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Crayola markers have come in different colors since their introduction in 1978.

Standard marker colors

Number Color Hex Issued Retired Pack
1 Apricot #FDD5B1 2014 Multicultural.
2 Azure #1A4876 1997 Classic.
3 Battery Charged Blue #1DACD6 1997 Bright.
4 Beige #EFDECD 1995 Multicultural.
5 Bittersweet #FD7C6E 2000 Bold.
6 Black #0F0F0F 1978 Classic.
7 Blue #1F75FE 1978 Classic.
8 Blue Bolt #00B9FB 2014 Bright.
9 Blue Gray #C8C8CD 1992 Bold.
10 Blue Green #0095B7 1987 Bright.
11 Blue Lagoon[1] #4CB7A5 1987 Tropical.
12 Blue Violet #6456B7 1987 Bright.
13 Bronze #D68A59 2000 Multicultural.
14 Brown #B4674D 1978 Classic.
15 Burgundy #900020 1993 Multicultural.
16 Copper #DD9475 1993 Bold.
17 Coral #DC184E 1997 Tropical.
18 Coral Reef #FD7C6E 1987 Tropical.
19 Dark Blue #23145D 1987 Bold.
20 Dark Brown #5D2D04 1987 Bold.
21 Dark Gray #383838 1987 Bold.
22 Dark Green #06720F 1987 Bold.
23 Dark Red #8B0000 1987 Bold.
24 Dolphin Gray #828E84 1987 Tropical.
25 Electric Blue #7DF9FF 1990 Bright, Fluorescent.
26 Electric Lime #CCFF00 1993 Bright.
27 Emerald #50C878 1993 Bold.
28 Fiery Orange #FEB300 1999 Bright, Fluorescent.
29 Flamingo Pink #F78FA7 1990 2014 Tropical.
30 Glowing Green #51FF0C 1987 Bright, Fluorescent.
31 Golden Beige #A7825D 2000 Multicultural.
32 Golden Yellow #FFB653 2000 Bold.
33 Graphic Green #3D9979 2006 Bright.
34 Gray #95918C 1978 Classic.
35 Green #1CAC78 1978 Classic.
36 Green Blue #2887C8 1987 Bright.
37 Green Yellow #F1E788 1987 Bright.
38 Hot Magenta #FF1DCE 1987 Bright.
39 Hot Pink #FFBCD9 1993 Bright.
40 Iguana Green #71BC78 1987 Bold.
41 Infra Red #FF496C 1997 Bright.
42 Kiwi #8EE53F 2014 Bold.
43 Laser Lemon #FFFF66 1997 Bright.
44 Light Blue #8FD8D8 1987 Bright.
45 Light Brown #C2792B 1987 Bright.
46 Light Gray #D3D3D3 1987 Bold.
47 Light Green #90EE90 1987 Bold.
48 Lilac #CBA8C5 2014 Bold.
49 Mahogany #CD4A4C 2016 Multicultural.
50 Maroon #800000 1995 Multicultural.
51 Neon Yellow #F3F315 1987 Bright, Fluorescent.
52 Orange #FF7538 1978 Classic.
53 Orange Circuit #FF6E4A 1997 Bright.
54 Orange Red #FF5349 1987 Bright.
55 Orange Yellow #F8D568 1987 Bright.
56 Palm Leaf #6F9940 2014 Tropical.
57 Parrot Pink #D998A0 2014 Tropical.
58 Pink #FFAACC 1978 Classic.
59 Plum #8E4585 1993 Bold.
60 Primrose #DD4492 1997 Bold.
61 Pumpkin #FF7518 2014 Bold.
62 Raspberry #CA3767 1993 Bold.
63 Red #EE204D 1978 Classic.
64 Red Orange #FF681F 1987 Bright.
65 Red Violet #BB3385 1987 Bright.
66 Rust #B7410E 2010 Multicultural.
67 Royal Purple #7851A9 1993 Bold.
68 Sandy Tan #FDD9B5 2000 Tropical.
69 Sea Foam Green #9FE2BF 2001 Tropical.
70 Sepia #704214 2014 Multicultural.
71 Shocking Pink #FF6FFF 1987 Bright, Fluorescent.
72 Sienna #B05C52 2000 Multicultural.
73 Tan #FAA76C 1990 Multicultural.
74 Tawny #DEAA88 2000 Multicultural.
75 Teal #17857B 1993 Bold.
76 Terra Cotta #9B7653 2000 Multicultural.
77 Tiger Orange #C46210 1990 Bold.
78 Tropical Violet #CDA4DE 1993 Tropical.
79 Turquoise #33CCCC 1987 Bold.
80 Turquoise Surf #00C5CD 2014 Tropical.
81 Ultra Violet #9D81BA 2006 Bright.
82 Violet (Purple) #926EAE 1978 Classic.
83 Violet Blue #766EC8 1987 Bright.
84 Violet Red #F7468A 1987 Bright.
85 Wild Orchid #E6A8D7 1990 Tropical.
86 Yellow #FCE883 1978 Classic.
87 Yellow Green #C5E17A 1987 Bright.
88 Yellow Orange #FFAE42 1987 Bright.

