Kyuichi Tokuda

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Kyuichi Tokuda
TOKUDA Kyuichi.jpg
Portrait of Kyuichi Tokuda (ca. 1952)
Chair of the Japanese Communist Party
In office
Preceded by Toshihiko Sakai
Succeeded by Sanzo Nosaka
Personal details
Born (1894-09-12)September 12, 1894
Died October 14, 1953(1953-10-14) (aged 59)
Political party Japanese Communist Party

Kyuichi Tokuda (徳田 球一, Tokuda Kyūichi, September 12, 1894 - October 14, 1953)[1] was a Japanese politician and first chairman of the Japanese Communist Party from 1945 until his death in 1953.


Kyuichi Tokuda was born in 1894 in Okinawa. He became a lawyer following graduation from Nihon University in 1920.[1] He joined the Japanese Communist Party in 1922 and became a member of its Central Committee.[2]

He was arrested in March 1928 on suspicion of violating the Peace Preservation Law, and spent 18 years in prison. He was released in October 1945.[1][2] While in prison, he occupied a cell adjacent to fellow Communist leader Yoshio Shiga.[3] Upon his release, he was reportedly hoisted to the shoulders of a crowd of Communists and Koreans chanting anti-imperial messages.[4]

After World War II, he was elected to the House of Representatives in the general election of 1946. In 1948, he survived an assassination attempt by a dynamite-laden soda bottle thrown at his feet while he was giving a speech.[5] By 1950 he was considered the second-in-command of the JCP and a key supporter of party leader Sanzo Nosaka.[3] Along with other JCP leaders, he was purged from politics under the Allied occupation. He was later exiled to China, where he died in 1953.[1] During his last years in China, he led a "mainstream" faction of the JCP and organized violent operations in Japan.[6]


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