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Liang Xi
Minister of Finance (大司農)
In office
228 (228) – 230 (230)
Monarch Cao Rui
Inspector of Bing Province (并州刺史)
In office
220 (220) – 228 (228)
Monarch Cao Pi
In office
206 (206) – 213 (213)
Monarch Emperor Xian of Han
Chancellor Cao Cao (from 208 onwards)
Personal details
Born Unknown
Zhecheng County, Henan
Died 230[a]
Children Liang Shi
Occupation Official
Courtesy name Ziyu (子虞)
Peerage Marquis of Shenmen Village

Liang Xi (died 230), courtesy name Ziyu, was an official of the state of Cao Wei during the Three Kingdoms period of China. He was from Zhe County (柘縣), Chen Commandery (陳郡), which is around present-day Zhecheng County, Henan. He served as the Inspector of Bing Province. At one time, he achieved compliance from the Xiongnu to then settle the frontier and to launch an agricultural sericulture (in which were silkworm) industry. He was later promoted to the position of Minister of Finance (大司農) in 228.

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  1. ^ Liang Xi's biography in the Sanguozhi recorded that he died in the 4th year of the Taihe era (227-233) of Cao Rui's reign.[1]


  1. ^ ([太和]四年,薨, ...) Sanguozhi vol. 15.
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