kei accompanies Kishimoto to her former home, and she cries as she sees that Nishi was telling the truth; their former real-world positions have been replaced. 
8 "Uh-oh!"
"Yabee!" (やべぇ) 
May 25, 2004
Kishimoto gets over her initial shock, and decides to lead her life how she, not her mother wants. As a result of this resolution, she declares her love for Katou, surprising Kei. Meanwhile, Tetsu, Haruya, Kinji and Kosuke are all lured to a spot by women who are texting him. This is shown to be a trap laid by a rival biker gang looking to claim Tetsu's gang's territory. The four are heavily outnumbered by the rival gang, and are killed. The scene changes to show Hojo realizing that the girl he is carrying on his motorbike is actually the stalker herself, and he angrily tells her to get off his bike. Adjacent to them on the road are Ryouta and his grandmother. All four are killed suddenly by a lorry driver asleep at the wheel, and we see a montage of all 13 players simultaneously transported to the room. Katou tries to explain what is happening, infuriating Nishi. The globe tells them to kill Suzuki-Seijin, a robotic-looking figure that they are told likes sweets and birds. Kei realizes to his horror that he has left his suit behind. 
9 "Kill It There!"
"Sokkō Korosu" (ソッコー殺す) 
June 1, 2004
Kei tries repeatedly to tell Katou he's left his suit behind but he's too busy trying to convince the others about the suit's power. Eventually, everyone is wearing a suit except Kei and the three underling bikers. Nishi laughs at Kei when he realizes why he is afraid. He tells them someone else's suit would be no better than ordinary clothes. He then begins taunting everyone in the room, mainly about how they only rely on other people (specifically in Kishimoto's case), and how they will fail and die. He goes on to say that there are no leaders in the game; just competitors. One of the bikers, Kosuke, loses his temper and fires at him. The gun appears to have no effect, but when Kosuke prepares to punch him, Nishi fires his own gun at him and Kosuke's head implodes. He tells Gantz to begin, and they are transported immediately out of the room. Kei is transported directly in front of an oncoming lorry which he hastily rolls out of the way of. He looks around to find himself alone on a street; alone except for the robot-like alien slowly clanking towards him. 
10 "Yuuzou-kun?"
"Yūzō-kun?" (裕三君 ?) 
June 8, 2004
Kei, without a suit, follows the Suzuki alien until he angers it by flicking one of its birds off his shoulder. It follows him as he runs to find the others. Nishi and the alien face off in a canal. Nishi, however, is plagued by problems with his equipment: first, his invisibility device breaks; his gun ceases to work and is knocked out of his hands; and finally, Nishi's suit floods with water and Nishi, knowing he is about to die without the suit, screams for help, but the bikers refuse based on his earlier attitude. Nishi refuses to apologize for killing Kosuke despite his predicament, but Katou, reflecting upon the earlier deaths and his desire to return home, jumps into the fray to Nishi's aid. 
11 "I Can't Shoot Him"
"Aitsu wa Utenai" (あいつは撃てない) 
June 8, 2004
Katou swims towards Nishi, but it is too late. Suzuki screams in Nishi's ear, making his eardrums burst and his eyes explode. Nishi screams for someone to kill the alien. Katou loses his gun, then bear-hugs the alien underwater before its outer casing comes apart, revealing a giant bird. Kei-chan fires his weapon that sends the creature into space. While this is happening, Kinji's head blows off when he tries to leave the perimeter. Haruya, the boy and the grandmother flee back to the canal. Nishi asks Gantz to hurry up and transport them back before he dies, but the group finds that they, like last time, will have to deal with more than one alien to finish the round and be transported back. Nishi, while in horrible pain, tells the group of his hatred for society, and that he did what he did because he wanted to get home to his mother. He reveals that people need 100 points to escape Gantz and begs his mother to forgive him for only collecting 90 points before he died. 
