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Li Ling-Ai (李靈愛, also Gladys) (May 19, 1908 - October 2003) was a noted Chinese-American film producer, born in Hawaii.[1] She was a co-producer and sponsor of the film Kukan (1941), but was credited as a "technical advisor" in its credits.[2] The meaning of kukan (苦幹), according to Li, is "heroic courage under bitter suffering," a feeling that reflects the sentiment of "persevering against all odds," a sense of sticking to something in hardship to overcoming the hardship.

The documentary Finding Kukan (2016) is about her.[3][4] In this documentary Kelly Hu voices Ling-Ai as a young woman.[5]

In addition to her producing work, Ling-Ai was a confidante for Ripley's Believe It Or Not, a dancer, a relief worker, and a theater director.[1][2]


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