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Big Brother, the American version of the worldwide television show, features contestants (called houseguests) that compete against each other to be the last Big Brother house resident and win $500,000.[1] The series first aired in 2000, and nineteen seasons have been completed as of September 2017. Big Brother contestants are chosen by the show's producers through an application process that includes a videotape submission, semi-final interviews at select cities, and a final interview in Los Angeles. Contestants are also recruited through various means but then follow the same subsequent interview process in order to appear on the show.[2]

A total of 252 participants have competed in Big Brother and in Big Brother: Over The Top, and 27 of them have competed in multiple seasons: Big Brother: All-Stars featured 14 returning HouseGuests chosen either through viewer vote or by producers from an initial group of 20 candidates.[3] For Big Brother 11, four past HouseGuests were given the chance to return based on the results of the season's first competition, after which one of them entered the house. Season 13 featured three "Dynamic Duos" from previous seasons, season 14 brought in four Big Brother veterans to coach the 12 new HouseGuests and season 18 saw the return of four returnees playing the game with 12 new houseguests. In Big Brother: Over the Top, ex-HouseGuests Jason Roy and Jozea Flores were given the chance to return through a public vote. Roy won the public vote and became the 13th houseguest. The 19th season brought along the return of a past houseguest as the 17th houseguest, but he was actually there to take the spot of one of the 16 new houseguests, as a consequence for one of the newbies taking a temptation.

While most players are evicted from the house by vote, three have chosen to leave the house on their own volition, referred to as "Walking", while others were ejected, or "Expelled", by the producers for flagrant violation of the rules, such as engaging in violent behavior or intentionally damaging game equipment. Other HouseGuests have returned to the game after eviction, usually due to a twist but once as a replacement for a HouseGuest who walked.


Headshot of Parker Somerville of Big Brother 9
Parker Somerville, Big Brother 9
  Contestant played the game for a second time.
  Contestant played the game for a third time.

Main edition

Season Name Age[I] Hometown[II] Profession Status Finish
1 William Collins 27 Philadelphia, PA Politician Banished: Day 16 10th
Jean Jordan 26 Roanoke, VA Exotic Dancer Banished: Day 29 9th
Karen Fowler 43 Columbus, IN[4] Mother Banished: Day 43 8th
Brittany Petros 25 Robbinsdale, MN Actress Banished: Day 57 7th
Cassandra Waldon 37 Havre de Grace, MD UN communications director Banished: Day 71 6th
George "Chicken" Boswell 41 Rockford, IL Roofer Banished: Day 78 5th
Jamie Kern 22 Seattle, WA Model Banished: Day 85 4th
Curtis Kin 28 New York City, NY Lawyer Finalist: Day 88 3rd
Joshua Souza 23 San Luis Obispo, CA Civil engineering student[4] Finalist: Day 88 2nd
Eddie McGee 21 Commack, NY Entertainment industry Finalist: Day 88 1st
2 Justin Sebik 26 Bayonne, NJ Bartender Expelled: Day 10 12th
