La Congolaise

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La Congolaise
English: The Congolese

National anthem of the  Republic of the Congo
Lyrics Jacques Tondra and Georges Kibanghi
Music Jean Royer and Joseph Spadilière
Adopted 1959, 1991
Relinquished 1970
Audio sample
"La Congolaise" (instrumental)

"La Congolaise" (English: "The Congolese") is the national anthem of the Republic of the Congo. It was adopted upon independence from France in 1959, replaced in 1969 by "Les Trois Glorieuses", but reinstated in 1991. The lyrics were written by Jacques Tondra and Georges Kibanghi, and the music was composed by Jean Royer and Joseph Spadilière.[1]


Kikongo lyrics French lyrics English translation

Lêlo kukiele, ntângu yitûkidi
Nsi'eto Kôngo yitemokene.
Tômbe kia mpimpa kisukidi,
Kyêse kiakinene beni.
Tuyimbila ye pasa
N'kûng'a kimpwanza.
Mvutu :
Besi Kôngo, konso ntangu tubunda ntulu,
Tuyalangasa bumosi ye kintwâdi kia nsi'eto,
Mana ma kutumwangasanga tuvilakana mo,
Tukala bonso mika mya mbwa,
Tusadila lutumu lua nsi'eto:
Bumosi, Kisalu, Ntomosono!
Tusadila lutumu lua nsi'eto:
Bumosi, Kisalu, Ntomosono!
Tûka ku mfînda tê ye kuna m'futa,
Tûka ku m'futa te ye kuna m'bur,
N'kâng'umosi, môy'omosi,
Na ngwi muna n'tim'amosi,
Tunwâna mvita bûtuna mu luzingu,
Mu kuma kya nsi'eto ya ndômbe.
Vo mpe fwa tufweti fwa
Wonga mpia, kadi bâna beto,
Sibata kuakulu nsângu
Muna mvita kaka banunginanga
Ye kuna kônso kônso belo
Si bayimbila ku nsi'a bendela dya nitu tatu.

En ce jour le soleil se lève
Et notre Congo resplendit.
Une longue nuit s'achève,
Un grand bonheur a surgi.
Chantons tous avec ivresse
Le chant de la liberté.
Refrain :
Congolais, debout fièrement partout,
Proclamons l'union de notre nation,
Oublions ce qui nous divise,
Soyons plus unis que jamais,
Vivons pour notre devise:
Unité, travail, progrès!
Vivons pour notre devise:
Unité, travail, progrès!
Des forêts jusqu'à la savanne,
Des savannes jusqu'à la mer,
Un seul peuple, une seule âme,
Un seul cœur, ardent et fier,
Luttons tous, tant que nous sommes,
Pour notre vieux pays noir.
Et s'il nous faut mourir, en somme
Qu'importe puisque nos enfants,
Partout, pourront dire comme
On triomphe en combattant,
Et dans le moindre village
Chantent sous nos trois couleurs.

On this day the sun rises
And our Congo stands resplendent.
A long night is ended,
A great happiness has come.
Let us all, with wild joyfulness, sing
The song of freedom.
Arise, Congolese, proud every man,
Proclaim the unity of our nation.
Let us forget what divides us
And become more united than ever.
Let us live our motto:
Unity, work, progress.
Let us live our motto:
Unity, work, progress.
From the forest to the bush,
From the bush to the ocean,
One people, one soul,
One heart, ardent and proud.
Let us all fight, every one of us,
For our black country.
And if we have to die,
What does it really matter? Our children
Everywhere will be able to say how
Triumph comes through battle,
And in the smallest village
Sing beneath our three colours.


  1. ^ La Semaine africaine 378, 29 November 1959, cited by Silvère NGOUNDOS IDOURAH and Nicole DOCKES-LALLEMENT, Justice et pouvoir au Congo-Brazzaville, 1958-1992, la confusion des rôles, L'Harmattan, Paris, 2001, ISBN 2-7475-1319-X, 9782747513197

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