12 "Please stay here, Katou-kun"
"Katō-kun wa Matteite" (加藤くんは待っていて) 
June 15, 2004
The team splits. Katou, Kishimoto and Hojo go after the other Suzuki aliens, while Kei and Testu, forced by Haruya under gunpoint, find the rest.Katou finds not one but five Suzuki-Seijin. Katou tackles one while the other four surround him. Kishimoto shoots one and it explodes, which also draws their focus off Katou. He and Hojo get one bird each to come out of its robotic shell with the bear-hugging method. Katou's suit then runs out of power. One of the birds tries to clamber back into its humanoid shell but suffocates. The two remaining aliens fly away and find Ryouta and his grandmother. The grandmother takes on the two aliens, giving the child a chance to run away, but he runs back, too concerned about his grandmother to leave her. He watches her die and is cornered himself, and also dies. Meanwhile, Haruya forces Kei and Tetsu into a building where six Suzuki and the apparent boss, a giant bird, are hiding. 
13 "Please Die..."
"Shinde Kudachii" (死んで下ちい) 
June 22, 2004

Hojo and Kishimoto kill the two remaining Suzuki, Kei tries to approach the boss but one of the fledglings starts to bite his neck and he needs to take it off his shoulder and put it on the floor. The six Suzuki faces go from smiles to horrible snarls at this. The boss emerges, and Kei threatens to shoot it. When he does shoot, it has seemingly no effect other than enraging the boss. The Suzuki scream which makes Kei start shooting at them. He misses but all of his shots and the screaming of the Suzuki cause the floor to cave in, the roof following soon after. All the survivors arrive outside. Kei is jubilant, believing he has killed them all, until the boss emerges from the rubble and grabs Haruya. It flies into the air with him in its grip and tears his head off, which falls at the feet of the survivors. The boss turns on Kei and the others urge him to run. Hojo tries to aim his gun at the boss but he flings him away against a wall. Kei tells the group that he's tired of running away all the time and is going to kill the boss. He fires and misses, and the boss grabs him by the arm and flies high into the air. Kei grabs hold of some pipes from the bird's mouth, and the bird descends, exhaling heavy steam. The bird drops Kei, who shoots it on his way down, manages to blow its head off before falling onto a roof, and are the group is transported back a minute later. In the room, Katou gets five points, Hojo (whom Gantz nicknames "homo") and Kishimoto get ten each while Kei gets 38, the most of anybody thus far.

  • The episode title is actually a pun. By replacing "sa (さ)" with "chi (ち)", the title appears as "kudachii" - not a real Japanese word - instead of "kudasai" or "please". 

Season 2

# Title Original air date
14 "Goodbye..."
"Sayōnara" (さようなら) 
August 26, 2004
Katou stands up to his aunt for beating his brother, and he and his brother move into a room Katou has been saving up for. Kei grows tired of Kishimoto constantly talking about Katou, and confronts her about it, telling her that he feels as though he is being used for his hospitality. Kishimoto feels guilty and leaves Kei's apartment, telling him that she thought he was "really cool". Tetsu, testing out his gun he obtained from Gantz, sees that it works outside of the game too. He originally tries to sell the gun as payment for what he appears to owe someone, but upon him declining the gun and demanding the money, Tetsu uses the gun to kill him. When he returns home, his wife tells him he has been fired at work and she is suspicious that he may be having an affair as his phone was off the night he was transported to the room. In the heat of the argument he threatens to shoot her, but he backs down. He goes out to buy milk for their baby, but runs into trouble on the way back with a gang who surround him. He draws his gun which they mock him about, claiming that it is a toy. He becomes angry and begins to feel used, and in his anger he shouts "What's it all about Gantz?!". Because uttering Gantz's name is forbidden outside of the game to anyone not involved in the game, Tetsu's head explodes, just seconds after his wife phones to tell him she is finally breastfeeding. 
15 "Go Fast!"