Sheryl Braxton 43 Ponte Vedra Beach, FL Interior decorator Evicted: Day 12 11th
Autumn Daly 28 Irving, TX Aspiring singer Evicted: Day 19 10th
Shannon Dragoo 29 San Antonio, TX Realtor Evicted: Day 26 9th
Mike "Boogie" Malin 30 Los Angeles, CA Bar owner Evicted: Day 33 8th
Kent Blackwelder 46 Powell, TN Mortgage broker Evicted: Day 40 7th
Krista Stegall 28 Opelousas, LA Waitress Evicted: Day 47 6th
Bill "Bunky" Miller 36 Harrisburg, NC Technical writer Evicted: Day 61 5th
Hardy Ames-Hill 31 York, PA Account executive Evicted: Day 68 4th
Monica Bailey 40 Brooklyn, NY Candy store manager Evicted: Day 77 3rd
Nicole Nilson Schaffrich 31 Atlanta, GA Personal chef Finalist: Day 82 2nd
Will Kirby 28 Miami, FL Physician Finalist: Day 82 1st
3 Lori Olsen 37 Foxboro, WI Bank representative Evicted: Day 13 12th
Tonya Paoni 35 Las Vegas, NV Retail sales Evicted: Day 20 11th
Eric Ouellette 27 Milford, CT Firefighter Evicted: Day 34 10th
Josh Feinberg 28 Queens, NY Waiter Evicted: Day 41 9th
Chiara Jude Berti 25 New York City, NY Marketing representative Evicted: Day 48 8th
Gerald "Gerry" Lancaster 51 Shadow Hills, CA Teacher Evicted: Day 55 7th
Roddy Mancuso 30 Morristown, NJ Writer Evicted: Day 62 6th
Marcellas Reynolds 34 Chicago, IL Fashion stylist Evicted: Day 69 5th
Amy Crews 23 Memphis, TN Real estate appraiser Evicted: Day 27
Evicted: Day 76
Jason Guy 25 Mobile, AL Videographer Evicted: Day 78 3rd
Danielle Reyes 30 Fairfield, CA Media buyer Finalist: Day 82 2nd
Lisa Donahue 26 Los Angeles, CA Bartender Finalist: Day 82 1st
4 Scott Weintraub 33 Chicago, IL Waiter Expelled: Day 8 13th
Amanda Craig 25 Chicago, IL Bar manager Evicted: Day 12 12th
Michelle Maradie 19 Boca Raton, FL Student Evicted: Day 19 11th
David Lane 21 Deerfield Beach, FL Former Army Ranger Evicted: Day 26 10th
Dana Varela 28 Queens, NY Karate school manager Evicted: Day 33 9th
Nathan Marlow 23 Edmond, OK Personal trainer Evicted: Day 40 8th
Justin Giovinco 22 Pittsburgh, PA Headhunter Evicted: Day 47 7th
Jack Owens, Jr. 58 Birmingham, AL Former FBI agent Evicted: Day 54 6th
Jee Choe 23 Elmhurst, NY Bookkeeper Evicted: Day 61 5th
Erika Landin 33 Los Angeles, CA Pilates instructor Evicted: Day 68 4th
Robert Roman 33 Los Angeles, CA Restaurant manager Evicted: Day 75 3rd
Alison Irwin 22 Meadville, PA Retail sales manager Finalist: Day 82 2nd
Jun Song 27 New York City, NY Investment manager Finalist: Day 82 1st
5 Mike Lubinski 41 Eastpointe, MI Commercial painter Evicted: Day 14 14th
Lori Valenti 26 Woburn, MA Yoga instructor Evicted: Day 21 13th
Holly King 27 Los Angeles, CA Model Evicted: Day 28 12th
Scott Long 25 Pittsburgh, PA Sales representative Evicted: Day 35 11th
Jase Wirey 28 Decatur, IL Volunteer firefighter Evicted: Day 42 10th
Will Wikle 26 Tupelo, MS Registered nurse Evicted: Day 49 9th
Natalie (Montgomery) Carroll 30 Birmingham, AL Fitness professional Evicted: Day 56 8th
Adria (Montgomery) Klein 30 Birmingham, AL Fitness professional Evicted: Day 63 7th
Marvin Latimer 36 Conway, SC Mortician Evicted: Day 64 6th
Karen Ann (O'Neil) Ganci 30 Spring Hill, FL Portrait artist Evicted: Day 70 5th
Jennifer "Nakomis" Dedmon 21 San Antonio, TX Restaurant hostess Evicted: Day 75 4th
