Law enforcement in Lithuania

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Lithuanian Police Force
Policijos zenklas vizitinems.jpg
Insignia of the Lithuanian Police
Founded 3 October 1904
Current form 25 December 1990
Service branches

Public Police
Traffic Police

Criminal Police
Headquarters Vilnius

Law enforcement in Lithuania is the responsibility of a "unified national police force under the jurisdiction of the Interior Ministry."[1] From the Lithuanian Police Department by the Lithuanian Ministry of Internal Affairs, which is led by the Police Commissar General, the police force branches out to the National and Municipal Police.

The National Police is composed of the criminal police, traffic police, public security force and public police.[2]

Criminal police

Lithuanian Criminal Police Bureau is a specializeggd police agency established on a non-territorial basis.

The mission of Lithuanian Criminal Police Bureau is creating a secure environment and serving to the public while implementing the prevention of serious criminal acts, while disclosing and investigating them, while coordinating the investigations and while promoting international cooperation.

The aim of Lithuanian Criminal Police Bureau is to become an institution which provides quality services to the public while implementing the prevention of serious criminal acts, while disclosing and investigating them as well as coordinating the investigations, and which is also dependable and attractive both to the public and cooperation partners.

Lietuvos Kriminaline Policija.jpg

Lithuanian Criminal Police Bureau consists of the following divisions:

  • Organized Crime Investigation Units;
  • Crime Investigation Units;
  • Operational Activity Units;
  • Witness and Victims Protection Units;
  • Corruption Control Board;
  • International Liaison Office;
  • Information Analysis Board;
  • Activity Organization and Finance Units.

The Lithuanian police force is a member of


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