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A black-haired girl stands in front of a yellow and black background. She wears a black and red school uniform, and is unsheathing a katana. Her upper legs are obscured by a red bar bear the series' title in white letters.
Box cover art of the first Blood-C DVD/Blu-Ray volume, released in Japan by Aniplex on September 28, 2011.

Blood-C (Japanese: ブラッド-C, Hepburn: Buraddo-C) is a Japanese animated television series which aired twelve episodes between July 8 and September 30, 2011.[1][2] The third project in the Blood franchise, the series follows Saya Kisaragi as she fights monsters called the Elder Bairns.[3] It was directed by Tsutomu Mizushima and produced by Production I.G. The characters were designed by manga artist group Clamp. All episodes were co-written by Clamp member Nanase Ohkawa and Blood+ director Junichi Fujisaku.[3]

Blood-C premiered in the late night slot on Mainichi Broadcasting System (MBS) and Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS).[4] It was livestreamed simultaneously in North America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa through the Western branch of Niconico.[5][6][7] Other channels that showed Blood-C in 2011 were Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting and Kumamoto Asahi Broadcasting's RRK station.[4][8] WOWOW ran a marathon broadcast between September 22 and 29, 2013, followed by its movie sequel Blood-C: The Last Dark and the original Blood: The Last Vampire.[9]

The series' home video releases on Blu-ray and DVD were published in Japan by Aniplex.[10] The series released in six volumes between September 28, 2011 and February 22, 2012.[11] The series' English dub and North American licensing was handled by Funimation.[12] A box set containing the whole series released for Blu-ray and DVD on January 22, 2013.[13] In Australia, the series was licensed by Madman Entertainment, releasing as a box set for DVD and Blu-ray on April 17, 2013.[14][15] In Europe, the series was distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment through Manga Entertainment. It released as a box set on DVD and Blu-ray on June 10, 2013.[16]

