List of Frölunda HC players selected in the NHL Entry Draft

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Henrik Lundqvist, drafted in the 2000 NHL Entry Draft, 7th round, 205th overall by the New York Rangers.

This is a list of drafted Frölunda HC players, players who have been drafted in the National Hockey League (NHL) Entry Draft and played the season prior to the draft for the Frölunda ice hockey organization. There have been 76 players drafted in the NHL Entry Draft from the Frölunda organization. Most of the players on this list were drafted from Frölunda's junior team which is the most successful junior team in Sweden, having won more Anton Cups (10) than any other team.

Eleven Frölunda players have been selected in the first round of the NHL Entry Draft. The highest draft selection was Fredrik Sjöström, who was drafted eleventh overall in the 2001 NHL Entry Draft. The most-recent first-round selection was Jacob Larsson in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft. The most notable players drafted from Frölunda are; Calle Johansson, who played 1,109 regular season games in the NHL, Daniel Alfredsson who won the Calder Memorial Trophy as the NHL Rookie of the Year in 1996 and the King Clancy Memorial Trophy for leadership qualities and humanitarian contribution in his community in 2012, Henrik Lundqvist who won the Vezina Trophy in 2012 as the league's top goaltender, and Erik Karlsson who became the second youngest player to win the James Norris Memorial Trophy, awarded to the NHL's best defenceman.

Two players were drafted as overage players, having played several seasons at a professional level: Ronnie Sundin, drafted by the New York Rangers in the 1996 NHL Entry Draft at age 26, and Jonas Johnson, drafted by the St. Louis Blues in the 2002 NHL Entry Draft at age 32. Five pair of siblings have been drafted: brothers Mikael & Niklas Andersson, Carl & John Klingberg, Erik & Anton Karlsson, as well as two sets of twins, Joel & Henrik Lundqvist and Fred & John Wikner.

