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The following is a complete list of first-round draft picks selected by the BC Lions of the Canadian Football League. The Lions began participating in the Canadian College Draft in 1956 when western teams were permitted to make selections. From 1960-1962, only eastern teams and the Calgary Stampeders participated in the draft as the other western clubs signed players from universities in their area. This list also includes all territorial exemptions from 1973, when teams were first permitted to selected players within their designated area, until 1985 when these exemptions were abolished.[1]

The BC Lions have had the first overall selection in the draft six times, most recently in the 1999 CFL Draft. Since 1966, the Lions have only ever lost their first round pick five times, in the 1959, 1963, 1966, 1997, and 2014 CFL Drafts, due to trades.[2][3] Not including territorial exemptions, the most first-round picks the Lions have had in one year is three, which first occurred in the 2006 CFL Draft and then again in the 2009 CFL Draft.

Player selections

= CFL Division All-Star = CFL All-Star = Hall of Famer
Year Pick Player name Position College Notes
1956 4 Kochman, AlAl Kochman Halfback Queen's
1957 1 Hughes, JimJim Hughes Tackle Queen's
1957 2 Skrzypek, EdEd Skrzypek Quarterback Toronto
1958 3 Britton, BillBill Britton Halfback Western Ontario
1959 - No pick - - Traded to Hamilton
1960 - Did not participate - -
1961 - Did not participate - -
1962 - Did not participate - -
1963 - No pick - -
1964 9 Aldridge, DickDick Aldridge Halfback Waterloo
1965 9 Norrie, BayneBayne Norrie Halfback Queen's
1966 - No pick - - Traded to Calgary for Roy Shatzko[3]
1967 2 Kohler, DickDick Kohler End/Placekicker Manitoba
1968 1 Eben, MikeMike Eben Wide receiver Toronto
1969 7 Warkentin, TedTed Warkentin End Simon Fraser
1970 3 McManus, JohnJohn McManus End Alberta
1971 3 McCord, ArchieArchie McCord Offensive lineman Simon Fraser
1972 3 Szapka, SteveSteve Szapka Offensive lineman Simon Fraser
1973 Ex Grozdanich, HaroldHarold Grozdanich Offensive lineman Boise State
1973 Ex Allen, RobbieRobbie Allen Offensive lineman Bishop's
1973 Ex Clarkson, RossRoss Clarkson Wide receiver Simon Fraser
1973 1 Sopatyk, BrianBrian Sopatyk Offensive lineman Boise State
1974 Ex Bailey, TerryTerry Bailey Running back Simon Fraser
1974 Ex Sherbina, LorneLorne Sherbina Defensive tackle Idaho
1974 4 Hornes, BobBob Hornes Defensive back Idaho State
1975 Ex Houlihan, BarryBarry Houlihan Running back Simon Fraser
1975 Ex McDonald, MarkMark McDonald Wide receiver Washington
1976 Ex Norton, BillBill Norton Defensive tackle Weber State
1976 Ex Jackson, GlenGlen Jackson Linebacker Simon Fraser
1976 Ex Davies, MitchMitch Davies Defensive End Calgary
1976 2 Graham, RandyRandy Graham Defensive back Simon Fraser
1976 5 Passaglia, LuiLui Passaglia Wide receiver Simon Fraser
1977 Ex Blain, JohnJohn Blain Offensive tackle San Jose State
1978 Ex Blake, JohnJohn Blake Offensive Guard San Jose State
1978 Ex Luke, PhilPhil Luke Defensive End Simon Fraser
1978 6 Goltz, RickRick Goltz Defensive Tackle Simon Fraser
1979 Ex Hebeler, NickNick Hebeler Defensive Tackle Simon Fraser
1979 Ex Morehouse, RonRon Morehouse Linebacker San Diego State
1979 3 Houghton, MarkMark Houghton Running back California