"Hayaku Ikitee!" (早くイキてぇっ) 
September 2, 2004
Kishimoto, with nowhere to go, is reduced to scavenging in McDonald's. Kei fantasizes about sex with Kishimoto again, realising that he regrets what he said to her. Upon hearing the door, the old lady he keeps seeing is back, telling him that she found the station he told her to go and find herself after all. Kei, inspired by her plea to never give up and keep trying, pulls on his suit and screams for Gantz to take him back. It does so, and he is transported in his suit to the room with nine new people; they work out Tetsu must have died somehow when they find him missing. A Buddhist priest tries to take control of the situation, telling everyone the room is a meeting place between heaven and hell and everyone needs to start praying. They do so, before soon realizing it isn't working, and they are not dead because they can feel their heartbeats and can breathe. One of the group also points out that they can see Tokyo Tower outside. Jealous of Katou, Kei goes to the side room and cries. A woman called Sakuraoka follows him and comforts him and asks if there is anything she can do to help, upon which Kei asks for sex, which she agrees to. The globe tells them to kill both one "rowdy" and one "grumpy" alien, both of whom appear to be red and green temple guards respectively. Kishimoto catches Sakuraoka and Kei having sex as she runs in to get changed, but they carry on regardless as the rest of the group suit up. 
16 "It's Me!"
"Ore ga yaru!" (俺がやる) 
September 9, 2004
The original six survivors are all suited, Sakuraoka and Mirafuji (a slightly geeky young man, never convinced he was dead) also put his on. The men are convinced only by a show of strength from Katou to bring their suits with them. As they are beamed out one by one, Kishimoto notices they have 1½ hours instead of just one. The priest shouts at each person that they're being sent to hell for accepting the guns and suits (symbols of war), until he himself is on his own. He cries in fear to be transported along with them. Four players attempt to go home, and Katou chases after them to try and stop them. One man walking in front of the others' head explodes, and Katou catches up to them to explain that they must stay. A man, Kajimura Ryuji and teenager, Muroto Hajime, are at the back of the temple discussing who they are going to beat up and what tune they'll sing as they do so, deciding on the same song that Gantz plays ("Radio Taizo's Good Morning song"). Looking through the X-gun, they see that the two giant statues at the temple entrance have bones. Kei smashes the door and the statues come to life, enraged by this. 
17 "Is It OK to Shoot Them?"
"Koitsura utte iin daro?" (こいつら撃っていいんだろ) 
September 16, 2004
Kei tries to shoot one of the aliens, but it dodges the blast and destroys a temple wall. The Buddhist priest tries to pray to stop the red statue, but it has no effect and easily crushes him. The homeless man that Kei and Katou saved at the subway is seen by the singing hobo hunters and wanders his way into the temple where the aliens and players are. They try to shoot at the feet of the hobo hunters to distract them so the homeless man can get away, but Mirafuji starts shooting at random, not caring if he hits the men or statues. He gets the statue's attention again and they start to attack once more. The green alien knocks Katou down, and Kishimoto moves in to protect him. It tries to attack once more, but Kei shoots and kills it at the same time as the "hobo hunters" kill the homeless man. 
18 "Welcome Back"
"Okaeri" (おかえり) 
September 23, 2004
The team, invigorated by Kei's victory, go after the red statue. Three people rush it, but Kei darts past all of them to get to it first. The red statue appears to be significantly more powerful than the green statue. Kei takes out one of its legs, but it remains standing. He jumps onto one of its arms and blasts it off as the team watch in awe. The red statue grabs Kei with its other remaining hand as he jumps off the arm he just destroyed and tries to crush him in its hand. The team do little but watch as is tries to kill Kei - all except for one man, a sniper on the roof, who shoots first its head and then the arm holding Kei. The man had lied in wait, forgotten until this moment, but Kei is free thanks to him. Mirafuji blasts away at the dead alien, laughing as he does so, and the team regard him with disgust. Sakuraoka welcomes Kei back and asks him if he will go out with her once they are back. With a quick glance at Kishimoto, he agrees somewhat unenthusiastically. He then begins to get annoyed at the rest of the team holding him in such high regard. Meanwhile, two other men from the team leave the temple area to see another smaller statue jump down from a rooftop. One man attempts to take it on while the other watches, and the dog who followed them through barks and alerts the others to its presence as many more statues begin to emerge. 