Drafted players

[1] Player Nationality Drafted by Year Round Overall
D Nordmark, RobertRobert Nordmark[2]  Sweden Detroit Red Wings 1981 010th 0191st
RW Andersson, MikaelMikael Andersson  Sweden Buffalo Sabres 1984 001st 0018th
D Larsson, StefanStefan Larsson  Sweden Detroit Red Wings 1984 007th 0133rd
D Johansson, CalleCalle Johansson  Sweden Buffalo Sabres 1985 001st 0014th
RW Sjogren, ThomasThomas Sjögren  Sweden Washington Capitals 1987 008th 0162nd
RW Carnback, PatrikPatrik Carnbäck  Sweden Montreal Canadiens 1988 006th 0125th
LW Andersson, NiklasNiklas Andersson  Sweden Quebec Nordiques[3] 1989 004th 0068th
D Esbjors, JoakimJoakim Esbjörs  Sweden Hartford Whalers 1992 011th 0249th
RW Alfredsson, DanielDaniel Alfredsson  Sweden Ottawa Senators 1994 006th 0113th
RW Strom, PeterPeter Ström  Sweden Montreal Canadiens 1994 008th 0200th
RW Hogardh, PeterPeter Högardh  Sweden New York Islanders 1994 008th 0203rd
LW Axelsson, Per-JohanPer-Johan Axelsson  Sweden Boston Bruins 1995 007th 0177th
D Sundin, RonnieRonnie Sundin  Sweden New York Rangers 1996 009th 0237th
D Backman, ChristianChristian Bäckman  Sweden St. Louis Blues 1998 001st 0024th
LW Tolsa, JariJari Tolsa  Sweden[4] Detroit Red Wings 1999 004th 0120th
LW Nystrom, DavidDavid Nyström  Sweden Philadelphia Flyers[5] 1999 008th 0224th
C Lundqvist, JoelJoel Lundqvist  Sweden Dallas Stars[6] 2000 003rd 0068th
G Lundqvist, HenrikHenrik Lundqvist  Sweden New York Rangers 2000 007th 0205th
C Eriksson, TimTim Eriksson  Sweden Los Angeles Kings[7] 2000 007th 0206th
RW Kahnberg, MagnusMagnus Kahnberg  Sweden Carolina Hurricanes 2000 007th 0212th
RW Sjostrom, FredrikFredrik Sjöström  Sweden Phoenix Coyotes[8] 2001 001st 0011th
LW Karlsson, JensJens Karlsson  Sweden Los Angeles Kings 2001 001st 0018th
D Svensk, MikaelMikael Svensk  Sweden Edmonton Oilers 2001 006th 0185th
C Steen, AlexanderAlexander Steen  Sweden[9] Toronto Maple Leafs 2002 001st 0024th
C Johnson, JonasJonas Johnson  Sweden St. Louis Blues 2002 007th 0221st
C Johansson, FredrikFredrik Johansson  Sweden Edmonton Oilers 2002 009th 0274th
LW Eriksson, LouiLoui Eriksson  Sweden Dallas Stars 2003 002nd 0033rd
RW Olsson, KalleKalle Olsson  Sweden Edmonton Oilers 2003 005th 0147th
D Demen-Willaume, RichardRichard Demén-Willaume  Sweden Colorado Avalanche 2004 005th 0154th
RW Wikner, FredFred Wikner  Sweden Calgary Flames 2004 006th 0182nd
LW Axelsson, AntonAnton Axelsson  Sweden Detroit Red Wings 2004 006th 0192nd
LW Wikner, JohnJohn Wikner  Sweden Ottawa Senators 2004 009th 0284th
RW Madsen, MortenMorten Madsen  Denmark Minnesota Wild 2005 004th 0122nd
LW Pettersson, FredrikFredrik Pettersson  Sweden Edmonton Oilers 2005 005th 0157th
C Starkov, KirillKirill Starkov  Russia[10] Columbus Blue Jackets 2005 006th 0189th
RW Figren, RobinRobin Figren  Sweden New York Islanders 2006 003rd 0070th
D Ahnelov, JohanJonas Ahnelöv  Sweden Phoenix Coyotes[11] 2006 003rd 0088th
LW Stalberg, ViktorViktor Stålberg  Sweden Toronto Maple Leafs 2006 006th 0161st
C Eller, LarsLars Eller  Denmark St. Louis Blues 2007 001st 0013th
G Gistedt, JoelJoel Gistedt  Sweden Phoenix Coyotes 2007 002nd 0036th
LW Hjalmarsson, SimonSimon Hjalmarsson  Sweden St. Louis Blues 2007 002nd 0039th
C Andersson, JoakimJoakim Andersson  Sweden Detroit Red Wings 2007 003rd 0088th
D Hellgren, JensJens Hellgren  Sweden Colorado Avalanche 2007 006th 0155th
D Karlsson, ErikErik Karlsson  Sweden Ottawa Senators 2008 001st 0015th
C Gustafsson, AntonAnton Gustafsson  Sweden Washington Capitals 2008 001st 0021st
RW Lasu, NicklasNicklas Lasu  Sweden Atlanta Thrashers 2008 005th 0124th
D Larsen, PhilipPhilip Larsen  Denmark Dallas Stars 2008 005th 0149th
RW Klingberg, CarlCarl Klingberg  Sweden Atlanta Thrashers 2009 002nd 0034th
G Lehner, RobinRobin Lehner  Sweden Ottawa Senators 2009 002nd 0046th
D Andersson, PeterPeter Andersson  Sweden Vancouver Canucks 2009 005th 0143rd
D Klingberg, JohnJohn Klingberg  Sweden Dallas Stars 2010 005th 0131st
C Sundström, JohanJohan Sundström  Sweden New York Islanders 2011 002nd 0050th
LW Schumacher, MichaelMichael Schumacher  Sweden Los Angeles Kings 2011 007th 0200th
D Tömmernes, HenrikHenrik Tömmernes  Sweden Vancouver Canucks 2011 007th 0210th
RW Collberg, SebastianSebastian Collberg  Sweden Montreal Canadiens 2012 002nd 0033rd
G Andersen, FrederikFrederik Andersen  Denmark Anaheim Ducks 2012 003rd 0087th
C Karlsson, ErikErik Karlsson  Sweden Carolina Hurricanes 2012 004th 0099th
G Bergvik, FredrikFredrik Bergvik  Sweden San Jose Sharks 2013 004th 0117th
RW Søberg, MarkusMarkus Søberg  Norway Columbus Blue Jackets 2013 006th 0165th
LW Blidh, AntonAnton Blidh  Sweden Boston Bruins 2013 006th 0180th
LW Johnson, AndreasAndreas Johnson  Sweden Toronto Maple Leafs 2013 007th 0202nd
D Bergman, JuliusJulius Bergman  Sweden San Jose Sharks 2014 002nd 0046th
RW Karlsson, AntonAnton Karlsson  Sweden Arizona Coyotes 2014 003rd 0087th
D Lagesson, WilliamWilliam Lagesson  Sweden Edmonton Oilers 2014 004th 0091st
C Ehn, ChristofferChristoffer Ehn  Sweden Detroit Red Wings 2014 004th 0106th
D Nyberg, JohnJohn Nyberg  Sweden Dallas Stars 2014 006th 0165th
G Fagerblom, HugoHugo Fagerblom  Sweden Florida Panthers 2014 007th 0182th
LW Engvall, PierrePierre Engvall  Sweden Toronto Maple Leafs 2014 007th 0188th
RW Elgestål, KevinKevin Elgestål  Sweden Washington Capitals 2014 007th 0194th
D Larsson, JacobJacob Larsson  Sweden Anaheim Ducks 2015 001st 0027th
RW Dahlström, JohnJohn Dahlström  Sweden Chicago Blackhawks 2015 007th 0211th
RW Vesalainen, KristianKristian Vesalainen  Finland Winnipeg Jets 2017 001st 0024th
D Westerlund, FilipFilip Westerlund  Sweden Arizona Coyotes 2017 002nd 0044th
C Ikonen, JoniJoni Ikonen  Finland Montreal Canadiens 2017 002nd 0058th
C Peterson, JacobJacob Peterson  Sweden Dallas Stars 2017 005th 0132nd
D Gunnarsson , KristofferKristoffer Gunnarsson  Sweden Vancouver Canucks 2017 005th 0135th


