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Latin Lover
Country of origin Peru
Original language(s) Spanish, English (dubbed)
No. of episodes 62
Running time 60 minutes
Original network Playboy TV Latin America
Original release 2001 – 2002

Latin Lover is a joint telenovela production between Venevisión (Venezuela), Iguana Producciones (Peru), and Playboy Entertainment Group (United States). It centers around the production of a fictional telenovela (a novela-within-the-novela, also translated as "Latin Lover"), and follows the lives (mainly the sex lives) of the actors and production staff involved in the show, as well as other tangential characters. The show features a large main cast of at least 23 credited performers.[1]

Each episode features a number of softcore pornographic and simulated sexy scenes, commonly including full frontal and rear nudity, though rarely showing either male or female genitalia.

As of July 6, 2008, Latin Lover is broadcast in Canada by Telelatino, dubbed into English. A new series called Latin Lover 2: Beauty & Ambition (Bellas y ambiciosas) premiered on Telelatino Network in Spring 2009.[2]


The plot generally revolves around the character Rafael Carballo, the director of the "Latin Lover" novela. Rafael is portrayed as an attractive man whom women often find difficult to resist. He is often equally incapable of declining the sexual advances of the scheming, seductive women involved in the novela and the production company behind it. This often gets him into trouble; particularly with his longtime girlfriend Viviana - daughter of Mariana and Samuel Ventura Moreira. Samuel is the powerful owner of Canal Internacional, which produces the novela. Samuel also has an affair with Bárbara - a seductress who is secretly after Samuel's position, and devises many plots to further that goal.

A major story arc early in the series is Rafael's search for the actress that will star in the novela. Several actresses fight over the role, including Renata and Valeria. However, an unexpected candidate emerges in Claudia Fuentes, a waitress whose aunt prepares lunch at the novela's studio. Claudia does not even want the job; she is in love with Omar, a mechanic, but finds that he is too controlling for her.

After a video of Rafael sleeping with Renata is leaked to the press, Viviana leaves him, and he is forced to resign from the novela. Viviana decides to begin working for the station herself, in preparation for taking over from her father. Bárbara is also reinstated at Canal, and after offering the job to Silvana, who threatens to organize a strike if Rafael isn't reinstated, she decides to direct the novela herself. However, after Bárbara is caught sleeping with an actor on the set, Viviana puts her personal problems aside and suggests her father rehire Rafael.

Meanwhile, Samuel ends his affair with Bárbara after he meets Débora Bacigallupo - a young actress whose controlling mother forces her to seduce Samuel in order to gain a role in the novela. Samuel falls in love with her and pursues her affections; but she instead has feelings for Fabian, a stuntman-turned-actor. An unknown assailant begins stalking, kidnapping, and raping the novela's actresses.


Actor Role Character Description
Riccardo Dalmacci Samuel Ventura Moreira Owner of Canal Internacional
Andrea Montenegro Claudia Fuentes Actress (plays Azucena) in Latin Lover novela
Juan Carlos Salazar Rafael Carballo Director of Latin Lover novela
Paola Martínez Bárbara Mongrut Head of production for Canal Internacional
Fernando Gaviria Gabriel Film set handyman
Natalia Villaveces Débora Bacigalupo Actress (plays Tanya) in Latin Lover novela
Mónica Domínguez Jacqueline Robinson Debora's mother
Milene Vásquez Annie Wardrobe coordinator for Latin Lover novela
Eleana Carrión
Cecilia Brozovich Renata Actress (plays Deliah) in Latin Lover novela
Rebecca Scribens Silvana Production staff of Latin Lover novela
Janet Murazzi
Danitza García Marta
Enrique Villa Aldo Cameraman for Latin Lover novela
Jean Pierre Vismara Omar Mechanic and Claudia's on/off boyfriend
Martin Flor Tony Actor in Latin Lover novela
Omar Avila Fabián Stuntman/actor (plays Bernie) in Latin Lover novela
Jorge Guzmán
Paola Marijuan Cecilia Reporter
Liliana Mas Viviana Daughter of Mariana and Samuel, girlfriend/fiancé of Rafael
Silvia Caballero Valeria Ravilla Actress (plays Laura) in Latin Lover novela
Malu Costa Lalita Actress in Latin Lover novela
Fabiana Jenichen Aaron Rowan/Fernando Rolaries
Liliana Jenichen Lucinda Samuel's secretary
Characters for whom it is unknown which actor portrays them
David An associate of Samuel at Canal Internacional
Elise Makeup artist for Latin Lover novela
Sergio Security/bodyguard


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