Diane Henry 22 Burlington, KY Cocktail waitress Evicted: Day 78 3rd
Michael "Cowboy" Ellis 23 Durant, OK Security officer Finalist: Day 82 2nd
Drew Daniel 22 Urbana, OH College graduate Finalist: Day 82 1st
6 Ashlea Evans 22 Plantation, FL Fashion design student Evicted: Day 12 14th
Michael Donnellan 28 Orange County, CA Artist Evicted: Day 19 13th
Eric "Cappy" Littmann 36 Boston, MA Firefighter Evicted: Day 26 12th
Sarah Hrejsa 23 Chicago, IL Retail manager Evicted: Day 40 11th
Kaysar Ridha 25 Irvine, CA Graphic designer Evicted: Day 33
Evicted: Day 47
Jennifer Vasquez 27 Plano, TX Arena Football League dancer Evicted: Day 49 9th
Rachel Plencner 33 Parker, CO Horse breeder Evicted: Day 49 8th
James Rhine 29 Atlanta, GA Loss prevention manager Evicted: Day 61 7th
Beau Beasley 25 Pembroke Pines, FL Personal shopper Evicted: Day 62 6th
Howie Gordon 34 Chicago, IL Meteorology student Evicted: Day 68 5th
April Lewis 31 Dallas, TX Pharmaceutical sales representative Evicted: Day 73 4th
Janelle Pierzina 25 Miami Beach, FL VIP cocktail waitress Evicted: Day 76 3rd
Ivette Corredero 25 Miami Beach, FL Waitress Finalist: Day 80 2nd
Maggie Ausburn 27 Las Vegas, NV Emergency room nurse Finalist: Day 80 1st
7 Alison Irwin 25 Meadville, PA Medical sales Evicted: Day 11 14th
Jennifer "Nakomis" Dedmon 23 San Antonio, TX Restaurant host Evicted: Day 18 13th
Jase Wirey 30 Taylorville, IL Safety director Evicted: Day 25 12th
Diane Henry 24 Cincinnati, OH Model/actress Evicted: Day 32 11th
Kaysar Ridha 25 Irvine, CA Graphic designer Evicted: Day 39 10th
Marcellas Reynolds 38 Chicago, IL Celebrity stylist Evicted: Day 46 9th
Howie Gordon 35 Chicago, IL Lightsaber salesman Evicted: Day 47 8th
James Rhine 30 Miami, FL Loss prevention manager Evicted: Day 53 7th
Danielle Reyes 34 Vacaville, CA Property manager Evicted: Day 60 6th
George "Chicken" Boswell 47 Rockford, IL Hotel promotions Evicted: Day 60 5th
Will Kirby 33 Miami, FL Physician Evicted: Day 65 4th
Janelle Pierzina 26 Grand Rapids, MN VIP cocktail waitress Evicted: Day 67 3rd
Erika Landin 36 Chicago, IL Pilates instructor Finalist: Day 72 2nd
Mike "Boogie" Malin 36 Concord, NH Restaurateur Finalist: Day 72 1st
8 Carol Journey 21 Lawrence, KS Student Evicted: Day 13 14th
Joseph "Joe" Barber II 23 Chicago, IL Receptionist Evicted: Day 20 13th
Michael "Mike" Dutz 26 Three Lakes, WI Painting contractor Evicted: Day 27 12th
Nicholas "Nick" Starcevic 25 Kimball, MN Former football player Evicted: Day 34 11th
Kail Harbick 37 McKenzie Bridge, OR Business owner Evicted: Day 41 10th
Dustin Erikstrup 22 Chicago, IL Shoe salesman Evicted: Day 48 9th
Jennifer "Jen" Marie Johnson 23 Beverly Hills, CA Nanny Evicted: Day 55 8th
Amber M. Siyavus 27 Las Vegas, NV Cocktail waitress Evicted: Day 62 7th
Jessica Lynn Hughbanks 21 Haysville, KS College student Evicted: Day 69 6th
Eric Scott Stein 27 New York City, NY Talent management assistant Evicted: Day 69 5th
Jameka Cameron 28 Waldorf, MD School counselor Evicted: Day 74 4th
Zachary Swerdzewski 30 Burbank, CA Graphic designer Evicted: Day 76 3rd
Daniele Donato 20 Huntington Beach, CA Waitress Finalist: Day 81 2nd
Richard "Evil Dick" Donato 44 Los Angeles, CA Bar manager Finalist: Day 81 1st
9 Jacob Heald 23 Dallas, GA Electrician Evicted: Day 3 16th
