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An aircraft painted in white, with a red dragon on its tail and the name Dragonair in both English and Traditional Chinese on the fuselage, taxiing on the taxiway
Dragonair Airbus A320-200

Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Limited, operating as Cathay Dragon (previously as Dragonair), is an international airline headquartered in Hong Kong, with its corporate headquarters, Dragonair House, and main hub at Hong Kong International Airport.[1] As of 30 October 2013, the airline operates a scheduled passenger service to 44 destinations in 13 countries and territories across Asia. Additionally, 3 other destinations in the network are served by partner airlines using codeshares.[2] The airline was founded on 24 May 1985 by Kuang-Piu Chao, the airline's present honorary chairman.[3][4]

Dragonair is a wholly owned subsidiary and the regional wing of Hong Kong's flag carrier, Cathay Pacific, and an affiliate member of the Oneworld alliance.[5] The airline operates as a regional airline that concentrates on destinations in the People's Republic of China and within Asia, while its parent operates a worldwide network to destinations in Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America and Africa.[6] Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport was the airline's first operational hub. Dragonair Flight 841 from Chongqing was the airport's last scheduled arrival flight.[7]


Aerial view of a runway of an airport. It is surrounded by a harbour.
Dragonair's first operational hub at Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport

Cathay dragon (Formerly Dragonair) operated its first commercial flight from Hong Kong to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia in July 1985 with a Boeing 737-200 aircraft, after receiving its air operator's certificate. In 1986, the airline introduced regular passenger services to Guilin, Hangzhou, Nanjing and Xiamen in the People's Republic of China, and to Phuket, Thailand. In the following years, the airline's operations expanded to more cities in the People's Republic of China and to other countries across Asia, including Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Japan, Nepal, Philippines, the Republic of China (Taiwan), South Korea and Vietnam.[8][9] Initially, Dragonair operated its passenger services only as regular charter flights; these were passenger flights that were operated by the airline on a programme basis similar to scheduled flights, but were not part of the air services agreement between their respective countries.[10][11] The airline was granted scheduled services rights in 1990.[12]

The airline's cargo division, Dragonair Cargo, operated a fleet of Boeing aircraft to destinations in Asia, Europe and the United States between 2000 and 2008. The inaugural all-cargo flight was a Boeing 747-200 freighter bound for Dubai, Amsterdam and Manchester. The airline's freighter fleet was either consolidated into the Cathay Pacific fleet or retired by January 2009.[13][14]

The destination list shows airports that have been served by Dragonair as part of its regular charter and scheduled passenger services, and scheduled cargo services since its founding in 1985. The list includes the city and country name; the airport codes of the International Air Transport Association (IATA airport code) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO airport code); the airport name; and the beginning and end year of services. Additionally, there are labels for airports that: have been served only by cargo or regular charter service, are the airline's hub, or have services suspended or terminated and subsequently been resumed or recommenced.