Episode list

No. Official English title
Original Japanese title
Director Original airdate[17]
1 "O Ye Winds of Heaven"
"Ama Tsukase" (あまつかせ)
Takayuki Goto July 8, 2011[1]
Saya Kisaragi is a cheerful, honest and kind girl, who trains as a shrine maiden under her father Tadayoshi Kisaragi, spending her days quietly with her schoolmates Itsuki Tomofusa, Yūka Amino and Nene & Nono Motoe. During her journey to school, Saya meets a small dog. However, those outside her family are oblivious to her secret life as a swordswoman dedicated to slaying monsters called Elder Bairns. That night, she faces and defeats a Jizo Elder Bairn.
2 "It Is for Thy Sake"
"Kimi ga Tame" (きみがため)
Shinji Itadaki July 15, 2011[18]
Saya is seen hunting down a Bat Elder Bairn at night. The next day, she stops by the coffee shop to see Fumito Nanahara, who offers her some pink marshmallow-like guimauve. During school lunch, Itsuki tries in vain to woo Saya. Saya herself is attracted to Shinichirō Tokizane, another classmate who rarely speaks but watches her. That night, Saya fights a Flower Elder Bairn.
3 "As for Man"
"Hito wa Isa" (ひとはいさ)
Mariko Ishikawa, Minoru Ueda July 22, 2011[18]
After enjoying breakfast with Tadayoshi at the coffee shop, Saya runs late for chemistry class, having to stay after class to clean up for her homeroom teacher Kanako Tsutsutori. Saya invites a few of her classmates to the coffee shop, where they learn that a baker has gone missing. The culprit is a Train Elder Bairn, which Saya then slays, but she is unable to save the baker. The Train Elder Bairn tells Saya to honor the covenant before dying.
4 "That Has Made Me Sad"
"Nageke Tote" (なげけとて)
Fukuyo Takaaki July 29, 2011[18]
Saya asks Tadayoshi for the meaning behind the Train Elder Bairn's words, but he brushes her off. At school, Saya encounters both the mysterious dog and Shinichirō. That night, a Gryphon Elder Bairn and his two minion Elder Bairns devour a group of fishermen, holding one of them captive. While confronting the three, the Gryphon Elder Bairn says that the covenant between humans and Elder Bairns, called the Shrovetide, must be honored.
5 "Meeting in the Way"
"Meguri Ahite" (めぐりあひて)
Junko Watanabe August 5, 2011[18]
Saya begins experiencing headaches when she tries remember her past. She later successfully defeats a Monk Elder Bairn, but continues to ponder the Elder Bairns' references to the Shrovetide. Due to rain, Saya's class to tell ghost stories, leading to Kanako to retell a legend about the Elder Bairns, in which Saya suffers another headache and faints. The next day, when Nene visits Saya, both of them are attacked by a Centipede Elder Bairn.
6 "Dashed by Fierce Winds"
"Kaze o Itami" (かぜをいたみ)
Chieko Miyakawa August 19, 2011[19]
Saya defeats the Centipede Elder Bairn, but Nene is already dead. The next day, Nono is also absent from school, and Kanako informs the class that the school will be closed due to the recent disappearances. Saya is later met by the dog from the first episode, which reveals its ability to speak. Meeting Nono, who confronts Saya on Nene's fate, Saya sees that a Shadow Elder Bairn is controlling Nono. Saya destroys the Shadow Elder Bairn, but Nono and several passersby are killed.
7 "As Pitiless As the Storm"
"Ukarikeru" (うかりける)
Toshiya Washida, Akiko Nagashima August 26, 2011[19]
Saddened by the deaths of Nene & Nono, Saya's struggles to remember to whom she made her promise to protect everyone. The dog later says that it is there to oversee the granting of a wish. The next day, she arrives at school to find it empty besides Kanako. On the way back, Saya witnesses a policeman being killed by a Samurai Elder Bairn, who casts doubt in her mind over whether to trust Tadayoshi. As Saya kills the Samurai Elder Bairn, who tells her to ask who she really is, she is discovered by Shinichirō.
8 "Within the World"
"Yo no Naka yo" (よのなかよ)
Maki Kono, Minoru Ueda September 2, 2011[19]
Saya tells Shinichirō about the Elder Bairns and he offers to help. Returning home, Saya finds Tadoyoshi collapsed from an apparent fainting fit. The dog again confronts Saya, asking what would happen if she broke her promise. As she suffers another headache, she remembers the promise came with a reward and a punishment attached. After a few days without Elder Bairn attacks, Saya returns to school. As she walks with Yūka to class, a Spider Elder Bairn appears and attacks the students. With no escape available, Saya is forced to unsheathe her sword in front of her friends.
9 "Against My Wish"
"Kokoro ni mo" (こころにも)
Shinji Itadaki, Katagiri Kiyuu September 9, 2011[19]
Saya struggles against the Spider Elder Bairn as she is immobilized by headaches and flashbacks. Although she kills the Elder Bairn, everyone aside from herself, Itsuki and Kanako have been killed. Returning home and lamenting to the dog, who poses more questions about her nature, she is visited by Shinichirō, who did not attend school. Saya then realizes that her class were the only students in the school. Shinichirō's attempt to confess his love for Saya is halted by Tadayoshi's arrival. Saya then questions why she does not know her mother's name.
10 "Since 'Tis by Its Breath"
"Fuku Kara ni" (ふくからに)
Koi Kotani, Akiko Kumada, Fumi Morita September 16, 2011[2]
As Saya struggles with the realization of the gaps in her memories, a Skeleton Elder Bairn attacks, killing Shinichirō when he returns to check up on her. After killing the Skeleton Elder Bairn, Saya begins to question her identity before passing out. She is nursed by Fumito, who gives her coffee and guimauve before going to see Tadayoshi. As Tadoyoshi goes off somewhere, Kanako stops by the coffee shop and asks Saya to see some scrolls in her shrine. Kanako reveals that nearly all of Tadoyoshi's books are blank and new. Shocked, Saya is led outside and confronted by the still-living Nene & Nono.
11 "Whom Then Are There Now"
"Tare o Kamo" (たれをかも)
Junko Watanabe, Chieko Miyakawa September 23, 2011[2]
Kanako, Shinichirō, and Nene & Nono reveal themselves to be part of a "main cast" surrounding Saya, playing roles intended to awaken Saya's memories for their own reasons. All the "main cast" members who died are still alive, while the expendable extras are really dead. As they force Saya to drink the blood of the Elder Bairns, which she had allegedly been drinking whenever she passed out, they reveal she is linked to the Shrovetide, a period in time when Elder Bairns can freely devour humans. As Saya starts to remember things as a result of drinking the blood, a Cerberus Elder Bairn appears and the group is confronted by Itsuki and Yūka, who question their motives for interfering.
12 "If Remembering Me"
"Wasurejino" (わすれじの)
Akiko Nagashima, Ryou Nakano, Shinji Itadaki, Takayuki Goto September 30, 2011[2]
Saya remembers her nature as a Elder Bairn, captured and brainwashed by Fumito, who wishes to free her from an oath not to feed on humans. Saya kills the Cerberus Elder Bairn, the crazed half-Elder Bairn Tadayoshi, and an army of multiplying Bunny Elder Bairns as her friends and the townspeople are killed. As Fumito and Yūka escape in a helicopter, Fumito shoots Saya through the head, revealing to her that the guimauve was made from the blood of Elder Bairns. Now alone, Saya tends to her wound and heads after Fumito, while the dog says her wish to stay herself has been fulfilled and that it is now time for her next wish.


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