Neil Garcia 29 Los Angeles, CA Realtor Walked: Day 7 15th
Parker Somerville 26 Northridge, CA Paparazzo Evicted: Day 14 14th
Jen Diturno 26 Columbus, OH Bartender Evicted: Day 14 13th
Amanda Hansen 23 Fridley, MN Paralegal Evicted: Day 21 12th
Alex Coladonato 24 Staten Island, NY DJ company owner Evicted: Day 21 11th
Allison Nichols 28 Boston, MA Pharmaceutical sales rep. Evicted: Day 28 10th
Matt McDonald 23 Charlestown, MA Roofing foreman Evicted: Day 42 9th
Chelsia Hart 21 Cedar Falls, IA College student Evicted: Day 49 8th
Joshuah Welch 25 Dallas, TX Advertising media buyer Evicted: Day 56 7th
James Zinkand 21 Sarasota, FL Riding bicycle around the world Evicted: Day 35
Evicted: Day 63
Natalie Lynn Cunial 28 Salem, OR Bikini barista Evicted: Day 70 5th
Sharon Obermueller 23 Olathe, KS Realtor Evicted: Day 3
Evicted: Day 75
Sheila Kennedy 45 Reseda, CA Former model, single mother Evicted: Day 77 3rd
Ryan Quicksall 27 Columbus, OH College student Finalist: Day 81 2nd
Adam Jasinski 29 Delray Beach, FL Public relations manager Finalist: Day 81 1st
10 Brian Hart 27 San Francisco, CA Telecommunications manager Evicted: Day 9 13th
Steven Daigle 35 Dallas, TX Rodeo competitor Evicted: Day 16 12th
Angie Swindell 29 Orlando, FL Pharmaceutical sales rep. Evicted: Day 24 11th
Jessie Godderz 22 Huntington Beach, CA Professional bodybuilder
Professional wrestler
Evicted: Day 31 10th
Libra Thompson 31 Spring, TX Human resources rep. Evicted: Day 38 9th
April Dowling 30 Higley, AZ Financial manager Evicted: Day 45 8th
Michelle Costa 28 Cumberland, RI Real estate agent Evicted: Day 52 7th
Bryan Ollie 27 Bloomington, MN Marketing sales rep. Evicted: Day 52 6th
Lorenza "Renny" Martyn 53 New Orleans, LA Beauty salon owner Evicted: Day 59 5th
Keesha Smith 29 Burbank, CA Waitress Evicted: Day 64 4th
Jerry MacDonald 75 Magnolia, TX Retired marketing executive Evicted: Day 66 3rd
Robert "Memphis" Garrett 25 Los Angeles, CA Mixologist Finalist: Day 71 2nd
Dan Gheesling 24 Dearborn, MI Catholic school teacher Finalist: Day 71 1st
11 Braden Bacha 28 Dana Point, CA Surfer Evicted: Day 12 13th
Laura Crosby 21 Atlanta, GA Bikini model Evicted: Day 19 12th
Casey Turner 41 Tampa Bay, FL Teacher/DJ Evicted: Day 26 11th
Ronnie Talbott 30 Belpre, OH Gamer Evicted: Day 33 10th
Jessie Godderz 23 Huntington Beach, CA Professional bodybuilder
Professional wrestler
Evicted: Day 40 9th
Chima Simone 32 West Hollywood, CA Freelance journalist Expelled: Day 42 8th
Lydia Tavera 24 Torrance, CA Special effects make-up artist Evicted: Day 47 7th
Russell Kairouz 24 Walnut Creek, CA Mixed martial arts fighter Evicted: Day 54 6th
Jeff Schroeder 31 Chicago, IL Advertising salesman Evicted: Day 61 5th
Michele Noonan 27 Pasadena, CA Neuroscientist Evicted: Day 66 4th
Kevin Campbell 29 Chula Vista, CA Graphic designer Evicted: Day 73 3rd
Natalie Martinez 24 Gilbert, AZ Tae Kwon Do champion Finalist: Day 73 2nd
Jordan Lloyd 22 Matthews, NC Waitress Finalist: Day 73 1st
12 Annie Whittington 27 Tampa, FL Bartender Evicted: Day 13 13th
Monet Stunson 24 Glen Carbon, IL Model Evicted: Day 20 12th
Andrew Gordon 39 Miami Beach, FL Podiatrist Evicted: Day 27 11th
Kristen Bitting 24 Philadelphia, PA Boutique manager Evicted: Day 34 10th