19 "What the Hell is This?"
"Nanja, Aryaaa" (なんじゃ、ありゃあっ) 
September 30, 2004
While some of the team fight off the smaller statues, a colossal statue emerges from the temple building. The team attempt to shoot it, but their bullets have little effect. Without warning, a woman (who Kei identifies as his teacher) and a man appear and inadvertently step right into the path of the colossal statue - Katou, Kishimoto, Hojo and his stalker (whom Gantz nicknamed 'Sadako') all work to stop the statue's foot crushing the pair as they talk. They eventually leave and all four manage to avoid being crushed. Kei shoots the statue in the head, leaving a gaping hole. He then proceeds to launch himself inside, killing it internally. He does so and the statue crashes to the ground, and out crawls Kei from its mouth. 
20 "Shoot Me!"
"Ore o Utee!" (俺を撃てっ) 
October 7, 2004
Katou's group stumble upon the dead homeless men. He breaks down, questioning even wanting to return home if the world is so cruel. Kei tells him that he is the one who wanted to go home more than anyone because of his brother. The group chase after a statue of incredible speed, but the kill is delivered once again by the sniper on the roof. Meanwhile, Hojo's group stumble upon a much larger group of aliens. The martial artist is killed fighting one of them, while the other two non-suited men run off to tell the Katou's group to come and help. Once they arrive at the scene, they find Hojo and Sadako dead, their torsos cut off from their bodies. They spent their last moments together and had shared a kiss before dying. Katou rushes in and would have suffered a similar fate, but Kishimoto jumps in front of Katou and takes the force of an acid attack aimed at Katou. Kishimoto dies shielding Katou, which enrages Kei to attack the remaining statues. Kei shoots the golden statue with many arms but it heals itself and attacks Kei, burning an arm and a leg away. Sakuraoka picks up Kei and flees with Katou. After a successful retreat, Kei asks Katou to shoot him because of the pain. 
21 "Brother?"
"Nii-chan?" (兄ちゃん) 
October 14, 2004
Katou shoots Kei's leg where it continued to corrode. This stops the corrosion, but Kei is still immobile. The two men who fled the temple earlier now attempt to attack the statue, but it easily kills them both. The sniper repeatedly shoots the limbs of the statue, but it continues to regenerate. It retaliates by firing laser beams at him, one of which hits him and kills him. Sakuraoka stands by Kei and defends him from the statue as it comes to attack him, kicking the bucket of acid it throws back at him, burning half of its body so it cannot regenerate. The statue uses its laser beams once again, which kills Sakuraoka just as she thinks she has beaten it. The statue leaves Kei alone and now goes after Katou, who manages to entangle it with the trap gun. When he attempts to beam it away, it evacuates its shell and emerges as a green alien with many arms, all of which mercilessly punch Katou. It thinks it has won, but Katou grabs the alien's sword that Sakuraoka had knocked out of its hand earlier. He then cuts off its limbs and finally its head, killing it. The headless alien, however, with a flick of its tail, pierces Katou in the heart, killing him. Kei alone is transported back into the room, crying for his lost friends. He scores only a measly 8 points despite all his hardships, bringing his total up to 46. He pays it no heed however, as he demands Gantz bring everyone back in frustration. Gantz, of course, ignores him. Kei leaves the room completely alone. 
22 "Don't Ever Say That Again!"
