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This is a list of episodes of the Devil May Cry anime. The episodes are directed by Shin Itagaki and produced by Madhouse Studios. The English adaptation of the anime has been licensed by Funimation Entertainment. They are based on the Devil May Cry video game series produced by Capcom. The background of the storyline is primarily based on the first and third installments of the series, Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening respectively.

The anime was originally announced at the Tokyo Game Show on September 22, 2006, with plans to release twelve episodes of the series.[1] Unlike most anime, the episode titles were released in English instead of the customary Japanese.[2] The first episode aired on June 14, 2007, with the twelfth shown on September 6, 2007.[3] The episodes aired on WOWOW.[3]

Two pieces of theme music are used for the episodes, one opening theme and one closing theme. The opening theme is "d.m.c." by rungran, and the closing theme is "I'll be your home" by Rin Oikawa. The original soundtrack for the episodes was released by Media Factory on August 18, 2007.[2][4]

As of December 2007, three DVD compilations have been released by Media Factory, each containing two episodes of the anime, with the latest one released on November 22, 2007.[2] Three more DVD compilations are slated for release.[2] A special edition of the first compilation will also be packaged with Devil May Cry 4, the next game in the Devil May Cry series.[2]

Episode list

# Episode Name Original air date
"Devil May Cry"
June 14, 2007 (2007-06-14)
Dante, a mercenary specializing in demon hunting, is hired as the bodyguard of Patty Lowell, a young orphan who is the heir to a large fortune. He protects her from several demon assassins, which her greedy uncles have sent so that they can keep the money for themselves. The real heiress, having used Patty as a decoy, arrives to claim the fortune, but one of the uncles transforms into an archdemon and kills the others before Dante slays him. The heiress gives Patty part of her inheritance to keep quiet, and she moves in with Dante at his office, Devil May Cry.
"Highway Star"
June 21, 2007 (2007-06-21)
Dante reluctantly accepts a mission from his old acquaintance, Lady, to investigate a motorcyclist known as "Red Eye", who she suspects is a demon. The investigation leads them to Vincent, a professional racer who wants revenge on Red Eye for his brother's death. Lady gets Dante to challenge Vincent to a race, during which the latter is drawn into an illusion and nearly killed before Dante and Lady force him off the road. Red Eye, who turns out to be a cyclopean demon disguised as a motorcycle, fights them before Lady is able to destroy it with her rocket launcher. To Dante's displeasure, the money he earns from the mission is seized by Lady to cover his debt to her. Vincent arrives and asks Dante for a rematch, which he accepts on the condition that he loses a single round of billiards.
"Not Love"
June 28, 2007 (2007-06-28)
The mayor learns that his daughter, Angelina, is seeing a mysterious man named Bradley. Fearing that Bradley may be linked to a serial killer operating in the city, he hires Dante to investigate him. Dante determines that Bradley is a demon, but spares him after eliminating another demon responsible for the murders. Bradley says he knows about Dante and reveals he is half-human half-demon. Dante learns that Bradley serves the demon lord Belphegor, who is preparing to ascend to the human world. The two race back to Angelina's home to find that her butler has murdered the mayor in order to use his blood for a ritual that will summon Belphegor. Dante manages to return Belphegor to the underworld by force, while Bradley uses his powers to save the mayor's life, allowing him to keep his relationship with Angelina. As Dante contemplates whether or not demons can truly find happiness as humans, a strange woman is seen outside his office.
"Rolling Thunder"
July 5, 2007 (2007-07-05)
While on a mission, Lady encounters a woman with lightning-based abilities, who she identifies as a demon. A local priest subsequently hires her to kill the woman, which ends in a fight to the death inside his church. Before the two can finish their fight, Dante arrives and introduces the woman as his old partner, Trish. He also explains that the priest, who turns out to be a fallen angel, hired her so that he could cover up his own crimes. The priest assumes his true form and attacks them, but the three team up and destroy him. Afterwards, Dante learns that both women have skipped town, leaving him with the bill for their recent shopping spree.
"In Private"
July 12, 2007 (2007-07-12)
An unnamed man, who views Dante as a rival for the affections of his girlfriend Cindy, follows him one night into a nightclub, only to be thrown out after getting caught in the women's restroom. He then tries to follow him again, but gets chased off by Patty and eventually witnesses Dante eliminate a horde of demons posing as Mafia soldiers. Breaking into Devil May Cry, he runs into Sid, who gives him a small bell before allowing him to escape. The man is attacked by a demon, but Dante kills it. He decides to flee to the countryside, but Dante intercepts him and reveals that the bell is, in fact, a summoning charm. He then summons and kills several more demons before destroying the bell with a single shot. Before leaving, he encourages the man to pursue Cindy. The man later visits Dante at the diner where Cindy works and orders the same sundae he's eating, which Dante interprets as an unwanted display of admiration.
"Rock Queen"
July 19, 2007 (2007-07-19)