Rachel Reilly 25 Las Vegas, NV Graduate student, cocktail waitress Evicted: Day 41 9th
Kathy Hillis 40 Texarkana, AR Deputy sheriff, sergeant Evicted: Day 48 8th
Matt Hoffman 32 Elgin, IL Web designer Evicted: Day 55 7th
Brendon Villegas 30 Riverside, CA High school swim coach Evicted: Day 55 6th
Ragan Fox 34 West Hollywood, CA College professor Evicted: Day 62 5th
Britney Haynes 22 Huntington, AR Hotel sales manager Evicted: Day 67 4th
Vincenzo "Enzo" Palumbo 32 Bayonne, NJ Insurance adjuster Evicted: Day 75 3rd
Lane Elenburg 24 Decatur, TX Oil rig salesman Finalist: Day 75 2nd
Hayden Moss 24 Tempe, AZ College student Finalist: Day 75 1st
13 Dick Donato 48 Los Angeles, CA Website CEO Walked: Day 6 14th
Keith Henderson 32 Boilingbrook, IL Human resources manager Evicted: Day 13 13th
Cassi Colvin 26 Nashville, TN Model Evicted: Day 20 12th
Dominic Briones 25 San Mateo, CA College student, model Evicted: Day 27 11th
Lawon Exum 39 Inglewood, CA Legal file clerk Evicted: Day 41 10th
Brendon Villegas 30 Riverside, CA High school swim coach Evicted: Day 34
Evicted: Day 48
Daniele Donato 25 Huntington Beach, CA College student Evicted: Day 55 8th
Jeff Schroeder 33 Norridge, Il Advertising salesman Evicted: Day 55 7th
Shelly Moore 41 Prairieville, LA Outdoor industry executive Evicted: Day 62 6th
Kalia Booker 30 Los Angeles, CA Writer Evicted: Day 67 5th
Jordan Lloyd 24 Matthews, NC Waitress Evicted: Day 69 4th
Adam Poch 39 Hoboken, NJ Music inventory manager Evicted: Day 75 3rd
Porsche Briggs 23 Miami Beach, FL VIP cocktail waitress Finalist: Day 75 2nd
Rachel Reilly 26 Las Vegas, NV Event hostess Finalist: Day 75 1st
14 Jodi Rollins 42 Calipatria, CA Restaurant waitress Evicted: Day 1 16th
Kara Monaco 29 Los Angeles, CA Model Evicted: Day 13 15th
Willie Hantz 34 Dayton, TX Tankerman Expelled: Day 14 14th
JoJo Spatafora 26 Staten Island, NY Bartender Evicted: Day 20 13th
Janelle Pierzina 32 Miami Beach, FL Stay-at-home mom Evicted: Day 34 12th
Wil Heuser 24 Louisville, KY Marketing consultant Evicted: Day 41 11th
Mike "Boogie" Malin 41 Los Angeles, CA Restaurateur Evicted: Day 48 10th
Ashley Iocco 26 West Hollywood, CA Entrepreneur Evicted: Day 48 9th
Britney Haynes 24 Huntington, AR Pharmaceutical sales representative Evicted: Day 55 8th
Frank Eudy 28 Naples, FL Unemployed Evicted: Day 62 7th
Joe Arvin 41 Schererville, IN Chef Evicted: Day 62 6th
Jennifer "Jenn" Arroyo 37 Brooklyn, NY Musician Evicted: Day 67 5th
Shane Meaney 26 Bennington, VT House flipper Evicted: Day 69 4th
Danielle Murphree 23 Tuscaloosa, AL Nurse Evicted: Day 75 3rd
Dan Gheesling 28 Dearborn, MI Catholic high school teacher Finalist: Day 75 2nd
Ian Terry 21 New Orleans, LA Engineering student Finalist: Day 75 1st
15 David Girton 25 San Diego, CA Lifeguard Evicted: Day 13 16th
Nick Uhas 28 New York City, NY Entrepreneur Evicted: Day 21 15th
Jeremy McGuire 23 Katy, TX Boat shop associate Evicted: Day 28 14th
Kaitlin Barnaby 23 Minneapolis, MN Bartender Evicted: Day 35 13th
Howard Overby 29 Hattiesburg, MS Youth counselor Evicted: Day 42 12th
Candice Stewart 29 Houston, TX Pediatric speech therapist Evicted: Day 49 11th
Jessie Kowalski 25 San Antonio, TX Unemployed Evicted: Day 56 10th