  1. ^ Position; GGoaltender, DDefenceman, CCentre, LWLeft Wing, RWRight Wing
  2. ^ Nordmark did not sign any contract with Detroit, he became eligible to re-enter the draft after the 1983–84 season. He was later drafted by the St. Louis Blues, 59th overall in the 1987 NHL Entry Draft. This time, Nordmark did not play for Frölunda the season prior to the draft.
  3. ^ Pick traded on December 12, 1988, from the New Jersey Devils to the Quebec Nordiques for Tommy Albelin.
  4. ^ Tolsa has dual citizenship, Swedish and Finnish.
  5. ^ Pick traded on October 13, 1998, from the Calgary Flames to the Philadelphia Flyers for round 3 pick (Patrick Aufiero) in the 1999 NHL Entry Draft.
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  9. ^ Steen has dual citizenship, Swedish and Canadian.
  10. ^ Starkov, who was born in Russia but grew up in Denmark, was at the time of the draft a Russian citizen. He got his Danish citizenship in 2007.
  11. ^ Pick traded on March 9, 2006, from the New Jersey Devils to the New York Islanders for Brad Lukowich. Pick traded on June 24, 2006, from the New York Islanders with round 5 pick (Brett Bennett) to the Phoenix Coyotes for two round 4 picks (Tomas Marcinko and Doug Rogers).


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