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This article is a list of Chinese philosophers.

Ancient philosophers



Chinese Naturalism




The Logicians

The Agrarians

School of Diplomacy

School of Military

Imperial era philosophers




  • Zhou Dunyi, argued for the inseparability of metaphysics and ethics.
  • Han Yu, precursor to Neo-Confucianism, essayist, and poet.
  • Lu Jiuyuan, saw moral conduct as a consequence of intuitive insights into the essence of reality.
  • Shao Yong, considered one of the most scholarly men of the time.
  • Su Shi, accomplished Song Dynasty writer.
  • Ye Shi, stressed practical learning and applying Confucian doctrine to real world problems.
  • Zhang Zai, everything is composed of qi, and that fact explains everything.
  • Lai Zhide, created the Taijitu.
  • Li Ao
  • Liu Zongzhou – considered the last master of Song-Ming Neo-Confucianism.


Kaozheng Evidential Research

Philosophers that cannot be easily categorised

Modern philosophers

Chinese Marxist Philosophy

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