Helen Kim 37 Chicago, IL Political consultant Evicted: Day 63 9th
Aaryn Gries 22 San Marcos, TX College student Evicted: Day 70 8th
Amanda Zuckerman 28 Boynton Beach, FL Real estate agent Evicted: Day 77 7th
Elissa Slater 27 Kannapolis, NC Nutritionist Evicted: Day 77 6th
Judd Daughtery 26 Etowah, TN Property appraiser Evicted: Day 49
Evicted: Day 82
McCrae Olson 23 Oak Grove, MN Pizza delivery boy Evicted: Day 84 4th
Spencer Clawson 31 Conway, AR Railroad conductor Evicted: Day 90 3rd
Gina-Marie Zimmerman 32 Staten Island, NY Pageant coordinator Finalist: Day 90 2nd
Andy Herren 26 Chicago, IL Professor Finalist: Day 90 1st
16 Joey Van Pelt 27 Seattle, WA Makeup artist Evicted: Day 14 16th
Paola Shea 27 Astoria, NY DJ Evicted: Day 21 15th
Devin Shepherd 26 San Antonio, TX Motorcycle sales manager Evicted: Day 28 14th
Brittany Martinez 29 Torrance, CA Event Coordinator Evicted: Day 35 13th
Amber Borzotra 26 Knoxville, TN Esthetician Evicted: Day 42 12th
Jocasta Odom 33 Lovejoy, GA Minister Evicted: Day 49 11th
Hayden Voss 21 Long Beach, CA Pedicab driver Evicted: Day 49 10th
Zach Rance 23 Palm Beach, FL College graduate Evicted: Day 63 9th
Donny Thompson 42 Albemarle, NC Groundskeeper Evicted: Day 70 8th
Nicole Franzel 21 Ubly, MI Nursing graduate Evicted: Day 56
Evicted: Day 77
Christine Brecht 23 Tucson, AZ Barista Evicted: Day 77 6th
Frankie Grande 31 New York City, NY YouTube personality Evicted: Day 88 5th
Caleb Reynolds 26 Hopkinsville, KY Adventure hunting guide Evicted: Day 90 4th
Victoria Rafaeli 22 Weston, FL Photographer Evicted: Day 97 3rd
Cody Calafiore 23 Howell, NJ Sales account executive Finalist: Day 97 2nd
Derrick Levasseur 30 Providence, RI Police officer Finalist: Day 97 1st
17 Jace Agolli 23 Venice Beach, CA Personal trainer Evicted: Day 15 17th
Da'Vonne Rogers 27 Los Angeles, CA Poker dealer Evicted: Day 22 16th
Jeff Weldon 27 Tampa, FL Account Executive Evicted: Day 29 15th
Audrey Middleton 25 Villa Rica, GA Digital media consultant Evicted: Day 36 14th
Jason Roy 25 Swansea, MA Supermarket cashier Evicted: Day 43 13th
Clay Honeycutt 23 College Station, TX Graduate student Evicted: Day 50 12th
Shelli Poole 33 Atlanta, GA Interior designer Evicted: Day 57 11th
Jackie Ibarra 28 Las Vegas, NV Professional Dancer Evicted: Day 57 10th
Becky Burgess 26 Denver, CO Retail Manager Evicted: Day 64 9th
Meg Maley 25 New York City, NY Server Evicted: Day 78 8th
James Huling 31 Wichita Falls, TX Retail associate Evicted: Day 78 7th
Julia Nolan 23 Miami, FL Marketing Intern Evicted: Day 85 6th
Austin Matelson 30 Woodland Hills, CA Professional wrestler Evicted: Day 89 5th
John McGuire 27 Scranton, PA Dentist Evicted: Day 71
Evicted: Day 91
Vanessa Rousso 32 Las Vegas, NV Professional poker player Evicted: Day 98 3rd
Liz Nolan 23 Miami, FL Marketing Coordinator Finalist: Day 98 2nd
Steve Moses 22 Gouverneur, NY College student Finalist: Day 98 1st
18 Glenn Garcia 50 Bronx, NY Dog Groomer Evicted: Day 2 16th
Jozea Flores 25 Los Angeles, CA Make Up Artist Evicted: Day 16 15th
Bronte D'Acquisto 26 Denver, CO Student Evicted: Day 30 14th
Tiffany Rousso 32 Palm Beach Gardens, FL High School Teacher Evicted: Day 37 13th
Frank Eudy 32 Charlotte, NC Medical sales representative Evicted: Day 44 12th
