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Lancaster University Students' Union
Institution Lancaster University
Location Bowland College West Wing,[1] Bailrigg, City of Lancaster
Established 1 January 1967
President Rhiannon Llystyn Jones[2]
Vice presidents
  • Welfare & Community: Emily Delaney
  • Education: Ian Meeks
  • Activities: Toby Wilkinson
  • Campaigns & Communications: Islay Grant
  • Union Development: Matty Robinson
Members c. 12,279[3]
Affiliations National Union of Students
Website LUSU

The Lancaster University Students' Union (better known in Lancaster by its acronym, LUSU) is the representative body for the students at Lancaster University in the UK as well as those at the University’s partner institutions. LUSU is a registered educational charity which has an appointed Board of Trustees to oversee key decision making that relates to the future of the Union. The trustees have a responsibility to ensure that LUSU makes sound financial decisions, works within the law and works for the benefit for its members.[4]

The Union offices at Bowland College


LUSU is run by over 150 student officers, made up of Full Time Officers, Part Time Officers and JCR/PG Board Officers.

Former LUSU "swoosh" logo, phased out from Summer 2017[5]

Full Time Officers

The Union is led by a team of six Full Time Executive Officers (FTOs): President, Vice President Union Development, Vice President Education, Vice President Activities, Vice President Campaigns & Communications and Vice President Welfare & Community. These are either students who have just graduated or are taking a year out from their studies.[6] These students are elected during Lent term, with a two-week period of campaigning and three days of voting.[7] The Union's current FTO team consists of:

President Rhiannon Llystyn Jones
Vice President: Welfare and Community Emily Delaney
Vice President: Union Development Matty Robinson
Vice President: Education Ian Meeks
Vice President: Activities Toby Wilkinson
Vice President: Campaigns & Communications Islay Grant

Part Time Officers

The six Part Time Officers (PTOs) represent students on a range of university issues: International, Women's+, LGBTQ+, BME, Mature and Students with Disabilities.[8]

Previously there were ten "Cross-Campus Officers": Charity, Welfare, Democracy, Media & Communications, Education, Socials, International, LGBTQ*, Environmental & Ethics and Activities.[9]

JCR / PG Board Officers

Each of the eight undergraduate Colleges has an elected Junior Common Room Executive ("JCR Exec" or simply "JCR"), responsible for representing students on and off campus, running college-based welfare and academic campaigns, and organising events. The exact structure of each Executive varies between colleges, but they all consist of around fifteen positions including a president, at least one vice president, welfare officers, social secretaries, communications officers and sports representatives.[10]

Graduate College, as the only postgraduate college, instead has a Postgraduate Board or "PG Board"[11]



LUSU Living is Lancaster University’s accommodation service available to students of Lancaster University and The University of Cumbria on behalf of LUSU.[12]

LUSU Living

Advice and Support

LUSU provides students with support related to academic, accommodation and finance issues. This is through drop-in sessions with advisors, available on weekdays.


Working in partnership with the University careers service, the LUSU Jobshop keeps a database of jobs available both on and off-campus and provides help for students looking for part or full-time employment.[13][14] This is managed by a system called TARGETconnect.

LUSU Retail Outlets

The Union owns a shop on campus as well as an online store. Central is an on campus supermarket situated between Grizedale College and Pendle College. The LUSU online store sells Lancaster University clothing and gifts.

LUSU Central


Lancaster Nightline is open 10pm to 8am during term time to provide students with an access point for information, and a listening ear. It is run by students and services are available via phone, Instant Messaging, email and a reverse charge skype system.[15]

Purple Card

The Purple Card can be bought by staff and students at Lancaster University and The University of Cumbria and is used to join clubs and societies, as well as to redeem local offers and discounts.[16]

Purple Card

Student life


The Sugarhouse is a nightclub which was purchased by LUSU in 1982 with a loan from the University.[17] It is located on Sugarhouse Alley, Lancaster and opens on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The club is extremely popular amongst Lancaster University students and has recently hosted acts such as Rudimental, Bondax and Danny Howard.

Sugar House Nightclub


At the end of each academic year, post-exams, each college (with the exception of Graduate college), hosts an end of year 'extravaganza' party. For these parties, each college chooses its own individual theme (past events have included themes such as 80's arcade, Hawaiian, The Great Gatsby and Comic-con, to name a few). The college will decorate its bar space to fit this theme, and the 1000+ attendees to each party usually dress up in a theme-appropriate outfit.


There are a wide range of voluntary schemes available to students through LUSU, such as community projects, schools volunteering and environmental projects. There is also a well established ‘LUSU Overseas’ programme, which enables students to participate in an international cultural exchange interacting with students studying at one of Lancaster University’s partner institutes around the world. These are GD Goenka World Institute in India, Sunway University in Malaysia, An-Najah University in Palestine, COMSATS in Pakistan, Lancaster University Ghana and Guangdong University of Foreign Studies in China.[18] These activities add value to the Lancaster Award – an employer focussed award which recognises the achievements of students outside their programme of study.[19]

World Lancaster

World Lancaster is a combination of cultural opportunities, such as travelling overseas, studying abroad, joining cultural societies or learning a new language.[20]

Student Media


SCAN (an acronym for Student Comment and News) is Lancaster University’s student newspaper, and is published fortnightly during term time by the Students’ Union. It was founded in 1967 as a one-page newsletter by members of staff at the University. It has continued to evolve over the years, becoming one of the longest running student newspapers in Europe.[21]

Bailrigg FM

Bailrigg FM is the student radio station of Lancaster University, operated by an elected subcommittee of the Student's Union. Bailrigg FM provides news and entertainment across the University's campus (known as Bailrigg) to staff and students on 87.7 FM. It is one of only a handful of student radio stations in the UK to broadcast non-stop on FM. Being one of the first to set up in the UK, they have a long history dating back to the 1960s. Any student of the University may join and every member has the chance to be elected onto the management committee.[22]


LA1TV is LUSU’s television station and is run by students who produce a variety of programmes, such as ‘SugarTV’ and ‘The Sportscaster’. The name ‘LA1’ is taken from the postcode of the University.[23]

Take 2 Cinema

Take 2 Cinema is the student union's on-campus cinema, based in Bowland College Lecture Theatre.

Clubs and Societies

LUSU provides support and funding for over 140 official activity groups and sports clubs, ranging from ‘Assassins Guild’ to ‘Wilderness Medicine’ and everything in between.[24][25]

Roses Tournament

The Roses Tournament is an annual sports competition between Lancaster University and the University of York in England, which was founded in 1965. The competition is organised by LUSU and YUSU, and is held every summer term during the first few weeks, alternating its venue between the two universities.[26]


Green Impact Awards Gold Standard

LUSU has a strong environmental and ethical track record which has been recognised by the Union being awarded the Gold Standard by the NUS in the Green Impact Awards. This makes LUSU one of only 5 Universities in the UK achieve this standard. The Union has also won a Green Gown Award in 2011 and been highly commended in the Children and Young People Now Awards.[27]

NUS Students’ Union of the Year

LUSU was shortlisted for the Higher Education Students’ Union of the Year award at the National Union of Students (NUS) Awards 2013.[28]


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