Line of succession to the former throne of Rampur

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The line of succession to the former throne of Rampur, one of the pre-eminent Indian salute principalities, was by male primogeniture. Rampur State merged with the Union of India in July 1949.[1]

  • Simple silver crown.svg Hajji Sayyid Kalb-i-Ali Khan, Nawab of Rampur (1834-1887)
    • Simple silver crown.svg Sayyid Muhammad Mushtaq Ali Khan, Nawab of Rampur (1856-1889)
    • Sahibzada Shabir Ali Khan
      • Sahibzada Muhammad Sajid Ali Khan (1904-1955)
        • (8). Sahibzada Hamid Ali Khan (born 1929)
          • (9). Sahibzada Shahid Ali Khan
            • (10). Sahibzada - Ali Khan
        • (11). Sahibzada Kazim Ali Khan (born 1935)
        • (12). Sahibzada Yusuf Ali Khan (born 1942)
          • (13). Sahibzada Ali Muhammad Khan (born 1978)
        • (14). Sahibzada Raza Ali Khan (born 1950)
        • (15). Sahibzada Saleem Ali Khan (born 1952)
          • (16). Sahibzada Sunny Ali Khan (born 1978)
            • (17). Sahibzada Safee Ali Khan (born 2006)
          • (18). Sahibzada Sami Ali Khan (born 1985)



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