List of Baltimore Orioles (19th century) managers

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Hall of Famer Ned Hanlon managed the Baltimore Orioles to three National League championships.

The Baltimore Orioles were a 19th-century Major League Baseball team that played in Baltimore, Maryland. They played in the American Association when it was considered a major league from 1882 through 1891 and in the National League from 1892 through 1899.[1] During their history, the 19th century Baltimore Orioles employed six managers.[2] The duties of the team manager include team strategy and leadership on and off the field.[3][4]

The Orioles first manager was their shortstop, Henry Myers.[2] Myers managed the team for only one season, 1882, and led them to a record of 19 wins and 54 losses, for a winning percentage of .260.[2][5] In 1883, Myers was replaced by Billy Barnie, who managed the team throughout the remainder of its time in the American Association, through 1891.[1][2] Barnie managed the Orioles to a record of 470 wins and 548 lossess, for a .462 winning percentage.[2][6] The 1050 games Barnie managed were the most in Orioles' history, and the 548 games he lost were also the most in Orioles' history.[2]

In 1892, the Orioles joined the National League and outfielder George Van Haltren became the team's manager.[1] Van Haltren lasted only eleven games as manager, winning just one.[2] Van Haltren's winning percentage of .091 is the lowest in Orioles' history.[2] He was by John Waltz, who won just two of the eight games he managed.[2][7] The third manager the Orioles employed in 1892 was outfielder Ned Hanlon.[2][8] Hanlon managed the team through the 1898 season, leading the Orioles to three consecutive National League pennants in 1894, 1895 and 1896.[8] In all, Hanlon managed the team for 946 games, winning 555, the most in Orioles history.[2][8] His .601 winning percentage is also the highest of any Orioles manager.[2]

In 1899, Hanlon became the manager of the Brooklyn Superbas, and third baseman John McGraw replaced him.[2][8] McGraw managed the team to a 4th-place finish in 1899 with a record of 86 wins and 62 losses, after which the team was disbanded.[1][9] Both McGraw and Hanlon were eventually elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.[10]

Table key

John McGraw (standing, to the right), the last Orioles' manager, with Orioles' teammates Joe Kelley (seated left), Hugh Jennings (seated right), and Willie Keeler (standing left)
A running total of the number of Orioles managers. Any manager who has two or more separate terms is only counted once.
Number of regular season games managed; may not equal sum of wins and losses due to tie games
Number of regular season wins in games managed
Number of regular season losses in games managed
Winning percentage: number of wins divided by number of games managed
Playoff appearances: number of years this manager has led the franchise to the playoffs
Playoff wins: number of wins this manager has accrued in the playoffs
Playoff losses: number of losses this manager has accrued in the playoffs
League Championships: number of League Championships, or pennants, achieved by the manager
World Series: number of World Series victories achieved by the manager
Elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame


# Manager Seasons G W L WPct PA PW PL LC WS Ref
1 Myers, HenryHenry Myers 1882 74 19 54 .260 [5]
2 Barnie, BillyBilly Barnie 18831891 1050 470 548 .462 [6]
3 Van Haltren, GeorgeGeorge Van Haltren 1892 11 1 10 .091 [11]
4 Waltz, JohnJohn Waltz 1892 8 2 6 .250 [7]
5 Hanlon, NedNed Hanlonasterism 18921898 946 555 369 .601 3 [8]
6 McGraw, JohnJohn McGrawasterism 1899 152 86 62 .581 [9]


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