1980 Ex Innes, DerekDerek Innes Linebacker Simon Fraser
1980 Ex Pankratz, JohnJohn Pankratz Wide receiver Simon Fraser
1980 5 Konar, KevinKevin Konar Linebacker British Columbia
1981 Ex Smith, RobRob Smith Offensive lineman Utah State
1981 Ex Klassen, RickRick Klassen Defensive lineman Simon Fraser
1981 5 Martin, NelsonNelson Martin Defensive back Seneca
1982 Ex Guevin, DennisDennis Guevin Offensive lineman Simon Fraser
1982 Ex Roper, GeraldGerald Roper Offensive lineman Simon Fraser
1982 5 Glier, BernieBernie Glier Defensive back British Columbia
1983 Ex Mills, JimJim Mills Offensive lineman Hawaii
1983 5 Chapdelaine, JacquesJacques Chapdelaine Wide receiver Simon Fraser
1984 Ex DesLauriers, LaurentLaurent DesLauriers Linebacker British Columbia
1984 1 Balkovec, FrankFrank Balkovec Defensive End Toronto
1985 3 Ulmer, JohnJohn Ulmer Running back North Dakota
1986 9 Nastasiuk, PaulPaul Nastasiuk Running back Wilfrid Laurier
1987 4 Visco, TonyTony Visco Defensive lineman Purdue
1988 7 Martino, TonyTony Martino Punter Kent State
1989 6 MacCready, DerekDerek MacCready Defensive end Ohio State
1990 2 Beckles, IanIan Beckles Offensive lineman Indiana
1991 4 Hull, BartBart Hull Running back Boise State
1992 4 King, LorneLorne King Running back Toronto
1993 1 Burke, PatrickPatrick Burke Defensive back Fresno State
1994 6 Shaw, TrevorTrevor Shaw Wide receiver Weber State
1995 8 Hatfield, MarkMark Hatfield Offensive Tackle Bishop's
1996 6 Pimiskern, MikeMike Pimiskern Linebacker Washington State
1997 - No pick - -
1998 3 Hardin, SteveSteve Hardin Offensive lineman Oregon
1999 1 Meier, RobRob Meier Defensive end Washington State
1999 3 Lotysz, GregGreg Lotysz Offensive lineman North Dakota
2000 6 Belli, AdrianoAdriano Belli Defensive lineman Houston
2001 2 Williams, IanIan Williams Linebacker Memphis
2001 8 Green, LyleLyle Green Fullback Toledo
2002 4 Clermont, JasonJason Clermont Slotback Regina
2002 6 Cheng, PaulPaul Cheng Defensive end Simon Fraser
2003 6 Jackson, ParisParis Jackson Wide Receiver Utah
2004 5 Atogwe, OshiomoghoOshiomogho Atogwe Safety Stanford
2005 8 Bwenge, AlexisAlexis Bwenge Running back Kentucky
2006 2 Pottinger, JasonJason Pottinger Linebacker McMaster
2006 4 Foley, RickyRicky Foley Linebacker York
2006 6 Valli, DeanDean Valli Offensive tackle Simon Fraser
2007 8 Nicolson, AdamAdam Nicolson Wide receiver Ottawa
2008 5 Sorensen, JustinJustin Sorensen Offensive lineman South Carolina
2009 3 Lee, JamallJamall Lee Running back Bishop's
2009 4 Yurichuk, JamesJames Yurichuk Linebacker Bishop's
2009 5 Carter, MattMatt Carter Slotback Acadia
2010 4 Watkins, DannyDanny Watkins Offensive tackle Baylor
2011 6 Iannuzzi, MarcoMarco Iannuzzi Wide receiver Harvard
2012 2 Westerman, JabarJabar Westerman Defensive lineman Eastern Michigan
2012 7 Fabien, KirbyKirby Fabien Offensive lineman Calgary
2013 6 Steward, HunterHunter Steward Offensive lineman Liberty
2014 - No pick - - Traded to Ottawa for Kevin Glenn[4]
2015 5 Mrabure-Ajufo, EseEse Mrabure-Ajufo Defensive lineman Wilfrid Laurier
2016 5 Vaillancourt, CharlesCharles Vaillancourt Offensive lineman Laval
2017 3 Vandervoort, DanielDaniel Vandervoort Wide receiver McMaster
2017 7 Luke, JuniorJunior Luke Defensive lineman Montreal


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