Da'Vonne Rogers 28 Lancaster, CA Poker dealer Evicted: Day 51 11th
Zakiyah Everette 24 Charlotte, NC Preschool Teacher Evicted: Day 58 10th
Bridgette Dunning 24 Ventura, CA Traveling Nurse Evicted: Day 58 9th
Paulie Calafiore 27 Howell, NJ DJ Evicted: Day 65 8th
Michelle Meyer 23 Washington Township, MI Nutritionist Evicted: Day 79 7th
Natalie Negrotti 26 Franklin Park, NJ Event Coordinator Evicted: Day 86 6th
Victor Arroyo 25 Slidell, LA Gym Manager Evicted: Day 23
Evicted: Day 72
Evicted: Day 90
Corey Brooks 25 Dallas, TX Baseball coach Evicted: Day 92 4th
James Huling 32 Wichita Falls, TX Staff recruiter Evicted: Day 99 3rd
Paul Abrahamian 23 Tarzana, CA Clothing Designer Finalist: Day 99 2nd
Nicole Franzel 24 Ubly, MI ER Nurse Finalist: Day 99 1st
19 Cameron Heard 24 Woodridge, IL Microbiologist Evicted: Day 1 17th
Megan Lowder 28 Phoenix, AZ Dog walker Walked: Day 8 16th
Jillian Parker 24 Las Vegas, NV Timeshare sales representative Evicted: Day 16 15th
Dominique Cooper 30 Woodbridge, VA Government engineer Evicted: Day 30 14th
Ramses Soto 21 Grand Rapids, MI Cosplay artist Evicted: Day 37 13th
Jessica Graf 26 Cranston, RI VIP concierge Evicted: Day 51 12th
Cody Nickson 32 Plano, TX Construction sales representative Evicted: Day 23
Evicted: Day 58
Elena Davies 26 Dallas, TX Radio personality Evicted: Day 58 10th
Mark Jansen 26 Grand Island, NY Personal trainer Evicted: Day 65 9th
Matt Clines 33 Arlington, VA Renovation consultant Evicted: Day 72 8th
Jason Dent 37 Humeston, IA Rodeo clown Evicted: Day 79 7th
Raven Walton 23 DeValls Bluff, AR Dance teacher Evicted: Day 79 6th
Alex Ow 28 Camarillo, CA Eco-friendly marketing representative Evicted: Day 84 5th
Kevin Schlehuber 55 Boston, MA Stay-at-home dad Evicted: Day 86 4th
Christmas Abbott 35 Raleigh, NC Fitness superstar Evicted: Day 92 3rd
Paul Abrahamian 24 Tarzana, CA Clothing designer Finalist: Day 92 2nd
Josh Martinez 23 Homestead, FL Haircare sales Finalist: Day 92 1st
20 Steve Arienta 40 Wanaque, NJ Former undercover cop Evicted: Day 16 16th
Chris “Swaggy C” Williams 23 Bridgeport, CT Day trader Evicted: Day 23 15th
Winston Hines 28 Somerset, KY Medical sales rep Evicted: Day 30 14th
Kaitlyn Herman 24 Encino, CA Life coach Evicted: Day 37 13th
Rachel Swindler 29 Las Vegas, NV Vegas entertainer Evicted: Day 44 12th
Bayleigh Dayton 25 Lee's Summit, MO Flight attendant Evicted: Day 51 11th
Angie “Rockstar” Lantry 34 Columbia, MD Stay-at-home mom Evicted: Day 58 10th
Faysal Shafaat 26 Orlando, FL Substitute teacher Evicted: Day 72 9th
Scottie Salton 26 Chicago, IL Shipping manager Evicted: Day 65
Evicted: Day 79
Haleigh Broucher 21 Village Mills, TX College student Evicted: Day 86 7th
Brett Robinson 25 Charlestown, MA Cybersecurity engineer Evicted: Day 86 6th
Sam Bledsoe 27 Stuarts Draft, VA Welder Evicted: Day 91 5th
Angela Rummans 26 Playa Vista, CA Fitness model Evicted: Day 93 4th
JC Mounduix 28 West Hollywood, CA Professional dancer Evicted: Day 99 3rd
Tyler Crispen 23 Hilton Head Island, SC Lifeguard Finalist: Day 99 2nd
Kaycee Clark 30 San Diego, CA Pro-football player Finalist: Day 99 1st

Celebrity edition

Season Name Age[I] Hometown[II] Profession Status Finish
CBB 1 Chuck Liddell 48 Calabasas, CA Retired UFC fighter Evicted: Day 10 11th