Morison gets Dante a job protecting a team of "treasure hunters" looting a priceless collection of old vinyl records. The leader, a man named Tim, plays one, attracting a siren that Dante chases off. Tim explains that the record belongs to Elena Huston, a famous rock singer who he managed before he became a collector, and suggests that she may be looking for the record. In a series of flashbacks, Elena is shown as unintentionally summoning the siren, who uses her powers to make Elena famous before taking control of her body. Tim and Dante use the record to set a trap, and Dante separates Elena and the siren, the latter of whom he beheads to free her from her curse. Elena, happy that Tim kept her songs, dies in his arms.
"Wishes Come True"
July 26, 2007 (2007-07-26)
As a reward for freeing him, a djinn offers a fisherman named Gary one wish. After turning down his first three, he grants the fourth: murdering his friend Klaus after an argument. Gary is charged with murder and imprisoned, and his sister pays Dante with her ring so that he can rescue him. Dante gets himself arrested and assaults the prison warden, getting thrown into solitary as a result. When the guards start hunting the prisoners for sport, Dante realizes that they are demons and lures them outside, where he kills them. Meanwhile, Lady encounters the djinn and drives it away when it refuses to grant her a wish. When she tells Dante to "go to hell" after catching him cheating at cards, the djinn appears and Dante manages to destroy it. Sid takes the djinn's mask for himself, and Dante decides not to go after him. While sharing a drink, Gary reveals that his sister died shortly after his arrest, and Dante returns the ring to him. Outside, he sees the sister's ghost happily return to the afterlife.
"Once Upon A Time"
August 2, 2007 (2007-08-02)
Morison brings in a client named Earnest, who mistakes Dante for his missing friend, Anthony. Morison explains that, twenty years ago, a small fishing town was destroyed by a demon that could breathe fire and that Anthony and his mother were blamed for the disaster. To clear their names, Dante visits Earnest, eventually deducing that Sid has orchestrated the whole thing as a test of Dante's abilities. Dante admits that he did use the name Anthony as an alias when he was younger, but that he is not the same person. Earnest summons the demon so that he can kill it, but it easily overpowers him. Only Dante's intervention saves his life and ends the demon's existence. After waking up in the hospital, Earnest learns that the demon destroyed the town looking for Dante and turns on him, swearing to kill him if he ever returns. On the train ride home, Sid admits that everything he's been up to is part of a plan to "help" Dante, then vanishes before Dante can respond.
"Death Poker"
August 9, 2007 (2007-08-09)
Dante is hired to track down "King", a demon who feeds on the souls of gamblers when they lose. He subsequently receives an invitation to a private poker game aboard a cruise ship, with Lady posing as the dealer. As the gamblers are eliminated one by one, they all die suspicious deaths, until only Dante remains. He becomes hysterical and tries to attack Lady, forcing her to shoot him through the heart. The woman who hired him in the first place appears and reveals herself as King, a lilith who uses an enchanted pocket watch to possess gamblers and steal the souls of their opponents. Dante comes back to life and explains that he knew about the watch all along (after it briefly took control of Patty) and that he and Lady have been playing King from the beginning. After a quick fight, King is destroyed and the team reconvenes at Devil May Cry, where Dante soon loses a round of poker to Patty.
10 TBA
"The Last Promise"
August 23, 2007 (2007-08-23)
The demon knight Baul, who was once Sparda's apprentice, is summoned by Sid to exact revenge on his master for abandoning the demon realm. Modeus, Baul's brother and a former knight himself, is also summoned, and tries to get Baul to give up his vendetta. Dante, who suspects that Baul desires his father's sword, Rebellion, challenges him to a duel, eventually killing Baul when he assumes his demon form. Modeus, bound by oath to avenge his brother, attacks Dante and is killed as well. When Patty arrives at Devil May Cry to make a sundae for Modeus, Dante lies and tells her that he left to "fulfill a promise". Sid visits the makeshift grave where Dante left Baul and Modeus and gleefully remarks that he needs only one more thing to complete his plan.
11 "Showtime!" August 30, 2007 (2007-08-30)
Nina, a sorceress and Patty's mother, hires Dante to protect her pendant, since she no longer has the power to fight off the many demons who seek to claim it. Patty runs off after Dante insults her, while Simon, Nina's associate, burns his hand when he tries to steal it from Dante's pocket. Nina, unwilling to put anyone else in danger, offers to pay Dante for the day if he returns the pendant. Later that evening, Simon ties her up in her hotel room and reveals himself to be Sid, having used Modeus's skin as a disguise. He uses Nina as a hostage to force Patty to bring him the pendant, which he combines with other artifacts he's gathered to open a portal to the underworld. Morison escapes with Nina and Patty as Dante goes after Sid. Sid explains that he seeks the power of Abigail, a demon said to be one of the most powerful in history, and who was imprisoned by Patty's family.
12 "Stylish!" September 6, 2007 (2007-09-06)
With Dante impaled and crucified in the demon dimension, Lady and Trish fight the invasion of devils in the human world while Patty attempts to retrieve Dante. Dante returns and challenges Sid. Despite Sid's power, Dante defeats and subsequently kills him. In the epilogue, Dante, Lady, and Trish leave on a devil-hunting mission and make a bet that whoever gets to the job first, gets the money. Meanwhile Patty comes to Dante's office, determined to clean up his mess.

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