Specialty markers

Dry Erase

Colors: Black, Bright Blue, Brown, Fuchsia, Gray, Green, Lime, Orange, Red, Teal, Violet Blue, and Yellow


Colors (8 pack): Lime, Magenta, Purple, Rose, Sky Blue, Slate, White, and Yellow


Colors (8 pack): Glistening Green, Opaque Orange, Radiant Rose, Shady Brown, Smoky Slate, Sunny Yellow, Vivid Blue, and Window White


Colors (8 pack): Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Purple, Brown, Pink, Blue

Power Lines

"Crayola Power Lines" Scented Markers- tropical punch magenta, cherry pop red, orange burst, lemon zeal yellow, amp'd green apple, sky blue breeze, berry fusion blue, purple grape zing, root beer blast brown, crispy marshmallow black.

Pip Squeaks

Pip Squeaks Skinnies 64 pack

Asparagus, Awesome (Hot Pink), Bear Hug, Blue Eyes, Blue Marble, Blue Moon, Blue Sky, Burnt Sienna, Cadet Blue, Cheddar Chip, Cherry Tomato, Chicken Little Blue, Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon Stick, Coral, Cranberry Crush, Dark Sea Green, Four Leaf Clover, Fun In The Sun, Garden Green, Grape Jam, Grasshopper Green, Green, Green Yellow, Green Sprout, Honey Droplets, Inchworm Green, Kitten Gray, Lightning Bug, Little Boy Blue, Mad Magenta, Mandarin Orange, Medium Gray, Melon, Mermaid Tail, Midnight Blue, Mini Magenta, Navy Niblet, Orchid Petals, Peach, Petal Pink, Petite Rose, Pinky Pink, Pint Sized Purple, Popsicle Pink, Raw Sienna, Sassy Salmon, Sea Bubbles (Light Blue), Sepia (Brown-Black), Small Fry Yellow, Small Potatoes, Star Specks, Strawberry Red, Sugar Cube, Sunny Side Up, Sweet Pea Green, Timber Wolf, Tiny Toad Brown, Tip Toe Teal, Tomato Soup, Toy Poodle (Black), Turtle Green, Twist O'S Lime, Violet Petals.

Pip Scents

  • Pizza Night: Cuppa’ Cappuccino (Brown), Buttered Macaroni (Yellow), Pepperoni Slice (Red), Berry Gelato (Blue).
  • Fruit Farm: Melon Wedge (Melon Pink), Lime Squeeze (Green), Juicy Strawberry (Red), Lemon Tree (Neon Yellow).
  • Candy Store: Cherry Lollipop (Red), Sour Apple Taffy (Green), Licorice Whip (Purple), Gum Ball Blast (Pink).
  • Carnival Snacks: Berry Snow Cone (Blue), Hot Popcorn (Yellow), Caramel Apple (Maple Brown), Cotton Candy (Pink).
  • Sodas and Shakes: Root Beer Float (Maple Brown), Tangerine Zing (Orange), Grape Fizz (Purple), Cherry Cola (Magenta).
  • Cupcake Sweets: Birthday Cake (Sandy Brown), Key Lime Pie (Light Green), Blueberry Muffin (Blue), Strawberry Tart (Red).
  • Tropical Vacation: Coconut Hut (Brown), Island Punch (Red), Banana Cabana (Yellow), Breezy Bay (Blue).
  • Camp Out: Gooey Marshmallow (Black), Fir Tree Fresh (Dark Green), Cool Breeze (Blue), Pickin' Berries (Dark Pink)

Silly Scents

Heads 'n Tails


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