"Nido to Iu na!" (二度と言うな) 
October 21, 2004
Having barely survived the last mission, Kei is drawn back in a few weeks later. This time the players are people who have all been either directly or indirectly involved in Kei's life. We see how they die and consequently end up in the room. Once there, they introduce themselves accordingly in an attempt to figure out what is going on. Gantz, however, decides to add a little twist to the game: the target to kill has been set as Kei himself. 
23 "Kurono Alien"
"Kurono Seijin" (玄野星人) 
October 28, 2004
The group turn on Kei, suspecting him of being an alien that they must kill. The hobo hunters and Kei's teacher are determined to kill Kei, but others would prefer to talk it out. They turn their guns on Kei, but when being transported, Kei wrestles the gun away from Muroto Hajime, the blue haired hobo hunter. Neon signs on the roof they are transported to change to tell the others that Kei is lying. They begin to hallucinate, seeing Kei as the person who killed them or the person they most fear, and Kei hallucinates to see Katou being killed by the two Hobo hunters. Eventually, one of the men on the roof shoots at Kei, and he runs. They chase him throughout the building, eventually meeting up together in a room when Kei's teacher points a gun at him. Kajimura Ryuji, the older hobo hunter, takes a woman who originally believed Kei hostage and tries to get Kei to surrender. 
24 "There's No Labyrinth I Can't Get Out Of!!"
"Derarenai Meikyū wa Nain da!" (出られない迷宮はないんだ) 
November 4, 2004
Kei begins to hallucinate once again, seeing Kishimoto in the woman who was taken hostage. When Ryuji drops his gun to whip her, Kei knocks him against the wall and escapes with the woman. When they get away, she tells him that Sakuraoka had earlier given her a book, the one she told Kei that they would pick up together. She tells him that she needs it back as it means a lot to her, so Kei drop her out of window for safety (surviving due to the suit), and runs back to where the two hobo hunters are arguing with the rest of the group. The book shop owner, Furuta, asks Ryuji if he killed the two hobos as Kei had said he had, and he threatens them and inadvertently admits that he did. Muroto lies and claims he had been forced by Ryuji to kill the hobos. Kei jumps in, but Ryuji takes Kei's teacher and flees. Furuta gives Kei the bloodied book he came back for, and they go on in hunt of the two men. The men appear in a cupboard with Kei's teacher hostage. Muroto throws a knife he had been holding on the floor, which Kei's teacher grabs and cuts the face of Ryuki with. He bleeds profusely, but does not die. Muroto then shoots Kei's teacher and escapes. 
25 "Let's Go Back Alive"
"Ikite kaerō ze" (生きて帰ろうぜ) 
November 11, 2004
The remaining Gantz players head off in pursuit of Muroto and Ryuji and are all taken out. one by one, by Muroto and Ryuji. Furuta tries to reason with Muroto, but he tricks him and ends up killing the bank worker and badly wounding Nozaki. One by one they die; Nozaki is shot and killed by Ryuji, and Furuta is killed with an explosive from Muroto. Ryuji has strapped explosives to himself and detonates them, trying to take Kei with him. Ryuji dies, but the fate of Kei is left unknown. 
26 "Please Live!"
"Ikite kure!" (生きてくれ) 
November 18, 2004
Kei and Muroto face off for a final battle, in which Muroto's past is revealed as one of abuse. Instead of killing him, Kei uses the netting gun to have him transported out of the area. The time on the Gantz sphere back in the room is halted at 5 seconds. Kei is transported to a vision of the train station where he and Katou died. The train speeds towards Kei while his recently deceased friends cheer him on. Kei tries to outrun the train like before, but stops and realizes he is being given a choice; he chooses to live. He turns around, then points a finger in the shape of a gun at the train as it closes the distance on him and shouts "Bang!". The countdown reaches zero and Gantz disappears. It is unknown whether Kei lives or not; following the credits, there is a shot of a train speeding through the empty station, with no-one in sight. 

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