Keshia Knight Pulliam 38 Atlanta, GA Actress/Entrepreneur Evicted: Day 13 10th
Shannon Elizabeth 44 Cape Town, South Africa Actress/Conservationist Evicted: Day 17 9th
Metta World Peace 38 Los Angeles, CA Former NBA player Evicted: Day 20 8th
Brandi Glanville 45 Los Angeles, CA Reality TV personality Evicted: Day 24 7th
James Maslow 27 Venice, CA Actor/Musician Evicted: Day 24 6th
Omarosa Manigault 44 Jacksonville, FL Television personality Evicted: Day 26 5th
Ariadna Gutiérrez 24 Miami, FL Actress/Model Evicted: Day 26 4th
Mark McGrath 49 Studio City, CA Musician Evicted: Day 26 3rd
Ross Mathews 38 Palm Springs, CA TV Host Finalist: Day 26 2nd
Marissa Jaret Winokur 44 Toluca Lake, CA Actress Finalist: Day 26 1st
CBB 2 Jonathan Bennett 37 Rossford, OH Actor/Host TBD TBD
Tamar Braxton 41 Washington, D.C. Singer/TV personality TBD TBD
Kandi Burruss 42 Atlanta, GA Singer/TV personality TBD TBD
Tom Green 47 Ottawa, ON, CA Comedian TBD TBD
Lolo Jones 36 Baton Rouge, LA Olympic track and bobsled star TBD TBD
Kato Kaelin 59 Milwaukee, WI Actor/Host TBD TBD
Joey Lawrence 42 Philadelphia, PA Actor/Producer TBD TBD
Ryan Lochte 34 Daytona Beach, FL 12-Time Olympic medalist swimmer TBD TBD
Dina Lohan 56 Long Island, NY Momager TBD TBD
Natalie Eva Marie 34 North Tustin, CA Former WWE wrestler/Actress TBD TBD
Anthony Scaramucci 55 Manhasset, NY Former White House Communications Director TBD TBD
Ricky Williams 41 Venice Beach, CA Former NFL Running back TBD TBD

Digital edition

Season Name Age[I] Hometown[II] Profession Status Finish
OTT Michael "Cornbread" Ligon 41 Augusta, GA Foreman at tree-removal company Evicted: Day 8 13th
Monte Massongill 25 Olive Branch, MS Engineer associate Evicted: Day 15 12th
Shane Chapman 24 Pisgah Forest, NC Roofer Evicted: Day 22 11th
Neeley Jackson 33 Fort Worth, TX Sales associate Evicted: Day 29 10th
Scott Dennis 24 Bangor, ME Debt collector Evicted: Day 36 9th
Alex Willett 25 Dallas, TX Animation designer Evicted: Day 43 8th
Whitney Hogg 21 Whitesburg, KY Medical assistant Evicted: Day 43 7th
Danielle Lickey 23 Visalia, CA Preschool teacher Evicted: Day 50 6th
Shelby Stockton 24 Simi Valley, CA Law school graduate Evicted: Day 57 5th
Justin Duncan 27 New Orleans, LA Restaurant Owner Evicted: Day 63 4th
Kryssie Ridolfi 31 Schaumburg, IL Waitress Finalist: Day 65 3rd
Jason Roy 27 Swansea, MA Grocery clerk Finalist: Day 65 2nd
Morgan Willett 22 Austin, TX Publicist Finalist: Day 65 1st

^[I] Contestant's age at the start of the season.
^[II] U.S. state abbreviations can be found here.

Contestants competing in International versions

Name Big Brother U.S. history Big Brother International history
Series Status Country Series Season(s) Status
Jase Wirey Big Brother 5 Evicted – 10th place Canada Canada Big Brother Canada Big Brother Canada 4 Wildcard – Not Chosen
Big Brother 7 Evicted – 12th place
Frankie Grande Big Brother 16 Evicted – 5th place United Kingdom United Kingdom Celebrity Big Brother Celebrity Big Brother 18 Finalist – 6th place
Brandi Glanville Celebrity Big Brother 1 Evicted – 7th place United Kingdom United Kingdom Celebrity Big Brother Celebrity Big Brother 20 Evicted – 11th place


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