[Hub] Hub
[F] Future Destinations
[C] Charter Destinations
[S] Seasonal Destinations
[T] Terminated Destinations
An airport terminal building with an air traffic control tower on the left and a carpark on the foreground of the building
Dragonair's first destination in Japan – Hiroshima Airport
City Country IATA ICAO Airport Notes Refs
Amsterdam  Netherlands AMS EHAM Amsterdam Airport Schiphol[T] Cargo only [13][15]
Bengaluru  India BLR VOBL Kempegowda International Airport [2][16]
Bangkok  Thailand DMK VTBD Don Mueang International Airport[T] [17][18]
Beijing  China PEK ZBAA Beijing Capital International Airport [2][19]
Busan  South Korea PUS RKPK Gimhae International Airport [2][20][21]
Changsha  China CSX ZGHA Changsha Huanghua International Airport [9][22]
Chengdu  China CTU ZUUU Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport [9][22]
Chiang Mai  Thailand CNX VTCC Chiang Mai International Airport [23]
Chongqing  China CKG ZUCK Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport
Clark  Philippines CRK RPLC Clark International Airport [2][24]
Dalian  China DLC ZYTL Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport [9][25]
Da Nang  Vietnam DAD VVDN Da Nang International Airport [26]
Dhaka  Bangladesh DAC VGHS Shahjalal International Airport [2][9]
Denpasar  Indonesia DPS WADD Ngurah Rai International Airport [27]
Dubai  United Arab Emirates DXB OMDB Dubai International Airport[T] Cargo only [13][15]
Frankfurt  Germany FRA EDDF Frankfurt Airport[T] Cargo only [15][28]
Fukuoka  Japan FUK RJFF Fukuoka Airport [25][29][30]
Fuzhou  China FOC ZSFZ Fuzhou Changle International Airport [22][31]
Guangzhou  China CAN ZGGG Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport [2][32]
Guilin  China KWL ZGKL Guilin Liangjiang International Airport [9][25]
Haikou  China HAK ZJHK Haikou Meilan International Airport [9][14]
Hangzhou  China HGH ZSHC Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport [2][9]
Hanoi  Vietnam HAN VVNB Noi Bai International Airport [22][33]
Hiroshima  Japan HIJ RJOA Hiroshima Airport[T] [9][34][35]
Hong Kong  Hong Kong HKG VHHH Kai Tak Airport Former Hub [36][37]
Hong Kong  Hong Kong HKG VHHH Hong Kong International Airport[Hub] [37]
Jeju  South Korea CJU RKPC Jeju International Airport [22]
Jinan  China TNA ZSJN Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport [38]
Kaohsiung  Taiwan KHH RCKH Kaohsiung International Airport [2][39]
Kathmandu    Nepal KTM VNKT Tribhuvan International Airport [2][40][41]
Kolkata  India CCU VECC Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport [42]
Komatsu  Japan KMQ RJNK Komatsu Airport[C] [43]
Kota Kinabalu  Malaysia BKI WBKK Kota Kinabalu International Airport[T] [2][36][44]
Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia KUL WMKK Kuala Lumpur International Airport [45]
Kuching  Malaysia KCH WBGG Kuching International Airport[T] [9][34]
Kunming  China KMG ZPPP Kunming Changshui International Airport [2][9]
London  United Kingdom STN EGSS London Stansted Airport[T] Cargo only [28][46]
Manchester  United Kingdom MAN EGCC Manchester Airport[T] Cargo only [13][15]
Manila  Philippines MNL RPLL Ninoy Aquino International Airport [2][47]
Nanning  China NNG ZGNN Nanning Wuxu International Airport [9][22][48]
Nanjing  China NKG ZSNJ Nanjing Lukou International Airport [9][22]
New York City  United States JFK KJFK John F. Kennedy International Airport[T] Cargo only [15][49]
Ningbo  China NGB ZSNB Ningbo Lishe International Airport [2][9][50][51]
Okinawa  Japan OKA ROAH Naha Airport [52]
Osaka  Japan KIX RJBB Kansai International Airport[T] Cargo only [14][53]
Penang  Malaysia PEN WKMP Penang International Airport [54]
Phnom Penh  Cambodia PNH VDPP Phnom Penh International Airport [9][22]
Phuket  Thailand HKT VTSP Phuket International Airport [2][8][55][56]
Qingdao  China TAO ZSQD Qingdao Liuting International Airport [2][9]
Sanya  China SYX ZJSY Sanya Phoenix International Airport [2][40]
Sendai  Japan SDJ RJSS Sendai Airport[C] [9][20][34][57]
Shanghai  China SHA ZSSS Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport [19][58]
Shanghai  China PVG ZSPD Shanghai Pudong International Airport [2][58]
Shenyang  China SHE ZYTX Shenyang Taoxian International Airport [25][59]
Siem Reap  Cambodia REP VDSR Siem Reap International Airport [60]
Taichung  Taiwan RMQ RCMQ Taichung International Airport [39][61]
Taipei  Taiwan TPE RCTP Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport [2][62]
Tianjin  China TSN ZBTJ Tianjin Binhai International Airport [9][50]
Tokyo  Japan NRT RJAA Narita International Airport [15][63][64]
Tokyo  Japan HND RJTT Haneda International Airport [65][66]
Wenzhou  China WNZ ZSWZ Wenzhou Yongqiang International Airport [67]
Wuhan  China WUH ZHHH Wuhan Tianhe International Airport [2][9]
Xiamen  China XMN ZSAM Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport [2][9]
Xi'an  China XIY ZLXY Xi'an Xianyang International Airport [9][25]
Yangon  Myanmar RGN VYYY Yangon International Airport [68]
Zhengzhou  China CGO ZHCC Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport [69]


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